New “Enhanced” OotP IMAX Poster Taken Down


May 05, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Yesterday, TLC posted this editorial regarding the changes made to certain actors in the new IMAX poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In particular were the striking changes made to the figure of Emma Watson from the original photo for the posters, to this image that was posted online via the IMAX website. Apparently the world wide outcry over this did not fall on deaf ears as tonight, the Daily Mail is reporting on not only our own Melissa Anelli’s efforts in this matter but now, WB sources who say this image has been taken down as “the enhanced image had not been approved.”

“This is not an official poster. Unfortunately this image was accidentally posted on the Imax website. The mistake was promptly rectified and the image taken down.”

While we applaud this effort, readers should note , this poster we saw previously from Sweden that also has been touched up (is that Ginny/Bonnie Wright?) and prompted a great deal of similar protest, has been confirmed to TLC as “real” or approved…alas.

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Avatar Image says: Way to go!!! I'm happy it's down! Avatar Image says: I'm happy its down.Avatar Image says: SHWEEEEET!!!! i still hate that swedish poster though... blegh.Avatar Image says: Yay! I'm really happy it's down. But it still makes me mad that some person was doing that to Emma Watson, seriously, a little respect would be nice.Avatar Image says: TLC has the power ,as do Potter fans! Not sure it wasn't a real poster no matter what WB says.They knew most fans didn't like it and it was kind of an insult to JKR because of her feelings about how people feel about their bodies , and what attitude should be championed to girls and what should not. Anyway! Bravo! Melissa Anelli.Avatar Image says: Yay! They took it down! I'm glad. :)Avatar Image says: This is one step closer. Im so happy that WB did not aprove of it and it was the IMAX people. But I am still concernes about the sweedish poster of Ginny. If that is verified what is this saying to Bonnie. Sorry you dont look like Ginny so we will photoshop you to the point that you are unrecognisable. Poor girl.Avatar Image says: Wow, way to go Leaky and especially Melissa. I guess it is good to know that WB do listen to what is being said (whether they choose to take heed of it or not). I would be quite interested to hear the thoughts from JK and Emma on this. We already know where JK stands on this subject and I have no doubt from what we know of Emma she would feel the same. Avatar Image says: We are Harry Potter fans, hear us ROAR!Avatar Image says: I'm glad they took it down. The IMAX poster came out before the one-sheet which would suggest that the IMAX people posted it without approval, or that someone didn't inform the designers of the one-sheet of the changes to the IMAX. I don't know. Now they have to change the Swedish poster which also has an enhanced Emma and a totally unrecognizable Bonnie. We know that one *was* approved because W.B. confirmed it. Good job Melissa and Leaky!Avatar Image says: I'm very happy that it's down, but it makes me wonder why those changes were even made in the first place, why someone got the idea that it was okay to do that.Avatar Image says: I let out a little triumphant whoop when I read that! Absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much to Melissa for summarizing my sentiments so clearly. These "enhancements" simply must not be a part of Potter films. And a pat on the back to the WB for stepping up to the plate and actually DOING something about it. (Even if they didn't solely take the blame). Avatar Image says: I hate to tell you this, but those posters are so touched up and photoshopped within an inch of their lives that this really doesn't make a dent in the manips. And I'm okay with that. I think it's silly that her waist was shaved, but that's showbiz, babe. The angle might have been awkward, or made her look less enhanced than she really was, and she might not appreciate that, either. I'm saying that I've seen some really mortifying manips to make people look more emaciated and with an unattainable thinness that is a dangerous message to send. I appreciate the effort to protect the actress, but it might not be as nefarious as it seems. JMHO.Avatar Image says: Way to go Leaky! That's why I love you guys over all the rest... It's not just putting up news and getting hits - you're really dedicated to making sure that the Potterverse won't stand idly by while the media sexualizes the teenage stars of the movies. Bravo!Avatar Image says: I'm do glad it's been taken down. But I really want the swedish poster taken down too, because that does not look like Bonnie.Avatar Image says: lemonade, just because it's done all the time--and I'm sure you are right--doesn't mean that we should all sit quietly and accept it. My hat's off to TLC for bringing this to WBs attention, and to WB for actually admitting the mistake--whether intentionally done or not, I'm glad the offending photo has been removed. When I was a kid, people always said that you can't fight city hall--meaning, that one person doesn't have a chance of changing the way things are officially done, so why bother. This just goes to prove that if you don't like the way things are, you have an obligation to speak up. And in this case, they listened. Way to go TLC and thanks, Melissa, for speaking up. PatAvatar Image says: Wow. The fans spoke. The message came across, loud and clear. WB HAD to listen. And bravo, Melissa, for articulating everyone's concerns so precisely. You summed it all up perfectly. Avatar Image says: Congratulations! I think it is pretty awesome and the response was definately fast. I mean, you post the article yesterday and then today they send out a release1 Yay for the power of Potter fans. And hopefully this can be a lesson that all you need is one person to help start something. Sure the one person can't do it alone, but you have to start somewhere, right? Only 76 marvelous days to go!!!!!Avatar Image says: Yay, colour me glad! Kudos to WB for getting rid of it, even though I still doubt their story a little... oh well, it's gone! Avatar Image says: I am very proud of you Melissa and TLC for standing up and saying what you did for the fans it is great that we have this avenue to be heard!!Avatar Image says: I think that it is a waste of time to protest against something as asinine as a poster. That's just me. It wasn't even that major of a change. this kind of stuff ahppens all the time because sex sells. But whatever.Avatar Image says: Good job, Melissa! :) Calling it an "accident" is a pretty poor excuse. At least something was done about it. Avatar Image says: THANK YOU Melissa and Leaky!