Part 2 of the Ultimate Deathly Hallows Predictions Quiz – Bugs Fixed, New Look, New Questions!


May 03, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Only 80 days to go now, and to celebrate, we have added 100 more questions to our Ultimate Deathly Hallows Predictions Exam. Not only that: It’s at a new address, it has a great new look (designed by John Noe and programmed by Nick Poulden and Alex Robbin, and featuring some real-time results), all the bugs have been fixed, and you can edit your old answers if you had trouble last time.
Super!Alex has once again done some magic on this update; Praxagora gathered the questions and Andy helped enter the info. A whole LOT of moderators and elves worked on this, too. The new design features fanart from the incomparable(s) Marta and Makani.

Remember, this is the last time EVER that a quiz like this is possible, and we want to know what kind of Trelawneys, Firenzes, Cassandras, and even Nevilles we have among us. Those who have guessed the most correct answers (this quiz will be scored after DH is released) will be showered with prizes and a whole lotta bragging rights fandom wide. Enjoy!

111 Responses to Part 2 of the Ultimate Deathly Hallows Predictions Quiz – Bugs Fixed, New Look, New Questions!

Avatar Image says: Woohoo! Thanks, Leaky!! :)Avatar Image says: it still doesn't work please fix it :)Avatar Image says: Ya....all bugs fixed? whatchu talking bout leaky?Avatar Image says: Not fixed yet guys!!Avatar Image says: I really love the new site. It's a great design with some of my favorite fan drawings. I noticed, however, that more than 100% of the people seem to have voted on the Harrycrux question :) I'm a little disappointed by some of the questions and the available answers. A number of them don't account for quite possible answers or omit an other option. Thanks for keeping us busy during the long wait. Avatar Image says: I cannot enter the site....... I want to redo my test please!!!!Avatar Image says: voldemorts motorbike? Avatar Image says: do you think it will load before Deathly Hallows comes out?Avatar Image says: HEM HEM It's not working, the oage doesn't load.Avatar Image says: It came up after a long load time but my original answers were not there. It looked like I was starting all over again.Avatar Image says: Hi! Just to tell you than you may want to edit this question answer: "Will Harry return to the rock where he and the Dursleys where hiding from the letters? Yes, and he will find Voldemort's motorbike there " MMMMmmmhh... when does Voldemort got a motorbike? ja ja ja ja And by the way: great job with this test idea... it's a lot of fun... Avatar Image says: I too did other things while waiting for the pages to load. Part II of the test didn't take so long, but Part I took longer and longer and longer, and I'm afraid I REALLY need my beauty sleep. I was forced to abort the test. :(Avatar Image says: I don't think I'll ever get to take this test. :( I couldn't do it with the first version because the link kept taking me in circles, and then this one gave me a "Website Not Responding" error message. As Strongbad would say: "Flagrant Error." Avatar Image says: It's working, just slowly. Very slowly. Give it some time. I can't say I've got a clear idea of most of the questions on part two, but I'm betting I guessed a few right. ;)Avatar Image says: IT's not working for me. :( It says there's a problem with the page. Arghh.Avatar Image says: For the debuggers: When entering my details I get, after a long wait, a page which gives me my results from the first quiz plus the code for the signature. There is no option to continue, nor are there new questions. Please fix this, because the idea of this quiz is brilliant and I want more questions! Thanks for all your hard work.Avatar Image says: Right now it's working. It stopped working during my first try after the third page, but the first answers still counted. I didn't have to answer the questions again. But guys, Hedwig is female. ;-)Avatar Image says: How 'bout fixing the question that refers to Hedwig as "him"??Avatar Image says: I am not so happy with some of the questions: they give very few options. Hedwig... will she follow? "No, because she will be killed in the beginning of the book" - but I can't give such an answer. There are other examples, quite a few. Whose vault? "Neither Dumbledore's nor Voldemort's" - again, this option is not available. And, um... "Language, Weasley"? "Kick butt" isn't exactly an expression I'd want to see - it's quite rude, and I agree with Rowling editor that it's nice not to have it in Harry Potter books and in related tests/editorials/stuff.Avatar Image says: There's one question with it that bothers me. The question goes something like this: Will Harry go to the rocky island where Hagrid fetch him on book1 and we'll see VOLDEMORT's motorcycle there? Lol. Since when Voldemort had a motorcycle? Leaky please correct that one...Avatar Image says: "Who does the treasure we see belong to?" There are only two choices...What about "Someone else"? There are a few other questions that could do with an "other" option...Avatar Image says: jeeez, some people are so ungrateful. Give it some time and it will load! You can tell they