J.K. Rowling Updates Site with New Info on Draco, More


May 08, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

It would seem this fine spring day will bring some news from J.K.Rowling, as she has now updated her F.A.Q section with a bit about young Mr. Malfoy, his Patronus, confirmation about the exact date of birth for Lord Voldemort, and interestingly, we learn that Myrtle was indeed a Ravenclaw and Tonks is a proud member of the House of Hufflepuff!
Update: Andy from HarryPotterFanZone.com let us know that these questions were part of their open letter to Jo. cool!

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Avatar Image says: A few years back I wrote a fic set in the year 2018 in which (among other things) Tonks was the head of Hufflepuff (as well as DADA prof). It's great to occasionally get it right!Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! IIIEK, now I have become a squee'er as well *blushes*Avatar Image says: woo hoo!! Finally Jo has updated her sight...now if only that door would open...Avatar Image says: Wooo!! Tonks is a Hufflepuff!! REPRESENT! :DAvatar Image says: Thank you Jo! :DAvatar Image says: I always had Tonks down as a Gryffindor. Ah well.Avatar Image says: Love the new canon! Myrtle Ravenclaw, Tonks Hufflepuff!! I am not Huffle but I like JKR puts great wizards (Nymphadora, Cedric) on this House. One question: when was Draco supposed to charm the Patronus at the end of HP6? It seems as he had but he couldn't. Somebody knows?Avatar Image says: Site updates, yea! Open door! Open, open, open... Avatar Image says: Wow, tonks is a hufflepuff, who would have known?Avatar Image says: wow that is so cool! just went to check what the Wood 'Hawthorn' means in in Celtic tree calender and i found out Hawthorn represents love!? could Draco have a heart after all? www.the-tree.org.uk/Sacred%20Grove/treecalendarAvatar Image says: Marauding: I have explain myself wrong. Better I quote Jo: "As of the end of Half-Blood Prince, he has no idea how to produce one, so nobody knows". So my question is: as the end of HBP there is a scene which he tryes (with no success) to spell a Patronus, or Jo is only reffering to the most actual storyline? Prize to the one who understands my question xD sorry. Language barrier.Avatar Image says: ZOMG I SO KNEW TONKS WAS A PUFF!!! AHHHHH!!! *is dead from squee* HUFFLEPUFF FOREVER!! :D Peace, RotaeAvatar Image says: Woot!!! Tonks is a Huffle..... yeah!!! That is so cool!!! umm, Tonks from the Ancient and most Noble House of Black in Hufflepuffs House.... I do have to admit I never imagined poor moaning as a Ravenclaw, She certainly does not act like that in the movies....Avatar Image says: Tonks is a Hufflepuff?!!!! When are you going to dye your hair pink, Sue?Avatar Image says: Er... Leaky, I hate to complain, but how about next time JKR updates her site, you don't tell us word for word what jkr has put on her site, so we actually have something we haven't already read when we go to look? Just "jkr has put some information about Tonks, Myrtle, Draco and Voldemort" would be enough, then we still have the surprises when we go to look Avatar Image says: El Cron: Jo simply means that Draco has never learnt to cast a patronus, so no-one knows what animal his patronus would be. He almost certainly hasn't been in a situation where he would need one yet and presumably patronuses are taught in the final year at Hogwarts, if they are taught there at all.Avatar Image says: "Marauding: I have explain myself wrong. Better I quote Jo: "As of the end of Half-Blood Prince, he has no idea how to produce one, so nobody knows". So my question is: as the end of HBP there is a scene which he tryes (with no success) to spell a Patronus, or Jo is only reffering to the most actual storyline?" El Cronista - what I *think* Jo is saying here is, Draco's never been put in a situation (that we, the reader has seen) by the end to HBP to know whether or not Draco can produce a patronus. I don't think there is a scene in which he "attempts" to create on, just that Jo is saying that he's never been made to need one. Therefore, we don't know. I think she is also driving home the point that it's advanced magic, and seriously difficult for ANYONE (none the less, "kids") to produce one. Draco might be capable, but