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!! I also take WB's statement with a large grain of salt, but I'm so happy about this right now, I don't care!!!Avatar Image says: Funny how this is kind of in parallel with OotP...the speaking out thing.Avatar Image says: I don't think Emma will comment on it because I imagine for a teenager this attention is a nightmare. Sadly, TLC has chosen to contibute to it. I don't see need to celebrate what has to be a very difficult situation for Emma. I honestly feel this was done to cause her a great deal of embarrassment. If that was the intention, I hope Ms. Watson has been shielded as much as possible from this all this hype. Avatar Image says: Emma Watson is pretty without that stuff done to her - she doesn't need it all, being a teenager and all this happening, poor girlAvatar Image says: HEY I found this out yesterday before seeing Spidey! The "The Rebellion Begins" poster they have in my Cinemark next to the Teaser for HP looked fine, and NOT edited. Man, I should've taken a picture! Ah well, this is good news. :)Avatar Image says: mouse your comment about Darfur was kind of harsh. Harry Potter fans have band together on other important issues including Darfur. Just take a look at the Harry Potter Alliance! Avatar Image says: Well, that explains a lot. I'm glad that it isn't real.Avatar Image says: Can I suggest though to Leaky. I know you want to keep the picture up for your news article but now that this poster has been withdrawn how about taking the image of it down of your site? I know it will be impossible to get them all of the internet but it seems a bit pointless celebrating this "victory" if you are still displaying the offending article. Avatar Image says: And people say we are just crazy Harry Potter fans, i spit at that. Look at what we got WB and IMAX to do. I believe the world needs something like Harry Potter and who knows, it could just lead to million of ppl getting together and stopping world-wide issues. Avatar Image says: Congratulations hysterical villagers. Where will you be taking your torches and pitchforks next?Avatar Image says: this made my day! I have to say that it's a pretty poor way to "welcome" Emma...what I mean it that there were rumors about her leaving the franchise and when she finally decides to stay and do all the movies, posters "accidentally" appear in the internet in which she looks "curvier"...she's beautiful the way she is! I'm really proud of Melissa! and the whole fandom, as it was because of so many complains from us that the poster was taken down.Avatar Image says: I don't think anybody here would be happy if it were their breasts that were being talked about. I think this has been totally unfair to Emma and her feelings were never considered. It's wrong to assume anything regarding what Emma feels. But I guess in the long run, it doesn't matter how she views all this.Avatar Image says: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT FOR TLC, MELISSA, AND ALL HER ARMY!!!!!! Victory is ours!!! (for the most part, and with more than grain of salt....)Avatar Image says: I'm glad that our cries didn't fall to deaf ears. It really shows how truly powerful the Harry POtter fandom as a whole is. Thanks for the editorial, Melissa, and it's too bad about the Sweedish poster. But I guess winning something in this battle means someone, somewhere, cares what we fans truly think and reflects that through their actions.Avatar Image says: I am glad that they took the poster down, I am not so happy about the foreign poster, but hey... Go Leaky! Go WB for listening to the fans on this!Avatar Image says: This is lame. I liked the posters. I didn't even notice anything until I saw Emma's boobs getting bigger in the picture on the editorial on this, that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Now everyone's staring at Emma's boobs. Poor girl...way to go! rah, rah! *rolls eyes* Would you have made such a big deal over something that really isn't a big deal if it had been the boys "beefed up" and not the girls?Avatar Image says: Patricia, they've just called back the IMAX version. We still have the regular.Avatar Image says: Still, it's fabulous news. And that was a great editorial you did, Melissa. I think you really hit the nail on the head.Avatar Image says: didn't realize that sort of lame advertising would be used for HP movies. what were they thinking? anyway, i'm glad they took it down, it would have been a shame to stick up something like that. Emma is fine the way she is. this was a funny bit of news to read first i was like, what? Avatar Image says: I'm happy they took it down, yes the Swedish one looks awful, but oh well. I'm pleased they took some sort of action.Avatar Image says: If you don't like it then don't post. Avatar Image says: patricia: I doubt they're censoring you. They delete posts after they are posted, not while someone is posting. How can they know what you're saying if it's not posted? It's probably a problem on your end.Avatar Image says: Errr I think the Swedish poster is the one that really needs to be taken down- don't really care about the other one since it's not as terribly drastic. But I guess others do so, yeah. It's interesting how powerful we are as a fanbase. Avatar Image says: finally, some justice! Harry Potter prevails. :-D As always.Avatar Image says: Well, I say goodbye and good riddance! I'm sick of the media trying to airbrush every reality into an illusion. If you take out every so-called flaw, you take out everything that's interesting, unique and charming!Avatar Image says: KBPrez: "Why do some consider the sexual exploitation of girls and women in the media so unimportant?? It’s something I will never understand." Wow, her bust MIGHT have been made slightly bigger (or it could have been the way she was standing, or maybe she was wearing a thick sweater, or...) I love how everyone talking about poor Emma when, as I've said before, the guys are just as airbrushed. Why is no one standing up for poor, "exploited" Rupert? Avatar Image says: Can I just say one thing - MELISSA RULES THE WORLD! That is all. :)Avatar Image says: So tomorrow we're tackling world hunger right? I think we should protest WB for getting rid of Dan's acne. Shouldn't he look like a normal person too? How does this make teenagers with acne feel? Down with the airbrushing- power to the zits.Avatar Image says: Y'know, It was such a minor change, I had to watch the video 4 times before I noticed more than the expanded hair and lighting effect. Molehill vs mountain. Avatar Image says: ROCK ON MELISSA! Good job!Avatar Image says: patricia, i think the reason you're being censored is because you annoy me. thanks leaky.Avatar Image says: Well, that proves it! There WAS enhanced growth. I have humility enough to accept it. I was saying before that we ought to wait for confirmation, and here it is! Good job, Leaky! Avatar Image says: I'm so proud to know that we all made a difference! Thanks Melissa for letting everyone voice their concerns.Avatar Image says: That's not very nice at all, jsedai, and there's no reason to be so rude. And I'm not being censored, in case you didn't realilze, it was just some glitch that's not there anymore. Anyway, basically you're saying you support censorship of my posts because the opinions expressed in them differ from yours? That's really nice...Avatar Image says: Guys, I just came in to this. Some things: 1. Thank you, WB. Awesome. 2. We hemmed and hawed for a very long time, sought advice from friends, and thought very hard before putting the post up in the first place, for exactly this reason: We didn't want to bring more attention to Emma Watson's body than is usually brought to it. But that weighed against speaking out about that which we thought was wrong, well, lost. If you think this is the biggest way in which Emma Watson's body has been brought scrutiny, you are sadly and sorely mistaken - go ahead and try google. Perverts everywhere have been talking about her to disgusting lengths, for years. We did as much as we could possibly do to be respectful, while doing what we felt was right. 