New U.K. “Order of the Phoenix” Trailer Now Online


May 10, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Last week, TLC first told you about a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the UK. This trailer is now online at Yahoo UK. As reported previously, it does run 1:02 and contains no new images, only a repackaged versions of the trailers released previously. To watch, click here.
UPDATE: You can now watch this trailer here in our video galleries

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Avatar Image says: I've tried to watch it, but it won't come on. At least there's nothing new, but still great.Avatar Image says: I can't see itAvatar Image says: Yahoo really doesn't like slow connection speeds. "Tyranny will rise" I love it. Nothing dramatically new which is good because I want a lot of the film to be saved for when I do finally get to watch it. Avatar Image says: Wasnt very good!Avatar Image says: I hope we can get a downloadable version of it. The one on Yahoo is very choppy--even on a high-speed connection.Avatar Image says: They're still using that poster with a fake Hermione and Luna !!! Grrr I won't watch their trailer. Serves them right!! (It doesn't work with me anyway ;-) Avatar Image says: Yahoo stinks, and won't let me watch it. I hope somebody puts it on YouTube soon.Avatar Image says: Nothing great...same stuff. 2 things that should bother the extream Harry Potter fan, they keep showing. 1. Voldemort in a suit! 2. Hermione saying "breaking the rules are exciting." EVVERYONE who read the books, know Voldemort doesn't wear suits and Hermoine never WANTS to break the rules (sometimes, she does thou) and would NEVER say that it was exciting. Avatar Image says: There is new music near the end. That's nice enough. It sounded pretty. :)Avatar Image says: I'll wait until it's available in the TLC galleries. If there's nothing new, then I shouldn't get over excited about the trailer, but it will still be good and will get me hyped up for the film. 2 months to go!! P.S. I wonder if in the next month or two, there will an exclusive scene shown online. It happened with Spiderman 3. Avatar Image says: Do you think they'll release the international trailer in hi-def? It came out three weeks ago and still no hi-defAvatar Image says: It's pretty much a more condensed form of the International Trailer, for all of you having trouble seeing it. I'm thankful that they included the "Tyranny will rise!","I will have order!" lines.. :) It just makes me hate Umbridge more and more. Which is good, I hope. ;)Avatar Image says: I can't get it either.. all colors, no visual :( Avatar Image says: I'm sure it's very interesting but can you please let me know when it's playing somewhere (anywhere) else? Yahoo video never works for me and I see I'm not the only one. It's too bad because everything else I try to use on Yahoo works like a charm, but the videos? never.Avatar Image says: T-D-O If you go to apple, I think (I'm not very knowledgeable about this stuff) that they've got an HD version of both International and US (but not this new one??). I think Trailor 2 is the US one and is really excellent in wide-screen!! Image says: If you want to see the International trailer in high definition, go to the film's UK website. I'm American, but it works perfectly fine and plays the Int'l Trailer at the start, whereas its American counterpart plays the Domestic Trailer. -International Trailer -Domestic Trailer Happy viewing!Avatar Image says: Oh come off it - those two things do not bother every "real" harry potter fan. First off, there is like a 9/10 chance that voldemort on the platform wearing a suit is a dream/fantasy/illusion etc. And Hermione - while very bookish in the 1st books, becomes less and less so as the series progresses - she is often the one who comes up with _how_ to break the rules! She very much is a part of the three troublemakers as harry and ron. I am not convinced she would never say that her adventures at hogwarts weren't exciting. A line like this serves to differentiate from her younger self as well, movies have to be more bold about transistion so that difference is noticed. They don't have 5000 pages to make us fully understand her development.Avatar Image says: I cannot view the trailer, I can just hear it! Avatar Image says: There is nothing new in this UK trailer. It is just a shorter version of the international trailer, plus it has one new shot of Sirius,.. though it also isnt new, cause it is the one from the first teaser trailer only in different colours. But if everything goes as it was with previous movies, we should expect one more new trailer to come sometime before the movie premiers - second international trailer. So far, second international trailers have been the best of the best (for PoA and GoF).Avatar Image says: eww... it just ended up being a bunch of still pictures for me. t didn't load very wellAvatar Image says: This is just a butchered version of the international trailer, with awkward skips and discontinuities. Hmmm...Avatar Image says: Actually, this trailer aired THIS MORNING on Channel One, a TV program/station my school plays in the mornings after announcements. I was SO excited in homeroom! I'm in PA, and I knew it was different. I think my favorite is still the International one, but I love the DA