A Most Magical New Contest


May 05, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Get out your wizard atlas for we have a new contest for you involving the most magical place you know. Live in a real Shrieking Shack? Have your own Whomping Willow in the backyard? Using your Muggle photography equipment, the challenge this month is to take a photo of some place that reminds you a setting found in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. An example of such a thing might even include roads and the like, as seen in this photo. You might enter the photo with the description of something like “This image was taken when I was in Germany, and it really reminds me of the road to The Dark Forest. It’s got that creepy kind of mood and I could almost imagine the unicorns and acromantulas lurking just out of sight!”
All photos must be submitted via email to [email protected] no later than midnight, May 31, 2007 (EST). For more details on this contest, click here.

16 Responses to A Most Magical New Contest

Avatar Image says: Leaky, you are awesome. you never stop coming up with ways to entertain us. Thank you!Avatar Image says: Oh that's awesome. Too bad there's no place that reminds me of Harry Potter...Avatar Image says: Digging through the photos now :-)Avatar Image says: I might enter this. :)Avatar Image says: can I send in the picture of my enemey and say that they remind me of a blast ended skrewt?Avatar Image says: This sounds like a really fun contest. But alas, I can't think of any places here that remind me of the Harry Potter series. I guess I'll just have to start going on a lot more walks.Avatar Image says: I think you would be surprised how many things can look like a scene from Harry Potter. What about Privet Drive? Do you live near a forest or a lake? Spooky graveyard? Riddle house? Lots of scenes are "Muggle related", so put your thinking caps on and send us those pics!!Avatar Image says: This is a really awesome idea. I don't have any places near me, but I can't wait to see what all the pictures!Avatar Image says: thats cool but there are no places like that around me..... Avatar Image says: Entered! The minute I read that I knew exactly what photo I would be entering. Good luck to everyone else that enters.Avatar Image says: OH awesome! This is a great idea and I will enter as soon as I take a picture! :) Avatar Image says: a few questions, can I alter the photo, like the ligth to make it more spooky, or add a witch flying in a broom in the background sky?, or for example if it´s a photo in a forest can I add the lake? cool idea by the way, I´ll start looking for places. see ya. Jack.Avatar Image says: Hi Jack Hydes, No, for this contest we ask you don't edit the photos in photoshop/digital image programs. We're hoping for your creative eyes to find the magic ;) Thanks! accio_lily Leaky ContestsAvatar Image says: Can I enter a picture of me infront of a Harry Potter poster? That REALLY makes me think of HP.. hehee ... OR, better yet, there's one with me and a fake Hagrid. Do THOSE work?! ;)Avatar Image says: FYI...It's the Forbidden Forest. The "Dark Forest" is another annoying alteration made by the movie people.Avatar Image says: Any updates on this contest? I sent in my photo the first day, I'm just wondering if you guys even received it! Thanks in advance!

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