Hogwarts, A History a Real Possibility?


May 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The Scotsman is reporting tonight about a possibility again of author J.K. Rowling writing a type of Hogwarts, a history book as a follow up to the Harry Potter series.UPDATE: The Telegraph is also now reporting this noting “the tantalising possibility has been confirmed by her agent, Christopher Little, who said Rowling had “retained all the rights in the Harry Potter series” and pointed out that this included any companion books “which she may indeed write herself.” The Scotsman newspaper reports the following:

JK ROWLING is planning to write an eighth Harry Potter book, it was claimed last night. But fans shouldn’t get too excited. Instead of a new novel, the writer is apparently considering compiling an encyclopaedia of magic. According to reports last night it would cover historical figures such as the founders of Hogwarts school, along with elaborate genealogies of major characters. The book would also allow Rowling the chance to flesh out characters who only merit passing mention in the novels.

Readers will remember that Jo has said in the past this was a possibility on her website, and the most recent last June on the Richard & Judy program where she said ” Yeah, well I have always said I might do a kind of encyclopaedia of the world for charity, just to round it off.” While this sounds very exciting indeed, please keep this very much in the rumor category for now. We are trying to obtain more information about this and will update as soon as we can.

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Avatar Image says: Oh...my...Rowling... That would be amazing. OH MY GOD.Avatar Image says: AWESOME! I would help her type it!!!!!Avatar Image says: This would be completely awesome! I would totally buy this! Augh! I am so excited! GabrielleAvatar Image says: That would be incredible. It couldn't be Hogwarts a History because thanks to Hermione and the lexicon we know that book practically cover to cover haha. Avatar Image says: gesh, talk about old news, she has been saying this for like the past 5 or so years. where did the scotsmen get this information because it seems fishy as jo would talk about this to us on her website.Avatar Image says: Oh god. Please write it JO. PLease!!! If she does, this means that after reading book 7 I would actually have something great to look forward to in my life. I just can't imagine life without Harry Potter.Avatar Image says: Who CARES if it's only in the rumour stage right now?! This is still very much a SQUEE moment!!! :DAvatar Image says: Oh My Gosh!! I would love to hear more about other events that happened at Hogwarts!! What if there were other things like the Chamber of Secrets?Avatar Image says: Bring it ON! Charity, Schmarity... It's a Potter book from Jo. Seriously, that would really be an plus for the series. I hope she does it. OMTAvatar Image says: This would be the greatest complement to any fan fanatics HP collection.....and it would keep the fandom occupied for a LONG LONG time...I say YESSSSS!!!! BRING IT ON JO!!!!Avatar Image says: Come on Jo! That would be awesome! And take as long as you want. If not, we love you for everything anyway! Avatar Image says: SQUEEEE! How awesome would that be?!Avatar Image says: I remember hearing about this!! :-D Seriously if Jo did this, I would forever be her slave. *kow tows*Avatar Image says: PLEASE JO, PLEASE WRITE IT! PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP! :DAvatar Image says: OMG!! that would be soooo damn amazing if it were true. im sure it will be...and i would soooo be ready to read something like. a most for my collection!!Avatar Image says: I want Harry to die and Lord Volademort to live and rule the world.Avatar Image says: I hope this isn't just the old story come back again. It would definitely be fun and could complement the series quite nicely. No need for a Jim Dale audiobook, thoughAvatar Image says: I hope she finally decided to do it, cuz we all want...no... need that book! :DAvatar Image says: I have to laugh at this: >But fans shouldn't get too excited. Instead of a new novel, the writer is apparently considering compiling an encyclopaedia of magic. Are you kidding? How could they think fans wouldn't be excited by that?Avatar Image says: Woot! Woot! That would be awesome :-)Avatar Image says: I thinks its a real possibility, I mean she has boxes of notebooks wriiten about these characters so I def think she'll publish them in an organized form.Avatar Image says: I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much yet, just in case... but a book like this would be so awesome! Think of how much information could be added to Harry Potter cannon that was never known before. Oh, I want this book!! JKR has already mentioned before that she has elaborate stories etched out for many of the characters that have never been revealed in the books. This would be the perfect opportunity