“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” Rated PG-13?


May 10, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

While there is no indication on either the official Motion Picture Association of America website, nor the official main WB Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix website, scores of you mailed to say the offshoot WB site Dumbledore’s Army now has a PG-13 rating listed. This website is part of the promotion for the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film. The PG-13 label says Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 and “Sequences of Fantasy Violence and Frightening Images.” Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was also rated PG-13 here in the States and contained a similar caution. We will update once there is official word from the MPAA.
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Avatar Image says: I hope it's the same rating in the UK as GoF was so that I can take my 6 year old to it. He's desperate to see it and is disgruntled enough that I'll be seeing it first without him (just to be 100% sure it's OK for him). Personally I think the graveyard scene is potentially more frightening than anything in OotP so I can't imagine that it would have a more severe rating.Avatar Image says: First comment? Hopefully it is PG13 it would be horrible to go back to PG. Avatar Image says: Oh, no. I hope it's just PG. I've got kids who are dying to see it.Avatar Image says: Yay! That probably means it's M here in Australia. I wonder if HBP will be MA! YAY!Avatar Image says: this dose not suprise me at all, the book is very dark and so ( by the look of it ) is the movie. I think it will be PG13 for the rest of the movies.Avatar Image says: I think PG-13 means that younger kids can still see it, provided their parents think they can cope with the material. I think this is the right sort of rating, because a lot of kids will want to see it, but there are some serious themes in the book, so there will be in the film also. Of course this could just be the rating Warner Bros is targeting, they must have a pretty good idea what the ratings board will give them, and they can always adjust the contents so that they do get that rating.Avatar Image says: It must be official if it appears on a WB website. I didn't expect anything less, but I'm still happy to get the confirmation. Melindaleo, you know GoF was rated PG-13 ? The films must reflect the growing darkness and seriousness of the books. They can't be toned down so that younger kids could see them. The films, as the books, are gearing towards a more teenage audience b/c as Harry gets older, so do the readers and moviegoers. Those who got into the Potterverse at 11 wouldn't be interested in more childish stuff 5 years later.Avatar Image says: Oh thats exciting ^^ and yes Crookshanks GOF was M too ^^ I think it just means it's definatly going to be more...detailed and in depth...which spells out one word...BRILLIANT!!! Avatar Image says: If it's PG-13 in the US, then it will definitely be a 12A in the UK. Not that it's a problem. My little brother's 10 years old so he can easily get in if he's with our mum. Also, I certainly don't think he will be scared. You're talking about the boy who laughed his head off when he watched "The Evil Dead" on TV.Avatar Image says: It'll probably still be PG here in Canada, just like the last one was.Avatar Image says: Maybe that stupid Nickelodeon contest will see how dumb they were... who wants to send 6-12 year old kids to a PG13 movie?? Harry Potter isn't 11 anymore! He had definitely grown up, and so have the fans!Avatar Image says: Fleur- Hi again! Yeah I reckon it'll be absoloutley fantastic! The movie seems even darker than the 4th, and if it gets darker and darker I wonder if the movies will become MA. HBP has zombies, blood everywhere when Harry almost kills Malfoy, Dumbledore cuts himself and sprays blood on the wall, pretty disturbingly gruesome. And the 7th can only be darker!Avatar Image says: It'd be pretty strange if OOTP was PG, so PG-13 is probably correct. Although, like someone else's already mentioned, it'll likely get PG in Canada - I admit it'll be a bit amusing when parents who haven't read the books will have to cover their young kids' eyes in outrage when Harry and Cho snog and Umbridge makes Harry carve words into his skin.Avatar Image says: "You're talking about the boy who laughed his head off when he watched "The Evil Dead" on TV." Your mum let him watch Evil Dead? Oy vey, and there's me having a problem with my 7-year old watching Spiderman 3 at a birthday party ...Avatar Image says: "Yay! That probably means it's M here in Australia. I wonder if HBP will be MA!" GOF was an M here so I would be very surprised if OOTP isn't. M in Australia means kids can go, but it is recommended for a mature audience. MA is not suitable for people under 15 and under 15's must be accompanied by an adult. PG is parental guidance recommended. I think GOF mainly got the M for the graveyard scene. Avatar Image says: This is exciting to me for some reason. It's playing along with the maturation of the characters and the books themselves. It's similar to when I found out that Star Wars Episode III was PG-13 for the Darth Vader scene. It indicates to me, and this is just my opinion, that the film-makers are taking the book seriously and not trying to dumb it down to make it a kids movie. Kids can still see it, but now their parents have