Ch-ch-changes on the OotP Posters


May 04, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

This is an editorial.
Well: We’ve talked about it on the Quibbler, and on our podcast. You’ve talked about it and yelled about it and emailed about it, enough that we thought we’d give you a place to properly discuss it. Here’s our opinion, and a chance for you to talk about this issue in the comments (respectfully, please).

The new OotP posters have a lot of fans confused. We’re sure this is a matter of miscommunication of some sort, but:

In one, we see our sextet plus Cho, looking very about-to-march-to-battle, as they should. But in another, Hermione looks a bit more, shall we say, curvaceous than usual. And while we’re loath to bring any further attention to this portion of her body, there is just one way to show you what we mean (thanks to peachespig). Watch for a few seconds.

And in THIS poster, there have been so many airbrush changes that we hardly recognize it. We simply don’t know who that redhead at the back is. Where is our real Ginny, and who has replaced her?

This is a “spiel.” You are free to skip it.

You know, airbrushing and photo manipulation can be good. Take out pimples, smooth skin, make fab lighting and killer shadows. Use all the tools possible to make the series looks just as dramatic, wonderful, exciting and terrifying as it already is. Do all those edits you need to do, movie people, to get the butts in the seats.

We only take objection when it becomes clear that someone thinks getting those butts in the seats equals cheapening some of our beloved characters by padding their bosoms/cheekbones and cinching their waists. It’s disappointing to see a character so beloved for her mind and morals cheapened graphically

Yes, it’s very normal (if still sorta gross) for movie posters to feature actresses whose bodies have been emphasized for the print. But these aren’t any actresses. These are a pair of beautiful, talented girls who are playing roles that have become symbols of beauty existing in places that aren’t always visible. What kind of message do we send the little girls who look up to Hermione and Ginny as their ideals, when we publicize a photo that clearly says they’re more beautiful with a larger chest, more protruding cheekbones and a smaller waist?

WB once reprinted a slew of posters just because of a misplaced comma. This is more important than any piece of punctuation. This is a bigger part of remaining true to the spirit of the series than any plot change or script cut could ever hope to be. With little girls everywhere fighting to find their own beauty, is there any need to take their most beloved literary characters and give them the Barbie treatment? Emma Watson is playing a 15-year-old girl, and she herself is under 18. I get the full heebie jeebies thinking about the person who sat there thinking: ‘Now, if we cinch her waist a bit, and inflate her bust a bit, and give her some dramatic lighting and more blonde hair, this would be a much better picture.

We know what you’ll say: It’s nothing to get our skirt in pleats over. Right? This happens all the time. Well – not to Harry Flippin’ Potter, it doesn’t. Or shouldn’t. (If you want a reminder what J.K. Rowling thinks of the pressure to look a certain way, read this).

It’s not like these actors/actresses need this work, guys. These actors/actresses are beautiful, slender, handsome people without this work done to them. Not the cast of The O.C.. And that’s what we love most about them. Maybe we could respect them just as much?

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Avatar Image says: Two things: 1) Absolutely agreed. 2) It's "slew," not "slue." ;-)Avatar Image says: I must say, this is an outrage. I truely feel happy that TLC is going out of their way to address this issue. May WB change them posters. (First Post.) Avatar Image says: Totally agree 100%. I can't even recognize Ginny!These girls are already beautiful...whoever did OOTP Marketing Campaign needs to have their eyes checked! My friend works for a graphic design co. in NYC where she airbrushes models and actors on mag covers and even she as a professional feels its too much and should be redone. Avatar Image says: Obviously this is a problem but to bring attention to specific, certain changes in the poster I think is really unnecessary to say the least. Just say there are changes, show the gif (we can see), and get on with the shpeal. Avatar Image says: After the dreaded H word, the dreaded B word..... ;-) More siriusly (^^) it really wasn't necessary... Hermione is supposed to be a model, not a top model....Avatar Image says: beautifully said melissa! :)Avatar Image says: Here, Here! Totally agreed!Avatar Image says: Way to go sister suffragette! Too bad the people who did the Real Beauty campaign for Dove couldn’t be in charge of making this poster.Avatar Image says: Here, Here!!! Way to go Melissa. I totally agree with you here.Avatar Image says: I'll add to the Hear, Hears! I completely agree, and I really hope someone is listening somewhere.Avatar Image says: Well done! Thank you for making this center-stage! It's such an anti-Harry Potter message to give to the fans. More than that...put our Ginny back on the swede poster!!! Avatar Image says: I've looked several times and the only problem I see is the positioning of Hermione on the poster, not necessarily anything else. I've stared at it for a long time and you can see that Hermione has moved a bit in such a way that her bust seems larger. I know it seems strange considering, but I just don't see it any other way. The positioning of the character is the problem. JMO though. I do agree on Bonnie/Ginny! What is up with that? And Dan looks like he has a bowl haircut! Avatar Image says: Hear Hear Melissa!!! All this go so against of what we all picture our favorite girl characters of the HP world. Even Luna! Look at her at that other poster! She looks like a star of a very dubious movie..... That's not Evanna. It's not fair for us to see powerfull, smart and willingful girls being treated like some eye candy for others. Avatar Image says: Hear, hear from yet another source!! Maybe we should get some sort of petition/campaign going to see how/when we can get this changed, just like they did with the "comma issue" that Melissa mentioned? I'll be more than happy to sign anything of the sort that's put together!!Avatar Image says: I commmmpletelyyyy agree!!! and in that swedish poster i believe it is... they all look really odd. idk... none of them look the same at allL! it's awful if you ask me. This is pathetic. Has Jo taught the world nothing?! Surely she of all people associated with the movie would object to this! JO!! DO SOMETHING!! We loves you! :) Avatar Image says: I totally agree!!! They didn't even do a good job of it, it looks completely un natural!!! They should have given her arms instead of boobs!! (seriously where are her arms??) Well as long as she has a nice rack why does she need her arms, they arn't important, right? Hey fans got the riddle gravestone changed maybe we can change this too!! Avatar Image says: I agree completely. Not only is it wrong in general and completely underestimating the movie going public in general, this movie is being marketed as a "Family Film". Who are they trying to appeal to? These are teenage girls who are quite beautiful the way they are, but are still girls, developing their natural curves! They teenagers playing teenagers, not teenagers playing twenty or thirty year old women. I think that Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright should sue whoever made these posters, but they probably signed a release. WB needs to shape up though.Avatar Image says: Remember that rant JKR posted on her website a while back? Doesn't this go completely against that? Honestly...Avatar Image says: Well said, Melissa! I really hope this gets to WB and they fix this because it's outrageous that they're doing this. It's completely sending the wrong message to young girls. One of the reasons I love Hermione as a character is that it's her intelligence that makes her stand out - not her looks. And don't even get me started on the swedish poster. If WB can redo all those posters because of a coma, they should definitely redo these.Avatar Image says: I wholeheartedly support the message of this editorial. Nowadays when so much discrimination for full-figured women or the extreme opposite -- which causes eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.) among teen girls -- as well as skin or hair color -- we don't need more. At the same time, I'm happy that Rupert is not getting such treatment, specifically in this and all OotP posters, so far. I'm glad they don't think he needs it. Hope that stays til movie 7 coz Rupert is gorgeous and his fans all love him the way he is.Avatar Image says: Frankly, I see as much airbrushing on the guys as the gals... I dunno... I'm just not seeing anything on this poster that bugs me that much.Avatar Image says: Too true, we don't