Even More New “Order of the Phoenix” Poster Book Images


May 01, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

When it rains, it surely pours, for we have even more new looks at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix poster book, including new photos of Prof. Trelawney (Emma Thompson), Prof. Snape (Alan Rickman), Prof. McGonagall (Dame Maggie Smith), Cho Chang, (Katie Leung) Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch), Neville (Matt Lewis), Seamus (Devon Murray), Fred and George with their Weasley Wheezes (James and Oliver Phelps) and much more. Courtesy of livejournal user ebonyserpent we can now see some nice scans of the following posters:
UPDATE:In addition to the ones below, even MORE new photos are now on the ootpmovie pic livejournal, including new photos of Remus Lupin (David Thewlis), Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs), Crabbe (Jamie Waylett) and Goyle (Josh Herdman). Despite a reported June publication date, these are apparently from the new OotP Sticker and Poster books. Thanks Alexander!

Thanks to ebony and Claire!

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Avatar Image says: ah the Great Hall. Such a nice picture.Avatar Image says: I only looked at the DA ones (yay Ginny laughing= so cute!) and the one titled "Happy Ron" which made me crack up laughing because he looks EXTREMELY happy. I think Rupert should smile more- he has great teeth and a nice smile! :) And I am so, SO tempted to look at Harry on the swing set, but that is TOO CANON I need to wait for the movie to squeal!!! :DAvatar Image says: The one with the DA laughing (Neville, Ginny, Cho, Patil twins) is so sweet. Eeek, post detention with Umbridge! Poor Harry's hand!Avatar Image says: Very enticing. While viewing the film, we may remember these stills. And maybe not... They cannot show the entire picture this way, can they? Frame by frame. Obviously not. Nevertheless, it is full of promisses. Keep them comming... We love it.Avatar Image says: haha my favorite was Happy Ron, it made me crack up :) This might sound superficial but does any one else think Fred and George look better with long hair like in GOF. Because I do! Avatar Image says: The potrait of Cho, is it new? I like it, she's a perfect Cho Chang.Avatar Image says: Come on, movie people! Harry is supposed to be sitting behind Parvarti Patil in the OWLS!!Avatar Image says: I like all of them! Happy Ron's my favorite too. :-D (It's not THAT important on who sits next/besides/behind who in the OWLs pic... I mean really)Avatar Image says: Actually, there are two seperate poser books. One is the Order of the Phoenix movie poster book which has the pictures of Ron and the Twins and the portrait of Cho, the other is the Hogwarts through the Ages book which has the pictures of Trelawney and McGonagall and Umbridge and about half of what's listed there.Avatar Image says: Are these out for sale? :D (It sounds like a silly question, but since we get leaks all the time...)Avatar Image says: Yes The twins looked better with the long hair, I think it went with their characters too. I am really excited seeing more pictures can't wait for the movie!!!!!Avatar Image says: I love all the pictures! Rupert looks great in all of them and all the girls look very pretty. I love the Weasley Weezes one too!Avatar Image says: The one of Happy Ron made me laugh too ... YOu can tell it's a good smile when only a *picture* is that infectious.Avatar Image says: Loving the new pics :D looking very good :D Ron/Rupert is looking gorgeous, and that happy smile is to die for, very cute :D Lots of Weasleys love, which makes me happy happy happy :D They look so good together, especially looking all fierce like that :D That pic of Neville with the girls in the DA cracked me up, his poise is soooooooooooooo funny, lol One thing I don't like though, why did they make it like it was hermy who found out about Harry's hand? It was Ron who did that for the love of God! Why do they keep doing it! :( *sigh*Avatar Image says: Cheers for the "Gred and Forge" label. Everyone looks at me funny when I toss up the HP conversation and say "Gred and Forge" instead of "Fred and George." Now I can say "It was on Leaky!" Awesome pics. I'm getting oober excited for this summer!!Avatar Image says: Good Lord, Emma is unbelievably gorgeous. That is actually a sensual picture. She's showing some sex appeal in this movie. Looks great.Avatar Image says: do you guys see draco and crap on the prof trelawney picture. I'm excited about that class session in the movie. I love draco's taunts and add that to the crazyness of trelawney, it should be fun. :)Avatar Image says: You know, at first I thought it was Harry sitting in front of what looks like Ron and Hermione in the OWLs picture, but now I'm not so sure. That person has their quill in their left hand, and unless I'm mistaken, Dan is right handed. Maybe he's sitting in the row next to them? And also, perhaps Ron is the first to notice Harry's Umbridge scarred hand, and