actively play a role in what they see. A lot of parents do that already, but a lot of parents don't, too. I'm excited. I can't wait. Yay for PG-13!Avatar Image says: Good! I would be disgruntled if they suddenly went back to being PG!Avatar Image says: when the people did the advance screenings hey said they were asked if they would lik to attend a sneak preview of a pg movie. also they mentioned no swearing was in the movie, and a little bit of vilonce and cos had violence and it was pg. so i expect this one to get pg. on the site its most likly just left over from gof and it was just left on their. Avatar Image says: I don't see how the movies can go back to a PG rating after GOF of PG-13. So, I would really surprised if OotP didn't get the PG-13 rating.Avatar Image says: DUH! They won't rate it "R", and GOF was "PG-13". THey'd be watering it down way too much if they went down to "PG" again.Avatar Image says: I do think is wise to be cautionary,we have to realise that Harry is "growing up" therefore as in real life, situations become more "distressing" so I do think it wise to make the film PG 13 even if most are accustomed to distressing situations !Avatar Image says: I guess I expected, after the last one was PG-13, that the rest would be. I mean, not counting another death, this movie also has a scary animal attacking someone violently enough to put him in the hospital, not to mention the "possession" angle which, from what I've read, is played up way more in the movie than in the book. I mean, in the book, Harry's having dreams and getting flashes of Voldement's moods and such, but except for the few moments at the Ministry, at the end of the battle at the fountain, Harry is not actually possesses by Voldemort, but I think the movie makes it seem like he's possessed for longer, like it's gradually increasing, he sees Voldemort in the train station, for instance. Definitely worth a PG-13 rating in my book, though I'll be taking my almost 10-year old.Avatar Image says: "You're talking about the boy who laughed his head off when he watched "The Evil Dead" on TV." --- "Your mum let him watch Evil Dead? Oy vey, and there's me having a problem with my 7-year old watching Spiderman 3 at a birthday party ..." I was thinking the same to be honest. I know as a teenager (13-14) I was watching films like Carrie and Nightmare on elm street at sleep overs etc but my parents deffinatly were not aware that I was. And to this day (I am now 28) I will not even look at a picture of Freddie let alone watch one of the films as he scares the bejesus out of me becuase I then promptly had a dream about him. There is no way I would let any 10 year old - no matter of their disposition watch a film like the evil dead. They are 10 and 10 year olds should not be watching cert 18 (in the UK) horror films. I would let a 10 year old watch a 12A Harry Potter if they were a fan of the book and understood it well.Avatar Image says: This book is about a PG-13 book. So I am glad that they when with the PG-13 rating. Whats going to happen with the 6th book, I don't know.Avatar Image says: That makes no sense. Order of the Phoenix has nothing PG-13 rated in it, except for perhaps the snake and various images in the Department of Mysteries. What, will Half-Blood Prince be rated R now? It's got worse "Frightening Images" than Order of the Phoenix.Avatar Image says: Karen, you're taking a 6-year old to see Phoenix ??? He must have watched GoF when he was younger then ? I personally can't understand how kids this young could watch such movies. Besides the scary elements, they just wouldn't grap the story's themes, drama, and all of that. They would only like the fun parts and the magic; and that is not what the books/movies are about. They are geared towards a much older audience (with the exceptipon of the first two). Personally, I wouldn't let any children below 12 watch 'Phoenix'. Avatar Image says: I would have liked NC-17 :-/Avatar Image says: Andrew, Karen said " I hope it's the same rating in the UK as GoF was so that I can take my 6 year old to it. He's desperate to see it and is disgruntled enough that I'll be seeing it first without him (just to be 100% sure it's OK for him). " I have a daughter who will be 7 years old by the time OOTP is released in cinemas and I will be doing the exact same thing. Not just taking the 6/7yo to see it but seeing it first to make sure it's ok. She's not too impressed about that either... She hasn't seen all of GoF yet though. She only just watched PoA all the way through. She's a massive fan and if she wasn't 7 years old and barely able to read chapter books she would have read all the HP series by now! She's coped well with PoA though and the bits of GoF she's seen. She hasn't seen the graveyard yet. The only iffy part I can see s Harry's grief after Sirius goes through the veil. Even the way he dies won't be too obvious to a 7yo. But since the kid has just dealt with the death of her grandmother I think that she will be fine with it. Some not real person is not going to bother her most likely. Yes, I might take my younger than 12yo to see OOTP. But like Karen that's not definite at all. I am sure it will be rated M here in Australia - due to the violence and death. Perhaps it won't make such headlines as GoF did when they rated that M!Avatar Image says: I am not surprised about the film rating but i hope it becomes a 15 in the UK because when i took my sister to see the movie two young girls where taken