OotP Character Posters Released


May 04, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

WB has released higher-resolution images of the previously mentioned character pictures (with no questionable photoshopping. ;) – enjoy!
Harry and Voldemort: “Only One Can Survive”
Hermione and Umbridge: “The Only Way is Rebellion”
Umbridge and Dumbledore: “Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated”
Sirius and Bellatrix: “Make a Final Stand” (!)
Ron and Lucius: “No One Can Protect You”
Luna and Death Eater: “Evil Must Be Confronted”

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Avatar Image says: No photoshopping? You're kidding right? Look at what they did to Ron's package. Just kidding. Yea Sirius is rapping. You guys don't remember the part od OOtP with MC Sirius and Beat Box Buckbeak doing 'Xmas in Hollis'... or was it 'God rest ye merry Gangstas'.Avatar Image says: Ok, first: I don't understand: Why Ron with Lucius??!!! Second: I have no idea what the "No One Can Protect You" should mean! Who protects or can't protect who from who or what??!!!!Avatar Image says: Sirius one is such a spoiler, haha. But I imagine these won't be widespread anyway and all fans will see them so it doesn't matter. I like this posters a lot, though there is a slightly odd feeling about them. I guess it's just that the bubbles are so... unusual.Avatar Image says: You guys are making me fall off my seat in hysterics. I was thinking how cool the Sirious poster is until I saw your comments. Now I cant shake the rap move out of my head!Avatar Image says: What about Ginny and Neville??Avatar Image says: ~~~You guys don't remember the part od OOtP with MC Sirius and Beat Box Buckbeak doing 'Xmas in Hollis'... ~~~~ LOL You're a riot. I cannot stop laughing for some reason. I want to buy Sirius's poster! But where are Ginny and Neville?Avatar Image says: YEAH, I got to post the first comment!!! Anyway, sweet pics! I hope you can get the Luna one working soon! Thanks!!!Avatar Image says: WOW! The Sirius and Bella one is pretty much telling the story. Make a FINAL stand?? ahh well love the postersAvatar Image says: Why does Sirius look like he is in a rap video! Avatar Image says: I love them all! They look great!Avatar Image says: I thought the tag lines gave a lot away. As well as the Sirius/Bella one, the Harry/Voldy one "Only One Can Survive" seems a fair summary of the prophecy.Avatar Image says: I'm not sure why, but these aren't working with firefox... :(Avatar Image says: I think they are awesome!! I love the one of Luna,I wonder if they will have Ginny?Avatar Image says: These are good. Luna's is different though, I wonder why. Where's Ginny's? Or are they too scared of us now to release it? HAAvatar Image says: Where's Ginny's? And Neville's? Avatar Image says: I like these posters except some of the captions: "final stand" ummm they are giving away the death "only one can survive" they are giving away the prophesy and it also implies one of them will die in *this* movie. Jo has said she worded the prophesy very carefully, hopefully they didn't change it. Although it could just be a poster thing and the quote in the movie might be the same as in the book. Other than these minor gripes, they are all pretty cool posters. And we have a Luna poster finally, yay!Avatar Image says: Erm...not a big fan of these posters really. However, I really like Luna's though-maybe that's cause I'm a big fan of Evanna :). I dunno. Also, maybe it's me, but Sirius looks like he's rapping. ha. Avatar Image says: I love the Sirius poster mainly because he's not doing the usual ~point your wand at the camra, and look serious stance~ That they all seem to do ;) Totally don't get the Ron and Lucious poster, why them two? -weird! No Ginny poster though bit dissapointed about that but we might get one later - I hope!Avatar Image says: Hahaha! Sirius looks like he's doing some sort of boogie dance! :)Avatar Image says: Hooray for Evanna -- your very own movie poster!!! Very exciting :)Avatar Image says: SIRIUUUUUUUUUUUUUS c'est tout.Avatar Image says: these posters are so awesome i love the Hermione and Luna ones the best.btw who's everyones favorite HP characters?i love them all mine would have to be Hermione,Harry,Dumbledore,and LunaAvatar Image says: I like the poster.cool. I like the sirius one. http://www.hpana-media.com/Movies/OotP/Banners.htmlAvatar Image says: pooor sirius..... Avatar Image says: Sirius Black aka the white Snoop Dogg.Avatar Image says: OK again! This is Harry Potter right? Then where the hell is the lightning bolt scar that is suppose to be on Harry's forehead? hmmmmmmmmmmm???? Avatar Image says: I can make out Harry's scar, but I'm sure it'll all look much better in Hi-Res. I