3. The difference between Dan doing Equus and this is obvious and clear: He made a personal choice to do it, it was part of a legitimate play, and he was not playing a featured role in a PG-to-PG-13-rated series while he did. He didn't do it as Harry Potter. And furthermore, this wasn't Emma's choice; this was someone in the graphics department's. I had more but... I'm too lightheaded that they actually took the poster down. More later.Avatar Image says: Wow, this is amazing! WB actually listened to us. Go Leaky!!!Avatar Image says: GoMelissa!! And, yeah, mouse? Ever heard of the HP Alliance? Avatar Image says: A great victory for Harry Potter fans, and big thanks to Melissa for being brave enough to comment and allow us all to give our opinions. That's what make Leaky great!Exploitation of women is important and we don't want it in Harry Potter!Avatar Image says: I'm not hysterical, just happy! :) Yay - the Power of the Protest won out!!! And I'm wondering why people who think this is unimportant bother to read this and post here at all? This matters because we are all part of fandom, and we have a right to say what we think about the movies and the posters. Avatar Image says: Well done Melissa and Leaky!! To those of you who feel that some wrongs are too small to be righted, some injustices too minor to be tackled, and who truly believe that unchallenged minor discriminations do not feed into the larger issues that cripple our world, I have only this to say: You are quite free (indeed, you are more than welcome!) to spend your time and energies more constructively than posting on this blog. We look forward to reading about your efforts to end poverty, AIDS, world hunger and global warming. Oh, and Melissa, you forgot about your and TLC's efforts for Habitat for Humanity in New orleans after Phoenix Rising. Rock on, sister suffragette!Avatar Image says: Glad the "enhanced" version got taken off the IMAX website. The other one, the official one, is still available and out there, so it didn't get taken down for anyone who's worried about it. I, do, however, still have issues with the Swedish poster. Ginny is completely unrecognizable.Avatar Image says: Being just the right age to have grown up with the novels, and being a girl who has drawn strength from the outstanding female characters in the series, I'm so glad that Melissa took the initiative to defend her (and many fans') beliefs. Thanks for standing up for us.Avatar Image says: Way to go Leaky! It's about time that women got back some respect! Hollywood believes that if you *tweak* with a ladies body, in this case an underaged girl,to fit into what they believe is *eye catching* for their promotional campaign that it will bring in more profits. Why? Emma is beautiful without plumping up her still growing body. What ever happened to respect? Patricia, I understand you feel this is all stupid but the girls in this country have limited *compitant* female role models. We are entitled to say as we see fit just as you do, but do not try and tell us we are causing problems and are fighting for the wrong cause. I have two sons with autism and I fight against the disorder everyday of my life. So dont say we dont advocate for different and better causes! Im proud of Mellisa, she is a great role model who cares!Avatar Image says: Melissa: It looks like we're going to have to agree to disagree on a lot of things. Yes, there's no reason for her to say anything, but it's likely she will be put on the spot about it now. And I'm not at all saying that giving a homeless person your spare change is less an act of kindness and warmth and generosity than building them a home. And I think you do wonderful things for charity. You could have launched a "large scale campaign" or launched a "one-time issue" and atill used "Hermione" as your "poster girl" if this poster really bothered you and still left Emma out of the whole thing to be more considerate of her feelings. And it's not just viewing the poster, it's about being able to see it "displayed" in theatres, etc. And I know they will use another poster to advertise the IMAX version of the film now, I'm not worried or upset that they're going to leave the space blank. But the fact that it will be a different poster is what makes me sad, that it has to be changed now when not everyone had a problem with it. And as I've said, it's really a matter of having things taken away that upsets me-both the IMAX poster and the Swedish poster. Could you please at least just leave the Swedish poster alone? And any other Harry Potter products that come in future? And it actually would have been easy to consider everyone's feelings in this matter. You could have done something separately from Harry Potter, a "one-time issue" to stop the photoshopping of people in the entertainment industry, but still kept the posters in circulation. It would have been akin to simply following your policy regarding posting petitions on Leaky; you don't post petitions so that you won't have to take sides. But you felt fine taking sides on this issue...Well, thanks for leaving me out...And I'm a long-time visitor, too...Now I just feel really sad...Avatar Image says: I appreciate your efforts Melissa. Making Hermione's waist thinner and enhancing her bust line is just wrong. What they did to make Ginny's face thinner is horrid. It no longer even looks like her. This would send a poor message to young women about body image and there is nothing wrong with these young actresses figures as is. Melissa doesn't deserve criticism for bringing this to the forefront but rather praise. It would be a better world if Emma and Bonnie and their characters were discussed more for their words and personailties and intelligence instead of their appearance. This would apply to Dan and Rupert etal as well. You go Melissa. You have my respect.Avatar Image says: Patricia: Look at the pictures in the gallery again, then right-click and save them to your computer. Voila! You can see them whenever you want to. And I'm sorry, but no one here really knows what Emma Watson thinks or wants about this poster. Emma Watson did not design that poster, nor did she enhance her own image. The protest was directed at Warner Bros. and the marketing people who airbrushed the image. It's a matter of principle, and not just about Emma. Avatar Image says: >>Yes, there's no reason for her to say anything, but it's likely she will be put on the spot about it now. Likely not, unless shouted at her at a junket or premiere, and in that case you can bet she will have the ability to ignore it or a press person will stop it from being answered. >>You could have launched a "large scale campaign" or launched a "one-time issue" and atill used "Hermione" as your "poster girl" if this poster really bothered you and still left Emma out of the whole thing to be more considerate of her feelings. Well, no. Because the issue here is the poster. To not use the poster is besides the issue. To dance around that this is what was done to Emma's image, is to disrespect the issue or give it less weight than it had. And again, that's the way you would have gone about