he just hasn't ever tried. Hope that helps! (and I hope I got it right!) Avatar Image says: I would LOVE to know what that table of contents is on her desk! Yea for Hufflepuff!!!Avatar Image says: Tonks is a Hufflepuff?!!!! When are you going to dye your hair pink, Sue? Posted by starling on May 8, 2007 at 9:05 AM LOLOL you know,...given the continual state of flux my hair color is in anyway it's an option I haven't actually considered but now...maybe! (useless, but I'll share anyway-I chickened out while at the salon to go all blonde, but now its multi colors of red, brown and blonde ...and a few rogue strands of grey too ...woe :)) VIVA HUFFLEPUFF!! what a great month this is for our House- THANK YOU JO!!!!! Avatar Image says: I read that and for some reason I thought we always knew Myrtle was a Ravenclaw. I guess it's the silver grey of a ghost and Ravenclaw grey. Things tend to get mixed up in my sleep deprived mind. I actually exclaimed "YES!" when I read the Tonks is a Hufflepuff thing. :) *Proud Puff* LOL, Sue if you go pink totally show up pics. It'd be so cute. :PAvatar Image says: El Cronista - I understood you, but apparently I was not able to express myself properly :-/ (not a native speaker either :)Avatar Image says: Thank you Jo now please would you open that door?Avatar Image says: Thanks Jo! Now about that last WOMBAT.... Avatar Image says: Like we needed MORE proof that Hufflepuff Rocks? And as mentioned before, SQUEEEEEEE!Avatar Image says: I have always thought that Tonks is a Hufflepuff because in the Brazilian translation it's clear that her head of house is a woman. And I thought there were too many Gryffindors. Anyway, Tonks seems to have Hufflepuff qualities - loyalty, hard work (but she is also brave). Anyway, it's good to be right.Avatar Image says: I'd like to know what house Jo is in. I'm sure she'd place herself in Gryffindor, seeing as all her main characters are there, but who knows? And Yay! For Myrtle being a Ravenclaw? Who cares, GO RAVIES!!! Myrtle's cool. Just.. misunderstood. :]Avatar Image says: Woooooot Tonks is a Hufflepuff- thats what I had always thought... Myrtle is Ravenclaw? she must be a smart girl - behind all the wailing and moaning, that is. But my *heart* it beateth ever faster. Information on Draco! hmm "at the end of HBP" he cannot cast a patronus. So will he learn in book seven then? someone should teach him. I'm dead curious now. Hawthorn... hmm not sure what that means. all i could find was: It's properties are fertility, happiness, psychic shielding, a gateway to the fairy world. It will also promote happiness. Romans placed hawthorn in their children's cradels to protect from evil spells. It's element is fire, planet Mars, gender masculine; to summarise: Wisdom, psychic protection, patience, creativity, confidence, and charm Holly has been regarded as a powerful protective wood. It is a truly exquisite wood for wands. Holly is one of the most fiery of woods. The spear is one of the prototypes of the magical wand, a phallic , yang instrument for projecting will and inseminating matter with life and creative seed-forces. Mars, Feminine. Purity, strength, logic, power transfer, protection "Hawthorn seems to suit Draco as Holly suits Harry" I see some similarities I guess... *is unsure* I need to see more sources. Voldemort born at the end of the year rather that the begining seems suitable. niice.Avatar Image says: oooh an update! I love it when Jo updates the faq section. I always thought Tonks was in Gryffindor...ah but she does have all the qualities of a Hufflepuff. and it's so great that Hermione and some others have also been able to cast a Patronus like Harry. Avatar Image says: remember, Harry disagreed with Snape on proper way to tackle dementors in HBP, meaning it was not the patronus way. So, only Harry and some of the DA learned how to produce one. Avatar Image says: It's always a treat when Jo updates the FAQ :) I hadn't read the diary update till now though. Her last paragraph made my heart leap! :DAvatar Image says: I wish JKR would be more specific. :) she won't be, I hope we can learn more from book 7 I can't figure out whether she's stating something positive or saying: "Draco smells unpleasant". posted by Liln LOL, you made me laugh, thank you! but it's interesting