to put all her old notes to print!Avatar Image says: OH! I so hope this is true and she does it. Please Jo.:o) It could even partly turn into: The History of Hogwarts that Hermione speaks so much about. [[Or that might be the 9th book :oD ]]Avatar Image says: That would be SO amazing, THANK YOU, Rowling!!!Avatar Image says: Oh my God. Yes. Finally, lots of backstory on minor characters. More canon! I want to learn about the Founders, and Grindelwald. Cool stuff like that that coincides with actual history. I hope this is true, it would be such a letdown if it weren't.Avatar Image says: Oh, dare we only hope!!! Please Jo, please!!!!!Avatar Image says: *widens eyes pleadingly at Jo* Avatar Image says: Awesome! Hope this all comes true- it'd be a book millions would buy! :) Avatar Image says: I really don't think Jo will ever put Harry to rest. Let's all hope that while she composes the encyclopedia she changes her mind (you never know!) We just have to wait and see if harry survives, then we all will know that it would be possible if she ever did want to write more HP books (knocks on wood)Avatar Image says: I dearly hope so, but it wouldn't be the *eighth* book, it would be the *tenth*.Avatar Image says: Yes! Out of all the post-Potter series books I wanted her to write, this was the one. Thanks Jo for being on the same page as I am on this one.Avatar Image says: This HAS to happen. There are Lord of the Rings encyclopedias so why not HP? Jo has created such a rich world that a book like this is inevitable, and it's great that she will write it (or at least be involved with it) herself. There's a chance for her to flesh out the world even more. If you think about it, there's still a lot that we DON'T know about her wizarding world.Avatar Image says: I dont understand why the media are calling it an 8th book, because it wouldnt be, but I for one would love anything that Jo puts out on paper about HP after book 7 comes out.Avatar Image says: yer i agree with jill. if voldemort ruled forever people would get used to it eventually...america is living under george bush surely he isnt that different to voldemortAvatar Image says: As wonderful as having this compendium would be, we all have to resign ourselves to the fact that Harry and Ron will never read it. Avatar Image says: How wonderful!!! That would be so awesome! Bandersnatch, that made me laugh too :)Avatar Image says: I certainly hope this rumour is true because i'm very sad that there are not more Harry books to be written. What would be even better is if she wrote them in volumes from A-Z! lol that would be heaven! The magical worl of Harry Potter for 26 more years!Avatar Image says: I wanna get to know every one of the 40 students in Harry's class more than anything! I hope she puts all of them in this book. And some more on the Hogwarts founders four and the international wizarding world would be SWEET! I love you, JKR. LOVE!Avatar Image says: I hope she writes it! It would be great for us fans, and she'd raise TONS of money for charity. Win-win situation!!!Avatar Image says: Oh yay! I hope this proves to be true and it happens. The complex fantasy world of Harry Potter deserves such cannonical support and expansion.Avatar Image says: Since when is this news? :-pAvatar Image says: well, obviously they are making this up, or guessing, whatever. If this was possitively happening, J.K. or her agents would announce it formally to the general public, not just some newspaper... Now, don't get me wrong, I am 100% sure that this book will come because it just makes sense for numerous reasons, but the fact that these newspapers got Confirmation, its most likely bogus.Avatar Image says: Holy smokes! Thats going to be so much fun to read. The detailed info on the founders is what I want to read! Yeah Jo!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Please Jo, I need to be able to read this before I die, just kidding but I am gettin up there in years and would love to see an encylopaedia...Heck I just want the joy of filling up a book shelf with just Harry Potter books:DAvatar Image says: I've always wanted to read Hogwarts, a History - ever since I began reading the books. Now I might be able to.Avatar Image says: Oh yes please Jo, we really really NEED this book! I just wanted to say that Jo has once again shown what an amazing woman she is. It's just been reported on the BBC news that she's pledged money towards the reward for the safe return of little Madeline McCann, which is now standing at about £2.5 million. For the Americans who probably haven't heard about this: a 3 year old (actually it was her 4th birthday yesterday) British girl was abducted from her holiday apartment in Portugal nearly 2 weeks ago and hasn't been seen since and there is a world wide appeal for her safe return because she could be anywhere by now.Avatar Image says: you are right, karen. I saw it on BBC news 24. JK Rowling, Richard Branson and Wayne Rooney were listed as the contributors