it, fine; it's not ours, and I feel our reasons are very valid. >>And it's not just viewing the poster, it's about being able to see it "displayed" in theatres, etc. And I know they will use another poster to advertise the IMAX version of the film now, I'm not worried or upset that they're going to leave the space blank. But the fact that it will be a different poster is what makes me sad, that it has to be changed now when not everyone had a problem with it. I'm really very confused by your logic. So, that extra bit of padding to Hermione's chest, being gone, makes you upset? You honestly cannot ask me to think much of, or empathize with, that position. You seem to be dissatisfied with the real shaped Hermione on the poster, over the fake one. I... don't get that. At all. "not everyone had a problem with it" - people do and don't have problems with *everything* in these films. That can't be the yardstick, or nothing would get done. >>And as I've said, it's really a matter of having things taken away that upsets me-both the IMAX poster and the Swedish poster. Could you please at least just leave the Swedish poster alone? How could we possibly leave the Swedish poster alone when it is guilty of the same thing? You're asking us to be hypocritical. And, again: WHY are you against using their REAL shapes instead of the faked ones? I can't continue answering this point...this is baffling. If they swap these out for non-enhanced photos, *how* do you prefer the enhanced ones? I don't get it... >> And any other Harry Potter products that come in future? And it actually would have been easy to consider everyone's feelings in this matter. No, actually, it's quite *impossible* to consider *everyone's* feelings. Let me know how you do considering millions of people's feelngs, and how exactly you've done it successfully. Report back and let me know how it goes, and we'll try it then. >> You could have done something separately from Harry Potter, a "one-time issue" to stop the photoshopping of people in the entertainment industry, but still kept the posters in circulation. No, you're not getting it: We couldn't have. This was about *this* issue, *this* poster. To take it away from *this* issue, *this* poster, is to not be making a point at all. Sure, I could go on a rant about any number of things away from Harry Potter. But if this is about the enhancements that have been made on a specific set of images, either those images are part of it or the argument is null and void. >>It would have been akin to simply following your policy regarding posting petitions on Leaky; you don't post petitions so that you won't have to take sides. But you felt fine taking sides on this issue...Well, thanks for leaving me out...And I'm a long-time visitor, too...Now I just feel really sad... Actually, we don't post petitions because if you post one you have to post them all, and then Leaky becomes petition central. Notice we haven't started a petition about this enhancement thing. Like you said, we agree to disagree. I'm sorry you're sad, but this was our stand and we're not holding out for universal popularity - even Dumbledore thinks that would be a silly, silly thing. All right folks. It's late and I'm tired. Thank you to those who have been respectful. Everyone else, thanks for making it interesting. Night ;)Avatar Image says: Hats off to Leaky! For once, this kind of ridiculous manipulation did not go unchallenged, and was defeated. The Swedish poster still sucks though, on many, many levels. What a pity that one wasn't taken down too.Avatar Image says: Melissa, please know that you have MANY supporters. I completely agree with the stand that you and the rest of Leaky are taking. By trying to sexualize the poster, we are taking away from the true talent Emma has. It's too commonplace nowadays to be bombarded with advertisement that has some sexual connotation (even tax service ads!!) I am VERY excited to see one more place that is completely against it. All of the people that have gone into creating Harry Potter should be praised for their talents and NOT their bodies. I support you on this!! About Bonnie, I honestly don’t think “enhancing” her would recruit MORE true Harry Potter fans!! So sad! Avatar Image says: Go, go Melissa! I - and many other Potter fans - are very proud of you. And I'm sure Jo is as well.Avatar Image says: I don't really think it was that big of a deal. It happens all the time, I am glad they are going to fix it but really if there was not the other one to compare it with no one would have noticed anything. I guess I also just wish people got this upset about real problems in the world and maybe more things would be done. Avatar Image says: patricia, the poster did not get taken away. The only one that got taken down was the small version of the "enhanced" Emma on the IMAX website. The other one, the *official* one, is still there. The kids are all in the same position and everyone looks the same, there's just been no "enhancements". Nothing was taken away from you. I'm sure you'll even be able to buy it when it becomes available.Avatar Image says: this is ridiculous....i mean i liked the IMAX poster better than the original poster.... as they say....everything lies in the eyes of the beholder......the person who reported it must have a really corrupted advice to them- "clean up your system n reboot" Avatar Image says: I don't think Emma will speak on it, she seems to avoid the press for the most part, like when there were pictures of her drinking online she didn't comment. And personally, I don't think she should have to comment on any of it. MELISSA- Where exactly did the enhanced photo come from? And who made it? IMAX?Avatar Image says: Where is all this negative things towards leaky coming from. The other day everyone was all for this idea of getting rid of the poster and now that leaky and the fans have succeeded you all need something else to complain about. This is a positive step towards this ridiculous media obsession with stick thin people. Good on Leaky! Not Hermione! Not our Hermione! No not in this fandom. We all need to work towards getting this sweedish poster fixed now. That is not Bonnie Wright. The poor girl has been photoshoped beyond the point of recognition. Its ridiculous.Avatar Image says: I believe IMAX took down their poster because of the enhancement to Hermione's waste and not because of the Photoshop enhancements to character faces. So very likely, the swedish poster wont be withdrawn because there are no "major" issue that can be associated with it. Thin wasteline is obviously a worldwide issue and is a wrong message to give as JK had passionately blogged on her website and who knows, JK may have a say about this to WB when good ol' Leaky made the outcry and JK became aware of it! I'm quite impressed how you all made a passionate stand and got results!Avatar Image says: In the other poster, all of them are photoshoped, not only Bonnie. They have always done this with the posters, I mean... I understand the complain about the imax poster. But, about the others posters, all the actors are photoshoped, if you look at pictures of Mathew, Rupert or Evanna without been photophoped they don't look like they look in the posters at all. So then, they should take all the posters down? I don't know. I understnad the complain about the imax one and I support what