spent a lot of time trying to improve it. I think its great...I love the images around the questions. Thanks leaky! Avatar Image says: is the first quiz still available? I never got round to taking it, thought I'd better try and do that one first, if i still canAvatar Image says: Thanks Leaky! I agree, some of the questions should have more options, but I guess as long as everyone has the same answers to choose from, it isn't that big a deal. However, the bottom of section nine ends with: "JK Rowling said that there is more to the relationship between a wizard and his wand than we know, what could this be?" There are no choices below the question.Avatar Image says: I think we need to get you staffers a beta reader/editor. :pAvatar Image says: Voldy's motorbike?!!!! I agree with some others on here who've said that they wish there were more options to some of the questions. Having said that, thank you so much leaky for putting this together and keeping us going whilst we're going crazy waiting. Very well done and thanks to all the team. Avatar Image says: i'm confused as to which rowling said sirius's mirror would play an important part in the book. this is a direct quote from OOTP, at the very end when Harry is frustrated that he'd never be able to see sirius again: "Harry remained quite still for a moment, then hurled the mirror back into the trunk, where it shattered." if it shattered, how can harry's mirror be important? harry DOES say, however, that he believed sirius didn't have the mirror when he fell to the other side of the veil. perhaps this might be important?Avatar Image says: Thanks leaky, you guys are fab! This will get me through work today ;-)Avatar Image says: The badge links will be fixed in a few minutes. The load tme will get sorted out today. Argh. Thanks for the patience, guys.Avatar Image says: @ Karth: One word: "Reparo".Avatar Image says: It's working for me but I didn't like that I couldn't put what I believe as answers to some of these questions. Like I don't think that wandless magic will be important in book 7 at all (cause Jo has said you need a wand for proper magic) but the only answers to the question "Will wandless magic be important" are yes and yes. Another example: I don't think there's anything in particular reflected in Harry's glasses on the UK cover, but that's not an option either. As much fun as this is, I'd like it to reflect my actual predictions.Avatar Image says: My only problem came with the last question of section 2 - no answer choices were given.Avatar Image says: Is Harry a Horcrux? Yes 33% No 77% Very funny but it should be either 23%/77% or 33%/67%... ^_-Avatar Image says: I feel really dumb, but I am confused. It is not letting me sign in, and it seems like that is because I did not take the first test. Am I missing how to do this? Thank you!Avatar Image says: I took about an hour and a half to take the test. Most of that time was waiting for the pages to load to the next, but I was patient. I LOVE the Voldemort's motorcycle question and thought that it was just John's way of seeing if we were awake. I laughed at that one.Avatar Image says: Hello again, lovely Leaky people. That was fantastic. I love the stuff you have on your website! Can't wait for July! (One short note, on the "Is Harry a horcrux?" picture, 33% + 77% = 110%!!!!!!!) Cheers, Heather.Avatar Image says: This is great fun - thanks, Leaky! The only thing was - I don't think there was enough options on some of the questions. I don't think Grimmauld Place will be significant, but that wasn't really a choice, neither was a "no" answer for wandless magic. Even so, this was loads of fun, and I kept having to remind myself that these are just guesses - there is no right or wrong answer, lol. I can be such a Hermione!Avatar Image says: Great fun, but were a few of the answers supposed to be wrong? I like the idea below of proof readers for this kinda thing. Thanks for the effort thoughAvatar Image says: You didn't fix nothing Leaky!Avatar Image says: I hope I get most of the questions wrong. I want to be shocked everytime I turn the page. But whatever happens. These test are lots of fun they really get me thinking.Avatar Image says: AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!! I can't stand it, the page loads are so painfully sllloooowwwww........... sorry Leaky, can't wait around.....Avatar Image says: oh leaky - a nice effort or whatever - but this quiz is just as bad as the last one.Avatar Image says: By the way, its 78 days until release, not 80.Avatar Image says: I'm in the middle of it... some of the questions are "yes or no" but only offered two yes questions! like wandless magic (I don't think it will be important, but there's no "No" choice!" And I don't think the treasure belongs to Voldemort or Dumbledore. But I'm still excited :) There's no way I'm even close, which makes me happy!!!Avatar Image says: FYI - Leaky - I'm on a high-speed cable connection and the pages are taking so long to load, it's timing out.Avatar Image says: The jeopardy song plays in my head as I sit and wait. But I'm oober excited!!Avatar Image says: AWESOME web page, Leaky! . . . it still has a lot of bugs though.Avatar Image says: link doesn't work for me...Avatar Image