Leaky on the Order of the Phoenix Set


Sep 23, 2006

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John Noe and I represented Leaky at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sets yesterday and though we can’t share any real details yet, we can say that taking a look at production has completely renewed our excitement for this film. Of the three times that Leaky has been to the set, this glimpse has, by far, made the film behind it seem like the most intense, most vibrant, most emotional and downright most impressive one yet. When crew members and staff who are usually calm and connected wander around grinning like schoolchildren, it’s a very good sign. As soon as we possibly can we’ll share all the amazing material, like our interviews with Dan, Emma, Evanna Lynch, David Heyman, Jason Isaacs, David Barron, and the very rare interviewee Gary Oldman. Dan is taking the role with more gravitas than ever, Emma is growing into a beautifully confident young girl, and nothing at all about the perfection of Evanna Lynch as Luna has been exaggerated. She is a sweetie who is a fan with a capital F, and had no problem at all telling us how slow Harry Potter news was.
You’ll hear all about it on our podcasts when the time is right…. we’d like to tell you now, but WB would have us killed! Alas.

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