“Order of the Phoenix” Nominated for MTV Movie Award


Apr 30, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

While not even released yet, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been nominated for the ‘Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet’ on the MTV Movie Awards. Up against fellow summer releases such as Rush Hour 3, Hairspray, The Fantastic Four, Transformers and Evan Almighty, the golden popcorn trophy will be awarded to the film with the most votes, so you can go to here on MTV.com to vote for your pick in this category and many others. The awards ceremony will air live on MTV, Sunday, June 3 at 8 P.M. EST.
You can see Order of the Phoenix in theaters July 13, 2007.

Thanks to the snitch.co.uk and Claire for letting us know!

26 Responses to “Order of the Phoenix” Nominated for MTV Movie Award

Avatar Image says: Kind of a lame category, don't you think? It's just blatant promotion...nothing more than a commercial that'll probably be won by the highest bidder. Of course, the MTV Movie Awards is just blantant promotion anyways, so it's not too surprising. As far as advertising goes, it's probably not a bad little plug. Avatar Image says: um kinda off topic, but that new defense against the dark arts game on dumbledoresarmy.com now says 'coming soon' when you try to click the picture...what the heck WB??Avatar Image says: Usually don't do this stuff but for Harry, Melissa and company, done!Avatar Image says: I was wondering that too ProfessorPotter. but if it's to do with anticipation OooP wins hands down- I've been waiting for it for about 18 months.Avatar Image says: I am with you as well, professor Potter. What a sily concept. I love Jackie Chan and mos t of his movies. Rush Hour one was such a delight. I guess it will be more of the same, but so what?Avatar Image says: I'd vote for OOP if WB didn't have the habit of ruining the movies. I voted for Transformers since it's the only movie I'm going to see of the onese listed.Avatar Image says: Are we gonna get some Pottercast love soon?!?!?!??!Avatar Image says: Somebody made a sequel to Fantastic 4???? The first one was bad enough!Avatar Image says: I love refreshing the page and see a new peice of news :P It's so exciting. And OotP totally deserves it!Avatar Image says: Fantastic Four?! didn't that already come out, or is it some sort of sequelAvatar Image says: rush hour 3, fantastic 4, transformers, even almighty, HAIRSPRAY!!! PFFFFFFFFT Harry Potter will own them.Avatar Image says: um...i think it's about the fandom more than the movies. Or who's more excited for which film. Strange logic, I agree.Avatar Image says: Yeah i think ootp has it, even tho the other movies are pretty good too,but i know it well do fine bc when my dad seen the trailer for it -hint- he never has seen or read the books, he said it look great! well i dont think i should put down what he really said! lol :) Avatar Image says: I voted for OotP already! OotP just has to win the Award! :)Avatar Image says: And quite right too.Avatar Image says: Umm...what is the idea behind this award? better to make it "Best marketed film" or "Best Trailer". OOTP gets my vote hands down for that. But Best film you havent seen yet? I just dont get the Logic of that!Avatar Image says: Fantstic Four 2? Psshhh. The first one sucked and this is probably no better. Harry Potter is gonna winnnnn!Avatar Image says: I can't get the page to load! Curse my slow connection!!Avatar Image says: I laugh at the crazy awards they give out, but I still watch cuz its fun. Everyone vote and represent the HP fans! :DAvatar Image says: IMDB has a poll asking which summer movie is most likely to be a flop. HP got the lowest number of votes (least likely to fail, whoohoo!)Avatar Image says: Not to mention Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which is surely going to do very, very well. The second episode was the biggest hit last summer. The FF movie is a sequel, and it features the Silver Surfer (voiced by Laurence Fishburne). Since they don't have to do the origin, it should have much more time devoted to what people expected in an FF movie. I think it will be good.Avatar Image says: Wow, it's being nominated for an award before it's even been released. Imagine the awards it will be nominated for next year. I think that OOTP will be nominated for nearly every catagory in next year's MTV awards: Best film (no doubt it will be nominated), Best actor (for Dan), Best Hero (for Dan again), Best villian (tie between Voldemort, Bellatrix and Umbridge), Best kiss (obviously), Best fight (Dumbledore and Volemort), Best breakthrough (for Evanna), and Best on screen team (for the DA). Avatar Image says: I won't be surprised if Rush Hour wins... Avatar Image says: I'm not sure Harry Potter will be a runaway success, there's far too much competition, The Simpsons, Shrek 3 etc... I hope it can at least make back its budget!. Pirates or The Simpsons will be triumphant I think, not keen on Pirates anymore, too overblown.Avatar Image says: Can someone vote for me, please? I can't access the website where I live. Thanks. Avatar Image says: like omg i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna see fantastic four al welol but i'm more exited to see harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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