Change to UK “OotP” Date: Now July 12


May 11, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Warner Brothers has confirmed to us that lucky fans in the UK will now get to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a day earlier than reported previously, as it will now be released on July 12, 2007. The reason for the change remains unclear and details are forthcoming, however please note the release date for the US remains at July 13.

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Avatar Image says: First comment wahoo!!!Avatar Image says: I feel sorry for the Americans, but YES! A day earlier! plus you guys usually get films first *sniff* Wonder why it changed... hmm...Avatar Image says: yey!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: We get to see it on July 11 here in Spain!!!!!!:DDDD i cant wait!!Avatar Image says: In Portugal the release date will be 12 July too!! Weeeee... I can't wait!!Avatar Image says: this one day makes me feel so much better about when i younger and we here in the uk had to wait MONTHS after films had been shown in american before they were released here. yay! *does a funky dance*Avatar Image says: YAY! I can actually see it on release day now as I'll be going away on the 13th! Awesome! Thanks Sue :)Avatar Image says: In Germany it's 12th July, too. Because the movies always start on Thursdays.Avatar Image says: I'm in the Philippines, and our movie schedule changes every Wednesday so we mostly get movies two days before the US release. GoF was shown here Nov. 16 instead of Nov. 18. Shrek the Third and Pirates also have release dates two days before the US dates, May 16 and May 23 respectively. So, I'm guessing that we'll have Order of the Phoenix on July 11th. I guess guess this is a strategy for most Asian countries because of the piracy in the region. One could buy pirated copies of recent movies the same afternoon of the first showing day. That's the gravity of piracy here * shakes head * Avatar Image says: Tiz all good and some Brit cinemas are taking bookings for the Thursday if you wanna avoid the rush!!! :)Avatar Image says: I am not happy about this, maybe I won't even see it in theatres at all now and just download it off the internet.Avatar Image says: To "Megan" That's kinda bitter...Avatar Image says: Patricia, they did give credit. To Warner Brothers.Avatar Image says: I'm thrilled because I'll be in the UK!! Missing the premiere by a couple of days - this kind of makes up for it.Avatar Image says: The reason they have changed the date is because of Spider-man's box office haul. Now all the big films are extending their opening a little bit so they can make their box office numbers look bigger. Pirates of the Caribbean has had its opening slightly extended and now Warner Bros is feeling the pressure. Still, it's nice for the fans!Avatar Image says: I'm not british but I think it's fair enough since it's a british book =)Avatar Image says: this is great for most in the uk, but not so much good news for those who, like me, live in northern ireland. The 12th July is a Holiday here, due the the Orange Man's parades, it is also a time that is traditionally troublesome, and i no my parets won't want me at the cinema that day...i was having problems enough talking them into the 13th...I think i'll have to wait untill the next week to see it, which is a shame coz i like to go to the midnight showing.Avatar Image says: Surely the US will follow. Those in England get to see it hours before us anyway. Now we have to sit around and not look at any of the reviews for an extra 24 hours? And no doubt this is a good opportunity for bootleggers. Luckily, knowing America, we won't be out done and they'll change it too. :)Avatar Image says: To Megan: Relax will ya? It's just one day. No biggie. Atleast they would never ever ever do that to book 7. If the UK got it earlier, I think I would jusy wither away and die. lol :)Avatar Image says: Oh yes they are so lucky 1 day prior. Whooooooo. And look at that Spain gets its on the 11. Avatar Image says: Lucky!Avatar Image says: =] Wahay. A day early.. =] I love being a Brit. =]Avatar Image says: Godd for al UK people! Here in Spain we get to see it on July 11! I can´t believe it!Avatar Image says: I still have to wait until the 13th, you lucky Brits!! But that's alright, cool for you guys!!Avatar Image says: ughhh, they did this when prisoner of azkaban came out too!!! oh well, i'm still seeing it in imax on july 13 :DAvatar Image says: I hate this...we always get the movies late. NZ gets the movie JULY 27!! ARGH!!!Avatar Image says: why cant they just release the movies on the same day worldwide instead of putting some places 2-3 days before everyone else. its like why is it france ususally gets a translated version of the movie 3 days before other countries get the english version.Avatar Image says: taimat I feel for you! I really want to see the film before book 7 comes out so I wouldn't be happy about that at all. Billy, I'm the opposite. I'm glad it's 12th because I prefer to avoid weekends. Question about Imax. Is only the last 20 minutes in 3D and if so, how will people know when to put glasses on? Or has time moved on so much that you don't need 3D glasses any more (showing my ignorance here!)