of the award for the safe return of MAdeleine. The whole news is upsetting though and I hope there will be a happy ending. On much much happier thought - I feel releived that we can look forward to Potter stuff from JK after book 7. Even if its just potter updates on her website!Avatar Image says: Tolkien did it for lord of the rings, so I think Rowling should do it as well for Harry Potter. They're both legendery book-series.Avatar Image says: Oh, PLEASE let it be true!!!! *crosses fingers, toes, and other limbs* pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseAvatar Image says: Hehe i am so glad she has finally said something more concrete. She has hinted in the past that Hogwarts: A History could follow. Gives us something more to look forward to :)Avatar Image says: Oh yes please Jo! "It's just been reported on the BBC news that she's pledged money towards the reward for the safe return of little Madeline McCann, which is now standing at about £2.5 million." My heart is in bits for that poor family, it really is. Someone must know something - little girls do not just disappear like that. I can't imagine what it's like for her parents and I really hope I never have to know. I just pray that time has not run out for Madeleine. And yes, I hope that JKR's website continues to be updated following the release of Deathly Hallows. Avatar Image says: OMG!!!! I hope she does this!! It would really 'round it off' as she said. And I hope it's tons thick, and not like Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages!!Avatar Image says: Oh, this is soo goood! If she'll do it. I would absolutly read the book! I should studing it, untill I knew it as well as Hermione! :D Hope she'll wright it! :DAvatar Image says: I having followed all of the harry potter books and read them over and over would be delighted if a book such as this one was written by jk. we as has been written before would be happily quoting hermione and singing the praises of hogwarts ! hoping beyond hopes this transforms from a rumour.!.Avatar Image says: We have quotes from interviews back in 2000 from Jo talking about an encyclopaedia, so it is certainly a real possibility, but I don't think this quote from Christopher Little actually tells us more than we already knew, that Jo is considering such a book. She has also mentioned in the past a half-written no-HP book for younger children.Avatar Image says: Squee! Hope she does it =DAvatar Image says: Oh. Gosh. That would be just TOO COOL. We would all have little Hermione moments and start quoting the book at random. I'm just too excited.Avatar Image says: This is great, if it's true. But is the actual story just that she's retained all rights to the character and setting, etc., or that she actually will write another book? I mean, remember she said she might kill Harry off just so no one could write a Harry Potter book, sort of like the Boxcar children series or Nancy Drew, where other authors came along and wrote stories featuring the same characters. Jo said she didn't want that, though I have never thought she'd kill Harry off just to accomplish it, so legally this would be how, right? But I hope it's true. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!Avatar Image says: This is awesome.Avatar Image says: If your mother was a dentist what would you get her for mothers day? "Hogwarts, a History!" To MOM, love Hermione! I am really excited ....Avatar Image says: Actually, there are two different possibilities implied here. The first is that JKR will take her notes, unused chapters, doodles and the like and organize them in a manner similar to what was done for the Tolkien series by Christopher Tolkien (NOT JRR himself...). This would be the encyclopedia approach that is being hinted at. The second and perhaps equally possible would be for JKR to ALSO do a Hogwarts, A History similar to Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts, in addition to an encyclopdeia of unused materials. I tend toward the latter theory myself, but we'll need to wait and see. Let's face it, we'll be buying whatever she shares us! It will be interesting to see what she writes "after Harry".... Just two more months, friends, just two more months.... And a final thought: at some point, there will be a definitive edition, with the typos corrected, with the differences between the UK and US editions resolved, and other minor corrections made. Hopefully that will happen relatively soon (in about five years?).Avatar Image says: Hopefully this is more than a rumor. I'd buy it. P.S. How about a book on Dumbledore? Melissa has bothered Jo about that in interviews. Dumbledore is the coolest character in the series.Avatar Image says: This is awesome. I'd love to get a peek at some of my favorite minor characters - like Flitwick. He's just nifty, though we don't know much about him. It would really be a fun, useful read for the potter fan.Avatar Image says: oh my gosh...I really hope that Jo writes this