need Harry Potter changed into some Hollywood image. Thats why I like the movies so much because they have broken away from their formula and it shows children, older folk, animals and not all the stylised plastic actors. Keep Ginny, Ginny too! Stop messing with something that already perfect! Avatar Image says: Absoloutely. This matter does need attention; it's terrible how WB feels that they need to airbrush and alter the way Bonnie Wright and Emma Watson look (they are both beautiful girls, inside and out). Thankyou, TLC.Avatar Image says: I 100% agree with you, Melissa. It's very very unfortunate that this had happend. I hope they come out with another REAL poster and not some Photoshopped one with girls boobs are bigger and waist are smaller.Avatar Image says: This sounds a bit like an open letter to WB - was that part of the reason to write it? I don't disagree, but that's how it sort of came out, that's all. :)Avatar Image says: Thank you Melissa for writing what we all feel! Now, how do we make sure some of the people responsible for making the decisions see our opinions? Keep up the great work!Avatar Image says: do you really think WB would change the posters?... Avatar Image says: I think this latest hiccup by WB just further shows everyone how far off the movies are from the books, and I'm not just talking about movie posters. The scripts. In the trailer for OOTP, I noticed Dumbledore says, "Don't fight him Harry, you can't win." Wow. Dumbledore would never say something like that in a million years, sort of like how Dumbledore would never grab harry against a wall and ask him if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire (watch 4th movie). This stuff is so ridiculous it's funny. Almost as infuriating is the wardrobe selected for Bellatrix Lestrange. Why deviate from the simple, black, Death Eater robes? While it is no good at all for WB to make these questionable movie posters, the Harry Potter movies have far more pressing matters at hand.Avatar Image says: Remember that rant JKR posted on her website a while back? Doesn't this go completely against that? Honestly... Posted by LePetitCanard on May 4, 2007 at 12:50 AM Excellent point, LePetitCanard!Avatar Image says: Melissa: Thank you for taking a stand on this - I feel exactly the same way!!! I was shocked by some of these posters, and I think they go against JKR's view of accepting people the way they are. Remember when she wrote about Pink's song on her website - the song about the "stupid girls" always changing their appearance to get attention? And yet the WB is doing that to these young actresses and it's just tacky. These ads make me think of old B-Movie posters from the Drive-In Theater! It's all very "Hollywood" but not very much in the spirit of the Harry Potter books. Emma Watson and these other girls are pretty enough without the amateurish-looking airbrush enhancement.Avatar Image says: Here! Here! I agree! Changing things to make looks better. I don't think these movies need sex appeal or any movie for that matter just to get people to watch them. What is especially hurtful is the fact that such down to earth people are envisioned in that manner. I think it's wrong for them to do that to Bonnie and Emma.Avatar Image says: My 7 year old daughter loves Hermione - both literary and film - because Hermione is what JKR made her: brilliant, brave, imperfect (who can't relate?) and compassionate. I have always felt that Emma Watson and book-Hermione were outstanding role models for my girl and have been so incredibly thankful for them (thank you Jo!) when Bratz and Barbie dominate the girl world. How shortsighted and completely unnecessary is this on the part of the marketing team (or whoever made the final decision)! Sadly, it's not surprising, but I'm really glad you posted about this Melissa - it was time. Avatar Image says: OK, one from the male of our species! I'm often moved to tell the women/girls in my life that I beleive they have been sold a bogus bill of goods. The hang ups, pressure and down right insulting way women are forced by various media to think that they are sub-normal or at the very least lacking in the essentials of being female is ridiculus in the extreme. An 8 year daughter of a friend who is fit, active and healthy beleived she was fat!! Only if you compared her to a stick figure!! I told her, and I truely beleive this; that we are all the right size, shape, colour, etc for who we are. We should only compare ourselves to, well, ourself. If you are not happy about something about yourself, for the right reasons, then do something about it. But first learn to like yourself, who & what you are! All this "improvement" by the media does nothing to help the self image of anyone, boys included! Eat healthy, exercise enough and be happy with the skin you're in! Rant over!!Avatar Image says: Being a feminist myself, I applaud this move TLC. Tolerating stereotypes of beauty like big boobs and thin waistlines is only condoning the reduction of women into sex objects. That these are just kids make the matter worse. But the "where's our gorgeous Ginny" question kinda ruins the effect of this lobbying. By saying that, you are in effect also saying you have perception of beauty that others have violated.Avatar Image says: Has anyone confirmed that the IMAX poster is the one that was altered? Emma's face looks much more artificial in the standard poster. Could it be that they darkened the look, got rid of the poofy hair and reduced her bosom to simply balance out the visuals? The standard poster is a quite a bit better, IMHO, and most of it has to do with Hermione. She really seems to take over the IMAX version with her backlit hair and distractingly prominent "features". She's also blocking out Neville so much you can barely tell who he is. I'd love to hear confirmation from WB on which one of the posters was actually doctored.Avatar Image says: >>But the "where's our gorgeous Ginny" question kinda ruins the effect of this lobbying. By saying that, you are in effect also saying you have perception of beauty that others have violated. Ack no. Just complimenting Bonnie. "our" is the royal our. We're saying, she's beautiful as is and where did she go? that's all. :)Avatar Image says: Hopefully everything will sort itself out, as it should. I'll be highly disapointed if not, but I understand why they don't. We're adressing to the people who sit and edit on images - and not entirely to WB, but in a way they should try to not make it sexist. But there have been ten thousands of posters, which have had men being fixed upon - and after my opinion the blokes in the imagery have been fixed upon. But more on the face. Though I do hope they fix the whole thing going on with Hermione. It's a bit too frightening to say the least. Avatar Image says: Well said! Although I think the airbrushing on the new sextet poster *and* the individual posters is quite awful even outside of the Hermione & Ginny work - Ron looks the best out of the lot, Harry actually looks rather weirdly skinny around the face and shoulders. I'm not sure who is working on the posters this round - it is rather awful work!Avatar Image says: Way to go Mellissa!!!! I agree- Not to Harry Potter. Harry Potter represents so the opposite of what they are doing in those posters. JKR created characters who we love based on whats on the inside and not the outside. That is rare and wonderful, and the WB and everyone needs to honor that aspect of the books. Avatar Image says: not only do ginny and hermione look diffrent but luna doesn't look right! maybe the actors were not there! lolAvatar Image says: Thank you! TLC makes me proud. Avatar Image says: amen to that. Bonnie is beautiful. I dont understand why they did this to her :SAvatar Image says: To me, "Where's our gorgeous Ginny?" simply was meant to emphasise the fact that we love Bonnie Wright as Ginny for who she actually is, and what she actually looks like - not some airbrushed model.Avatar Image says: The point is that each of these actresses has fans because of the way they naturally look, so why vulgarize them? What's sad to me is that if these girls stay with acting, they will eventually be pressured to have plastic surgery to "enhance" their appearance in reality. The fact that the WB has been touting this movie as a more "mature" view of the teenagers is a clue to the way this happened. They are trying to make these young girls look like Angelina Jolie. Avatar Image says: I agree, thanks for writing this.Avatar Image says: hahaha, i cannot believe how ridiculous this is (not your editorial, melissa, but the fact that people actually took the effort to trim her waist, etc.) Emma Watson is freaking georgous without all this, but that's least the books will always be pure goodness!Avatar Image says: Lol if they can do that now, what will Bonnie look like in HBP posters???d-cup size robes??Avatar Image says: Freaking. YEAH. Melissa, you are so my hero now.Avatar Image says: Melissa....THANK YOU!! oh my...this is so nice to see, thanks