about beautiful shrub and sour fruit.Avatar Image says: YAY! Tonks is a Hufflepuff!Avatar Image says: Yeah! Finally, updates from Jo! I was beginning to think she would stay silent until after we'd read Deathly Hallows. Now that we've been through a bit of a dry spell of updates from Jo, I wonder what theories will start arising from these FAQ updates. Like maybe Myrtle as heir of Ravenclaw theories or something ;) Avatar Image says: I'm glad that I made you laugh, muggle. It lessens my Draco angst. Also- I agree with this post from earlier. Posted by One more time... ...And Tonks a Hufflepuff, interesting. Ya know I would liked for her to have been a Slytherin, so she could mention it to Harry and he'd go "You were in Slytherin?!" and then we'd get a "not all slytherins are bad" moment which has been needed all series. I know Slytherin's a plot device to display Voldemorts presence in the school, but I *want* them to seem more human and real... more three Dimensional and grey-area. And Tonks (while it would have been cool) doesn't seem to have the right traits for Slytherin, which is why I thought she'd be a hufflepuff, or a gryffindor. It still would have been cool though. ;)Avatar Image says: Way to GO HUFFLEPUFF!! Tonks is cool! Cho and Moaning Myrtle...hmmmm Luna is a cool Ravenclaw. Avatar Image says: Hmm I would have thought that Tonks would have been a Gryffindor.Avatar Image says: Can someone explain to me the significance of Draco's wand? Why is it spooky? Yeah just...what was up with all of that info? Avatar Image says: I'm just so excited about Tonks being a Hufflepuff!! THAT'S MY HOUSE!!! Ahem. Sorry, got excited. It's also interesting to note that Myrtle was a Ravenclaw, she doesn't seem to the type. Well, then again, neither does Luna. No offense to Luna intended.Avatar Image says: Face, there is a chart on Jo's website that lists the different kinds of wood and places them in accordance to the months. Jo had already given Harry's wand the wood Holly, and Draco wand the wood of Hawthorne before she found the chart and realized that she had matched them according to the chart and the months of their birth. That's why she said it was spooky.Avatar Image says: *cahnts to "Sue and the Hufflepuffs"* Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tonks is a Hufflepuff!Avatar Image says: Hi Face! The thing with the wands is that according to the Celtic tradition, certain trees are allocated to the periods during the year. Like astrology. If you're born in March, you're born under starsign Pisces or Aries, but according to the Celts you can be charactized as for instance Willow or Hazel (the periods don't coincide exactly with the months, but more like two week periodes or something). Jo already gave Harry a holly wand and Draco a hawthorn wand, before she even knew this Celtic tree system existed. Later she has discovered that those trees match exactly with their birthdays, and that's the spooky thing. It's as if she subconsciously knew this or at least recognized the same character/qualities in the trees as the ancient Celts did. Avatar Image says: Tonks is a Hufflepuff!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!! HUFF HUFF HUFFLEPUFF!!Avatar Image says: TONKS! A fellow Hufflepuff! Woohoo! I love updates like this :)Avatar Image says: Anybody realize that one of the Hogwarts Founders is the Witch of the Month, maybe something exciting is going to happen....Avatar Image says: Sue will certainly be squeeing! Tonks is a Hufflepuff, interesting. I always assumed she was a Gryffindor because she's so brave...just goes to show the sorting hat really digs deep when he sorts you. I love when Jo writes on her site because she could say *oddment tweak nitwit and blubber* and everyone would swarm around like bee's soaking up the information! Lol!Avatar Image says: I always knew that MM was in Ravensclaw. But I am confused about Tonks. Her mother Andromeda was a Black--Narcissa and Bellatrix's sister. Do you think that Andomeda was like Sirius and put into some other house than Slytherin? I guess we don't know what house her father Muggle-born Ted Tonks was in. Maybe he was a Hufflepuff too.Avatar Image says: I always knew MM was in Ravenclaw too, but I'm not sure why ... *digs around the Lexicon's Canon Portkey* Nope. *digs