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Apr 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

It makes this editor’s heart full of pride to announce the new Wizard of the Month for May on JKRowling.com is none other than my hero, err I mean…Helga Hufflepuff!
Writes Jo:

(Medieval, precise dates unknown)
One of the four celebrated Founders of Hogwarts, Hufflepuff was particularly famous for her dexterity at food-related Charms. Many recipes traditionally served at Hogwarts feasts originated with Hufflepuff.

This definitely calls for a toast.Cheers to Helga and to the House of Hufflepuff! :)

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Avatar Image says: YAY! Time to theorize about the dynamics between the Founders some more! :)Avatar Image says: I wonder if the other house founders will be June, July and August? Kudos to all you Hufflepuffs out there!Avatar Image says: Note the yellow (or maybe gold) and black robes. So Helga was the cook, and culinary wizard. And she has a cup. I wonder if we will get the other founders (Rowena might be last as we don't know what her magic object is.Avatar Image says: There has got to be some major Hufflepuff stuff coming up in seven, do we think?Avatar Image says: Go Hufflepuff!Avatar Image says: YAY!!!! HUFFLEPUFF!!!! I bet in the months leading up to the books its going to be one of the foundersAvatar Image says: Isnt this great! I AM ALL CAP MOST SQUEEEFUL!!! And oho yes indeed that cup! very important to be sure (still maintain its possible its on the UK Children's cover) but oooh Ive been rambling on and on about the Hufflepuff and the food/drink thing for ever and now!squeee! so awesome! I LOVE YOU JO!!! THANK YOU!!! *goes off to party with the Fat Friar and the House of Hufflepuff which should be PROUD tonight! :)* ps-wonders too if Daisy Dodderidge, the first landlady of The Leaky Cauldron may infact have been a HUFFLEPUFF too! :)) well, you cant blame a girl for hoping at least :)Avatar Image says: I may get a lot of flak for saying this, but doesn't JK stereotype a bit. This is the second case where a gentle kind, almost maternal woman is good cook and typically overweight (the other being Mrs. Weasely). Contrast this to the slick looks of Bellatrix Lestrange. Avatar Image says: I wonder if this is some sort of clue--that somewhere in the artwork or the write-up there is something that relates to Book 7. If there is, it probably won't be until after the fact that we get it. *DUH! We should have know Harry would conquer evil by finding Hufflepuff's lost recipe box and transfiguring Voldemort into a nice mince pie! It was on Jo's website! Boy, aren't we stupid!*Avatar Image says: Of COURSE! HORCRUXES. That's why Hufflepuff's is a cup. I figured that already, what with them being by the kitchens and whatnot. I have a feeling she'll be previewing a little bit about the relics of each house! Did she have any of the previous founders as WotM? I'm guessing - Rowena Ravenclaw's relic/turned-into-a-horcrux could be an ancient magical telescope/staff, considering Ravenclaws are near the astronomy tower. I don't think there's anything left of Gryffindor's because the ruby-encrusted sword seems to pop up somewhere with Dobby on the UK children's cover. Hmmm lots to think of with the founders which will be a huge part of book 7 I bet.Avatar Image says: Sue! You are so cute!Avatar Image says: Super cool. Love the new facts about her cooking and recipes! That explains why the Hufflepuff common room is near the kitchen! Nice match, roonwit, on the cup, too. Now if only Jo would please, please give us a teensy bit more on her website.....**silently sends Jo a message begging for the Room of Requirement to open**Avatar Image says: OMG this makes this hufflepuff SO happy!! Happy Hufflepuff month! Avatar Image says: Woohoo! I'm a proud hufflepuff. GO HELGA!Avatar Image says: she is weasley or eavans-related. .she is red-haired.. its so obvious..Avatar Image says: This one's for you, Sue! Avatar Image says: OMG, SHE IS HOLDING THE HORCRUX CUP!!! Jo is prepping us all for the grand finale!!! :) Squeee!!!!!Avatar Image says: Yay Sue! That would be really cool if the rest of the months were all founders! The red hair is interesting. Who draws these pictures for the site? Avatar Image says: Jo really loves to taunt - look at Helga holding that cup! I bet Zacharias Smith is distantly related and has yet a role to play!Avatar Image says: Anyone spot Helga's ring? Possible horcrux?Avatar Image says: Yah! I'm not a Hufflepuff, but learning more about Helga is really