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May 02, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Alexander from let us know about a new poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which you can see here. This shows members of the DA, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna.
Thanks Alexander!

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Avatar Image says: Wow! I like it better than that US one we got! Very neat with Harry and the prophecy! If only the poster was in english....Avatar Image says: They've over photoshopped it. It doesn't look like Bonnie :(Avatar Image says: Sue. This is a FAKE Poster! Ginny doesn't look like Bonnie. lolAvatar Image says: tonight on FOX: When horrendously overdone airbrushing attacks!Avatar Image says: Fake, fake, fake.Avatar Image says: Too animated looking. They went a little overboard with the photo shop. Avatar Image says: I sincerely hope this is fake. That does not look like Bonnie. Avatar Image says: Who is that girl and what has she done with Bonnie? It looks nothing like her!Avatar Image says: Yeap, over photoshopped indeed. But fabulous nonetheless:) Harry looks like he is soooo going to kick someone's arse:))Avatar Image says: Bonnie doesn't look a thing like Bonnie. Everyone else looks heavily done up this possibly a fake?Avatar Image says: OMG Hermione is soooooo photoshoped. More so here then in the Imax Poster. Too Much. BlahAvatar Image says: that me. hah, no. wow, now IM the REAL waste of space.Avatar Image says: i don't care if it's fake or not,it's better than the US one. Avatar Image says: You know, it does look very fake. However, the ministry set does not. Ginny, I agree, has been body zapped. We're trying to figure out if it's real.Avatar Image says: Also, if we thought Emma had her front end fixed up on the US poster...then this is gigantic!Avatar Image says: hav u all actually seen the US version. Ginny looks the same on that 1. All b it different, maybe she's just changed. She probably has grown up. Im pretty sure te cartoonish look was on purpose, its just like the GOF posters.Avatar Image says: I don't think it's fake. I just went to check the what poster they have at, SF being the biggest chain of movietheatres in Sweden. In their section for coming movies they have this poster and they would never use a fake one.Avatar Image says: This is really seriously embarrassing for the Swedish sector of WB. Ouch. Avatar Image says: I don't see how this is different from all the other HP posters. As far as airbrushing goes, they were all a bit over the top, it's the look they were going after, I suppose. This one reminds me a lot of the PoA one, what with the poses of the trio and the fact that Harry is wearing the same t-shirt. As far as Bonnie not looking like Bonnie, the photo is taken under a weird lower angle, probably one we've never seen her from before, so that's why she doesn't look a lot like herself.Avatar Image says: Why do they feel they need to keep showing Emma in profile. She's a teenage girl not a model for tight sweaters!Avatar Image says: Am I the only one who likes it? Yeah, it's heavy on the airbrushing, but WB started doing that with the GOF posters. They are just continuing their proud tradition. Ha!Avatar Image says: Hello WB people that lurk here. Please PLEASE make sure these girls look like themselves for the Domestic posters. This is embarrassing. Seriously. Bonnie's a natural beauty and to think that someone would alter her gorgeous face beyond recognition is insane!Avatar Image says: Fake or not i don't likeAvatar Image says: Violet Baudelaire there's me,don't know who else is out thereAvatar Image says: I like the layout of the poster I just would like to be able to know who's who. Honestly if this was the first image of OotP that I had seen I would have thought they had recast Bonnie. Do you think there's any chance that we'll get a less airbrushed poster? If the faces on Bonnie and Emma were done better (ie left alone) I'd have loved this poster to be honest.Avatar Image says: I don't like it either. :( Oh well. Avatar Image says: I think its an amazing looking poster. Clearly PS'ed of course but gorgeous nonetheless. And I know that is Bonnie, its just a very wierd and new angle for her to be seen, plus they added freckles to her face. But they all look great. I like their expressions. Except Emma, her nostrils are way too flared and she actually looks scared. Different look for her. Rupert is the only one who doesnt look that changed, he looks great. Evanna is too small for me to tell, she looks just fine and Matt looks brilliant. I do like this poster. I just hope that the US one