for stepping up to the plate. :)Avatar Image says: Wordy McBloody Word. Thank you! You listening Warner Bros? Other teen movies may accept this kinda stuff, but not Harry Potter. Peace, RotaeAvatar Image says: By the way guys, look at Emma's hair. They are two different images with slightly different lighting, and even though they do look like edited she could'ved just been breathing in... not saying it's true but just saying when people breath that's what happens...Avatar Image says: Yay, Melissa!!!! Speaking as someone who has had to live with being heavy nearly all her life, teased about it, and told by family and other that I don't live up to this "ideal", it is refreshing to see someone stand up to the media that has perpetuated this unrealistic ideal of what the "perfect" body should be. I became a belly dancer to help me improve my self image and I got a lot more than that. I learned that beauty is so much more than what is on the surface. If there are any young girls or boys reading this, you are "perfect" just the way you are. Real friends like you for who you are, not how you look. If you still feel like you need to improve your body, talk to your doctor. It's better to be healthy than risk your health in order to live up to the ideal. LisaAvatar Image says: OMG that isnt Luna and Ginny-- they probably hired models that resembled them because the evanna and bonnie couldnt make the shoot.. that is soo creepy.. I noticed it the first time you posted the new posters ... its actually pretty funny.. its hollywood what do you expect..Avatar Image says: Wow, I was going to post about this in my LJ, but Melissa just rendered that moot (I might do it anyway, though) Didn't Jo post her thoughts about the pressures girls are put under by the media a few months ago? What does it look like when characters in movies that are based on her very successful books so obviously have been altered to be something they aren't? Emma and Bonnie are very pretty on their own and they don't need any help. If they wanted to airbrush Hermione for the poster, that's one thing, but don't make it obvious that you did it. If both posters were the same, I highly doubt that anyone would have noticed. I am lucky enough to have been taught by the brilliant female and male examples in my own family that physical looks are nice, but they aren't something to constantly obsess over. Not all girls are so fortunate and it's them that I worry about when I see things like this. Thank you Melissa for having the integrity and guts to post this editorial. This is what makes Leaky great! Love from, Jenny WildcatAvatar Image says: As one of many women who consider themselves "Real Life Hermiones," I'm going to agree wholeheartedly with Melissa's spiel. We relate to Ginny and Hermione because they've been so realistically created by Jo. Looking at the cupie doll artificiality of these posters takes away the reality of the young women we love so dearly. Can we possibly send this entire list of comments to WB?Avatar Image says: Looks good to me, whatever sells. You have a choice to either go and watch the movie or to sit back and whine about what you think they should have done. You all seem to think that the producers actually give a crap about what the average consumer thinks, guess again. Avatar Image says: Are you listening WB?!?! The people have spoken. Give us our Hermione back! **Thank you Melissa for bringing a voice for all of usAvatar Image says: When I looked at the Imax poster I saw the difference. I wondered why suddenly Ginny/Bonnie Wright looked so adult. And Hermione/Emma was changed too. So that's what WB has been doing! I'm not happy because of that changes. I accept everyone who he/she is, no mather how he/she looks like. It's the inner that count, not the outside! Thanks for putting that WB changes to question, Melissa!Avatar Image says: Remaining true to the series? Why didn't anyone step forward when they hired a bimbo with no acting experience for Hermione's role, then? Now it's too late to cry over split milk, the train has gone. Yes, she has small breasts - yes, small even on this poster; when I was thirteen, mine even bigger - so what? Is she forbidden to? Are WB photographers forbidden to use Photoshop to make her stand out a little? I think it made a difference to the spirit of the series when they hired Rickman who was twice as old as Snape should've been. When they hired a short boy for Ron, instead of a tall one. When they hired a pretty girl for Hermione, who shouldn't have been all looks. But not when they asked an actress to wear a tight(but modest) sweater, and not when they have shown it in the poster. Avatar Image says: I'm not really pleased by the changes to the IMax poster though sadly it's not unexpected. The other poster though, that's clearly not Bonnie Wright, so I'm wondering if there's maybe been a very pick screw up somewhere and whoever composited that poster used a picture of somebody else (I'm wondering if it was maybe Suzy Shinner aka Young Lilly Potter) instead of Bonnie Wright.Avatar Image says: This is it. It's time to pool our numbers together! This is not just about a movie, it's about human dignity. I'm NOT going to see the movie OotP if these posters with pumped up chests and tinier waists remain! Let's show these people the power of Boycott if they continue with this. Avatar Image says: I am glad I was not the only one to notice that in one of the posters Bonnie (Ginny) isn't even recgonisable. But I was shocked to see those posters and what has happened to Emma's body! Emma has such a more boyish (and I don't mean that in a bad way) figure, and they have showed off something completely fake. I'm fine with them changing their hair to make it more dramatic, but I am not fine with them making up something so... degrading.Avatar Image says: The expended energy on this topic is unbelievable. I know that it may be wrong, but I mean come on anyone who would go see a movie based on the changes of a poster is pathetic enough. This is such a non issue, any moral outrage you feel should be weighed agaist the fact that the people who actually take this kind of thing into account dont deserve the coverage you are giving this topic. I have no idea what the reasons are for this type of change and I would imagine W.B> cant really come up with a good one, but do you think the message of the books are truly lost and forthat matter isnt the substance and the moral message contain within the movies outweighed by the poster advertising it. I only metion this to say that on the great scale this does not matter, and for the people that it does, they will never get Harry Potter and what it stands for anyway. Avatar Image says: Hear! Hear!, Mel! Avatar Image says: I don't much mind either way if they do or don't muddle with bodies for promo posters (anybody remember the posters of Knightley for King Arthur? *major* chopping there), The adjustments made for the Swedish poster are even more noticeable than these two. But still, I don't think the changes to Hermione are that significant. So they give her a little more waist. Fairly standard practise. It's not as though it's the actress' choice, or even a statement about her figure - that's just what the chop crew does. But then I suppose I'm so not-a-fan of Hermione that I'm not bothered to begin with...Avatar Image says: All of you who are saying things like 'Are the WB forbidden to use Photoshop to make her stand out a little?' need a swift slap upside the head with the gender studies stick. To all of you reading this who do not think this is a big deal, I highly suggest you watch "Killing Us Softly 3," which is about images of women in media and how incredibly, unbelievably harmful things like this are. This documentary is short and available for free on Google Video. I would also suggest you watch a clip entitled "The Evolution of Beauty?" that is available on Youtube. You may not realize how big this problem is in our culture, but these short videos may help you realize it. I hate to see something so insidious and disgusting infiltrating Harry Potter, of all things. I will not be giving the WB another cent until they issue some kind of apology for this. And I say this as both a sociocultural anthropologist and a long-time fan of HP. Avatar Image says: I think what bothers me most of all about this is that, while mature for their ages, they are sexually enhancing the bodies of CHILDREN. These are not 30 year old actresses, they are underage minors who have been artificially sexualized. What next? A photoshopped bulge in Harry's trousers?Avatar Image says: mikka said "It's not as though it's the actress' choice, or even a statement about her figure - that's just what the chop crew does." Where did you get the idea that this editorial was a critique of the actress? Do you know how much work goes into creating these posters? Do you know how many people looked at Emma Watson's photo and said "yes, she does need to be skinnier, and make her tits bigger too," before the "chop crew" even