this picture is Hermione's first reaction? Or maybe Harry shows them together. Here's keeping that hope alive Cinderella!Avatar Image says: Really good pictures. Loving all the Weasley love. The Ron laughing picture is just too cute and all the girls look great!Avatar Image says: Haha! Am I the only one who thinks the short hair on the twins looks much more attractive? I absolutely love the twin picture with the suitcase. How innocent. ;)Avatar Image says: But, there is more! http://community.livejournal.com/ootpmoviepics/39970.html#cutid1 This is the first time we see a solo portrait shot of Neville :D And two more of Cho, one for both Crabbe and Goyle. But sadly, no Draco. Both sticker and poster book's available at Borders. Avatar Image says: Cinderella: we don't know if that is how things will play out. Ron could notice it first and Hermione is just reacting how Hermione does when she sees it. In the book she was the one who gave him that medicine to help his cuts, she acted very motherly then and it looks like she is acting this way now.Avatar Image says: The Harry on the swing pic is gorgeous. Dan's muscles look yummy. lolAvatar Image says: ~~~~You know, at first I thought it was Harry sitting in front of what looks like Ron and Hermione in the OWLs picture, but now I'm not so sure. That person has their quill in their left hand, and unless I'm mistaken, Dan is right handed.~~~~ Harry is sitting in the desk behind Ron. Great pictures! I agree that the one with Neville and the girls is funny. He's such a ladies man! lol Love all the Weasleys. They's too cute for words. Avatar Image says: Alexander, the link doesn't work. :( Is it missing letters? Avatar Image says: The pictures are nice, but I WISH we had one of the Marauders! Like from Snape's worst memory. I mean there's one behind the scenes one, but I want an official still! I hope they get a poster in the poster bookAvatar Image says: trio pics! awesome! and i love that picture of ron happy, it is gorgeous beyond words. the luna & cho pic i love as well. such a wonderful batch of pics!Avatar Image says: Harry's shots shown at the OOTPlivejournal site are truly gorgeous, especially the standing one (the same group as Harry on the swing = nice chest hmm!) and the one the he smiles a little. Harry this time around is so sad or angry-looking. I like that too but it's great to see a little smile now and then. The pics take ages to load, however.Avatar Image says: Agree with Kathlin and dan fan. Dan on a swing is yummy and so are those pics of him in that t-shirt. It looks reaaallly good on him. Avatar Image says: Good stuff. I didn't think the OWLs or the swing set were in the movie; glad to see those shots. And we don't get enough of Draco, Crabbe, or Goyle. Too many good guys, not enough bad guys! Nice to see a very good pic of them.Avatar Image says: this is the best set of OOTP-pictures i've ever seen........... remus's picture was hot!!!most of the DA photos were awesome......and of course ...,umbridge next to snape (he's in black and she's in pink) made me hate umbridge even more.....harry on the swing(reading a muggle newspaper) was fantastic.. anyway..my favourite picture was the one with filch,draco and his cronies.... thanks a bunch leaky.....Avatar Image says: Snape, McGonagall, Umbridge picture' perfect.angry minerva,cool snape and crazy umbridge:) harry looks perfect.all pictures looks different.good job dan. neville's hair really bad. and my favorite weasley's twins.they are very funnyand cute.Avatar Image says: Ohh my Draco. cant you just feel that mean snarkiness? its great. AND I THINK I CAN SEE HIM IN THE TRELAWNEY PIC!!! he would be brilliant in a scene like that. put him in WB put him *in*. Phew. I like the Cho one too. Wish we had high res with her and Luna, XDAvatar Image says: Awesome pics. Love the one of Harry sitting on the swing. Dan looks so adorable reading that newspaper. The other ones are great as well. P.S. I like those trainers Hermione is wearing on the post detention pic.Avatar Image says: *soothes Liln with a cup of lemon tea*. calm down woman. lol. But i *have* to admit. he does look plenty prettiful XD Tom Felton is gorgeous!!! And he's in divination. can you imagine the slytherins doing palmistry and crystal ball gazing and mainly making scathing remarks about Trelawney??? I'm cracking up here.Avatar Image says: Ron/Rupert smiling FTW! Also, Neville surrounded by girls from the DA is absolutely brilliant ^^. I really want to sing "My milkshake brings all..." but that's a sunny day, so let's keep it warm ^^.Avatar Image says: Why is Hermione looking at Harry's LEFT hand? Harry (and Dan) is right-handed.Avatar Image says: It really irritates me how Hermione's hair becomes more blonde movie by movie. That colour seems to suit Emma's style, but honestly, can't they dye it for the movie? I can only assume the film-makers deliberately want to have a heroine with gorgerous blonde curls, because it shouldn't really be that difficult to get such a small thing right, not