isnt too PS'ed.Avatar Image says: It looks like the love-child of Bonnie and Jessica Rabbit! Run for the hills!Avatar Image says: It looks soooo wierd! Everyone's faces (except for Ron's & Neville's) are somehow messed up!!!Avatar Image says: Harry looks... pretty... And thats not a good thing.. o_0 Nobody looks normal...its kind of...ew... o_0 ooo...i sure hope that other countries get it right..... i hope these images dont make the dvd cover....Avatar Image says: So this IS real? then what's up with Ginny not looking like Ginny? Also, for posters in other languages, do they normally leave the credits at the bottom in English? ...because they did on this one. Odd. It's a nice poster, though.Avatar Image says: They've seriously over-photoshopped. To any lurking WB people: tone it down, please! Bonnie, Emma, and Evanna are naturally beautiful girls. They do not need to be "enhanced". Neither do the boys for that matter! I'd prefer them as they really are to this artificial looking mess. Avatar Image says: Maybe it's a real poster, but that certainly isn't Bonnie Wright. Is it the actress that plays Lily?Avatar Image says: Oh My God. Harry in this poster looks EXACTLY like Simon, the foreign exchange student from Sweden! Wow. This is hilarious!Avatar Image says: It's a nice poster but after looking at it and the Swedish OOTP book cover, I have noticed that both Harrys have the same determined look on their faces and they look alike too. WB Europe must've made it look like that for Swedish fans.Avatar Image says: There is no way that is ginny. neville and luna. Hermione looks very airbrushed. Harry and Ron look ok enough. :( Anyways, I'm ready to see a picture of the cast smiling for once. Avatar Image says: And the Award For Worst Photoshopping/Airbrushing EVER goes to: WHOEVER MADE THIS POSTER. Only Luna and Ron look like themselves. EVERYONE else looks like they got smacked in the face with an airbrush MALLET (which means they don't look like any way besides the hair). :) Avatar Image says: Everyone looks far too photoshopped especially Ginny but I still think it's a lovely poster. The colours are nice.Avatar Image says: Clearly fake.Avatar Image says: the vid clip in the link is brilliant. So, Ms Umbridge you will have order will you !?! I wonder if a certain Dark person (voldemort) will take notice of you !?! he he he he eeeeeAvatar Image says: If this is real it should b the one on the front of the dvd, just in english lolAvatar Image says: Hmmm.. Adding to my first comment.. I really DO like the whole poster (in fact, it's the poster I've been waiting for- with Harry holding the prophecy/etc.)- It's just the terrible photoshopping of the peoples' faces I don't like, because there are was to enhance natural beauty on the computer- but to completely obliterate the natural and just enhance someone's looks is so different. And Emma's nostrils are huge and they definitely tried to give her a Paris Hilton nose when she already has a beautiful, small nose (that is just ridiculous). I agree, if I look closer it IS a very photoshopped, lovely Bonnie. it is a strange angle for Bonnie so we've never seen her look like that before. I think they definitely made her have higher cheekbones and added some color to her cheeks and lips. I love PS myself, so it's always a bit disappointing when people completely take away the natural look of a person. Though oddly enough the Bonnie in this poster looks a lot like the Ginny I have in my imagination (Bonnie was always pretty close anyway, but the nice color and freckles they added made her look a bit more like the Ginny I see). And I always imagined Ginny to wear green, so that's a pleasant surprise. :) Avatar Image says: Emma looks like she's about to cry or suck in her breath! And everything look fake fake fake fake ....Avatar Image says: Thank God they thought Rupert looked good enough not to have to kill his face with photoshop. Dan looks relatively okay too. Why have they done this to the girls?!! Girls have it so hard. How can you have 2 beautiful young ladies like Bonnie and Emma and just kill their faces or body like they. They look good naturally. No reason to go overboard. Geeeeeez!Avatar Image says: I like the overall design of the poster but some things seriously bug me too much like trying to sex out Hermione (like in the IMAX poster). Love the art, love the setting, overall it's better than the last poster we got. Change some stuff up though, fix Hermione (and possibly Ginny) and it would be my favorite poster. Until that happens, which is unlikely, the award goes to the Prisoner of Azkaban US theatrical with the dementors.Avatar Image says: Do you know how insanely