Mellisa wrote, but if people think Bonnie shouldn't be photoshoped then Katie, Rupert... shouldn't be so photoshoped either.Avatar Image says: Uh, yea Lisa, if you read my comment below, I agree with you completely. That's so sad! It's so sad that everyone needs people to have this ideal image and they can't just leave people alone and appreciate their talents as an actor/actress. So lame... And avanish... you're right.. I actually didn't even NOTICE it. I had to read some comments and kept looking for what everyone was talking about. At first I thought it was her hair, because it looks more "wind blown". However, that fact remains that the person that did the enhancements did notice it enough to want to change it for some stupid reason... So silly!Avatar Image says: Yay Melissa! Thanks for speaking out! Many people are commenting it was no big deal, but it was for me, personally so my personal thank! And yes - could someone give Voldy a tan? He looks too sickly! HeeheeAvatar Image says: That's nice. It will help give Melissa the attention she seeks.Avatar Image says: Wonderful news! :) But I'm almost ashamed of living in Sweden with that awful swedish poster still up. I think I'll send an email to the site and try to explain things, since I can do it in swedish. It won't work, but I will have tried.Avatar Image says: >That's nice. It will help give Melissa the attention she seeks. >Posted by Loki on May 6, 2007 at 5:32 AM Hey Loki, just posting this reply to give you the attention YOU seek. Hope you're enjoying it.Avatar Image says: I think the article is at least misleading since it makes it sound as if WB had acknowledged that the unapproved poster is the "enhanced" one. All they say is that the IMAX poster has not been approved - which could be for a variety of reasons. Most likely the IMAX image has been modified but WB did not say that. I think I'll have to go back and find a neutral source of information.Avatar Image says: >>I have seen most of them in real life and Bonnie, Rupert, Katie... they don't look like that at all. [...] They put light on their face on purpose to make them look thinner and to have more defined face features. some of them are not like that in real life, so why do they have to do this? I have been reading a lot of comments like this and they annoyed me enough to finally write something about this. Yes their faces are way over lite (this is especially revealing in the domestic picture, their faces aren't just bright but blownout, an amature photographer could do better), but there is a reason that these pictures have such high contrast. These pictures where made to be the base images for posters (like the Swedish and IMAX ones), in fact in another comment thread or perhaps on the Lounge, someone was talking about how they saw the domestic poster in a theater and it looked perfectly normal, not bright. The reason they use such a high contrast for these images is because of something that all printmakers know about called dot gain. Dot gain is the tenancy of black ink to 'seep' (this is actually a bad word to use but I can't think of a better one right now) into other colors. The reason why the domestic picture is so much more noticeable then the Swedish one is because of the huge amount of black surrounding the small patches of white, so those white sections will get a much higher dot gain. This also explains why the IMAX photo looked closer to real life then the domestic one (well excluding the 'alterations' mentioned in this article). The IMAX photo was obviously either for online use only or was given to IMAX without any contrast shifting so they could do it themselves and they put the photo online before they did the printmaking on it. They could also be using different paper then WB (hence a reason why they would get an unshifted photo) so they would have to custom adjust the contrast (different papers have different dot gains). Now I must say that I am not actually a printmaker (I have a friend who is and has explained dot gain to me) so I can't actually say if the Swedish picture was photoshoped or just adjusted for printing (you should probably ask an expert), but that could be an explanation and is definitely the reason for the funny looking domestic poster. for an explanation of dot gain, this site is pretty good: Image says: I think its disgusting that they should feel the need to "enhance" Emma's image. I know that Keira Knightly was also "enhanced" for the King Arthur posters. Im sure its a common practice. Not a good one of course. That cant actually be Bonnie in that poster. ITS NOT HER!. lol. Emma looks different too. Scary.Avatar Image says: wow- i can't believe they actually feel the need to that! for whom?! its crazy- they chose her for the way she looks (i mean she's not the best actor) yet its still not enough. its nuts! Avatar Image says: Thank You Melissa and Leaky. Finally a battle won in the war over false body images presented by our media. Maybe this will send a message to the rest of the marketing world that we are fed up with this constant barrage of airbrushing the reality away. As for those of you who have commented about the other cast members and asked why this focused on Emma and Bonnie, it is becasuse the airbrushing was done to make them appear more sexually appealling. This is not a good thing! Would you want it done to your daughter?Avatar Image says: Hoorah! feel the wrath of the Potter fans!! It's awesome to know big media corps. out there like the Daily Mail and WB are reading Melissa's words and our comments, and if they are reading: You DON'T need sex to sell Harry Potter, it's a worldwide cultural phenomenon, it's record breaking and will continue to smash records so long as the movies are half as good as the books.Avatar Image says: This makes for rather depressing reading, actually. And it's the second such piece, within the space of a week, that has done so. I strongly sense that the Harry Potter magic is starting to go down the drain, and the reason is very plain to see: sex. When the kids were innocent and pre-pubertal, all was charm and accord, and there were lots of postings that were intelligent and considered. It made for reading which was a pleasant relief from the usual Hollywood rubbish that swirls around movie stars like water in a toilet being flushed. And then, voila! Dan strips off and flashes earth, and a simple interview by Emma is immediately interpreted, for no reason at all, as an attack on Dan for having done so. Now we have--again revolving around poor Emma--"breast enhancement" and sexualization as major topics for adolescent hysteria. I can almost see the acne scars spreading. I think I'll wait for the last book, and pursue the last movies on my own. This is all getting a bit annoying, really.Avatar Image says: It's great that Melissa pointed that out.Avatar Image says: >>Because it makes her and all of Harry Potter fandom look like hypocrites. Harry Potter fans have been sexualising children for years in the form of slash art and fiction - fans are guilty of far worse than anything WB have done. where is Melissa's editorial on that? Nonexistent and not forthcoming, until one of those sexualized images/writings is issued as an official image from an official company. Just because I haven't editorialized on how disgusting I think some of the fan practices are (writing incest with