turned on their computers? Objectifying these young women's bodies is no accident- it was meticulously planned, debated, and designed. It's absolutely revolting. The media needs to stop selling women like they're pieces of meat. This is a new low.Avatar Image says: God, here we go again with the underage routine. We had this over the naked scene in Equus. Once again, the relevent age for matters of a sexual implication is the age of consent, which is 16 in the UK, where the movies are made. These actors/actresses are not underage. Avatar Image says: Some of you are missing the point here: The actresses in the movies will NOT look like the girls in these posters. That is the point. The posters are being exaggerated for some unknown reason, when these girls look fine the way they are. In the movie, Hermione will not look as if she is wearing a padded C-cup. Take a look at this poster: Ginny seems to be a foot taller than Harry, and her neck looks like a giraffe - is that really Bonnie? In the pictures from the trailers Bonnie seems shorter than that. Hermione is the only girl not wearing dark robes, and while I appreciate the color contrast, it's her chest that is being displayed and nothing more. She seems to be wearing dark lipstick, too. It's just not a very professional looking poster - I would prefer a simple photograph to that. In fact, I've seen much prettier screencaptures of Emma Watson from the trailers and the ABC special. Avatar Image says: Thank you for writing about this issue, Melissa! Last year, Keira Knightley spoke about how she was 'altered' for the U.S. King Arthur posters: Of course, Keira was 21 at the time whereas Ms. Watson is still a teenager. Kinda creepy. Avatar Image says: I wonder what Miss Watson herself had to say about the changes on the Imax Poster...I bet that she really don´t care. I mean lots of young girls at her ages are unsatiesfied with how they look. Besides I really don´t see the problem. So they made her breast a lille bigger, so....It´s not like they´re making it Pamela Anderson sizeAvatar Image says: I agree completely with what Melissa has to say. But one point should be cleared here first : The picture shows distorted proportions everywhere. Its unfortunate that Emma is standing right in the front "closest" to the viewer, and in maximum lighting. The poster is trying to tell about the IMAX 3D version of the movie. SO when it changes from 2D to 3D form, considering that your screen remains 2D, the distortion happens. However, the effect is more pronounced than it should be, and in the wrong place.My point is, if Hermione was standing where Harry is, the effect would have been reverse.Avatar Image says: Sonja, did you seriously just say that it's okay to alter these images because girls her age aren't happy with the way they look anyway? I had to read that four or five times before I comprehended. Let me pose you this question. WHY, just why, do you think it is that many women of all ages have self esteem problems? Do you think it might because the "ideal women" they are shown in media are, almost without fail, non-existent flawless digitally-altered fembots? Maybe? Hmmm? Avatar Image says: Absolutely. Its insulting to the actress as well as the people they are trying to attract to watch the movie. The fans will go anyway - what worries me, is who are they pitching the movie for if they need to start expanding certain areas of the female anatomy and making others smaller? The whole poster has this ridiculous, unnecessary airbrushed feel about it. Hate it, quite frankly. Avatar Image says: For all those you who think this is trying to emphasize the 3D of IMAX. At first, I thought that this could be possible. That changing the poster to look 3D might have optically altered the picture to bring out Emma's bust. However, after careful investigation of the two photos, especially comparing them to Ron (who is in the location mirroring her) and how he is altered (which is only by lighting). I was forced to conclude that there is no doubt about it - they altered her bust and waist beyond anything that could have been caused by making the poster look more 3DAvatar Image says: It IS something to get our skirts in pleats about! I am so angry about this! It just fits into this whole "girls are bimbos" culture, which is nothing to be proud of. And especially bookish, clever Hermione whom I love just for who she is!! Give Pansy Parkinson bigger boobs, blonde hair en a thinner waist, she deserves it!Avatar Image says: Okay. Don't jump to conclusions. Seriously. Do any of you have conclusive evidence that the IMAX poster is the one that's been tampered with? Looking at the circumstances, I'd say the standard poster is the one that's been fixed up. Let's look at those circumstances: - The IMAX poster was released first. - The second poster looks far more tampered with than the offending IMAX one. - The standard poster seems to have been made with the intent of getting poor Matthew into the open, as with the IMAX one, hair and breast made him seem unessential. - Have you ever considered that WB may have been trying to take attention AWAY from Emma's bustline? My final point is, these girls are growing. You know what happens when you grow? Well, exactly what it sounds like. By reacting so extremely about the fact that Emma's bust is somewhat larger, you may very well be insulting her natural growth. Remember: With every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. You don't want beautiful girls to feel bad about being beautiful, do you? Anyway, I say wait for confirmation. The reduced poster looks far faker than the IMAX one. Avatar Image says: Way to go Melissa! I fume when I see things like this. Some of you have mentioned that the changes are not that noticable. This makes it even scarier. Girls who go to see the film may not be aware of the direct changes as we are (having seen them clear as day in TLC's handy morph). This makes the impact more subliminal and therefore more dangerous. Emma and Bonnie are put in the position of influencing young girls through the characters they play. They have been awesome role models for girls. It is unfortunate that these WB posters contradict what these beautiful actresses and their characters normally stand for. Is there not already enough sex and pressure in the media? It does not need to seep into JKR's brilliant (and HIGHLY moral) story. Avatar Image says: Bravo Melissa!!!Avatar Image says: Gosh ! I thought I was the only one to think Ginny didn't look like herself at all ! It's a shame they chenged her so much... Is it because in the books she's supposed to be very cute ? I think Bonnie is cute enough, it's non-respect if you want my advice. I wonder what she thinks of this, she can probably hardly recognize herself. It's BS.Avatar Image says: Thanks so much for trying to do something to fix this obvious glaring mistake on the part of the marketing department. What they've done to the look of all the kids just shows that whoever is doing the posters doesn't understand the story or the characters or the appeal that they have. It's not their physical appearance that makes all of us love these characters. I kept looking at the one poster, trying to figure out what looked wrong, but seeing it overlayed like that makes it so obvious that someone got really carried away with photoshopping the pics. It is odd that they are highlighting just Hermione in this way, but I agree with others that none of the characters look quite right in these posters. Especially Ginny and Luna--they've taken away their unique identities. I hope they'll rework the posters and make the actors/actresses look more like the fabulous people that they are.Avatar Image says: I'm very disapointed... it's just sad that they still think such things are necessary thanks a lot for this articleAvatar Image says: Has ANYONE thought about how Emma and Bonnie feel about this? When they do the press junkets next month, and the tv interviews and premieres in July, they'll know that people are focussing on their bodies. They are still young girls who are at an age where you feel very conscious about your body. Having said all that, readiing HP comments boards over the last few years, a lot of fans DO focus on the physical aspects of the kids, making remarks about looks and chest size among other things - PERHAPS that is where the Hollywood machine kicks in, responding to the off-hand comments WE make about aesthetics. We are JUST AS MUCH to blame.Avatar Image says: I'm a Graphic Design student and I feel airbrushing can get over-dramatic sometimes. I've seen what you can do to change the body, hair, face in ways that are seemingly impossible. It only takes a click of the mouse. I'm not against Airbrushing when it comes to removing the odd pimple...but changing the actual features of a person is just plain silly. Sadly, models don't know they're getting airbrushed. And even more sadly, famous people like movie stars or even Miss Universe (or Miss whatever) actually send their photos back and