difficult it is to photoshop an image? everytime a new image is resleased you all scream fake!!! Ok so were has the supposed artist gotten the images to fake this poster because i for one have NEVER seen any of the images on this poster!!! its real, get over itAvatar Image says: They've obviously set out to make Bonnie more fiery-looking (can't think how else to say it)and older in all the posters. I think this is the first time they've really wanted to push the, dare I say it, sex-factor (notice the prominence of Emma's breasts again...). But, as we all know, the movies don't need to be sold in that way, it feels cheaper somehow. Also, notice how here on the Swedish poster they've made them (especially Hermione and Ginny) look Scandinavian! And before you say 'they wouldn't do that', believe me they WOULD, it's subtlely aiming it at the Scandinavian market.Avatar Image says: This reminds me so much of the PoA poster/DVD cover! There's the round "tunnel" or thing in the background, only it's the Ministry this time. Harry has the same pose, the same look on his face, and THE SAME TEE-SHIRT! :O Emma also has a similar pose, although fortunately this time she's not wearing some pink, and they definitely did something to her breast. Anyway, that's what I think about it. I don't think it's fake. Oh, and they definitely overly photoshopped them all. They don't look like themselves, Harry and Ginny mainly. It's true they made them look scandinavian. :P Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh, you guys are right, that isn't Bonnie! lol!Avatar Image says: Libby, I agree with you. They gave Bonnie some cheekbones. The hair, eyes, nose and mouth are her but those cheekbones make her look different. Bonnie's face is rounder than that. I'm surprised that they messed with Emma. Girl is already gorgeous. Why bother.Avatar Image says: how weird...i finally just finished listening to the new pottercast (final exams should die!). i come here and what do i see? the girls uberly photoshopped =(Avatar Image says: they all look so odd. but this poster is in a very similar style to the GOF posters, which makes me believe it could be real. idk.Avatar Image says: Daniel doesn't really look like himself either! What's the deal!?Avatar Image says: You know, I don't think they were going for the laugh-out-loud reaction, but that's certainly what I did. I can't get over the way Dan looks on that poster... like he's giving some sort of come-hither look. "Look how sexy I am with my globe... *waggly eyebrows*" I agree that Bonnie does not look like Bonnie. Rupert also looks weird... but it might just be the lighting... Comparing it with the north american poster, Bonnie's nose and mouth look pretty much the same - maybe it's just odd lighting and a different angle to her head... and a fair bit of unfortunate Photoshopping.Avatar Image says: As cool as they may be, these posters that are coming out recently look too fake. I mean, I like them, but the kids don't look like themselves. Like Ginny in this one, she don't look like Ginny! But whatever, what counts is the movie and I can't wait to see it. :DAvatar Image says: I agree that they do look more like photo shop and makeup than real people. I much prefer a natural look. Dan's skin looks like something out of a Vogue makeup add. And I know Vogue makeup adds ;)Avatar Image says: IT LOOKS HORRIBLE!!! C'mon, that's just so ARTIFICIAL, really not the vibe from this movie. I'm not getting the dark feeling, either. They look ridiculous with these faces theyre making, seriously. That's just for Sweaden I hope, yes?Avatar Image says: Wow, I can't believe how Harry's scar becomes even more completely undermined with each passing year...Dan just looks like a scruffy jock who just found a pair of nerd glasses. Nothing like Harry at all. Tsk tsk Sweden....or whoever photoshop and blocked this picture.Avatar Image says: I think that it is weird that they are trying to turn Hermione into some sort of sex symbol. She clearly isn't that way in the books (actually opposite of that). I am more surprised that Emma Watson would consent to something like that. In that Italian magazine interview that I just read here a couple of days ago she seemed like a "feminist." Her "nightmare" would be to play the typical High School student in a movie, but I don't see why, they are turning her into a cookie cutter of one of them anyway. If she is trying to be some sort of voice for "normal" looking girls, she sure is doing a bad job of it. Then again, I don't know how much input she has. And if that is the case, I would be pissed if I were her.Avatar Image says: David, it's actually insanely EASY to photoshop any