Cast Watch: Julie Walters, Dan Radcliffe, Brendan Gleeson and Chris Columbus


Apr 27, 2007

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Actors from the Harry Potter series have been busy lately; here are a few updates on the projects they have been working on.
Actress Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley) will be playing ‘TV standards campaigner’ Mary Whitehouse in a film for BBC Two later this year. Mrs. Walters said she was “…very excited to be playing Mary Whitehouse and to be looking at the time when she attacked the BBC and started to make her name.†“Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story†will take place during the 1960s when the activist began complaining “…vehemently of the increasing “blasphemy, bad language, violence and indecency” she saw on television, and became the first general secretary of the National Viewers and Listeners Association in 1965.â€

Also set in the 60s, “December Boys,†the new film staring Harry Potter actor Dan Radcliffe, has been given a US release date of September 14, 2007. Radcliffe’s first non-Potter film since he started the series in 2001, “December Boys†follows four orphan teenagers during the 1960s living in a Catholic convent on the Australian outback. Variety reports, the Australian produced film has found Warner International Pictures along with Village Roadshow to distribute the film domestically. Radcliffe will be seen earlier this summer in the fifth film of the Harry Potter series Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on July 13.

The actor who played Mad-Eye-Moody in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Brendan Gleeson, is teaming up with his co-stars Clemence poesy (Fleur Delacour) and Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort) from GoF on a film called “In Bruges,†currently wrapping up filming this month in Belgium. Expect his action thriller at the end of the year. Mr. Gleeson is also set to take on the role of WW2 leader Winston Churchill in the film “Churchill at War†for HBO.

‘Lightning’ seems to have struck Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets director Chris Columbus who is currently in talks to direct “The Lightning Thief,†the first novel in Rick Riordan’s mythological “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” book series.

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Avatar Image says: Wow, everyone really IS busy. I'm definitely going to see December boys when it comes out (if they release it in canada too)Avatar Image says: "The other projects I'm not so interested in. I tend to concentrate on the leading HP actors. :)" That's a shame. You miss out on some really interesting film and TV projects by just focusing on the kids.Avatar Image says: Finally, a release date for December Boys. ;)Avatar Image says: Ooh Lightning Theif is gonna be a movie? Shweeeet.Avatar Image says: December Boys is the one I'm really interested in. Seems a great film to me! The other projects I'm not so interested in. I tend to concentrate on the leading HP actors. :)Avatar Image says: heh heh, Danny got the front page of Variety too. That's pretty cool. Lightening Thief sounds interesting, good luck to Mr. Columbus.Avatar Image says: Gleeson is also in Beowulf which is set to be released in November.Avatar Image says: Can't wait till december boys.Avatar Image says: I really hope Colombus gets the Lightning movie because I do not want to see him direct Half-Blood Prince!Avatar Image says: Ms Walters (molly) taking the oart of "Mary whitewash" I pity anyone who has to take on such a "disliked person". I guess Delores Umbridge would be the "potterWorld" equivelent. My best wishes to all Flittwick ;-)Avatar Image says: Umm... I don't think boys in Australia would be living in a convent. Convent usually refers to monastic orders of women living together, or a school being run by nuns for girls. I guess it is possible, but....Avatar Image says: I know it sounds odd but apparently it is a convent under the charge of the Reverend Mother. The convent takes care of orphans and gets them placed with families.Avatar Image says: German Adam, I think the article is wrong, because the boys live in an orphanage. The nuns take care of them, maybe that's why they call it a convent. The movie takes place in the 60's, so maybe it was different then anyway. I know they have cared a lot so the movie reflects how things really were in Austrlia in the 60s. Even a person who lived in an orphanage in the 60s visited the sets to talk with the actors. And I think they have managed it because the reviews I've read are very good. So I can not wait to see 'December Boys', and 'In the Bruges' sounds very interesting too.Avatar Image says: I hope December Boys is released in the UK. It sounds great and I can't wait to see Dan in a different film. I've heard great things about it. I also can't wait to see Dan in My boy Jack as well when it's on TV in the Autumn.Avatar Image says: "Warner Brothers is keeping Daniel Radcliffe close to home." No truer words have been said. Avatar Image says: Dan is still apparently the youngest on the uk Times' Young Rich list (which will go online Mon. morning) with a 17 million pound fortune. Can't wait to see the rest of the article thenAvatar Image says: what does it mean for a film to be released domestically?Avatar Image says: Can't wait to see December Boys now!!! I LOVE YOU DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i had to get that out of my system!!!

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