forth asking for more changes. It's all part of industry. Makes me not want to work for a magazine. Good article. :) Avatar Image says: I thought I was just seeing things.... It looks like someone else stood in for Ginny and even Luna. I was diappointed.Avatar Image says: 'Okay. Don't jump to conclusions. Seriously. Do any of you have conclusive evidence that the IMAX poster is the one that's been tampered with? Looking at the circumstances, I'd say the standard poster is the one that's been fixed up.' Agahnim, what are you thinking? Obviously that is not hermiones chest size and the imax one definately looks more fixed up than the standard one. Avatar Image says: As Hagrid would say : It's an OUTRAGE! It's a SCANDAL! Emma Watson is so beautiful by herself! Seriously : compare the tow pictures! There is no point "improving" it! As for the second poster, it is so ugly that I even wander is this is not a fake, tampered by someone on the internet... I hope our PotterCast trio will notice WB that why are not pleased at all, and that we want our true characters back. And I hope that Joe, will join in to put a stop to this. I always feared that Harry Potter would suffer the consequences of the Hollywood show-biz. I'm so dissapointed... This story is so pure, so important to me. We MUST fight it, because this is against the whole point of the books. And this is an insult to Emma. I'm Michael from Paris, FR. Love pottercast, that improves my English every week :-)Avatar Image says: Hey everyone! It's about 3:10 a.m. and I just got back from the midnight showing of spiderman 3, let me just say, it was amazing! Anyway, when they should the domestic preview to the new harry potter movie the audience was somewhat caught off guard, like "This is a harry potter movie?", and i could tell that some people were caught up in the emotion of the trailer. A funny thing I want to mention was that when they showed harry kissing Cho, the audience "woo"ed and one guy in the audience yelled out "Alright! Harry gets laid!" (Can i say that on here?) Anyway, the second part of the trailer, right after harry kisses cho, got the crowd really riled up as voldemort was dueling dumbledore and there was a lot of commotion and exchange of excited talk in the audience when the screen suddenly turns black and Voldemort says "Harry Potter (right here some people freaked out when they heard voldemort speak) you will loose.....everything", and then as the trailer ended there was a lot of cheering and clapping! I can't wait for the movie!! Avatar Image says: I really don't think all this airbrushing and *ahem* editing is really necessary. I wonder if Emma actually approves of what they're doing . foudordi, your English is pretty good!Avatar Image says: I agree that it's unacceptable for WB to condone this kind of manipulation of people who are, in the technical meaning of the word, still children. To all those who think it doesn't matter, just think for a moment of all the pre-teenage girls who are being treated for eating disorders already because they are starving themselves to try to conform.Avatar Image says: Right on brotha!!!!!!!!! Go go fight-o!Avatar Image says: I think this is part of a much bigger issue concerning how women and girls are portrayed in the media. There is the prevalent idea that women and girls must always be 'corrected' anatomically before being fit for public viewing. The fact that they exagerrated her boobs isn't the same as airbrushing the texture of skin. They deliberately focussed on that area for a reason. And the reason: she's female. It doesn't matter that she's a beloved character; it doesn't matter that the character and actress are teenaged; it doesn't matter that the main characteristic here is meant to be brains and bravery, not looks. I don't care how frequently this is done. That only makes it, if anything, more disgusting. 'Everybody does it!' was never an acceptable excuse. This really isn't a Harry Potter issue, but good on you for addressing it.Avatar Image says: "Agahnim, Go look at recent pictures of Emma, pictures that were taken after this movie, after this poster was created. There are simple ways of telling if they altered her figure. Look at the many real non-photoshopped pictures online. Emma doesn't have that big of a bust nor that small of a waist. Just do some research. It's obvious." Oh, no, I've seen pics of Emma! I happen to think she's insanely gorgeous! lol I just don't find it too hard to believe that the IMAX one is real. After all, this following pic was taken in 2005, I believe. Why does the standard poster insinuate that she's gotten smaller? Judge for yourself: Avatar Image says: Well said Melissa. I really liked the layout of both posters, the way everyone was positioned was excellent and the lighting was fantastic (especially in the Sweden poster). But the photoshopping done to these girls is so repulsive it makes me sick. I'd love these posters if they didn't "mess" with the figures of the girls.Avatar Image says: Thanks Leaky!!! Totally agree with you Melissa. Luna looks ridiculous in the poster, like a mad cartoon drawing or something. Avatar Image says: I'm not really bothered. I still love the posters.Avatar Image says: I totally agree with your concerns. I hope people do complain directly to warner bros. However, they may have changed Hermione's body to make her look like she is holding her breath- to add suspense, or it may actually be a different photo of her. Just a though. Good arguement, though Mel :)Avatar Image says: hey i don't mean to annoy anyone but could it be the other way around, that she has...ahem...blossomed and wb have tried to keep her child like on the official poster? i mean look at rupert in the poster he loooks about 12! her hair looks more natural in the IMAX poster the way it flows and does match her long-ish blonde-ish hair in the film. yound adults are reaching puberty earlier these days, i was a D when i was 14 for gosh sake.Avatar Image says: Hear,hear! Well said Melissa.Avatar Image says: It does seem rather untoward. There are worse things in this world than having a flat chest. ...I could write another song/poem about it. That'd scare WB into re-thinking their marketing.Avatar Image says: People this is a big deal. Maybe you are old enough to realize that this happens in the entertaiment business but Harry Potter is still marketed towards kids (Yes the series is growing up). Research has shown that airbrushing techniques can effect childre, teens, even adults image of themself. I think that as a fan base we have the power to correct this at least with our series! So thank you Melissa for taking a stand on this issue!Avatar Image says: I agree - Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright are gorgeous in their own right, with or without digital "enhancements". If anything, shouldn't they be making Emma look LESS gorgeous? Hermione is not supposed to be a goddess just yet. A controversial topic of course, but maybe the poster reminds us that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. Avatar Image says: I agree with Leaky. There is absolutely NO reason for the film companies to "enhance" any of the girls on the poster. At the end of the day, this is not a film shoot in a mens magazine! I find it disturbing and unecessary that WB are trying to sexualise a film like Harry Potter. Is it really going to bring in more viewers. It would be interesting to get Emma Watson's take on it. Avatar Image says: All I can say is Amen, Melissa! Thanks for saying what a lot of us have been thinking.Avatar Image says: I totally agree with you, Melissa! The amount of airbrushing that's went on especially to Emma and Bonnie is a disgrace. WB get it sorted!Avatar Image says: This is a bigger problem than just the Harry Potter movies. In future when real people can't live up to the ideal picture because of biology will they stop using actors and actresses and do animations or something? Anyway now we're talking about HP. I guess the real mistake here is that they released two nearly identical posters that makes us able to detect the work that's been done on one of them. And everyone who have seen the movies or Emma in other pictures knows that it's the IMAX one. I'm greatful for this misstake because now we get a chance to debate and highlight this problem. Unfortunately it also sends a clear message to girls that hey are not good enough as they are and therefore this kind of statement is so important. Thank you Leaky! I'm not really liking the swedish poster but at least it's so obvious that work has been done to everyone on it that I take it with a grain of salt. I think it's much more harmful when you change something and try to make it look natural. Avatar Image says: Well said Melissa!!! This is totally against everything Jo has been trying to tell us for 10yrs. WB, listen to the Leaky Cauldron because they are speaking for the fans!!Avatar Image says: Kudos, Arthur! I'm with you. I'm going to e-mail Warner Brothers to let them know I won't be seeing the film