image. I mean, I've seen some incredible things done with photoshop, and the photoshopping in this image is pretty basic. There is not one element of this image that hasn't been photoshopped.Avatar Image says: I'm sure Emma has zero input on how they photoshop her on a poster. If so I'm sure she would object to what they've done to her face. What were they thinking! And they increased her breast size again, *sigh*. Don't they realize that these are still teenagers, and they are making everyone look badly distorted. Bonnie bears no resemblance to the finished product on this poster. Rupert looks the best because he's had the least work done. Dan's body doesn't really fit. Come on WB. They're all good-looking already. There's no need to mess with them. I can see touching up blemishes and bags under their eyes, but to completely change their bodies and faces is just terrible. And it looks terrible. I would love the poster if it looked more natural. I love their poses, the colors, and Harry holding the prophesy.Avatar Image says: You really think Emma has any control over her Harry Potter image, johnsl14? I highly doubt it. They give her a wardrobe to wear, they do her hair and makeup the way they want to. It is out of her power. She poses for pictures and then has nothing to do with how much they Photoshop them, or "enhance" certain aspects of her if you know what I mean. I feel really sorry for the girl. The movie execs sex her up and she gets all the flak, criticism, and nasty comments (not saying yours was nasty, to be clear!). I can't believe how rude some members of the HP fandom are to Emma. Don't like her acting? Don't like her personality from what you've seen in interviews? So what! No person deserves some of the horrible things that are said about her, especially not a 17-year-old kid. (This goes for all the young actors in the movies, I'm just using Emma as an example because she seems to get the worst of it.) I'm sorry if I sound mean but I have been so disappointed with our community lately. I thought Harry Potter fans were some of the nicest and most intelligent in the world, but I am being proven wrong and it makes me sad :(Avatar Image says: johnsl14, don't blame Emma, she's probably just as horrified as we all are over this. The poster arrangement is fine. Cool even, but a line has definitely been crossed here and the fans aren't pleased. JKR would be disappointed if she knew her characters, that she so carefully crafted, were being packaged this way. Good news is, most of us aren't buying. Luckly, we know the film doesn't lower itself to these tactics.Avatar Image says: This screams Photoshopped! Everybody looks fake. But this is swedish right? Not an official poster from WB... Avatar Image says: Hey, ICM via MuggleThai has a new Ron poster: Ok, Rupert/Ron looks magnificent, but I have no idea really what he's doing with Lucious Malfoy in one image!!!Avatar Image says: There are other new ones as well One with: Harry and Voldemort one with Ron and Lucious Malfoy and one with hermione and Delorous Umbridge They are beautiful!!!Avatar Image says: Does anyone else see the resemblance between Neville and Dr. Spock?!Avatar Image says: Geez, what a bunch of whiners...Avatar Image says: I like it more than the domestic one (colours, lighting, and setup and such), but wow, someone went crazy with the airbrushing.Avatar Image says: Okay, so with the IMAX poster, notice the difference between Emma's chest in the promo one (square) compared to the full poster (regular size) In the square one her boobs are ridiculous! I don't understand why they feel the need to do that!!Avatar Image says: T_D_O, Dan's body looks exactly like that-haven't you seen those pics of him in that lovely t-shirt in the fields with Dudley? Thank you costume people lol! Nice to see Matthew Lewis on the posters, Luna looks glammed up (she has a high forehead, but the hairstyle helps), Bonnie is totally unrecognizable, the trio do look like themselves. What they did to emma isn't all that different from what they do to other females or guys for that matter in posters like these. She IS naturally pretty, so it really isn't that big a stretch, to my mind. On the other hand, she's not what I look at lol- that would be Danny boy. I know he has large eyes, but they are just beautiful here. It's the blue colour scheme of the poster that really brings his eyes out.Avatar Image says: That is so not Ginny. It's way noticeable when you click on the picture to enlarge it. That is NOT her. Moreover, what did they do to Luna??!! She looks like a corporate hoo-ha...all slicked down and made-up. Evanna oughta protest wanna talk about changing someone to make