with the size of a budget they have this movie, anyway. It's hard to imagine they'd insist on making Harry's hair brown or Ron's mouse-coloured, so why on earth do they mess with Hermione's hair, when it's clearly described in the books as "brown" (not "light brown"). That aside, I'm glad that Rupert seems to have a relatively normal expression in many of the pictures. He still doesn't resemble the picture I have of Ron, but he is so much better without the dumb/scared look. Harry looks really really nice. And I love their clothes, as always (with the exception of Hermione's pink shirts, sigh...). They look so casual and British!Avatar Image says: It's sad, but I really think that Emma Thompson overplays Trelawney. There's a fine line between convincingly batty and cartoonish and I'm afraid we're getting the cartoon version. :?Avatar Image says: spacecowgirl, Since Harry is right-handed wouldn't he write on his left hand with his right hand? Avatar Image says: These are nice pictures, I'm excited, I think it will be a better movie than GOF, closer to the book, but we can expect to see all heroes the way WE imagined them, they will look different, because movie is an interpretation of the book, movie people can't dive into every head and see how we pictured Harry and others, but I agree some things are really clear in the books, like Hermione's BROWN, Bushy hair. Do we see it? NO. Can we change it? NO, I'm afraid. So I guess we can just look at that blonde wavy hair, it won't make us happy, but I really hope the movie itself will.Avatar Image says: Ron/Rupert smiling = YUMMMMMMMYYY! He looks good enough to eat! Not to mentoin so canon. Please keep it that way WB. Nice pics, but please do something about Hermione's hair WB, it's like having Ron's hair black!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: The blonder/brown/red hair issues bother me, but I could let all that slip as long they are able to portray their roles well. There would always be discrepancies for these film adaptations. We're into the fifth movie, we should expect to be disappointed from these book deviations by now. Avatar Image says: I meant to say that is not availble in the post below. Avatar Image says: Is it just me or does Ron (on the live journal website, sixth picture, look like a young House?Avatar Image says: oh..oh..oh! I'm so excited! Fantastic pics! The one of Ron laughing and clapping is really lovely Harry in those T shirt and those jeans!! Draco Filch and co Prof McGonagall with that disgusted look on her face at the welcoming speech PS I think Harry is sitting behind Ron in the OWLS not in front of Hermione.Avatar Image says: LOL@Fred and George in muggle clothingAvatar Image says: Rupert's eyes look green in a lot of the pictures. I wonder if his eyes changed color or if it's just the lighting. I like the DA list. I just wish they had kept the "SNEAK" bit in. That would've been cool to see. It does look like Harry is sitting behind Ron in the O.W.Ls, but I don't know if the girl in front of Ron is Emma. You can see a slightly larger picture on the livejournal site and it really doesn't look like her. Maybe it's her double. I love the trio pictures. The more trio the better, IMO. Avatar Image says: Ya know, I don't think Emma's hair is actually blonde, not when she's portraying Hermione. It's been getting glossier and glossier since the beginning, but not actually *blonde* (and by the way, complaining about the *shade* of brown is almost as ridiculous as complaining about where Parvati is during OWLs. Really.) Actually, now that I think of it, it'd be cool if Hermione had blonde hair. Sort of the reverse of the dumb blonde stereotype. I wouldn't endorse such a departure from canon just for that reason, though.Avatar Image says: The Hogwarts Through the Ages, Order of the Phoenix Poster Book, and Order of the Phoenix Sticker book are all available right now at Borders. I just picked up all three of them today. And sorry, no Marauders in any of them.Avatar Image says: mmmm Dan wearing that greenish shirt looks so hot and what a tone body he has, he is one hot fine boy. Rupert looks like a puppy... cute Emma looks very beautiful. Avatar Image says: "Dan wearing that greenish shirt looks so hot and what a tone body he has, he is one hot fine boy." That pic is just gorgeous. The toned body clearly shows through that thin green shirt. Dan is getting to be a major hottie in Hollywood. One article includes Dan among the top ten hunky leads who will boost ticket sales this summer of blockbusters. http://www.star-ecentral.com/news/story.asp?file=/2007/5/2/movies/17595793&sec=moviesAvatar Image says: Trelawney's hair is doing a Hermione. It's distinctly less bushy than in GoF.Avatar Image says: I guess it was a bit much hehe soz. and yeah, I'm liking the Harry pic a lot too. Nice shirt... ahem...Avatar Image says: Is Snape smirking? Snape is smirking, isn't he? *looks closely* Very much loving the pics of the twins :)

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