unless they publicly apologize and fix that poster.Avatar Image says: I totally agree and I'm surprised JK isnt in a spit (maybe she is). We want real women and real growing-up women in HP, not Barbie dolls. Jacky (UK)Avatar Image says: Good editorial Melissa! I was definitely mad when this subject first cropped up. I can't believe some of you are saying that they should ask Emma what she thinks first because she may not mind that they "improved" her on the poster. Do we really want Emma to think that she needs "improving"? She's just fine as is. She's very pretty and in no need of enhancements. If someone altered my body on a poster when I was 16/17 I would immediately assume that's how people want me to look, and that I would look "better" like that. Harry Potter is all about positive qualities of a person: courage, loyalty, intelligence, wit, etc. These poster add a superficial gloss. It's not needed. Bonnie and Emma are both pretty and they don't need enhancement. I don't mind removing blemishes and adding dramatic shading, but to alter their body structure is too far. Don't even get me started on the Swedish poster. They went overboard with everyone and as a result they look like bad drawings of themselves. It's a pity because the poster would be fantastic if they had a little restraint with the photoshopping.Avatar Image says: Thanks Melissa, I quite agree. Expanding the hair and chest, reducing her waistline does nothing to 'enhance' the appeal of Hermione to me. She's a lovely young lady without the foolishness. Fluffing her hair also reduces the exposure of Neville's face to his audience too. Altogether unnecessary changes to an already excellent poster. I wonder who thought of this? What do you think? A day or two in the pillory? A stroke of the cat? OMTAvatar Image says: "Are you lot joking? You sound so very sad. You lot need lives if this is what your concerned about. Its a silly poster . And emma knows the business unlike you lot so she wont care and she is 17 so not a kid as you lot are claiming. Posted by dani on May 4, 2007 at 4:28 AM dani, that´s sooooo true, there´s much much serious issues going on in the world today than just some "airbrushing". Posted by Sonja on May 4, 2007 at 6:30 AM" No Dani, no Sonja, we're not sad! And it's not "just some "airbrushing"."- it's the thousands of young girls all over the world with serious eating dissorders because of the way marketing companies portray the female form. In case you haven't noticed, this IS one of the many serious issues going on in the world today. Even Jo has spoken out against it, and so should we!Avatar Image says: Guys, its marketing its always going to happen, it happened in POA as well. I think bonnie does look like bonnie in the swedish poster too. They've given her a bit more colour and the angles a bit wierd but its still her... Avatar Image says: "it's the thousands of young girls all over the world with serious eating dissorders because of the way marketing companies portray the female form" If you honestly think eating disorders are purely attributable to marketing, you are sorely, sorely mistaken. There is far far more to eating disorders than that. Over-simplification helps no-one.Avatar Image says: Thanks for reminding me the Comma Gate :/ Anyway, I have nothing against airbrushing, pimps is not something that should appear in a poster, and different hair doesn't bother me either, but filling curves, nose and jaw-jobs is a bit too far for a family-friendly movie.Avatar Image says: I'm 62 and check out the sites before my grandchildren read them when they arrive. To date I have been pleased with your site. Today I have been over-joyed!!! My grandchilden have physical perfections that seperate them from abominations at the $8.95 retail stores. ...And I do not want them airbrushed away. I love them as they are. I love Harry & Company as they are too. Hollywood rarely wins with me. In this case WB has sunk to its normal level: the midden. Thank you for your insight and the courage to stand upon your convictions. Avatar Image says: This is what society is doing to people and I think it's great that wonderful sites like the Leaky Cauldron (notice mugglenet isnt)can take a part and stand up and say "so friking what if emma waton's boobs are to small for you tastes but DO NOT blow them up 3 times larger" It's something that will go on forever unless someone decides to do something and this is a definite 1st step into that journey. Thanks. Avatar Image says: There's quite a lot of HYPOCRISY FROM OURSELVES going on here. We FEED the Hollywood machine with some of the comments WE make about how the cast look. On pretty much EVERY COMMENTS BOARD on every HP fansite there are remarks about who thinks who is ugly or 'hot', and "Dan's too short", "Emma's got a flat chest", "Bonnie ain't pretty enough"...etc. We help to perpetuate these ideas with the comments WE make.Avatar Image says: Can we stop debating about the appearence of the actors on the film poster. It just a movie poster for God's sake.Avatar Image says: You go Girl!!!Avatar Image says: It's a misrepresentation of beloved characters by a dehumanizing, greed/survivalistic-driven industry. It's sad for us, the fans, loving these characters for who they are, to see them warped down for the sake of the lowest common denominator. It hasn't even been necessary to do this in the past to get seats filled for a Harry Potter movie. It's true this "happens all the time," but maybe we shouldn't be so accepting of that. Maybe we should all call on the higher parts of ourselves and fellow intelligent mammels to make a difference for good for our human race, not just accept the status quo. It's time to put our foot down. What they've done is a bad job. A bad job all around. And we know where that stuff belongs. Thanks to Melissa and TLC for helping us call them on that. (Maybe SPEW buttons are in order here: Society for Poster Ethics for Women?) Avatar Image says: Thanks so much for posting about this Melissa. This is a wonderful thing you did because now WB will surely read how we feel. After all this is a site WB obviously reads, trusts and respects.Avatar Image says: This whole culture of thinness is a real problem, seriously affecting thousands and adversely influencing many, many more people. It is bad enough that the typical movie actress has typically much better than average looks, without them being "improved" even further, thus providing an impossible target beyond what most girls and women to achieve. The Harry Potter movies are essentially aimed at children and are thus perfectly placed to provide a good example (as making the actors and actresses look better will have little impact on sales in any case), and it is just sad that WB has chosen instead to fake Emma's looks when if anything, she is already too good looking for the part.Avatar Image says: What a wonderful article;it is very true! Positive role models are essential these days in a world bombarded by negative media images and when positive role models, such as the actors/actresses of the Harry Potter films appear, I agree that they should be left alone and let be; naturally of course. So what if Emma Watson doesn't have a size C bra? Who cares? I know I most certainly don't and I believe that the people that will appreciate the OotP film to the largest extent are not the ones who care about the appearance of the actors/actresses, they will be focusing on their acting quality and how they portray the characters. Let's just get a few things straight, Emma Watson is beautiful just as she is and so is Bonnie Wright. We all have our imperfections and that is only natural and is a good thing!! Plus, Hermione isn't supposed to be overly attractive but she is the kindest and most wonderful person. Just as the actors and actresses do not have to be beautiful to be of quality. Avatar Image says: Hear, hear! I think Jo would agree with this. Those pictures are so obviously photoshopped that they look like animated characters. Yikes. Also, completely different nitpick, but the tagline for the Harry/Voldy poster sorta gives away the ending, doesn't it?Avatar Image says: "Who the heck is a bimbo at the age of TEN??? Please think before you type, even if it's just a little!" You don't hang around primary schools much, do you? The bimbos are getting younger and younger these days (but no, I don't think Emma is/was a bimbo).Avatar Image says: I applaud Melissa and the Leaky Cauldron for standing up, addressing, and confronting this problem when no other fan-site has. In a culture that encourages females to be ridiculously thin in order to come off as "attractive", a superficial term in itself, we do not need this great series to only deepen the problem. I am just appalled that Warner Brothers' marketing department resorted to this and hope they do strive to rectify this problem. While, yes, this problem does seem trivial compared to the crisis in Darfur and the like, it is still worth our concern; the health and well-being of countless young women