them look 100% NOT like their character! I am so glad that this isn't the first trailer we saw cause it would have shook my confidence in the WB's ability to project their product. WB, seriously, if you read these comments at all, why did you do this??!! If Melissa hadn't confirmed it was real, I would shout to the heavens that this is a fake. Avatar Image says: It is an official poster. That much is clear. Of course it's Photoshopped, all posters and marketing materials are. This look was also used for Prisoner of Azkaban, though those posters were pretty good. This one is too, they just need to change Hermione and Ginny. Majorly. And it doesn't help that Harry looks no more than 12 years old. This poster could have been tons better. Hopefully we'll get a better one.Avatar Image says: That's an awesome poster!! It reminds me of POA's poster a little. It's very cool. Although I wish Ron and Hermione were a tad closer together, but that will come with time... nudge nudge, wink wink! LOL!!! To T_D_O: I think you're being a bit picky. At least Keylor didn't reveal the end of book 7(nobody knows yet what will happen, just an example.). It's not that big a deal. I think you will live.Avatar Image says: Since I am not an actress in Hollywood, I can't claim to know how much "say" Dan, Rupert, Emma, etc. get in all of this. But I think it is less than they should get but more than we think. They have definately shopped Emma's image to give her a "feminine" touch. I don't know what they did to Bonnie. It isn't as if they were trying to do the same thing to her as they did to Emma. It seems more like they just screwed up with the editing and hoped no one would notice! And definately it seems as if they played around with shadows on Dan's arm to make him appear even more muscular than he already is. But am I ready to pull out my wand and crucio the people that made this poster? Nah. At least not now. Avatar Image says: Goodness!!! ATROCIOUS!!! This CANNOT be legit. And if it is the Creative Director should be replaced/fired immediately. The girls have been transformed beyond recognition. What is the matter with them? Have these people gone insane? This is completely throwing mud over Yates stupendous efforts. Someone needs to beat some sense into these morons. Avatar Image says: Dan and Rupert look good, but that is not Bonnie. I swear, it's someone else. The photoshopping of the girls is just atrocious. Emma's body doesn't even look like it belongs to her. And somehow her face is so angular looking with all that airbrushing. I like the idea of the poster, it has a really cool perspective.Avatar Image says: how DARE they photoshop the girls so much? f*cking sexist!Avatar Image says: Bonnie! What the hell they did to you girl? For the love of God"!Avatar Image says: I hope that this isn't the International poster, not that its bad, its just too Photoshopped for my liking :( Not helped by the fact I have kinda fallen in love with the US one... And my first thought was that this looked just the International PoA poster. The whole circle thing in the background, and a rather similar look on Dan's face. In fact now I come to the think of it, my favourite theatrical poster seems to alternate: it was the US for 1 and 3, and the International for 2 and 4, and this seems set to continue the pattern. Odd. Avatar Image says: Oh my... this poster looks too Photoshopped -- Emma and Daniel do not look right on that poster at all. I like the design and general setup of the poster and that this one takes place in the Ministry of Magic, but the people are too Photoshopped! They need to tone it down. And if the WB uses this as the cover art for the R1 DVD, I am going to throw a fit. Seriously.Avatar Image says: OK! This is Harry Potter right? So where is the freaking scar????? Come on people!!! And what the hell did they do to Bonnie? Its horrible!Avatar Image says: This looks fake. I really hope it isn't real, because that doesn't look like Bonnie.Avatar Image says: Everyone is commenting on Bonnie and Emma but Evanna looks very photoshopped too - it makes her look about 2-3 years older than she is. WB really needs to put a stop to this. I hope Jo is now aware of what is happening because I don't think she would be happy about this at all and maybe have a word to someone at WB about this.Avatar Image says: OMG! Emma ooks so different!!! Sooooo much older, it's going to be very different from GOF. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: Is Emma about to cry? Ginny is OK, but she looks nothing like Bonnie! They've made Evanna look evilAvatar Image says: OMG! I LOVE this one! SOOO much better than the other one. I hope this is the official poster! I'm so excited-all over again!Avatar Image says: That is perhaps the worst HP potser I've ever seen, far too photoshopped. Luna, Neville and Ginny look like they've been DRAWN in as an after-thought because they don't look real, and the Trio have definitely been over-photoshopped (although ALL movie posters are photoshopped). But blaming the actors themselves for these posters is stupid, they have NO CONTROL over what the promo or merchandise material looks like. And this is a SWEDISH version of the poster remember.Avatar Image says: I suspect that the UK will be getting that poster as well, albeit as a standard quad, but with a few more characters in perhaps.Avatar Image says: I like the poster. I think it's cool. I hope they will another poster from the UK.Avatar Image says: Michael, its insanley diffictul to photoshop when you dont have the basic images to start with. that was my point. the images sed here are completely new ones, so where did the artist get them?Avatar Image says: Has anyone noticed that the clothes they all wear are NOT the clothes they actually wear to go to the Ministry in the movie ? Harry's t-shirt for instance is from the Dementors attack scene. Weird decisions. And I swear that girl in the back doesn't look ANYTHING like Bonnie. I tried to find a similarity, but nothing. Also, have you guys seen the 3 other posters of the trio over at HPANA? The taglines are awfully lame. They always have been for these movies, they've always photoshopped the actors but it's like this time they decided to really push the cheesiness to the max. What are these marketing people thinking?Avatar Image says: Luna doesn't look right either....why wud they do this? hmmmmmAvatar Image says: I hope that it won't be the poster for France ! I really love the US poster !!!Avatar Image says: Does Smallville spring to anyones mind when looking at this poster? Kidding aside, I actually like this poster despite the fact that everyone has been super super photoshopped. Even Luna, (who I am surprised no one has commented on so far) looks glossified. But its the overall look, postures, character expressions, angle and lighting which really grabs you. Their expressions are so badass its very cool. Most movie posters have heavily Photoshopped actors. Some posters even go as far as painting them!! Indiana jones, Back to the future, Star wars etc. So HP posters are just following a successful attention grabbing formula and arguably, even bettering it. Posters are meant to draw your attention and this one does it superbly - if it means PSing it, so be it. A lot of people are saying Hermione looks sex up. But look at what she is wearing. Do you see her wearing mini skirts or in an alluring sexy pose? No. To me she looks like she means business - keeping everyone in check with the DA. Isnt that Hermione? Oh I thnk so. Luna looks even more quirky here. Ginny definitely looks like Ginny in the book. In fact everyone looks like their Book character than what they will look like in the film itself. And that I think is the intention of this poster. I like it and its harmless.Avatar Image says: "And I swear that girl in the back doesn't look ANYTHING like Bonnie." Actually that's not quite true. I can see resemblances there between recent photos of Bonnie (Bonnie has changed quite a bit since GOF) and that one but they have definitely taken a proper picture of Bonnie and tampered with it just as they have with Emma and Evanna.Avatar Image says: Whoa, whach out with the Photoshop, you can poke someone's eye out.Avatar Image says: Why does Bonnie look so different? And Emma looks a bit scared. But Ron looks bad a**!!!Avatar Image says: That's not Bonnie. I think they really stuck another actress in there. There no no way thats her. If it is Bonnie, they gave her a face lift. The trio look good. They enhanced both Dan and Emma in certain areas in this one but their faces aren't changed to much. I can't really tell much about Evanna. Avatar Image says: " That's not Bonnie." Yes it is, but she's been altered. I saw a comparison between that pic and the one on the one sheet on another site and you can tell it is Bonnie, but it has been altered, just as Evanna and Emma have been altered, albeit in different places. If you don't think that photo was originally Bonnie before it was photoshopped then you haven't been paying attention to the recent photos which show she has changed considerably since GOF came out.Avatar Image says: Well ... It's GoF revisited.Avatar Image says: Why does Evanna look like a little Narcissa Malfoy?Avatar Image says: Can you imagine how nighmarish this must be for poor Bonnie. I am sure she didn't