out of the film crying scared of the 'rebirth' scene and i think its not enough warning making it 12A (PG-13) as to me its just the same as labiling it a PG. I haven taken my little sister to see all the film's and knowing the context of GOF i went to see the film before i decided if it was ok for her to watch and i wil be doing the same with OotP.Avatar Image says: Good. It's not like it's a surprise that it's rated PG-13, but I just want to know for sure.Avatar Image says: My husband and I always see HP films opening night without the kids. Primarily so that we can have an enjoyable date night--it gives us a chance to check it out for our kids. I usually take the kids the next day. I will not be taking my youngest who is six. He will most likely go to a kid's show with dad. My 9 year old is the one I am focusing on. He has read and enjoyed all of the books. If the movie is not appropriate for him, he'll see a censored version when the DVD comes out. Avatar Image says: http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/features/harry-potter-and-the-order-of-the-phoenix.html NEW TRAILER!Avatar Image says: "Wicked."Avatar Image says: I'm still trying to figure out why GOF was rated PG-13. Both of my kids thought The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was a scarier movie and I agree. And that movie was rated PG. The Harry Potter movies are no "scarier" or "dark" than the Star Wars movies, and they were all PG, except for the last one which showed Anakin with 3 limbs severed off. Now THAT was a PG-13 scene. There is nothing in Harry Potter that comes close to that. Stupid MPAA.Avatar Image says: I really hope it's PG13...although it must really suck for those 12 year olds, etc. I think it helps put down the thought that Harry Potter is for kiddies. *shrug* But maybe that's just me.Avatar Image says: I know this is a little of topic, but what dose the trailer look like?? is it different then the other ones??Avatar Image says: My computer has some problems with Window Media Player so I can't view the trailer from the link that matty posted. Can anyone tell me if it's really a new one? Are there any new scenes in the trailer? Thanks.Avatar Image says: I guess a PG-13 (equivialnt to 12A in the UK) Rating is understandable. Harry's getting older so the content would be older as well. I would love for deathly hallows to be a 15(UK rating) because of all the (hopeful) deaths of the death eatersAvatar Image says: Hey- I just read this in the Columbus Dispatch "The image of a poster for OotP on the IMAX Web site has been removed in the wake of online criticism that it was retouched to make Emma Watson's 15-year-old alter ego, Hermione, a bit more, uh - let's just say curvy. Warner Bros. flacks issued a statement saying the altered image hadn't been approved and was posted accidentally." Geez- nice to see we have some power to right wrongs. Go us!Avatar Image says: "My husband and I always see HP films opening night without the kids. Primarily so that we can have an enjoyable date night--it gives us a chance to check it out for our kids. I usually take the kids the next day. I will not be taking my youngest who is six. He will most likely go to a kid's show with dad. My 9 year old is the one I am focusing on. He has read and enjoyed all of the books. If the movie is not appropriate for him, he'll see a censored version when the DVD comes out. " This is called being over pretected, just because he sees a little bit of fantacy violence, he isnt goin to be scared for life. its not lik he is goin to go get a wond and try to fight people with it! serously, ya would understand if their was nudity and violence and bood, but this is harry potter for heaven sakes. its not lik a nine year old has never seen this stuff before. he probaly sees worse on tv. also they dont sell a censored version! hes read the book its not lik the movies ganna be any worse! Avatar Image says: GET OVER IT GUYS!!! The rest of the Potter movies are gonna be rated PG-13Avatar Image says: Exciting :-D. Yeah I thought it would be pretty funny for it to go from PG to PG-13 and back to PG again, especially for OotP. Soy emocionada!Avatar Image says: Mike- I think your comments were a little harsh. I believe (as a mother of 3) that Brezo is taking a very appropriate approach. Parents know their children; that's where the "Parental Guidance" comes in. It is the parents' responsibility to decide if their child (whatever their age) can handle what is presented in a movie. If the parent is unsure, it is wise to see the movie first without the child, and then decide. The "censored" DVD version mentioned (I believe) is the way my 6 year old sees HP, with me fast forwarding through parts she can't handle. Brezo, I'm with 'ya!Avatar Image says: I seriously think it'd be a bad idea if they went back to PG after GoF's PG-13. It tones it down considerably for the audience watching the trailer. I don't think I'd go as high as R for any of them though.Avatar Image says: I think it is the right rating as it appeals to both. I have a 9 year old, who was 8 at the last movie. I went to see it first too because 1) it's nice to see a film without someone jabbering through it and 2) to check the content. These are suitable for children but I warn him if there are jumpy bits. We then go to an early viewing so we don't disturb other mainly adult audiences and take pillows to hind behind. Avatar Image says: It would be terrible if they went back to