says: Oh, good. I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems. Well, I hope it's fixed soon!Avatar Image says: Just got done taking the quiz and it only took an hour! Some pages took at least 5 mins to load add that with 20 pages to lode and two pages taking at least 10 mins. On the plus side I do like the quiz and the page look great. Some of the question made me laugh like, will Snape find love with The Deathly Hallows and is Luna the heir of RavenclawAvatar Image says: It kicked me out after a few pages, will my answers keep or do I start again? Avatar Image says: It took me an hour to take up to level 10 and then it never went any further...Avatar Image says: Nope, not just a slow computer. I got through all the new questions and it started taking me through the old questions (with my answers already ticked) when the 'page not available' screen came up. :(Avatar Image says: Please Leaky, great idea but please beta-test these things before people spend ages on something that then crashes and burns before the end. After 30 mins, it just froze.Avatar Image says: I have a high-speed internet connection and a relatively new, quite fast, computer. Nevertheless the pages needed eternities to show up and having done almost (at least I think) of the test, I got the message 'Website cannot be shown'. I see others have the same problems. I am sure the internet-whizzes at leaky will be able to fix it eventually. Btw: there is one question where it says 'Voldemort´s motorbike'. Shouldn´t that be 'Sirius's motorbike'? Avatar Image says: having LOTS of problems. pages take forever to load. kant go back cause pages expire. grrr. i still dont even know if nything was sent from mt first test section!!Avatar Image says: Yay! Another one I can't take.Avatar Image says: I was doing fine even though it was slow then it all disappeared. Oh well I’ll try later or tomorrow. :( Avatar Image says: They have hedwig as a he. Talking about voldemorts motorbike, which is Sirius'. Do these people know anything?Avatar Image says: Oh guys, relax. It's called a typo. The wrong version of some of the questions went in. Jeez. Be charitable, OK? This is free. We'll fix it.Avatar Image says: If you guys don't behave and play nicely, I'll write another truly awful poem/lyrics for my fictional band Lohan and the Geldof Girls, and anyone who has read the comments on the Emma-in-a-magazine post today will know exactly how bad it'll be... (my poetry makes a Vogon's look good, for those of you who read the right books.)Avatar Image says: Really enjoying the exam and it froze up on me. Can't wait for the fix so I can finish!!Avatar Image says: Okay - trying to get on the quiz is like pulling teeth. AARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, Please, Please FIX IT.Avatar Image says: good try leaky....Just too many people trying to do this at one time... I was able to answer section 2 and then boom down again... What happens if every single question really had a totally different answer? how to score that eh?Avatar Image says: Slow to load and then only gave me the results from the 1st exam. there goes another lunch break. Avatar Image says: I'm having issues getting it to show!!! -BAvatar Image says: I tried to do this and got to the first page of questions, but when I tried to go on from there it took forever. So I left the page loading and went to take a shower, and when I got back the page had timed out. Avatar Image says: yes, it's slow, but what is with the demanding tone??? you can do better? do it! have patience, they are trying to fix it, there are just a couple of them and a whole bunch of us. sheeshAvatar Image says: Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one having least it's a bit easier than last time. Good luck finding all the bugs, Leaky.Avatar Image says: that took forever to load and then i only got my answers from last time!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Aww, these were lovely lyrics! (Though I don't get this "since it's for free, you can't complain(as much as if you paid)". If a commercial game I've written for has flaws, I want to hear people talking about it as much as they can and want, and I expect exactly the same with an uncommercial module I've written for. Same with a commercial book, same with a fanfiction story, same with a story distributed for free).Avatar Image says: Seriously People! You know what everybody? I don't ever recall sending in a check, or typing in my creditcard, or giving a goblin any money so that the people of TLC could take a day off their real jobs whenever we demand it to fix every little problem with TLC. THIS IS A FREE SITE!!!!!!! Least we could all do is have a tatch of patience while they fix the problems! Go re-read your fave book or look though the fan art gallery! Oh, and btw, the site does look fantastic!Avatar Image says: Woot! Over an hour later and I've finished it!Avatar Image says: lizzi mcguire, that was the most asinine, pointless comment I've ever read. Please remember that many children visit this site and comment on it, too. Have some respect and don't use language like that on a site like this.Avatar Image says: I was going to chime in that it did not work for me (I am on Firefox on a