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Apr 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Scores of readers emailed to say new photos from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix poster book have surfaced on this livejournal community via user dnz4him. Over the day, both unmarked and marked images have been sent in, and you can now see these in our galleries. New are photos of :

  • Dean Thomas (Alfie Enoch), Seamus Finnegan (Devon Murray) and Neville Longbottom (Matt Lewis) here
  • Tonks (Natalia Tena) and Mad-Eye Moody (Brendan Gleeson) here
  • Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright)
  • Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch)
  • Fred and George Weasley (James and Oliver Phelps) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), here
  • Weasley family, here
  • a grieving Harry (Dan Radcliffe)
  • Tonks (Natalia Tena)

Please Note: We understand this book from Scholastic is not due to be available until June 1, and will update you should this change. Thanks to ootpmoviepics, dnz4him, and all the many who mailed!

49 Responses to New OotP Poster Book Photos

Avatar Image says: The pictures are coming in ... I love them all!Avatar Image says: Cool! We're finally getting some actual pictures of Tonks other than the ones taken while filming! GabrielleAvatar Image says: YAY! Tonks finally.Avatar Image says: Wowsers, Tonks is stunningly beautiful! Especially in the photo with Mad-Eye Moody.Avatar Image says: Tonks is one of my favorites...pretty close to what I imagined!Avatar Image says: Is it just me, or are all the Weasley actors starting to look like they're actually related?Avatar Image says: "Is it just me, or are all the Weasley actors starting to look like they're actually related?" A complete coincidence, of course :)Avatar Image says: Love the Weasley pictures!!!! Dan looks like he's doing some good acting in his picture. Hopefully that means he's a good actor in the movies now. He looks great.Avatar Image says: Ginny, Luna, Tonks! Weasley and Gryffindor boys! I love all the pictures. :DAvatar Image says: where is PotterCast Avatar Image says: love the pics, especially the weasley family one!! side note: where's pottercast?Avatar Image says: Love the luna picture. That girl is perfect for the role. I can't believe how tall that dean boy has become. I want a clear production post of Lupin. Anyone at WB, come on and give us (me) more lupin. where is pottercast? :(Avatar Image says: YAY! Happy to see more pictures, I must add Harry looks better than he did in GoF but I liked the twins hair longer better, but hey can't have everything. Ginny very cute, awesome to see Tonks, and a diff picture of Luna.Avatar Image says: Loving the Weasleys pics :D Pretty creatures those Weasleys :D Not feeling so good about Tonks though, it doesn't feel right...Avatar Image says: The Weasley family one is really great. Their hair is so 'Weasleyish'. I love it. The picture of Harry is so touching. You can almost feel his grief. And, by the way folks, you can see his scar in it. Finally. Kay (JKMcGonagall)Avatar Image says: The Weasley family picture is so awesome. I love how much they actually look like siblings. The one of the Gryffindor boys is also really cool. If they added Harry and Ron to the image, it'd be even cooler! Yay Tonks!Avatar Image says: Yea I like Rupert with shorter hair. He looks really good imo. I also love the emotion on Dan's face in this photo, I think he is going to be great in this movie.Avatar Image says: I find it amusing how they edit Bonnies and the Phelps twins eyes too give them bags like Ruperts :P Makes them look more like family lol I so want that pic of the weasley boys *drools*Avatar Image says: Doesn't Luna look awesome!!!!!!! p.s. Where's Pottercast?Avatar Image says: Great pics. Very good one of Harry (great acting on Dan's part). I also like the ones of Tonks, Luna and the Weasleys. Avatar Image says: Oh my, give the poor boy a hug. *bearhugs Harry* "where is PotterCast" *kicks broken record* Every flippin' week ... *mutters darkly*Avatar Image says: I got the book also but I don't have a working scanner:( They also had this other one out with even more new pics in it. Lets hope that sopeone posts them soon!Avatar Image says: I imagined tonks completley different when reading the books! lol!Avatar Image says: I thought Tonks would be more "rocky" looking, maybe a little like a punk rocker. I guess that came to my mind with the bubble-gum colored hair and all...Avatar Image says: Squeeeee, awesome awesome awesome!! They all look awesome. Luna is such a swertheart. Ginny looks great. But my favourite is Tonks, she looks like she's about to change herself into something... awesome :D She looks amazing on the pic with Moody, I love her already!Avatar Image says: I actually love the pics of Tonks. She manages to look unobtrusively punk rock (by unobtrusive I mean that us Muggles are not going to peg her for what she is), and like she can beat your behind. Boy, the Phelps twins and Alfie Enoch got reaallly tall. Avatar Image says: Not a fan of the headband look Bonnie.Avatar Image says: I think the film is going to be ruined for me by the fact that Natalia Tena is NOT Tonks! *grump* Laura Rees would have been perfect as Tonks. How young does Ron look next to Fred & George? XDAvatar Image says: That pic of Harry grieving ... heartbreaking ... *tears up* Avatar Image says: I Love the Pic of the other three 5th year boys! Avatar Image says: I adore Bonnie, but I think that headband was a horrible choice. If they insisted on her wearing or whatever they should of at least let her wear her hair down. The Weasley photo looks great and they all look stunning. I love it. Tonks looks brilliant but I agree about the hair, Pink I think would have looked cooler. Luna is cute as always, great expression she wears.Avatar Image says: Who would have thought the twins would turn out to be so devilishly handsome. Love them for their height and their face drips of naughtiness all over(as if they have just pranked someone). Love Bonnie minus the hairband. Ron's expression is ....errr #$#%#$%#$? Avatar Image says: Yeah, Becca, I've never heard of Laura Rees but she does look more "Tonksy" than Tena. I was pulling for David Thewlis' girlfriend, Anna Friel. Aside from the meta aspect, Friel (with her short hair) looks exactly as I imagined Tonks (the Tonksiest!). However, I'm looking forward to seeing how NT does with the role. Maybe she's just great in the role, which is why they cast her in spite of her non-Tonksy (but still gorgeous) looks. Avatar Image says: Yay, we finally have pics of Tonks! I couldn't be happier today! And can I just say how cool Evanna as Luna looks in that pic! I can't wait to see these two in the movie. :DAvatar Image says: I love Tonks! Yeah they've got the rocker thing down- look at her jacket and her hands with the no-finger gloves! The Luna one is adorable and tough. Ginny is cool, I like her headband, though I like her hair down better (it's more canon down anyway). The Dan one we've seen before- :( so sad. Looks really amazing though.Avatar Image says: Tonks is not quite as I pictured, but I like her look and if she acts Tonks-ish I'll be happy. Avatar Image says: Their bandwith has expired big time. :( I can't see the new pictures they put up of Remus and all that!Avatar Image says: Nice pics!Avatar Image says: Oh Tonks looks great and so does Luna, I can't wait to see them both. I agree the hairband on Bonnie isn't the best look. Cute picture of Rupert with the twins...and what in the WORLD is with Devin's hair??Avatar Image says: You don't have to wait until June 1st. The Hogwarts Through the Ages, Order of the Phoenix Poster Book, and Order of the Phoenix Sticker book are all available right now at Borders. I just picked up all three of them today.

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