Who is Smarter? Potter Fans or 20Q?


May 11, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Think you know your Potter? Warner Brothers has a new way for fans to test their knowledge of all things Harry Potter as they announce the arrival of the Harry Potter 20Q game. Based on the original game where one person thought of something and the fellow players to guess what they were thinking of in twenty questions or less, a press release says this new version of the popular handheld game “asks fans to think of people, places, and things from the books and films. The goal? Try to stump the game’s remarkably clever and precise artificial intelligence with knowledge of Harry’s wizarding world.”
In effort to try and stump fans (and it will be a tough go against the smart Leaky Potter fans!), WB and Radica, a subsidiary of Mattel, is asking fans to “train” via their website. So quills at the ready (or in this case, mouse and keyboards), and click here to test your knowledge. Enjoy!

This product is set to be available later this fall.

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Avatar Image says: omg thats so fun! and eerily good! I was thinking the mirror of erised and it got it right away, freaky..Avatar Image says: That's been around for ages - wonder why they are now promoting it. It's pretty good but a bit weak.Avatar Image says: Ha! I beat it XD I was thinking of the Fountain of Magical Brethren.Avatar Image says: I tried Wendelin the Weird and it couldn't get it. But it thought there were contradictions. I guess some people put yes or no answers for things that, in my opinion, were irrelevant.Avatar Image says: It took the thing 29 questions and four guesses to come up with Mimbulus Mimbletonia. This should be some fun to play for awhile...Avatar Image says: They didn't have the Harry Potter baubles seen in the Room of Requirement, the ghoul in the Weasley's attic, or the cake Hagrid gave to Harry.Avatar Image says: It took 24 questions to guess the muggle Prime Minister. Weak.Avatar Image says: Aw crap! I was so close to beating it. It asked me at 16 questions if I was the hand of glory but it was wrong, I was a howler. But it juts barely guessd that I was a howler at question 19. Shucks!Avatar Image says: I love this game!! Can't wait to get it. I beat the game with the Crumple Horned Snorkack.Avatar Image says: I was the Weasley clock and it got it on the 20th question! Awesome!Avatar Image says: Haha! I was thinking Abforth Dumbledore, and it didn't get it.Avatar Image says: HaHa, I just beat it 4 times. it didn't even get shrunken headAvatar Image says: Nina, I thought of Aberforth too, but it guessed :( Smart machine ;)Avatar Image says: I got it with Aberforth's goat. Ha!Avatar Image says: Stumped it with the witch who pushes the trolley on the Hogwarts Express. Loved the graying underpants! LOLAvatar Image says: George, I did Magnolia Crescent too and won. :-D mwahahaha. I beat it several times, though it did get Hepzibah Smith. At least I know I am smarter than it!Avatar Image says: I totally beat it. Actually, I'm still going. I'm thinking of the Deathly Hallows. The only thing I can answer is "Unknown." HA!Avatar Image says: wow! I HAVE to buy this when it comes out!!! i have the original 20Q game and it's really quite amazing how it manages to think of really random things.Avatar Image says: I just played this for 30 minutes... WowwwwwwAvatar Image says: HA! That was fun! It took me five tries, but I finally stumped it with "Mr. Tibbles".Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh, Matthew Jackson, I suppose it didn't get shrunked heads because...ready for this...it's not in the books! But seriously, I definitely want to get this when it comes out--definitely a "must have" item.Avatar Image says: Wow. It got Devil's Snare in twelve questions.Avatar Image says: OH I am so getting this, one for me and one for my niece. I got her the original 20 questions game and it's addictive!Avatar Image says: Meh. I picked Percy and it didn't guess even after 25 questions. It thought it was Grawp and Dawlish and Bill. Apparently its still got a couple of kinks to work out.Avatar Image says: Ha! That is soo cool! It guessed the Ford Anglia in 17 questions! Shaweet! lolAvatar Image says: This thing gets Remus wrong nearly every time because people keep teaching it the wrong things (like that he can't fly)Avatar Image says: I stumped it with two things that weren't in there: 1. Dumbledore's scar of the London Underground and 2. Albania. lolAvatar Image says: LOL. I won! I was Deladus Diggle (or however you spell it). It did guess, eventually. There was a lot of "unknown."Avatar Image says: I LOVE THIS!!!Avatar Image says: That thing is pretty good! It guessed right that I was Horace Slughorn at question 16 and it also guessed me at question 17 that I was queerditch marsh.Avatar Image says: Just like the British Prime Minister (as metioned by someone else), Albania doesn't really count as "Potter trivia". So obviously it wasn't going to guess that, Allycat.Avatar Image says: They stole this from my friend and me, who I guess stole it from the original show. We played this waiting in like for the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. We had to come up with really random things in order to stump each other. Should be a fun game.Avatar Image says: It got Sectumsempra on the 20th question. Bah.Avatar Image says: This is a fun game. I played it countless times but only one twice, while using a really minor character (Cedric Diggory's mother) and a real life person (Trelawney actress Emma Thompson).Avatar Image says: Haha, it got Dawlish after about 28 guesses. This is way cool! I will totally buy this! My brother has a regular one, and it is really fun to play. It is kinda freaky sometimes, how it can guess what it is! GabrielleAvatar Image says: This is really cool, I'm addicted to this site now! Hehe...I stumped it at Dawlish ;)Avatar Image says: Why hire programmers, when you can get HP fans to help teach your program? Avatar Image says: I beat it first time with the painting of the mermaid in the prefect's bathroom, but then it guessed phoenix tail feather in 17 questions. Arrgh. Like I need another thing to wait time on less than a week before A.P. Tests.Avatar