the characters? gross; sexualizing underage characters? gross) doesn't mean I am not against it. But that's why these things aren't on our site; that's why we have a "only to the level that's in the books" limit to what's in the fan art gallery. It's well and good to think that if I write one editorial on one thing you have a right to demand all these others out of me; well, you don't. Obviously I felt this was more important - this has to do with how the officially recognized source of film images for Potter treats our characters. Because when these images go out they are *sanctioned*. If JKR suddenly said, "Hey, incest is cool, I'll officially sanction all stories about incest!" uh, we'd be against that too. The unofficial fan stuff may not be my cup of tea but I don't see it as NEARLY a big a threat as having WB mess with these characters and release those images to the public. Not nearly. But, that's my opinion, which is why it's my editorial, which is why it's my opinion and prerogative and not yours. I won't tell you what to do, and you won't tell me. Then we can coexist.Avatar Image says: Way to go, Melissa!!! And, "Carborundum non ilegitimi est." OMTAvatar Image says: Mellisa> Off topic I know but you are aware you only got 5 and a half hours sleep yes? And you can still function? Its Sunday you know ;-)Avatar Image says: Loki- is it just your computer or what? Melissa never said that she owned HP- she said "our characters" not "my characters". Most fans feel a lot of attachment to the characters that they've been reading about for years, so of course someone who's devoted some much time to the books feels that way.Avatar Image says: Wow, great job Melissa! That's great news!Avatar Image says: No-one is ruining the HP franchise, don't exaggerate. This movie looks great and I can not wait to se it. The way a poster looks like doesn't show how the movie really is. The trailers show how they movie willbe and they are amazing! They are giving life to these books, story and characters we love so much and they do a great work.Avatar Image says: Oh for heaven's sake Loki, don't go to this sinister places on the net where fans post their - the shock - the horror - slash fiction and you will be fine. The movie theatres of this world on the other hand should be safe for every Harry Potter fan to visit without being insulted or having their favorite characters and actors insulted. Even Emma and Bonnie should be able to go there without learning that they are too ugly and "fat" to be presentable to the public at large. If I ever saw a case of apples and oranges ...Avatar Image says: Thats great news about time they changed the promo pic. What's wierd tho is that in each promotional picture emma's character is wearing tight jumpers but when you compare it to the movie still pic where she and matt lewis are bing held captive by draco & crabbe in umbridge's office that same jumper is way looser than in the promotional pics. IMXA & WB are just ruining the HP fanchise, come the 7th film goodness knows waht the promotional pics will look like wat with this "Hollywood" effect happening now. Avatar Image says: Well done, Leaky! I wish the next step was giving Hermione something else than pink wordrobe, but not-enhancing underage actresses is a great start.Avatar Image says: For me, this isn't about sexualising the series - as JKR said, her characters are proper teenagers now, they have to grow up realistically, of course they're going to be snogging and all that - this is about Emma Watson's figure being edited, about her natural shape apparently not being good enough. That's just not right; she should be able to have a normal, human figure (with a ribcage and everything!), just like everyone else should. When it comes down to it, it's about an attitude I don't like in the media, I guess, and the fact that it's being put on to a character who's the opposite of that attitude *shrug* Avatar Image says: I may be missing something but I can't see the difference. Or could it be because I'm 21 and work on a show where the clothing is skimpy and the dancing erotic? (Before anyone asks, it's 'Dirty Dancing' :P)Avatar Image says: yay! you guys go! Avatar Image says: As I mentioned earlier I emailed the swedish website and actually asked them if they could remove the poster with Bonnie looking different. Can't hurt to ask. :) They replied, and I've translated some of it: "we have as a goal to always present the swedish poster on our site. I to have read the criticism concerning HP5:s IMAX-poster and seen the difference between the posters, but I've not heard any complaints on 'our' poster. As long as it is the poster which is up on Sandrew Metronomes press-site, we've got nothing to replace it with." So unless "Sandrew Metronomes press-site" changes, they can't and won't change. And according to wikipedia: "Sandrew Metronome is a Swedish-Danish film distributor" and they're also "the Nordic distributor for films by Warner Bros". So they simply got it from WB. And this means that unless WB decides that the poster should be removed, it'll remain where it is. At least I tried. :) And for the first time it was great to be an HP-fan in Sweden since I could email them in swedish. Most commonly it's not an advantage 'cause nothing HP ever happens over here. Oh well.Avatar Image says: That's awesome. That they took the poster down, I mean. It wasn't even a good editting-job to begin with, any implications about Watson's body aside. Hooray for Leaky and everyone else who made this happen. This ought to happen more often.Avatar Image says: That's freaking awesome!Avatar Image says: WAY TO GO MELISSA!!!!!Avatar Image says: Dear me! As if this was the first time Emma Watson´s face/body has been enhanced. It has been happening since POA and I daresay it will continue to happen in HBP and DH.Avatar Image says: The real news here is that someone at WB took their eye off the ball and let two versions of the same poster get released. That the poster was retouched is no news at all. It happens in advertising all the time, every day, everywhere for all kinds of reasons and has been going on since photography was invented. If there was no retouching at all, Leaky would be flooded with comments about why the actors look so rough. There is a culture of whining about the films created by people who seem determined to show they know nothing about the film industry.Avatar Image says: Caro, word. Exactly what I was talking about. Solo, I said before in the comments of the original article that it doesn't matter (to me, at least) how she's been changed - bigger, smaller, whatever - what matters is that she *has* been. I can't really see any real reason she would need editing like that, and it just gives me the impression that, in the eyes of whoever did the editing, there was something somehow "wrong" with how she looked before. Also, as for the comments about general photo touching up: there is a huge difference between that and what we're talking about. Of course skin tones and lighting and colouring need to be fixed up, that's how this kind of thing works - Emma Watson's figure, however, doesn't come under that heading, IMO. Meh, I told myself I wasn't going to get frothy over this *sheepish face*Avatar Image says: Just thought I would interject a bit of logical deduction here. If the IMAX poster was indeed the