have been endangered by the media propagating the idea that a woman must achieve an absurdly thin width in order to be beautiful. This problem is a serious and harmful one, one that is affecting negatively many and has taken lives. It is worth our concern.Avatar Image says: I had noticed that about Hermione in the two posters, and I've heard about such "enhancements" being done in so many other movie posters that I didn't really think too much about it. I thought that the sweater and side angle she's standing at are not flattering to her figure in the first poster. The sweater draws a lot of attention because it is so bright compared to Neville's sweater behind it, so I am imagine the poster designers nitpicking over this detail. Change her shirt and stance next time, not breast enlargement and body sculpting.Avatar Image says: The thing is, the regular poster is just as airbrushed as the IMAX one. None of them show the picture as it was originally shot at all. And this happens all the time, it's not the first time: now it seems so obvious, but there's not a single promotional picture which is not manipulated in some way. Even those of the previous movies, of course. That said, I totally agree that this time they really went too far. Bonnie is not even recognizable, while Emma's changes were not necessary at all.Avatar Image says: Well since my other comment was removed I guess I'll just add my 2 cents back in again & since I don't remember what I typed & I'll have to think again on this. I've seen the same discussion on 2 other entertainment sites & they both take the stance of childish & immature comments on Emma's appearance & frankly this is what TLC is doing but in a more professional manner. Having said that I seriously don't think this is enough to make a news post out of. Other posters have looked nothing like the actors & yet no one was up in arms then (check out Dan & Rupert in other ones). But just because they decided to change Emma's appearance all of a sudden words like 'anorexia' & 'thinness' come up - Emma has been thin in the past (more so than most of you will every know) & since this site & some others doen't comment on their personal life I won't either. It's marketing, it takes place all the time all over the world - seriously we (fans) just need to get over it. Hopefully this comment hasn't offended TPTB & won't be deleted.Avatar Image says: Go, Melissa! It's such a sad statement on our society that they think they need to do this, particularly after the blasting JKR herself made about the same issue on her website. It's unnecssary and completely inappropriate for what is essentially a movie about kids.Avatar Image says: What the heck is a bimbo?! *confused look*Avatar Image says: Good for you, Melissa! You've emphasized beautifully the precise reasons why such airbrushing is offensive and harmful in this situation. I'm thrilled beyond words to see you using your platform here to make a difference! Kudos!Avatar Image says: Well written Melissa! And while no this may not be the most urgent of all issues on the planet, that doesn't mean that it should be ignored or even encouraged. Great job!Avatar Image says: Well Melissa You hit the nail right on the head at the beginning of your spiel. As someone who's worked in advertising, I know whoever made that poster knows that all us potterheads are already going to see this at our first opportunity. They want to attract the guys who... y'know... don't read. I'm not saying that it's right, but drawing on my experience in advertising, there are three things that always sell stuff (well, there are more but these are the top three): guilt and boobs. When you're not being told you will be doing a grave disservice to your children by not buying a product, you can be assured that a couple of boobs will be displayed or alluded to. Which brings us to the fact that this is an advertisement for the 3D version of the film. Can you now imagine why (a) man created 3D. Put it all together and this advertiser is going after young people who don't read too much but do date. It's crude and wrong but they do that because they assume it works, although there really is no way of knowing for sure.Avatar Image says: I think this is part of a much bigger issue concerning how women and girls are portrayed in the media. There is the prevalent idea that women and girls must always be 'corrected' anatomically before being fit for public viewing. The fact that they exagerrated her boobs isn't the same as airbrushing the texture of skin. They deliberately focussed on that area for a reason. And the reason: she's female. It doesn't matter that she's a beloved character; it doesn't matter that the character and actress are teenaged; it doesn't matter that the main characteristic here is meant to be brains and bravery, not looks. I don't care how frequently this is done. That only makes it, if anything, more disgusting. 'Everybody does it!' was never an acceptable excuse. This really isn't a Harry Potter issue, but good on you for addressing it.Avatar Image says: For all of you who are saying this happens all the time and we need to get over it, just think about what you are saying. No one is suggesting this is the first time its happened. We are suggesting that this time, we need to say something about it because it went too far. For all of you who are saying there are more important things to post about, this is a Harry Potter site, and issues that come up are concerned with what happens in relation to the Harry Potter world, books and movies. Just a poster? How many eyes see Harry Potter movie posters? Many of us HP fans would NOT be fans if the cannon material had incorporated these sort of tactics with characters. Why should we not say something when media that represents Harry Potter is so opposite from what Harry Potter books are about?Avatar Image says: I don't see the airbrushing as an attempt to make the female characters prettier or bustier (and thus undermine the self esteem of girls everywhere). The special effects have created a highly stylized, sleek, modern poster that looks more like a high-tech ilustration than a photograph. Now this could be objectionable in itself, I would certainly argue that the wizarding world is old-fashioned and almost Victorian in its traditions. Frankly I'm surprised at all the pearl-clutching here. I just don't see the big deal. And for the record, I'm female, and I have two daughters, one of them being 11 years old and surely the prime target for whatever insidious message people are claiming resides in the posters. I don't see these posters as damaging her psyche. Avatar Image says: Thank you Melissa for your editorial. I could not agree with you more. I can understand why some fans say get over it, that it's not a big deal. But when my 9 year old noticed that Hermione looked different somehow, and actually said she looked prettier in the IMAX poster, then it's a big deal. My daughter idolizes Hermione, but thankfully it's not for just how she looks. She loves Hermione for how smart and brave she is too. These marketers need to learn that young girls are malleable and they DO notice.Avatar Image says: Well, I think that you're making too big of a deal out of this. Honestly, they didn't even change THAT much. Her breasts are not suddenly an abnormal size. They all, even the boys, look like plastic dolls. That's just how those photos look. Yes, it's ridiculous, but that's just how they do it. There are extemely unflattering photos where your waist can look larger than it is. So, what if this happened with Miss Watson's photo and she WANTED a change? What's the big deal? And Bonnie Wright? What's so different about her in the poster? Cheekbones? What if her cheekbones have simply changed since she's growing and experiencing puberty? These girls are young, and their bodies are changing. You don't need to bring attention to it. They're not sending out a bad messages to young girls unless you say that they are. I honestly doubt that a young girl would take those two posters, put them together, notice the difference and decide that she needed a smaller waist and not even half a cup larger breasts. This is just ridiculous. But by all means, tell these girls about the differences. Point it out to them, so that they can draw that message when they wouldn't have if you had left it alone. There are more important things in life and this world than a movie poster.Avatar Image says: Kudos to TLC for taking this on! Well-presented as Melissa's essay is, LePetitCanard hit it on the head for me with this remark: "Remember that rant JKR posted on her website a while back? Doesn't this go completely against that? Honestly..." Whether it's IMAX or WB who bears responsibility for the sexist alterations on that poster, I do NOT applaud them for the creative decision. Give us back the actors as they are for all the reasons JKR and TLC have stated.Avatar Image says: Oh, NO ONE is suggesting the actors made the decision. I'm almost sure they had nothing to do with it....Avatar