PG, considering how dark the books are getting. I'm so freakin excited =)Avatar Image says: What did Mike just say? Wut? I didn't geddit. Either my ears shut down or I'm too reliant on spelling. *looks confused*Avatar Image says: A child can still go to a PG-13 movie without an adult. It just means that parent's are strongly cautioned. The only restricitions come at R, at which point children under 17 aren't admitted without an adult. Don't feel sorry for the 12 year olds, they can still go.Avatar Image says: I don't think they'll go back to PG, they can't after GoF, it just wouldn't be right. I'm pretty sure we'll get the PG-13 most of us want. :DAvatar Image says: The Washington Post has an article in the Kidspost section of the Style part of the paper also saying that the movie is rated PG-13.Avatar Image says: I think the rating is appropriate.. I don't see why a 9 year old couldn't see the movie.. I started watching PG 13 movies around that age with my dad. Harry Potter isn't that violent...Avatar Image says: I saw Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in theatres when it first came out and I was 8 and I was fine. So I don't think a PG-13 rating should rule out all under 13, just those who know they can cope. Though, some children can watch a scary movie and handle it perfectly, and some just can't--it's just a matter of the parent to know their child, not nessesarily just shelter them. Ah well, the parents decision, eh?Avatar Image says: Mike: There is an old saying. If someone calls you a horse, ignore it. If a second person calls you a horse, ignore it. If a third person calls you a horse, go buy hay. You've had several actual experienced moms note your deficit. I think you're into the hay-buying zone here, pal. Then again, perhaps you're not yet in the child-bearing age bracket. Let's hope so. GnarlyChuck Avatar Image says: "...he'll see a censored version when the DVD comes out." You do realize that buying a non-studio sanctioned censored DVD of a movie is illegal, right? Most of the online companies who do that are stopped at the request of the movie studios who threaten legal action. If it's inappropriate, why not wait for the movie to be aired on ABC or any other Disney-affliated stations? (They're bound to air OOTP in 2009 or 2010 after it gets exclusive airtime on HBO.) That way you won't have to pay anything and it's sanctioned by the studios to boot. I applaud the fact that OOTP is getting a PG-13 rating. The duel in the Ministry of Magic and the darker subject (such as Umbridge's punishments) warrant it. If it's already rated and the score is already recorded, shouldn't we be getting an official runtime for this film in the coming weeks? I hope we do...Avatar Image says: NO SHIT SHERLOCK!Avatar Image says: Kids shouldn't be allowed to watch this movie mainly becuase I don't want them yelling when Voldemort makes an appearenceAvatar Image says: I guess it's a good thing books don't have a rating system, or all these kids you're worried about seeing the movies would never have read the books, either. These books - and therefore the movies - are about good and evil. EVIL. And the evil things that evil does. Torturing Harry Potter (physically, emotionally, etc.). Killing people. Bigotry. Yes, they don't by any means SUPPORT these thing, quite the opposite, but in order to make a statement against them, they must SHOW them. This is why the movies (after getting into the swing of things with the first three) will - and must - be rated PG-13. If there aren't any Star-Wars scenes of someone missing three limbs, that doesn't stop it from being disturbing. It doesn't have to be visual to be disturbing. And if it wasn't disturbing, it would completely miss the point, it wouldn't be able to get the message across. I completely agree that it should be up to the individual parents. I personally think that it would be hugely beneficial for anyone of any age to see it (at least with some help explaining things by parents), but it's the parent's choice. It will be disturbing, and if they think their kids can't handle that and/or can't get the message from it, then it's their choice to stop their kids from seeing it. BTW, I can hardly contain how EXCITED I am for this movie! I think it will be the perfect combination of great movie (ala GoF), and great representation of the book (ala PoA).Avatar Image says: my little sister is 11 and she could barely take GOF, and her friend faints at the sight of blood, so i think it is appropriate, because not all kids are ok with that kind of stuff, especially some of the torture scences. They will go nutsAvatar Image says: i still don't feel these films warrant a PG-13 ratingAvatar Image says: I saw a late night screening in London that was rated 18 to make it a special adults-only showing. The ratings system in American is a bit odd, with no guidelines available for people to see what they are actually judging the film on. I'm sure though that the film will be rated 12A (12 on the DVD) in the UK which I heartily approve. Watching 'Goblet of Fire' I felt that some scenes were unsuitable for younger children - there was a young boy on the same aisle as me and he was crying at the re-birth scene. I found it quite shocking and I'm 21! Nothing wrong with giving a film an appropriate rating, and PG-13/12A/whatever seems to be an appropriate rating. The books are getting darker and the story more intense. Plus this film features the death of a popular character (Sirius