cool. Maybe these next few months will inform us about the other three founders. Avatar Image says: This is sooooo exciting!!! I bet the founders will be the WoTM for june, july, and august! I bet Rowena will be in august! Jo wouldn't want us to see what she's holding until after DH's;)Avatar Image says: This just sent 300 hard-working Hufflepuffs off to analyze every feast ever served in canon!Avatar Image says: PEOPLE, STOP MAKING FORCED AND CHILDISH CONNECTIONS THAT DO NOT EXIST IN CANON!!! Jo's stories are about ordinary people with extraordinary courage and integrity who strive to make a positive change. They're not millenial epics of forefathers and descendents of important figures. NOT everyone has to be related to the founders, NOT every red haired person is a Weasley, NOT every person has success/failure written in their destiny, and NOT every struggle is about Slytherin vs Gryffindor or their "heirs". Yeesh. You're degrading the story by "common-izing" and formulizing it.Avatar Image says: Ohhh Sue! You and your Hufflepuff spirit! Maybe we'll see Godric, Rowena, and Salazaar, too?Avatar Image says: oooooooooooh i spotted that cup too! lol, jo's so mean 2 us, she makes us think that we're so clever while not actually giving us any real clue! i bet she's laughing at us, and rightly so :)Avatar Image says: Haha,thats pretty cool! Its great to see that Sue and all you Hufflepuffs out there finally get some recognition! LOL Congrats......*Hopes Rowena Ravenclaw is June* :-)Avatar Image says: HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE YEA! SQUEE THANKS JK ROWLING! SUE YOU ROCK! SQUEE!Avatar Image says: OMG, this gives away a lot. "whatever beverage came to mind the knight within his cup would find." The hufflepuff's cup = the grail in Arthurian legend! The grail is said to provide whatever food or drink the holder wanted. We know that hufflepuff's treasure is a chalice, and now we know that Hufflepuff herself and "dexterity at food-related charms." It is thus so likely that Hufflepuff's chalice provides food and drink, exactly what the grail does!Avatar Image says: well we know one thing's for sure, that cup has some sort of significance whether it be a horcrux or not. or, jo is just playing a dirty trick to try to throw us off the scent :pAvatar Image says: I always wondered where the treacle tarts and pumpkin juice came from. Good for Helga!Avatar Image says: Macbeth--Two dots make a line, not a pattern.Avatar Image says: Yay! I love it that it's Helga Hufflepuff! Of course, the cup is obvious, but notice that she is wearing a ring on each hand and wearing a broach--with red and green stones? The uniting of the houses, perhaps? Hmmmm--interesting indeed.Avatar Image says: I wonder if Helga used her magical cup in her cooking...just kidding.Avatar Image says: aaaw yay for sue!! this is totally on purpose, I bet! Avatar Image says: I wonder whether lightmaker creates the image on their own or whether JKR tells them exactly what the characters should look like. I've never actually pictured Helga with ginger hair. Anyway, I'm happy that there's some sort of update from her site. Very interesting information about Helga...*goes off and thinks*Avatar Image says: Yes, Hufflepuff is awesome! I wish I could know more about Rowenna Ravenclaw, though... maybe June's Wizard of the Month?Avatar Image says: Oh, Sue! I laughed so hard at your ALL CAPS SQUEEFUL! There is much squeeing in my Hufflepuff household this evening. Now to figure out how to duplicate Helga's robes for Phoenix Rising!Avatar Image says: It's THE CUP!!! Little did dear Helga know that it would one day be used for much less noble purposes...Avatar Image says: who wants to bet that june will be ravenclaw and july will be gryffindor!! hehehe :)Avatar Image says: Yay! Here's to the founders! I wonder when the next WOMBAT will be?Avatar Image says: yay sue!!Avatar Image says: HUFF HUFF HUFFLEPUFF!Avatar Image says: Hahaha, Sue. :P I knew you'd be happy. I hope Ravenclaw's next! YAY FOR HUFFLEPUFF! x)Avatar Image says: I was pleased to see her robes, and that I wasn't far off in designing yours, Sue!! A proud proud day for Hufflepuff indeed! Hurray for the black and gold! Avatar Image says: Go Ravenclaw's enjoy!...We are next... Go Gryffindor's The other thing I noticed was the tiara she is wearing seems like the one in the vault the trio fell in, now as for the cup I not still not sure it's the one in the Cover picture it seem to be missing the...two finely wrought handles and a badger, But the tiara would fit perfect into this...Our Great-Aunt