element in the US one. Avatar Image says: I have a high speed connection and it stops. You can oly hear audio. Sucks!Avatar Image says: Feels like the previous international trailer but put on fast forward...and the images stop coming, leaving just audio. But at least we're not missing anything. Avatar Image says: Libby, I saw that one too! It was definitely a new and different trailer. It included a wideshot of the veil, Harry being slammed against the tunnel during the dementor attack, and a voiceover by Lupin (I think) at the beginning. Hopefully this comes online soon!Avatar Image says: its not working :(Avatar Image says: Corey...are there any new scenes?? The music..? Was it different *__*??Avatar Image says: I've just noticed something interesting. Umbridge has an 'M' shaped scar on her forehead! You can see it clearly if you pause the video on the scene where she is walking and zapping students with her wand ! Check it out for yourselves.Avatar Image says: Yes, I agree. Voldemort is defintaly not there at the train station. Harry is just starting to be paranoid and see him everywhere. I like it! And Voldemort in a suit blends in better and gets the idea across better because if he was in robes you would think he was really there. Plus I love the suit! The only new thing I noticed from that trailer is Lupin holding Harry back. :(Avatar Image says: Everytime I see a trailer I get more and more excited! Im curious why Harrys shouting, "look at me!" Whose he saying it to? I know in the books DD wouldnt look at him for months on end but Harry never shouted at him....hmm, my guess is as good as yours.Avatar Image says: Libby, are you sure that you saw new shots in that trailer on TV? Wasnt that th US one or the first international trailer? There are three main trailers for OotP right now: Teaser trailer, international trailer 1, and the US theatrical trailer. Plus there is this shorter version of international trailer1 on yahoo, the one from this news post. So,... are you sure it wasnt one of these that you saw??Avatar Image says: This one is very good,but the best one is on Apple Itunes, and is a bit different than the International trailer. It sends shivers up my body.Avatar Image says: Kerri, Harry does shout at Dumbledore. At the end of the book, after Sirius' death, Dumbledore takes Harry back to his office and talks to him about the Prophesy. During this conversation, Harry gets very angry and starts smashing Dumbledore's trinkets and yelling. I'm assuming that when he screams, "Look at me!" is is during that scene; just when his frustration and sadness are at their peak. Hope that cleared things up =]Avatar Image says: Stan, Libby and I definitely saw a new, shorter version of the trailer. It did have a lot of the older footage in it, but there were definitely new scenes in there. This aired during a commercial during Channel One at school.Avatar Image says: Always, always, I can hear the sound perfectly, but it'll freeze one on shot so all I see is Harry with his mouth slightly open... Avatar Image says: I could hear it, but not see it.Avatar Image says: Well, that was a load of crap. That was like someone put the other two trailers through a sausage machine and made some kind of lame paste. And if you're going to go to the trouble of editing a UK trailer for a film with an exclusively UK cast, you could at least get a UK voice over (or an actor who can fake it properly) How silly! Why not just have the really good one? Ha! Oh well. Maybe it will look good in front of Eastenders (English soap opera). Bitter Englishwoman Out Avatar Image says: ehh- it was ok. On a slightly off-topic note...I went to the eye doctor and they gave these eye drops, and then said that I would see bright colors for a while... and then a few hours later I thought it wore off...but I went on my computer and saw my Harry Potter quote Conjurer...and it had voldy on it...and his red eyes were soooo bright, it looked like they were staring at me and blinking...freaky....Avatar Image says: YES, Claire -- I suppose that means they'll be able to stuff into the movie how Harry is so aggravated by DD's failure to look Harry in the eye throughout the entire book. I had figured they would skip that, not having the leisurely pace of a book versus a film. Well spotted!Avatar Image says: Personally I thought it was quite good; I think it's better than the international one in terms of getting people to see the film, because it retained the feel of the amazing US ending.Avatar Image says: Libby and Corey, do yu remember any new dialogue from the trailer you saw ??Avatar Image says: I swear there are new images in there... Surely the images of the banner of Fudge as minister etc are new... *Goes to check US trailer etc* Avatar Image says: I swear there are new images in there... Surely the images of the banner of Fudge as minister etc are new... *Goes to check US trailer etc* Posted by EmmaLouise on May 11, 2007 at 12:52 PM Hey Emma! That shot of Citizen Fudge is actually one of my faves (I appreciate the subtle humor/jab behind that -LOVE it) It was in the international trailer,and you can see a cap of it in our galleries, here :) SueAvatar Image says: the uk one was alright but it was kinda slow &&& didnt have that much action. the us one was better

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