love the Luna, Ron, and Sirius ones. Avatar Image says: sukarissweet, the scar is definitely there, right above his right eye.Avatar Image says: the scar is there, I can see it, just before the shaddow on the right (Harry's right)Avatar Image says: Luna looks tres cool.Avatar Image says: These are cool! I like the Sirius and Bellatrix one. I hope they release one of Neville and Ginny. I'd love to see Neville with Bellatrix!Avatar Image says: Never noticed the captions before. Ron's is the only one that doesn't make sense to me. Is he saying it to Harry, or is Malfoy saying it to Ron, what? It must be cool for the Luna, umbridge, Malfoy and Sirius actors to have their own posters. Even for the older actors, I would think it quite exciting, or maybe not, I suppose they've already seen themselves on other posters.. I would like to see the Neville and Tonks' posters. Avatar Image says: Why can't I see them?Avatar Image says: What the...?! "Only One Can Survive"?! How about "Neither Can Live While the Other Survives," doesn't that sound better? And WHY are Hermione and Ron holding their wands in perhaps the most useless position ever? And the fact that Ron's motto is "No One Can Protect You" really makes me mad; they're trying to turn Ron into some kind of cowardly jerk whom Harry likes because... why?Avatar Image says: Why is Harry holding his wand in his left hand? Avatar Image says: whoever said Sirius Black is a white Snoop Dogg, I am affronted... everyone knows Snoop Dogg is a black Sirius Black. Sirius is just hard core! Ddore looks kinda Jamaican or something..his pose is a little odd. Luna is amazing. Evanna is AMAZING! She's very...whimsical. Kudos.Avatar Image says: The Luna poster is amazing! I really think it's the best one! Naria, I think you're reading way to much into the posters. Avatar Image says: oooo I really like the one with Luna...it's great! :)Avatar Image says: I sstart smiling whenever I see images like that of Evanna, which I what I would be doing if I was in the films after being a fan for so long! I still think its so awesome she's 'one of us'. As for the wands being held in the wrong hands, many of the images have been flipped - for one Emma's hair appears to be parted on the opposite side to what it normally is (and don't ask why I noticed that :P ).Avatar Image says: no Ginny poster? =(Avatar Image says: why does sirius look ghetto?Avatar Image says: Ooo, I love these posters! Luna looks absolutely beautiful, and Bella looks fierce! Can't wait to see this movie! And I don't think Ron's slogan ("No One Can Protect You") is meant to be a dig at Ron; I think it's supossed to represent how the kids are more on their own this time, with no adults they can trust (or so it feels, with Umbridge on the scene), so they have to stand up for themselves, not let someone else (Dumbledore, Sirius, or whomever) protect them. That's just my two-cents.Avatar Image says: What's that thing Luna has on her hand? Is it a ring? I love her poster, and Ron's too! Avatar Image says: Holy cow!!!! I cannot find enough compliments to commend Staunton's dead on facial expression for Umbridge's face on the Umbridge-Dumbledore poster. That sums the character up right there. Sly, poisonous, strict, yet deceptively "sweet"! That smile right there is just oozing masked evil. Avatar Image says: does anyone find it weird that they choose to show characters holding a wand equally in right and left hand? It's not like it's fully interchangeable, I would think... oh well. Loved loved loved Ron's poster. He is finally not scared, but all grown up and serious. can I fall inlove with him please?Avatar Image says: Luna looks like she is ready to kick some serious Death Eater booty! Go Evanna!Avatar Image says: Well I am outraged. Look, they have clearly photo-shopped Emma's eyebrows. What kind of message does this send to litte girls with bushy eyebrows. They will hate themselves and have no self-worth and feel inadequate and beg for professional eyebrow plucking. This is a travesty. We should boycott this movie and every other WB movie because this is just marginalizing half the population. Why it is practically pornography! What is wrong with a normal young girl having normal bushy eyebrows!! Why isn't there a prissy editorial decrying this shocking bias against the bushy eyebrowed?Avatar Image says: I've never seen Luna in such an ACTION pose! It's really cool and just a bit out of her "dreamy" character. But it's a GREAT poster! I thought Ron looked like he knew what he was doing for once. Nice no-nonsense face. Umbridge is too much like people I have worked for to even be funny. She's just dead-on in that role. By the way people, all these posters are ILLUSTRATIONS not