Black) which I'm sure will be quite upsetting for some of the younger children (as well as adults :P) I think this will probably be the rating for the remainder of the films.Avatar Image says: "I still don't feel these films warrant a PG-13 rating" Did you see GOF? In a certain graveyard scene we have a 14 year old boy being extensively tortured by a character whose rebirthing process looks like something straight out of the Alien movies. I actually thought POA only got away with a PG rating at the MPAA because it's Harry Potter. Those dementors at the lake sequences would have been rated PG-13 by the MPAA in pretty much any other movie. I would actually be disappointed if any of the remaining films would end up with a PG rating. Whether these ratings have any sense to them is another question. Avatar Image says: of course it's going to be PG-13, however I doubt that it has actually been rated yet, because that exact image with those exact reasons was used on the GOF website. Avatar Image says: Mike, you obviously don't understand children. Your parents probably let you watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre when you were five, so don't bother us with your comments about over-protectiveness and what kids should and shouldn't watch. As I said previously, I think it's not a good thing for any child under 11-12 to see GoF or Ootp, and for anyone under 9-10 to read the books. I don't think the problem is with frightening images. I think it's got more to do with the fact that these young kids wouldn't grap the essence of these stories, they would be confused as to why some things happened, they wouldn't understand some events, issues and I think they could be disturbed by certain character's actions, why they did this and that. This is b/c these kids still don't have enough experience about life to understand these issues, and how the characters who are older than them feel and act. I don't think they are meant to discover these things in books. It would only confuse them, and direct their real life actions in ways they are not meant to be. Children have to go through life expereinces, naturally grow up, and understand more about life, then they could get the issues dealt in the books. I don't see this as over-protectiveness. I think this is the natural course of things. There are other forms of entertainment for younger kids. Why do they have to read books that deal with characters twice and thrice their age, and deal with topics they don't have a clue about ? These are my two cents. Anyone agree ?Avatar Image says: By the way Mike writes, I'd say he is around 9-13 years old, because it's obvious that he learned to write through text messaging. Anyone who knows how to type, knows that typing the full word is not that much longer, and probably has experience typing lengthy papers for school. It's ok to be 9-13 years old, just don't expect us to heed your advice, because I'm sure it will change when you become older, more mature, and when you actually start to think about fathering/mothering. At least that's what happens to most of the human population. You will become very much aware of this as you grow older into your 20's. You'll also see this change in your friends. Avatar Image says: I'm banking on Deathly Hallows receiving an R (US) rating when the time comes around. I started reading the books at a younger age, and now that I'm in my 20's I'm looking forward to something a little more... substantial in the last few movies. and please god, use a spell check. some of us on here write like five year olds.Avatar Image says: "Matthew, by "censored version when the DVD comes out" we mean using the remote to skip scenes, NOT purchasing/making an illegally censored copy. You probably just didn't read back far enough to catch this." Oh, sorry, I didn't read far back enough. When you said that bit, I thought you meant buying a censored version from CleanFilms.Com. Phew.Avatar Image says: "GET OVER IT GUYS!!! The rest of the Potter movies are gonna be rated PG-13 Posted by goooooop on May 10, 2007 at 3:09 PM" Seriously. I agree...It is what it is. And anyhow, y'all haven't seen the film yet, so how exactly can you say what it should or shouldn't be rated? The images of Voldemort in the trailer alone are pretty fricken scary. Avatar Image says: Ok first of all im not 12, im 15. And second of all why am i wasteing my time arguing with some prude mothers! Isnt their a pta meeting all of u hav to get to!Avatar Image says: How the hay, little Mike, need help chewing?Avatar Image says: "I'm 15" Old enough to have a kid, but not get into an 18 rated film *shakes head*Avatar Image says: The rating makes sense. Just because it's rated PG-13 doesn't meant children under 13 are barred from it. It just means that they have to have a parent with them. Not that hard of a concept. To whoever said that 9 to 10 year olds shouldn't be reading the books, I agree...with the later books. However, I read the first couple of books when I was 10 and 11. I had a pretty good understanding of what was going on. The books get darker as they go along, because Harry's getting older. Though maybe I'm just saying this because I'm 18 and therefore none of the restrictions will apply to me anyway.Avatar Image says: How the hay, little Mike, need help chewing? your cool, who talks like that? Avatar Image says: I live in egypt in tanta i love harry potter films and the character

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