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May 01, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

At long last, our 87th PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, is now online: To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (—>), or use iTunes, or direct download. In the show this week:
Garth Franklin from DarkHorizons.com joins us again to talk all about the new spate of OotP trailers and how they stack up against the rest of the big blockbuster previews offered for this summer.
Augmented Hermione
Melissa and John argue about whether Dumbledore’s in control. Garth is taken aback.
Sue has to go to another room and relax for awhile.
An interview with Jasmin about Perfectus 2007 in H-town
A special announcement sort-of
Our shortest wrapup ever!

Fan Interview: Matt Kelliher
Other Stuff: Jeff Gregory

RT: 1:14:58

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Remember you don’t need an iPod to listen. Listen easily on iTunes, which you can download and install here, by clicking here to listen, or you can just use the streaming Flash player at PotterCast.com or just on the right side of this page. Discussion of the PotterCast is right here. Enjoy!

28 Responses to PotterCast 87 Now Live

Avatar Image says: Thanks Mellissa Downloading now.Avatar Image says: Yay! Go Pottercast! Avatar Image says: Awesome!Avatar Image says: Will there ever be transcripts of Pottercasts? I have looked on the Pottercast page, and there are no transcripts available for any shows in the last three months. Avatar Image says: Finallyyyyyyy. MuggleCast just wasn't cutting it.Avatar Image says: Garth is back! I was really hoping that he'd be back to talk trailers, especially after his last appearance. Avatar Image says: I didnt even notice Hermione's change...!Avatar Image says: But have they SEEN Emma's body lately? Imean, for all we know it may be the opposite way around. It could be that her chest and hair seemed too prominent that they decided to tone her 'features' down for th e official poster.Avatar Image says: Is anyone else having problems downloading it? The show doesn't appear on my iTunes feed.Avatar Image says: IMAX Picture Doctor Bozos -- Hermione would do a SPEW on you.Avatar Image says: I d/l now thanks I cant wait to listen :)Avatar Image says: Look at the poster for King Arthur. Emma's/Hermione's chest is decent compared to Keira Knightley's on that poster! Great show btw!!!!! Avatar Image says: I love how you guys always call him "Gaaatth". :-)Avatar Image says: #87! *giggles*Avatar Image says: You guys always do such a great job on these. I look forward to them.Avatar Image says: Might I just add that the "quiet moment between Harry and Voldemort" might be before Dumbledore gets there? Yes the windows are blown out, but you must remember that the sextet and the death eaters, and then the order, were having a pretty intense battle already... So Voldemort might be saying this to Harry thinking he's got him cornered when Dumbledore shows up and duels him. Just my 2 cents.Avatar Image says: What annoys me the most about the "modifications" to Hermione's appearance is that they have diminished poor Neville's appearance. Note that his left side is visible on the movie poster but its blacked out on the IMAX poster to make room for Hermione's hair.Avatar Image says: it only goes to 7 minutes and 48 seconds, then it just starts over!!!! HELP!!!!!Avatar Image says: Wow, that is the shortest wrap-up ever. ...I don't agree that the tunnel where the dementor attack takes place looks like east london and not suburbia. I grew up in a very white-bread suburb and there was a tunnel under a bridge that looks remarkably like the tunnel in the trailer. Oh, memories!Avatar Image says: I can't believe how they changed Hermione in the IMAX poster... Jo should sue.Avatar Image says: It won't play past 5 and a half minutes for me! On all the formats! It just starts over everytime it hits that time.Avatar Image says: It is *Marmite*, Melissa; "you either love it or you hate it". It's their slogan ^_^ i'm guessing its the latter for you then? lmao. it really is disgusting stuff XDAvatar Image says: I would just like to add that Kelgadis has a point... Before Dumbledore takes on Voldy, Harry has a little run-in with Bellatrix as he followed her as she escaped the order downstairs. Dumbledore doesn't show up until after Voldy has touched down in front of Harry, so that might be the 'quiet' moment where LV talks to Harry. The windows are all broken because (as far as I can remember) not one of Harry's Expelliarmus' has hit the intended target (Bellatrix) and they have had to hit something... And I think the "scared look on Dumbledore's face" might not be because he is losing control. But that he is in shock and awe of how Tom could turn out to be like he is now. Remember, DD hasn't seen LV since his ressurrection/transformation. Dumbledore was the one who introduced Tom into the magical world, so he might feel a bit responsible for all the terrible things that have, and will, happen. The fact that "The Pottercast Trio" missed the little details shows us that they're are still 'just' human, despite what most of us think ;)Avatar Image says: mhm. I think I actually understood more of what John was trying to say in that arguement. When Voldemort disappeared, dumbledore knew what voldemort was going to do. no time there to have a little chit chat. Dumbledore wasn't incapacitated. And if he is in the film. then... then that would just be rather... crappy. Avatar Image says: hi, can anyone give me a link to these controvertial posters with Hermione? i cant find them!

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