original, would WB have retracted it? The retraction and statement is likely to generate negative publicity towards the IMAX version, not to mention the cost of creating/distibuting a new poster. Would they have taken that risk soley because one fan site showed outrage? I doubt it. If the IMAX poster had actually shown Emma's true figure, we would have been told and the poster would have remained. If we think about WB's reaction unemotionally, I feel that they have proven TLC's opinion concerning which poster was retouched to be correct.Avatar Image says: Melissa, I admire your confidence and courage. Thank you for not backing down on this issue after so much heat. Many people get upset when someone challenges the status quo, even if the status quo is wrong. (In this case, the status quo is changing a girl/woman's figure in a movie poster to look curvier). Yes, it happens all the time, but it is both wrong and sad that Hollywood doesn't want to give us real people. This sort of thing is a recent development. Look at Audrey Hepburn, one beautiful actress, and her bust was not very large, and tickets for her movies sold just fine (even though they didn't enhance her bust on movie poster, (moive poster were usually cartoon, so they could easier have enhanced anything: see posters for How To Steal A Million and Breakfast at Tiffany's). The changing of posters are based on misconceptions and faulty logic.Avatar Image says: HOORAY FOR MELISSA she made the 'Mail on Sunday'. bad mr warner bros. man for silly airbrushed posterAvatar Image says: WB never said it was enhanced. They said there was a mistake. Never were the words enhanced used. I think the fact they took it down could be because they were too large and were distracting. Not the other way around. The fact they have kept the Swedish poster up which even shows a more curvy Emma begs the questions which image is more accurate. I don't think this issue will be resolved unless WB talks more about this, which I doubt will happen. Because regardless this issue is about Emma, not Hermione, and they will want to protect Emma from negativity. But I think it would be hilarious if TLC was globally proven wrong.Avatar Image says: Steph, It is only perverted to look at breast when it is done is a sexual way (which is why breast enhancement is quite disgusting, because it assumes that enhancement will cause more sex appeal). Doctors have to look at breast all the time, and this is not from perversion. Breasts, strickly speak, are for nursing young and nothing more. I think people forget that. and actually large breast are a sign of possibly have more of a chance of breast cancer. Avatar Image says: You can see that the regular poster is the real version of Hermione by comparing the posters with the shots of her in the same jumper in the trailers we have seen. Avatar Image says: Oh, that would be even more charming. Editing out a girl's real breasts because they would be too distracting? I have a better idea: let's cut all the female roles from Harry Potter! Women can be so distracting and their bodies are a hazard to society! Sorry, Solo and Steph, you really don't have a point here.Avatar Image says: Mandy, Where does it say that WB have admitted to enhancing a 17yr old girls breasts? Avatar Image says: Loki, I have been visiting this site for well over a year now and have openly disagreed with many persons, Melissa included. As long as we conduct ourselves in a mature manner, posts are not deleted. There are guidelines for posting for anyone who is unsure of the rules but to put them in a nutshell - show respect and refrain from vulgar language and your posts will remain. If you don't believe me just read the conversation between Melissa and Patricia about this very topic. :-)Avatar Image says: You all still don't know what actually happened during the editing of these pictures, and it's still ridiculous to make assumptions about WB and the people who work for WB, *especially* when it causes people to claim that they're "sexing up" young girls. That is implying that someone is a pervert, and doing that is insulting someone. Also, I agree with Steph and Solo in these comments.Avatar Image says: I mean distracting in that the it takes away the viewers eyes from seeing the full picture. I can see a person using artistic license to reduce them so it isn't taking away from the reason of the poster. Personally, I think they were reduced since the swedish poster is official. I don't look at Emma's breasts much but I did relook the old trio EW pictures from GOF. Emma was pretty curvy then. Plus she was pretty curvy in that black dress at the premier after party. I still think it was stupid to make a big deal out of this and to put Emma through all this crap.Avatar Image says: I'm actually curious what they will do with the Swedish poster. I think that Emma was "enhanced" even more in that one, but we don't have a different version like we do with the IMAX poster to compare it to. W.B. officially released this poster. It puts them in a really tight spot because if they take it down then they will be admitting to altering it, and if they leave it up they are saying there's nothing wrong with altering it. They can't very well say that this poster wasn't "official" and that it was a "mistake". My guess is they won't take it down because it will be far less damaging to ignore it. I still stand by that these pictures are altered. We've seen recent pictures of Emma and we've seen pictures of her in that very same outfit that do not match up in breast size. It doesn't matter what she looked like in a white t-shirt or in a black dress, what matters is what she looks like *now* in *this* sweater, which we have many pictures of to compare it to.Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but I just can't believe that you guys would be upset about this and not about Equus?! This is pure hypocrisy. I surely don't agree with "enhancing" a teenage girl on a poster but what about a teenage boy? Why is okay for boys?! Why does no one get upset? Those Equus pics were all posted on this site including the one with his bare behind. The whole "but she's under 18" argument just doesn't fly anymore. Not after Equus. Sexism and hypocrisy are alive and well and that makes me very sad.Avatar Image says: Equus and this thing have so little to do with each other. Seriously. Also, sexism? Um, okay...Avatar Image says: Completley agree Elizabeth. I think Kyle doesnt see much of a problem with it because guys dont have much of a problem with the sexualization of females. I would feel the same if they bulked up Harry or Ron! If I noticed Emmas *enhancments* on the IMax poster then anyone else must have. For heaven sake even her hair was so photoshopped poor Nevilles face was half hidden. Personally Im tired of turning on the TV and having Girls gone wild advertised at all hours of the day. It's forcing younger people to grow up too soon! If this is our small stance against treating women with such disrespect then more power to us! Patricia, *I feel sad* that you arnt bothered by this. De-sesatizing people to this type of problem is exactly what Hollywood has done over the years and *you, Patrica* are the perfect example.Avatar Image says: I wish they took down the other pic...Avatar Image says: Once again the pen is mighter than the sword. Thank you Melissa and thanks to