? I really want to see it in 3D but not sure if it's worth it for just 20 minutes.Avatar Image says: Anyway we're still the first ones in our tiny Belgium. We're like Ginny, size doesn't matter! ;-pAvatar Image says: They can't do this to the U.S.! WAAAAAA! Ah well... good for the Brits, though... It was made in that general vacinity, now, wasn't it? Still... bleh!Avatar Image says: WHY?! Cuz the series takes place there?! No offence to anyone from the UK, it just sucks that over here at the US we get it the 13. :( *Wish I lived in Europe*Avatar Image says: Well... they might have changed the date, because here in the Netherlands (just a short distance away from the UK) the movie was already planned on the 12th of July. (Most movies premiere on a thursday here...) To prevent a massive exodus of addicted fans, they decided to satisfy the hunger a day earlier, or at least that's my theory... :DAvatar Image says: THANKYOU WARNER BROTHERS I LOVE YOU. I live in england and am going on a family holiday on the 13th to America so I was worried I would have to wait ANOTHER day to see it, but now I can see it before I go! WOOOOPAvatar Image says: I dont Mind that the UK get to see Harry Potter order of the Pheonix one day earlier ...Its just going to be Hard that Some of the movie Might leak out to us !!NOOO Id Just have to stay Away from my Computor, TV, Radio, News Paper......YIKES!!! Avatar Image says: I am lucky because I live in New York and there are always theaters here who will run MIDNIGHT shows of the movie Thursday night! I saw it last year on Thursday - got home at 3am and still got up for school the next day! Thankfully I can sleep in this year!Avatar Image says: My theater will be showing Harry Potter OotP on the 12th at 8:00 PM ETAvatar Image says: Maybe the change has partly to do with time differences. Sometimes it's a day later here, isn't it? Well, on the Eastern US coast it is anyway. We're about 5 hours ahead in EST time, so nationwide that's a small expansion of hours, right? :) I'm terrible with time zones, but still I guess it's because of the premieres or something. It could be anything really that changed this, maybe I'm just being too logical! Still, cool beans for Brits! Enjoy it guys. And be sure to REVIEW for those of us (*clears throat and raises hand*) who want to be totally cleared up on what's in and what's out! XDAvatar Image says: We are getting it on the 12th here in Australia. We still get to see it earlier than those in the UK because of the time difference, although 9am Eastern time here is 12am in the UK. It will be a nice change as we have had to wait 3-4 weeks in past.Avatar Image says: OMG yesssssss! Being a Brit does pay off :DAvatar Image says: How very odd. Maybe someone at WB is superstitious =P Ah well, I'm not complaining! Finally, Britain gets something before America *dances*Avatar Image says: We're getting it on the twelth in Germany as well - because that's the day when film usually are released. The only other option would have been the 19th... I'm glad they show it on the 12th...Avatar Image says: Its traditional in UK for major films to be released on a Friday all over UK with previews on Thursday in selected cinemas (usually all around London and some cinemas in other main cities. So I am guessing that instead of just being a limited release on Thursday - it will be a nationwide release.Avatar Image says: A lot on Cinema's have been listing this for a few weeks now i just thought they where all doing advanced preview's.Avatar Image says: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY YAY YAY YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I think it's because it's technically a british film based on a british book with an (possibly) all british cast and filmed mainly in britain. I guess WB were being kind for once.Avatar Image says: I know it's naughty and I shouldn't, but.... Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)Avatar Image says: *dances Brit stylee* Woohoo! To be fair, we never get stuff before you usually.Avatar Image says: But what about Canada?! Is it still on the 13th here for us? Because I was told by some that it was, and by some that it wasn't! What's going om?!Avatar Image says: Well, I guess I won't come on Leaky that morning until after me and the kids go to the opening here in the U.S. I know how manty will love to spoil it for us in the colonies. But congratulations hope you get a thrill being first this time. *smile*Avatar Image says: Wahoo, for once we get a movie before the US! I feel bad for those getting it much later (and it's no way to discourage piracy, you'd think WB would be a little smarter about avoiding that) but I'm not going to be so upset that I don't appreciate that we will have it earlier.Avatar Image says: Yay!! Now I can see it a day earlier. I'm definitely going to watch it straight after the last day of college.Avatar Image says: I agree with you ginnyweasley15, I'm as confused as you are.Avatar Image says: The person who sin't happy and will download it off the internet - it's always been a Thursday 12th release in Australia...well since we kicked up a stink and signed petitions lol - in Australia so why didn't you threaten to boycitt it then? After all the 12th in Australia is still going to be about 12 hours before the UK. I ahven't checked the time zone precisely eitehr but I am pretty sure we will get Book 7 a couple hours earlier as well. We don't get midnight bookstore openings though, we have to wait until opening time - which they have moved to 8:30am instead of 9am :D . It's going to be earlier than the US stll I think. Off to see if they have the July theatre schedules out yet :D .Avatar Image says: The Colonies? excuse me?? You're from the States mate! the biggest British colony of the lot! lol This is a bit of a blow, the previous release date was on my birthday (July 13th) which incidentally will be a Friday this year, that might have something to do with it? maybe a couple of the powers that be are superstitious?Avatar Image says: "My theater will be showing Harry Potter OotP on the 12th at 8:00 PM ET" I meant to say I live in the USAAvatar Image says: Does everyone really hate america that much that they are bragging about every little thing? I mean its a movie about a book that we have all read right? So who cares?Avatar Image says: I got my ticket for the 12th over a week ago at the Odeon. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the date on the site. So I booked right there and then, the best seat in the Odeon Cinema. I must have been one of the first to see the date advertised. Can’t wait. Avatar Image says: I think its good the UK gets the film first now it is made in the uk and the author is from the uk . Have to admit it is nice not to have to wait to long. Any way not to worry most countries all get it a day a part so we dont have to wait to long for are harry potter fix enjoy the film everyone .... janine from london,England

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