Image says: That was Fun!It tried Trevor the frog,Bob Ogden and Ted Tonks,20Q got them all within 20.I thought I would get it with Ted Tonks.Pretty smart.Avatar Image says: HA! it took 32 attempts to get terry boot ! although i played for about an hour and it got all the restAvatar Image says: it didnt guess Rita's beetle animagus or Sirius' wanted poster but it got everything else i tried!!! its quite cool looking at its list of possible guesses after it gets to 30Avatar Image says: Stumped it with Bust of Paracelsus which is halfway down the right corridor on the shortest route from the Gryffindor Common Room to the Owlery (OP14, US pg 281). This inspired an afternoon long real game of Harry Potter 20 questions with my kids. We had a lot of fun and will buy the game when it comes out. Eventually they will figure out how to import the rememberall section of the H-P Lexicon into the 20Q database and we won't be able to stump it any more... Avatar Image says: I had to submit "Ron's patronus" for inclusion, and noticed that "Hermione's patronus" is in there. It also figured out my Meta pick: 'the author' J.K. RowlingAvatar Image says: I stumped it with Moaning Myrtle's glasses! They will have to do a lot of work on this to make it as "smart" as 20QAvatar Image says: "Why hire programmers, when you can get HP fans to help teach your program?" - aughr Exactly! but they are right! Why knows this stuff better than us? It is pretty weak now, but just wait until the Potter fans really teach it something. I just opened the HBP book and picked some things at random - Apparition, etc., and stumped it a lot. Wondering what the final product will be like -Avatar Image says: I stumped it with uncle Vernon's mustard coloured socks... I had a good laugh when asked "are you tasty?"Avatar Image says: It won when I thought of the veil, Slytherin's locket, the cave, and Mark Evans, but I stumped it with sneakoscope and Quick Quotes Quill. It's a fun game -- very addictive. My brother got the 20Q ball for Christmas and I had fun irritating him by stumping the machine with Harry Potter-related objects, ha ha. I wonder if the Harry Potter 20Q ball will come out during the new film/book release. It would be cool if they made it look like the golden snitch or a remembrall. :)Avatar Image says: I stumped it by thinking of the Ministry of Magic phone booth! heheAvatar Image says: YEAH! I BEAT IT! YOU SUCK 20Q's. Just kidding. I had fun.Avatar Image says: Haha! It asked me if I was thinking of Dawlish. Not that I was, but it's still pretty funnyAvatar Image says: I love 20Q (I have two of them) so I jumped at the chance to play this. Most of my subjects were guessed in les than 20q except for Wendelin the Weird and a pocket sneakoscope. 20q is just an amazing little game that you can't help but love. It is almost creepy how it 'knows what you are thinking'.Avatar Image says: I stumped it with the "Pillar of Storge." :)Avatar Image says: Darn, it got me on about 17 questions when I tried Crumple-Horned Snorkack!Avatar Image says: Fun! But please, wise Potter fans, get out there and teach it that Tonks is a Muggle-born wizard. So far it thinks he's a Muggle!Avatar Image says: wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.......i won the game......i was thinking of lynch.........and it messed it up and told all quidditch things people like oliver wood,krum and montague....... then i tried mark evans but i failed...... this is the most wonderful HP-game i've ever seen ....... Avatar Image says: WOW i tried Pygmy Puff, the first random thing that came to my mind and since they're a tad ambiguous (object or not an object, enchanted creature or not, strange or not, ect..) i thought this is the most random thing theyre not asking the right questions but all of a sudden they got it..so strange! and really surprising..expecially since so many of the questions are really subjective (as evident by other peoples descriptions) - tee-hee Arnold the Pygmy PuffAvatar Image says: Arithmancer, I do believe that Nymphadora's Dad Ted Tonks is a muggle, not a wizard. Nymphadora's mum was a witch and relative of Sirius (Aunt). Correct me if I'm wrong. Avatar Image says: So I played 20Q and it guessed that I was Ron. Though one of the questions I think was totally off. It asked me "Did you hurt someone?" I said yes. Hello the whole Hermione drama. I think that should count for hurting someone. At the end of the quiz I was told that even though I said yes 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is NO. Just wanted to share. Now back to see if I can beat 20Q.Avatar Image says: I did "Neville" and it came back as saying that it had been taught that Neville is not smart. What are you guys thinkin'? Avatar Image says: I got it stuck with the dragon reserve in romaniaAvatar Image says: Stumped it with Dumbledore's Put-Outer from chapter one of Philosophers Stone.Avatar Image says: I thought it would only know things from the movies so far, but I was wrong! I was pleased by how much it knew. I'm definitely going to buy this when it comes out! Fun game.Avatar Image says: I beat it with unicorn horn and Draught of Living death, though it almost guessed the last one. Avatar Image says: I stumped it with Neville's Remembrall and with Madame Marsh (witch on both of Harry's Knight Bus trips). Yay. :)Avatar Image says: Stumped it with "mouth organ" mwahaha. Wasn't even on the list! I sent a comment telling them to add it as it is an important chunk of the chapter "The Secret Riddle" in HBP. i mean with everything else it has, it's a must haha.Avatar Image says: I tried "Umbridge's throat-clearing noise" and it couldn't guess it.Avatar Image says: *Gasp* Kelly! Neville not smart! What are some people playing at? He's the best at Herbology. That should count for something. I stumped it with Gillyweed. Took it 28 guesses.Avatar Image says: By far the funnest game EVER!! If you have not played it stop what you are diong and go play it now! Avatar Image says: it told me that it learned that it is doubtful that ron has ever been to little whinging....he went there in chamber of secrets!Avatar Image says:

I beat it with Clankers but it got Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop!

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