MacBook), but just took me to my answers from last time. However, I don't want to be caps lock Harry and yell because it is not working. I can't wait to answer the next 100 questions! Also, I don't know if comments are moderated, but the post by lizzi mcguire was extremely offensive.Avatar Image says: Thanks Leaky for posting the next exam. I am still waiting patiently fot it to download.Avatar Image says: url=][img][/img][/url] Thanks Leaky,I love the survey results on the sides to read while I am waiting for the next page to upload!!!Avatar Image says: That only took all d*** day. It kept kicking me off saying the page had expired. But it is done now. Is there one more installment?Avatar Image says: It's not working. When I enter my name and email, it gives me all the answers I gave to part 1, with no way of accessing part 2. Looks liek you haven't gotten ALL the bugs yet!Avatar Image says: Great Job on the quiz guys. Do you think that maybe next time you can save the part automatically so we dont have to go back part 1, Part 2, etc. Avatar Image says: Thanks for all your hard work on this, Leaky Staff--I know something like this has to be a lot of hard work. The layout and design of the quiz page looks great. I'll just wait patiently for a while about taking the quiz until I see a posting on here saying that the quiz has had a recent "reparo" applied to it and is working better. Avatar Image says: Haha, it took all [expletive deleted] day for me, too, Rhionnan! It was worth it, though. All of the questions really get your imagination working. It scares me, too; we really are the last HP fandom in all of history which can speculate about this book. It's such a privilege and so [yet another expletive which must be censored] exciting. Thanks, Leaky. Avatar Image says: You guys ROCK! Thanks for another evening of entertainemnt!Avatar Image says: I can't access to the new questions as well :( Doesn't work with either IE or FF.Avatar Image says: I finished the quiz but still can't get the link to work on my MySpace page. Does anyone know what the problem is with that?Avatar Image says: I completed the quiz but still can't get the link to work on MySpace. Does anyone know what to do about that?Avatar Image says: Sadly, though the new layout is beautiful and the quiz remembers who I am, it takes me directly to a page displaying my results from the first round without any option to answer new questions. Is there a way around this problem? I know you guys are working like house-elves on this, so if this helps sweeten the deal: I love Leaky.Avatar Image says: Great, wonderful, awesome, well done, all of that. But there are a few typos, and while I know all you are working hard on it, the typos make it less professional and make it harder for those who aren't familiar with Leaky to trust it. Just giving you a heads up!Avatar Image says: Help!!!! I'm not able to take the next test or edit my old answers. All I get is a page displaying my answers to the first test. Can someone tell me what to do?Avatar Image says: Hey Guys, I tried to take the test, but there were too many questions that didn't have enough choices and didn't have a "none of the above" choice either. There's even at least one yes or no question that has multiple "yes" choices, but no "no" choices. I think you guys do a great job overall at Leaky, and love the idea of the quiz, but I can't answer a question if it doesn't have a choice I agree with. There really needs to be more choices, or at least a none of the above on almost every question. Thanks!Avatar Image says: still not working only shows answers from last time... any help!!Avatar Image says: I agree - there are several questions missing a "no" or "something else" option.Avatar Image says: the question that asks voldemort's expression in the American edition of the book cover i feel like didn't have another option which i felt like worked with the look on his face... which is determination. I feel like Harry looks cool with confidence with determination, and voldemort has determination... maybe determination and scared... but anyway... i didn't answer the question because it didn't ahve that option. i just thought i'd say something about it, see what else people thought. Cheers, LaurenAvatar Image says: I'm going to ad to the chorus of "I chose an answer that I didn't agree with because I had no other choice." BUT, I will say that you've done a great job at trying to accomodate possibilities. That said, I think "grading" this is going to be a nightmare. The last quiz seemed to be more black and white where this one is all shades of grey. I don't envy the person who gets the job.Avatar Image says: I also have the same problem.... It takes me to my answers not to the next questions. HELP! ^^Avatar Image says: Is there no way to take the test if you haven't taken the 1st part? It's not letting me sign in or anything... too bad. Oh well, good work anyways Leaky!Avatar Image says: Umm, there's a mistake in the HTML code. There's an extra "/" that screws up the whole thing. At least it does that for me, but I saw it immediately and fixed the problem myself. So, guys, if you see "/>" before "" then just delete that slash.

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