Possible Order of the Phoenix Film Spoilers


Aug 01, 2006

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Today, a report surfaced online that contains possible spoilers to the begining sequences of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie. TLC Reader Patricio also sent us this rough description of what the early scenes of the film may possibly contain. Please note that we can not verify the accuracy of this, nor can we confirm that this is in fact how the final presentation of the film will occur, however it is plausible, and so a spoiler caution is there for those who want to read this. Click below for more. Thanks Patricio!
“The film starts with Harry in the street, when he meets Dudley. This part is like the book. The one difference is that the fight happens in the atrium of the Dursley’s house. After this fight, the Advanced Guard appears and takes Harry to the Sirius’ house. When Harry enters, they tell him it all what in the book Sirius tells him by letter. Hermione and Ron tell him about the OotP and the others tell him about the hearing in the Ministry.
The next scene shows Harry and Mr. Weasley in a big hall in the Ministry. In this place, it’s the hearing and they introduce us to Umbridge. The part in wich we see Lucius talking with Fudge has been removed.
Then, the dinner before the Hogwarts Express. Ron and Hermione receive their letter, with the announcements of them now being prefects. Harry is jealous.

After this, Harry appears in the train. He talks a bit with Luna.
Hermione and Ron aren’t there. Ginny says that they’re with the other prefects.
For first time we’ll see how they mount the carriage, but it only will be to see the thestrals. Then, we will see the first dinner, when we can see to Dolores Umbridge as Professor and that Hagrid is not in Hogwarts.

From here, my uncle just told me different things, like there’ll be classes with Snape and Dolores. We’ll have Grawp, too. The quidditch will be mentioned, but we won’t see it, because in the last game we watch
the scene when Harry meets Grawp. There will be exams, and also there’ll be Occlumency lessons. Snape tell
Harry he will have Occlumency lessons at the end of one of potions lessons, and not in Grimmauld Place.

In the last battle, all the wizards will be there. The scene of the battle between Harry and Voldemort has been written three times, because they don’t know when Dumbledore has to appear.

In September they’ll shoot the last battle. “

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