around the Lexicon* That just told me the answer to the F.A.Q. (quick as lightning, those Lexicon editors). Siiiiigh.Avatar Image says: Somehow I always knew Tonks was in Hufflepuff. There is just something about her character that screams for that house. Also, she and Sue have lots in common, personality wise, so it was expected. XD Poor Draco can't produce a Patronus. :(Avatar Image says: Oh yah!!! Tonks is a Hufflepuff!! I'm not one myself, but I think it's great that the Hufflepuff stereotypes are coming down in Jo saying this. They can still be brave and tough! And yet, I do see a lot of Hufflepuff in Tonks now that we know. She's obviously compassionate and loyal. That's very interesting lilyp, since English doesn't have masculine and feminine words we don't get those little hints!Avatar Image says: I have to agree with Arthur Dent's comment. It's great to know Jo updated her site, but I, too, would appreciate *no spoilers*.Avatar Image says: Moaning Myrtle in Ravenclaw?! Crazy.Avatar Image says: hahaha. i was like WOW. updates! my lil sis wants to know y tonks was in hufflepuff . . . and said dont knock the hufflepuffs. theyre cool. lol. and i agree with Lize04. i want the door to open!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k. done now. i lied. i want to know the other titles too . . .Avatar Image says: HUFF HUFF HUFFLEPUFF!!!!! *SQUEEEEE* *calms down* So, I'm reading back over the FAQ's, and I find that an answer to an old FAQ poll (the one about Secret Keepers) was a little....odd. asterisks = mine What happens to a secret when the Secret-Keeper dies? ......"The only *people* who ever knew their precise location were *those* whom Wormtail had told directly, but none of *them* would have been able to pass on the information." What.........? Plural????? Jo, what's going on here????Avatar Image says: I would have thought Tonks was a Gryffindor too... All the cool people keep coming from Hufflepuff... Tonks, Cedric... And the not-so-likeable characters from Ravenclaw, Myrtle, Cho. I really hope Ravenclaws kick some serious ass in Deathly Hallows. Ravenclaw is my favorite house I love themAvatar Image says: I found the FAQs very interesting, especially about Myrtle and Tonks - who woulda thought? The funny thing to me about Tonks being a Hufflepuff in a relationship with a werewolf is that "Hufflepuff" has always sounded like "Huff and Puff" to me (like the big bad wolf, lol).Avatar Image says: "And the not-so-likeable characters from Ravenclaw, Myrtle, Cho. " Luna?Avatar Image says: Ravenclaw's colours are blue and bronze in the books. It's only in the films that they are blue and grey.Avatar Image says: I wonder what Draco's wand contains though, I think she forgot to mention that. If it's Ollivander's, as is most likely, it could be phoenix feather, dragon heartstring or unicorn hair. Or he could have a want manufactured by someone else.Avatar Image says: Dragon heartstring would be an obvious choice. Because of his name. lmao thats all i got.Avatar Image says: Rhionnan - Ted Tonks was a muggle, not a muggle born. There have been some theories around that he is the newscaster named Ted mentioned in Book 1. Avatar Image says: Interesting that Cho and MM are both always crying all of the time...Isn't there some kind of theory about the Mirror of Erised belonging to Ravenclaw and it having something to do with Rowena losing her love???Avatar Image says: Maybe Salazar was her love, *feels dubious* but hey, it would make a great plot line. I've never heard that theory before. Also, Luna doesn't seem to cry, so i dno if that ravenclaw theory holds up. also Reprieved!Draco FTW!!! Hawthorne seems to mean a lot of different things. I wish we could sift them out properly. JO! please give us a couple of hints!! pwetty pwease ^_^Avatar Image says: Woohoo! Another Huffle confirmed! YAY Hufflepuff!!! Lady A ~The Few, The Proud, The Hufflerines!Avatar Image says: More info on Draco's wand / Hawthorn: HAWTHORN Also known as May Tree and White Thorn. Wands made of this wood are of great power. The blossoms are highly erotic to men. Hawthorn can be used for protection, love and marriage spells. And most charts give the word "Love" to Hawthorn and "Peace" to Holly (Harry's wand).

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