photographs. They probably started out as photos, as most of this type of illusrtation do, but they then put the artist's hand to them (even if it may be PhotoShop) to make them more theatrical, so quit whining about them manipulating these images. I won't go in to the IMAX 3D poster, however...that's just embarrassing. Avatar Image says: Is Sirius rapping? "Word Yo- we gotsta fight the evil Lord V-O-L-D-E-M-O-R-T yo" but apparently Sirus can rap, so word up my homie G dog! Normaly Id spell it Dawg, but since he really is a dog...ah well you got it, and I know I cant rap, so dont hold it against me. Bella looks great, and so does Luna I love how in every character picture Luna is wearing her raddish earings. Word up! :P lawlAvatar Image says: Whoops, I've got a deja vu...Avatar Image says: Oh Lucius! *dies* I do declare, there can never be enough Lucius! Where is the Harry/Draco poster? There were so many awesome promo images of them for COS. Little angel and demon. I hope they release some. Would make this loyal HP fan very happy. Oh and a zillion posters of just Lucius! *wink*Avatar Image says: I don't know about you, but the poster with Ron and Lucius looks rather interesting. I mean look at Ron's hand, it looks like he's got a bought of bad bee sting or something. His wand hand is huge! It could be the fact that his hand is in the foreground so therefore it has to be big, but the other posters with foreground objects are not like Ron's. Avatar Image says: Captions: Harry: "Watch out Voldy, or I´ll poke your eyes out" Hermione: "How dare you, Umbridge, I got the right to wear pink in the movies" Luna: "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Umbridge: "This school aren´t big enough for the two of us....or my entire pink dress collection" Ron: "How do I hold a wand??..Like this?..No..wait...like this??..No...HEEEEEEELP" Sirius: "Look Bella, you REALLY need to do something about your hair"Avatar Image says: I have to say, Ron's "I'm powerful" look is my new favorite. Can that facial expression stick around, please? That's the Movie Ron I've been waiting for!Avatar Image says: These are great!!! Thank youAvatar Image says: I like the one with Harry and Voldemort, they look great and the line is perfect, but I don't know about the others... the pairings and lines are weird.Avatar Image says: Good posters, especially Sirius and Luna. But GoF characters poster were so much better !Avatar Image says: It's funny how in the movie two posters Harry's enemy was Draco, and now it's Voldemort! Shows how much the series has progressed! Are they going to have Neville, Ginny, Snape posters? I think Ron's enemy shoul be Snape and Ginny's should be Lucius, and Nevllie should have Bellatrix on his.Avatar Image says: how hilarious is it that they're spoiling their own audience? xD and yeah, sirius totally looks like a snoop dogg wannabe :P missing gin & nev, but i for one am glad that ron gets a good poster-- AT LAST. they've been very bad to him regarding character posters in the previous movies. much love to my ronniekins.Avatar Image says: And Sirius's just HAPPENS to say "Make a Final Stand".... As if we needed to be reminded! Are they handing out tissues along with the #D glasses in at the IMAX?Avatar Image says: These reflections in the globes remind you of a certin image inside the cover flap of the UK edition of Deathly Hallows? Hmmmmmm?Avatar Image says: All I want to know is where is the official Ginny poster? There is one for each of the trio, One for Luna, One for Sirius, Umbridge, DD, but not one for Neville or Ginny. The world is unfair Dude, just unfair.Avatar Image says: I'm getting fed up with the galleries - 80% of the time it's not working for me :(Avatar Image says: These will be displayed at movie theaters, guys. People will see them. Which is good, because they all look nice. Glad to see Ron finally being taken somewhat seriously in the marketing. As for the Sirius tagline...seriously, guys, the average non-reader isn't going to look at that and assume that Sirius is going to die. The "final stand" can mean anything. Avatar Image says: Neville and Ginny should each have a poster too! :( Though I'd think it'd have Ginny and Lucius (Ron has Lucius though) and Neville and Bellatrix... Hmm, well I hope they come out with more! :) Avatar Image says: I agree Libby. I know Luna is a new character but this is too much. She may be important but she's as important as Ginny and Neville too, so why can't they have their own poster? Yeah, Ginny should have Lucius because in the first place, they have sorta a history together, with the diary and all. And Bella, she should be with Sirius but she can be with Neville too.

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