New NECA Weasley Clock, Quidditch Snow Globe and More


Apr 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

New looks at the products due out with the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are now online. Earlier we told you about the NECA house banners, keychains and magnets due; now the company (which holds the North American license to the Harry Potter products) has updated their website with even more new Potter products, including this cool new Weasley Clock. Also new are the following:

Thanks Ian!

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Avatar Image says: wow! i would love to have the fawks pillow!!Avatar Image says: cool, i want the hedwig pillow and the marauders map!!Avatar Image says: just as a heads up! the Hogwarts Clock link goes to the TLC sign.Avatar Image says: Hedwig pillow and Platform 9 3/4 sign would be cool!Avatar Image says: Where can I see the Weasley Clock???Avatar Image says: Ooh, I want the Weasley clock! Not sure how to tell the time on it, though ...Avatar Image says: the best wizarding pub ever? you mean the Three Broomsticks? ;) the Weasley Clock is awesome. so is the Triwizard Cup lamp!Avatar Image says: Oooooo....I so need to start saving up for this stuff. I was looking at the Hogwarts clock and thinking it would be funny telling someone the time by saying that it's "Half past Hufflepuff".Avatar Image says: The Weasley Clock would be immensely cooler if I knew how it worked... but everything else looks really cool, love the pillows!Avatar Image says: Yeah! I got credited in the news article! I want the Neca action figures and that mauraders map pillow, the platform 9 3/4 sign, and um, yeah!~ AWESOMENESS! Finally, some real HP merchandiseAvatar Image says: OMG! Can I just say IWANTALLOFTHEPILLOWS!!!!! And the Weasley clock and the lamp and ...Avatar Image says: I want the Weasley Clock! Oh my god! It's so AWESOME. *drool*Avatar Image says: I want the Weasley clock!Avatar Image says: The Weasley clock is awesome! They have Dentist on there. Do wizards go to dentists? I always assumed they would think about dentists the same way they think about doctors. Haha, Ron's in prison.Avatar Image says: Three words for me... I'm happinly going broke!:) but oh what fun it is. They are all awesome! Especially Fawkes pillow, and finally, a Harry snow globe!! Quidditch! looks great. As does, Marauder's map, all the pillows, the HP/Hedwig book ends. AHHH!! And of course, the piece de resistance..Weasley clock.. wow! what a year this is going to be! YEAH!!! Avatar Image says: The clock, the pillows... huzzah! Update the Cauldron Shop - I've got some serius airline miles to rack up (hey, sounds better than "credit card debt")Avatar Image says: I with the rest of you...Going for Broke...So when and where do I start shopping does antone know?Avatar Image says: The Weasley clock is totally cool! Wonder who they got for the pix of Bill and Charlie? *ponders implications*Avatar Image says: Now THAT is more like it! Finally really well designed products that are useful/decorative for all ages! I have GOT to buy myself a Weasley Clock and Fawkes Pillow! *dances about the room*Avatar Image says: WOW! I love it! do you have any idea of the prices of these stuff yet? where's my piggy bank...Avatar Image says: OMG i love those pillows!!!! i have got to get a Weasley clock!!!*tries to see if she can pre-order*Avatar Image says: I NEED a Triwizard Cup Lamp. Hee Hee Hee. The pillows are actually REALLY nice looking. I wonder how much some of this stuff is going to be though... Avatar Image says: OMG! I have to buy the Weasley clock, and the pillows, and the witch sign,and the lamp... I'm going to be so broke.Avatar Image says: Ummmmm, why are Mrs. Weasley and Ginny so much smaller than everyone else? Seriously, look at it, everyone else's picture is huge and then they have tiny little pictures!Avatar Image says: Must. Have. Clock. Oh, and the Phoenix pillow rocks as well! This is a whole slew of new and cool products! Woot for NECA!Avatar Image says: They look awesome! I wish to have the Marauder's Map Banner and Fawkes pillow :-DAvatar Image says: I just realized... that means in July I could get Hogwarts Express bookends and have ALL 7 BOOKS to put between them!! Ack!!! I must say I really don't like the Weasley clock. Each family member's hand is made out of half a pair of scissors! Why?? It reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. I'm guessing Molly and Ginny's pictures are so small because they were made from the same dainty pair of scissors. Because they're girls. Or something. Also, it looks like the twins only get one hand (with two pictures). Because apparently they can't be ever in two different places. [/rant] But! I really love the Fawkes pillow!Avatar Image says: Nice. I like the Quidditch snowglobe. I hope they are on sale in the UK.Avatar Image says: I like the clock, its awesome! I wants it! :DAvatar Image says: "Also, is Bill in mortal peril, or at the tailor? Lol." Maybe the tailor isn't very good with pins? Who knows, Sweeney Todd might have changed careers ... Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd. His skin was pale and his eye was odd. He pricked Bill's legs again and again and drove the poor boy almost insane.Avatar Image says: I love the clock... It looks like Ginny is in PRISON!Avatar Image says: Cool stuff! I love the Leaky Cauldron sign!Avatar Image says: Wicked =] I hope i can buy that stuff online in the UK... I hope they ship to the Uk.. If not.. Im gunna scream. =]

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