expect much from the franchise in the early years since she was not so much in the books 1, 3 and 4. But even when she was (in CoS) she got a raw deal in the movie version. Her part looks to be severely chopped in movie 5 which is why she is almost non existent in the trailers. Her lines have been given to Hermione. They make her wear an Alice Band at age 16. They photoshop Hermione giving her high cheekbones, fuller hair, sex her up with a Lara Croftish pose accentuating curves. And wait it doesn't stop at that...they also go ahead and photoshop Bonnie BEYOND RECOGNITION!!!!. Messrs YATES and HEYMAN!!!! Where on earth are you sleeping when your promotion team is ...king up the campaign? Maybe she should quit the franchise. To hell with HBP( Harry Bl..dy Potter :) It won't make much of a diff for the movies. Apart from her ardent fans (like myself) I don't think anyone remembers/recognizes her at all. GOD! I am so enraged!!!Avatar Image says: I find it amusing that they made Bonnie always look so cutsey in the other films and now that we know she will soon be (in the next film) shacking up with Harry all of a sudden Ginny is looking hotter. I love how in shots for the film she is mostly in pants while other girls are in skirts- seems very Ginny to me.Avatar Image says: I'm really sick of these people messing with Bonnie's face, she looks far nicer natural. Everyone else is looking good! Neville looks kinda cute to me!! :-/Avatar Image says: Don't worry people. That's not Bonnie.Avatar Image says: Michael, If that's NOT Bonnie isn't that something to be worried about. Why is she NOT there??????? And why is some randim actress's face there instead of Bonnie's??????? Yates returning for HBP kind of saves the day for me!!! YAY! Avatar Image says: That is Bonnie people. It is a different angle that she has been shot at and they have thinned out her face and added freckles and more color. The hair, mouth and chin are all Bonnie. It is her. They would not put some random chick in there, that is completely pointless. They simply photoshopped the hell out of her is all. The more I look at it, the more I can tell it's her. Avatar Image says: What's with Emma's nostrils? Did they go to the same over-acting school as her eyebrows?Avatar Image says: That's not Bonnie. I don't care what you say. It's not her. And it's not a newer pic of Bonnie. Her face has gotten rounder not thinner and she doesn't have noticable cheekbones. It's not her. I wonder who it is.Avatar Image says: If you look at Ginny in the recent WB Poster and compare it to this new poster, it's obviously Bonnie's eyes, nose and mouth. But her face has been elongated and given prominent cheek bones. I love the colors on this poster, but the photo-shopping is just bizarre. Avatar Image says: Yes, it's definitely Bonnie, I compared it to the other poster and she has the exact same hairstyle. Not to mention the nose/mouth/chin all look like Bonnie's. But her face has been photoshopped to hell that she looks like a completely different person. Emma has also been ridiculously photoshopped -- she looks plastic! Would they just leave the girls alone? It's gross!Avatar Image says: I can understand using photoshop to place characters, select back ground , improve the lighting and even adding more hair to Emma's sparse head but altering face definition and bone structure..what on earth is that all about? It's like aeons ago when photography was not invented and they used to have painters paint a close resemelence of the actors. WB seems to have regressed to those olden times.......and moronically forgotten the operative word "close resemblance"Avatar Image says: Emma looks like Voldemort.Avatar Image says: I don't know if this is real, but it's very remniscent of the PoA poster...Avatar Image says: Interesting comments so far... I agree that something about the poster is a little weird, but I can't put my finger on it. I won't go as far as to insist that it's been photoshopped, but... I dunno. (Personally, I think the resolution and coloring are too low/bad/fuzzy to make a valid judgment about whether it's been photoshopped.) I do agree that the red-headed girl in the back doesn't seem to be bonnie, though. (What's behind her head? Ghosts? Dementors?) I think that it's actually the look of determination on most of their faces that's throwing me off. Sure-- I'm used to seeing those kinds of looks when they're in action, but not when they're stills.... On a completely different note, I always imagined the prophecy to be more like the size of a snitch. So I might be a little disappointed, there. Otherwise, it's pretty cool. :)

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