Image says: "Her body really is that curvaceous in real life." (George) Is it 'eck. "You don't hang around primary schools much, do you? The bimbos are getting younger and younger these days" (Martje) Spotted in Oxford: a girl, about 10 or so, wearing a neon green crop top emblazoned with "Don't Touch What You Can't Afford". Accompanied by her little friend whose top bore the slogan "U R A Naughty Boy; Go To My Room". Eew. Eew. Eew.Avatar Image says: We can understand using photoshop to place characters, select back ground , improve the lighting and even adding more hair to Emma's sparse mane but altering face definition and bone structure..what on earth is that all about? It's like aeons ago when photography was not invented and they used to have painters paint a close resemblance of the actors. WB seems to have regressed to those olden times.......and moronically forgotten the operative phrase "close resemblance". Messrs Yates and Heyman, where on earth are you sleeping while your promotional team is ...king up the poster campaign and throwing mud over all your hard work? And not to forget sexing up bookish characters! Avatar Image says: I'm still gonna have to play devil's advocate here and insist that you guys may be WRONG. I still believe it's the other way around: I personally think they minimised her breasts and widened her waist to draw sexual attention away from her figure. The more curvaceous version is the real version of Emma and they decided her "features" were drawing too much attention to themselves and therefore decided to digitally tone them down. Emma is NOT that flat chested and her hair was getting in the way of Neville's face which I'm sure they only noticed afterwords as well. If you notice, her body also has that more curvaceous shape on that Swedish poster. I think this is in fact ehr real figure as is proven in the promotional Goblet of Fire photos that were taken of the trio by Entertainment Weekly last year. Her body really is that curvaceous in real life. Avatar Image says: "So, what if this happened with Miss Watson's photo and she WANTED a change? What's the big deal?" If this were the case they would have changed her on both posters. It was obviously an IMAX decision. Avatar Image says: BarbaraT, you say that you "don't see the airbrushing as an attempt to make the female characters prettier or bustier" and then mention that you see the wizarding word as almost Victorian. I was wandering, would you feel the same way if Emma had been stuffed into a Victorian corset, as it would be the only way to achieve that shape without the airbrushing? What sort of message would that send to your daughter?Avatar Image says: Actually, Ginny looks a little like a young Jimmy Page with red hair in this picture. I'm not sure that's what the marketers were going for.Avatar Image says: Good comment! this sort of thing happens far too often. I remember a picture of Keira Knightley got the bust-enlargment treatment for 'King Arthur' some years back. It's a pretty normal procedure to 'enhance' actresses and actors and generally make them look more homogenous. So many magazine covers & underwear adds feature stretched bellies to make them look thinner, or really obvious cutting-away jobs. Only yesterday I saw a photo of Kate Winslet with a digital breast-reduction. And the guys are all equally over-muscled and shiny. I can understand some people complaining about your article and saying this is all 'over the top' but while we all can see that these figures are manipulated, and know rationally that they are not real, still we are influenced subliminally. Hermione certainly doesn't need any enhancement treatment - she's only supposed to be 15/16 in this movie, that is, not yet fully grown! The boys contrarily all look younger. Now... if only they could use their photoshop skills to some good and make Harry's hair nice and messy again... *sigh*Avatar Image says: Question: Is there NOTHING our Leaky can't do? Answer: NO!!!!!! HUZZAH FOR LEAKY!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: "BarbaraT, you say that you "don't see the airbrushing as an attempt to make the female characters prettier or bustier" and then mention that you see the wizarding word as almost Victorian. I was wandering, would you feel the same way if Emma had been stuffed into a Victorian corset, as it would be the only way to achieve that shape without the airbrushing? What sort of message would that send to your daughter? " You are mixing my metaphors. My point was - ALL of the posters, and ALL of the characters have been stylized to create a very modern look. I don't think it has anything to do with changing the actresses' appearances to make them look more attractive, because the acTORs, and the backgrounds, have been altered as well. What I was trying to say was that this is ironic, given that the books portray the wizarding world as old-fashioned, i.e. NOT modern. And in fact that is what I would object to, if I cared enough to object at all. The books reference quills and parchment, candlelight, wearing robes, no electricity, etc. - that's what I meant by Victorian. Corsets or Victorian body types have nothing to do with it, and I must confess I don't understand your question. My daughter has watched numerous period films in which the female characters did indeed wear corsets, and I am happy to assure you that she has yet to require any therapy because of it. In fact, I very purposely called her in here before school and asked her to look at the posters and tell me if she noticed anything in particular, and her only comment was that Ron looked too young. Avatar Image says: BarbaraT, yeah, it seems that I took you Vitcorian comment the wrong way. I agree that the posters have been styalised in a very modern way, but that's because the films, unlike the books, are set in the present day. However, when you look at the WB and IMAX posters, there can be no argument that Hermione has been "enhanced" in the IMAX one. That has mothing to do with making it look modern.Avatar Image says: George: If you're talking about the Entertainment Weekly photos, a white t-shirt does a little more for the figure than a sweater. No one's saying she's flat, just that they've obviously increased her size. We've seen many pictures of her in that sweater, and people were saying that they enhanced her in the IMAX poster even before we could compare to the one-sheet. Avatar Image says: Well anyways, the urls won't work, but just go to the gallery here: Image says: George, those pictures look exactly as she's pictured in the domestic poster. Not the IMAX one. You've just proved what we've been saying. A normal looking girl, in that respect, absolutely. But not what they've done to her in IMAX; but hey, you're totally free to choose finished studio photos over whatever else. Your prerog. Avatar Image says: Especially given Rowling's past statements on the pressure for young girls to be uber skinny, this is an excellent (and ironic) ilustration of the point. My guess is that Rowling would be appalled to know of the extent of the airbrushing and would appreciate your post, Melissa. Avatar Image says: Just wanted to add my few cents. In her series JKR went out of her way to give us REAL characters. The girls are not Barbies and the boys are not GI Joes. Hermione is potrayed as plain. Her beauty comes from her intellegence, loyalty, and willingness to help others. By creating these posters the way they did (airbrushing and the choice of attire) they are placing an inphasis on the wrong things. I am fed up with marketing to children that teaches them that they have to fit a certain 'ideal' in order to be beautiful. There is absolutly no reason for them to try to make Hermione lokk like this. Emma Thompson is a beautiful woman, but you don't see Trelawney looking like a Playbot Bunny - so why do it to a young girl who is still trying to figure out who she is? WB needs to seriously stop and think about what they are saying by using images such as this for their marketing. As for all of you who think this is "no big deal" - I spent my entire young life trying to come up with ways to pay for plastic surgery because I believed that I didn't have enough curves to be a "real" woman. I say stop airbrushing figures for one year and see the difference in attitudes towards beauty.Avatar Image says: Hear Hear, Melissa! How about we (the fans)put some media spotlight and pressure on WB? You start a petition, we'll sign it!Avatar Image says: Stylized to create a modern look? You are equating modern with larger chest if you say that is all that is going on, BarbaraT.Avatar Image says: Totally agree ! Change the awful int. poster ! I live in France and I think this is the poster we gonna have, so change it. As far for the US poster, I think it's amazing ! And WB changed Hermione on this poster, I hope they'll do the same for all characters on the int. one. GoF promo was so much better ! Ootp characters posters are awful ! By the way, what was the poster WB changed for a coma problem ?