the WB. Glad you ralize what side your bread is buttered on.Avatar Image says: That doesn't look any different from the IMAX poster.Avatar Image says: Except that the angle, pose and clothing are all different, so I don't see how you can conclude that they are the same.Avatar Image says: Refer to pic 1 of the screencaps for the HBO Ootp Preview. Emma's body there kind of matches her body that is on the poster.Avatar Image says: Since issuing an apology was mentioned in the discussion of the editorial I think there is someone we really owe an apology: The people on the pictures, mainly Emma Watson. It seems that we've been _very closely_ looking at her body for days now (I don't know what you usually do in your free time but I think it's a very strange thing to do for adult people, which believe most of us are), making comments about it, and making everyone very aware of the changes in these posters. Now, regardless of what WB did, we're telling the world over and over again that her body is viewed as "wrong". Without this editorial and discussion I highly doubt that this issue would have got so much publicity. But then again, it's difficult to get the political message across without sacrificing a few pawns in the process. Avatar Image says: I agree that TLC is jumping on the bandwagon - I didn't know that there had been changes (still can't really see a difference), and I doubt the average Harry Potter fan would have done without this being made into a *huge* issue. Unless you spend a lot of time staring at a young girls breasts then it's not something you'd notice. Bigger, smaller, who gives a fudge, providing the film is good they can stick a can of potatoes on the poster and I'll still see it. Went over to read the editorial and actually felt a bit sick that someone had sat down and spent a good length of time *morphing* the two images! We shouldn't be talking about her breasts, they're just part of her, what should matter is her skill as an actress. If they had made a larger bulge in Harry's trousers I don't think we'd be making this such an issue. Avatar Image says: Lily, Equus was done by Dan's choice. Does anyone know if Emma voluteered to have her breasts enhanced? Also, I don't understand the argument that it 'happens all the time' in movies and photography, so 'what's the big deal'. Sure it happens all the time but it doesn't make it right. FINALLY someone spoke up! That's just as mature as saying, we'll everyone smokes, everyone murders, it happens all the time, 'what's the big deal?" Also, Bellatricksthestrange, about getting the eyes check regarding Bonnie, uh I think most of us here can tell that she looks VERY different. Her face doesn't look as boxy. Although, I DO agree with you about it becoming a moutain out of a molehill. I, too, did not notice anything until I read this message. That's an interesting viewpoint. If Emma spoke up about it I would feel better about talking about it. However, many people's comments have been very thought-provoking and I feel the need to respond. I think this becomes an issue of sexualizing images in the media, rather than focusing on HER breasts ALONE. Hopefully... LASTLY, although I agree that it's very disturbing that they had to enhance THAT portion of her body, breasts are part of sex appeal, it's suppose to be that way, otherwise there would be no sex. They are for feeding babies and stuff, but yes it's sex appeal. That's why it's such a focus in the media, internet, etc... Although, I think it's sad... This world is so corrupt!! Avatar Image says: * We as fans scrutinise EVERY SINGLE picture, poster, movie still on the cast, making endless comments about their looks. So we are just as culpable for this type of editing - we feed the monster that churns this stuff out. * Emma shouldn't HAVE to speak about this, it must be uncomfortable enough for her. As a teenager, any OTT focus on your body is going to be uncomfortable. * The people that think this type of photoshopping is ok - would it be ok if Emma or Bonnie were your daughters? * People that still want to see these posters, look elsewhere, they have appeared on plenty of other sites on the net. * The people comparing this to Equus...WHY? I've seen Equus - fantastic play, has nothing to do with nudity or sex, it just happens to have 4 minutes of nudity at the end...and Dan CHOSE to do it. * Who the heck started measuring beauty by breast size in the first place?Avatar Image says: Kerri, you are wrong about "because guys dont have much of a problem with the sexualization of females". I don't like it one bit so let's not generalize okay? To those of you who don't see the difference, it was apparent when the two pics were laid over one another. It is the principle that is important. As far as Ginny goes, I don't think it is right to say we don't know what she looks like if we say it doesn't look like her. It doesn't! To the contrary...we know precisely how Bonnie looks as Ginny and that is a huge change and doesn't look much like her. Of course we know it is supposed to be her but the point is that there was too much of a change made and no changes should be made at all. Somwe of you are comaparing to this to Equus ad that is another subject. Yes, Dan chose to do it and that is a different thing altogether. I don't think WB should have allowed this stuff by having it in his contract and honestly...why should an actor who is playing a role, that is such a huge role model for kids, decide that he just has to choose a role that has a nude scene? He had to stretch himself as an actor...give me a break. Do you really want kids searching online for Harry potter and getting nude image of Dan? I don't see the same people defending Emma if she did the same thing next year and thankfully, she won't. Leaky and Melissa are in the right here and I am amazed that some of you have taken the opposing view point. It is about body image. I think Emma / Hermione's looks are always given too much importance when maybe her/their intelligence and loyalty and other traits should be emphasized but in this case it is important becasue it gives a wrong impression to young people that a thinner waist and larger breasts and sunken cheeks are so important that they had to change them in the posters. It's no wonder that there are so many eating disorders. The sexiest part of a female is her mind and so Kerri...I do have a problem with the sexualization of females. We might want to control our animal instincts and admire everyone as an individual for all their good qualities and put less empasis on appearance but, I know, that will never happen. Thanks again Melissa. You are right and don't let opinions sway you one way or anothr. Stick by those convictions.Avatar Image says:

Boo! Tits for the masses!

Avatar Image says:

Hate to say it, but I didn’t really notice a difference. I mean, if you hadn’t said something was different, I wouldn’ve noticed. Great job though!

As for removing them all from the internet? Impossible. Even moving some of them will prove to be difficult.


Avatar Image says:

I must be missing something but I could tell just what the manipulations were. Except for Ginney which i admit didn’t look like her at all…

Avatar Image says:

I typo-ed too. What I meant to write was that I “could not” tell what the manipulations were.

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