Muriel..."has a very beautiful tiara-goblin made--so this could very well be GAM vault who is a relatative of Helga and the weasleys because I said before LV only took two thing the locket and the cup not the goblin made armor...and DD himself said the Hokey memory proves nothing except that LV knew of the existence of the cup and the locket...sorry for rambling... Go Hufflepuff's! Butterbeers all around! Avatar Image says: Well, I must say that I have never pictured Helga Hufflepuff as a red head. I always imagined her as a blond. Godric Gryffindor was always the red head in my mind. Very interesting to see this version of her and to learn a little more about her. Wonder how soon these revelations will show up in fan fiction and fan art? Not long, I'm sure. Kay (JKMcGonagall)Avatar Image says: Hmmm, thats really interesting about the cooking. If she was the beginner of the feast, Ravenclaw designed the moving floor plan, Gryffindor had the sorting hat, I wonder what Slytherin did that's now a tradition or feature at Hogwarts? The ceiling? Not to mention I always thought of her as a Herbology teacher or something, but I suppose that they're not unrelated, and that its still a possibility. I'm guessing my thoughts about that come from Professor Sprout being head of Hufflepuff.Avatar Image says: that cup she holds, mmm, Horcrux ?Avatar Image says: Hurrah! Helga Hufflepuff was a readhead! My daughter will be so pleased.Avatar Image says: SQUEE! I couldn't think of a better birthday presentAvatar Image says: Todally Cool ;) I agree on the cup being THE Cup, I am interested in the fastener of her cloak, it appears that it may be a coat of arms. Is there a list of past WOMs? Perhaps there are hints thrown in.Avatar Image says: Trevor the Toad - Go to the Lexicon, click "What's New", second item down is the full set of pictures. No founders have previously been mentioned.Avatar Image says: There MUST be some sort of clue in this. Why wait for so long before talking about one of the founders? I never thought the wizard of the month things might all be telling us something too! I agree with those who suggest that she might be connected to Molly Weasley (tiara). Maybe Zach Smith is a red herring, OR worse still (remembering how much they took a dislike to him!) a relative. It would explain why Ron has one of the Hufflepuff qualities of loyalty. Also Molly's a good cook! Probably over-analyzing..Avatar Image says: Yay! Lol. :DAvatar Image says: Helga Hufflepuff was a Weasley? Oooooh, the possibilities. *starts off wild rumours*Avatar Image says: Thanks, Kay! You know, that's not the first fan fic I've heard of that's paired Helga with Salazar. For some reason though, I've always seen Rowena as the 'beautiful' one that Godric and/or Salazar was going after/fighting for. No offense to Hufflepuffs! That is, however, as I've always seen it.Avatar Image says: Good I always thought Hufflepuff looked like that. As for Ravenclaw's Horcrux if JKR follows the Grail legends it should be a like a staff or spear, so it could be her wand?Avatar Image says: Yeah, I was eyeing that cup she was holding. Knew I could not have been the only one. Now, I'm mostly interested to see if we're going to see the other three founders in June, July, and August.Avatar Image says: oooh well there are 2 more wizard of months to come ... if dumbledore said the sword was last of gryffindors, other reliecs will be shown with the house founders for the other houses oooerr i hope so thats just tooo tempting having the cup there!! grrr Avatar Image says: At last a wizard of the month we're actually interested in. She's teasing us ofcourse and I love it! I just can't wait 'till June to see who's next. Bye the way Willow... Chill. I think its all gettint too much for you. Its just good fun to guess and look for links. We'll all be wrong anyway. ;>Avatar Image says: I've been saying it for years...I think the single wand on the purple pillow mentioned in book 1 when Harry goes to Olivanders for the first time is Rowena's. The best place to hide something is in plain sight. I also think that Olivander knows it's a horcrux, which is why he went into hiding..Avatar Image says: I see a gold cup with two handles and circled with red gemstones. Helga also is wearing a tiara. What if the July image is of Rowena with a wand and a tiara?Avatar Image says: Thank you Helga for all the wonderful foodstuffs you've given us over the years... Viva la Scarheads T.O.W.KAvatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE

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