book!!Avatar Image says: More books in the Hogwarts universe would be great, though it would be nice to see more stories, since Jo is clearly getting very good at writing them. An encyclopedia would be great, but I'm afraid it would be something just for geeks with no literary value. Give us more stories; we love the storytelling as much as the setting. Keep the printed page for stories, and leave the trivia for the internet where you know it will be lapped up. Thanks :)Avatar Image says: Yawn. Old news. I want to know whether she'll be doing the encylopedia BEFORE she releases the "political fairy story" that she's already written.Avatar Image says: I wonder how it will sell, though, if she kills off Harry, though. Avatar Image says: That's a cool idea, writing a sort of Harry Potter reference book. I would buy it. Avatar Image says: will orwont I don't know, it depends. It could include 'articles' (histories) about minor characters, and major characters' ancestors. I'd imagine she could make them really funny. I'd like to see more of her background notes and any detail about the 'world' would be great because I love her detail.Avatar Image says: I'd love to see this book. I'd also like to see stories in the Potterverse but involving other characters, before, after or during Harry's Hogwarts years. I got this idea because another series of books I liked (Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials) is getting a similar book of stories. There's so much to explore in Harry Potter. Characters, history, and lots more. xxxAvatar Image says: KOOL...Avatar Image says: That would be so COOL!Avatar Image says: I think it depends a lot on how Jo writes this encyclopaedia as to how popular it will be. It will appeal to Potter geeks regardless of what she puts in it, and there are probably an awful lot of them (the school books netted something like 16 million UK pounds for the Comic Relief charity), but if it is written as a collection of mini stories (eg. the founding of Hogwarts, the formation of the death eaters, the schooling of the Marauders etc.) it could well have a more general appeal.Avatar Image says: Yes, it would be great. BUT.... I for one would like her to write another series that has NOTHING to do with the Harry Potter World and maybe she can make a series out of it. Who knows? Maybe it will be a great book/series.Avatar Image says: It better be longer than the Encyclopedia Britannica! Nothing shorter will do. :)Avatar Image says: It'd be great if she did it. The Potterverse would be complete.Avatar Image says: Woohooooo!!! I am so happy...Avatar Image says: i hope she does, i hope she does, i hope she does!!!! ^_________^Avatar Image says: It should be true!!!! If she decides to write it then my life won't be over after the release of DH!Avatar Image says: "But fans shouldn't get too excited. Instead of a new novel, the writer is apparently considering compiling an encyclopaedia of magic." Yeah because none of the fans want an encyblopaedia of the Potter -world written by Rowling... Oh wait a minute, yes they do!Avatar Image says: I just know it. Soon a new era will begin in the HP world. It's going to be weird, and I'm looking forward to it. Hell yeah.Avatar Image says: can not wait for this!!!Avatar Image says: I hope she does...Avatar Image says: Oh, please, please, please, Jo, please write Hogwarts, A History!!! I've been wanting that book ever since Hermione uttered those words back in Philosopher's Stone!! While keeping my fingers crossed, I'm THANKING YOU in advance! :)Avatar Image says: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! -BAvatar Image says: this just made my FLIPPIN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. for some reason Jo's comment about harry and ron never reading hogwarts: a history just popped in my head. this is so flipping AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) to like infinityAvatar Image says: I would love a book like that! If she does write it, I hope she includes an entry about Theodore Nott. I Avatar Image says: I love that character.* Grrr!Avatar Image says: like omg i wanna read it no matter what!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: COOOOOL! if it's true (we hope) But i must say "THANKS ALOT, NIMRODS!" to channel 10 news australia, for simply saying it was an "eighth book that will tie up all the loose ends" i got my hopes up and thought it might be a prequel or a "years later" eplilogue.... thanks for leading me WAAAY up the garden path, channel ten! your news sucks anyway, like most crappy fox news services. to everyone else i say - have a great day :)Avatar Image says: I think this would be awesome! I love her "Quidditch Thru the Ages" and "Magical Beasts" books! I hope this is a great big thick book full of interesting tidbits.Avatar Image says: It would be nice to have A History of Magic and Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles as well! Imagine the fun she could have writing the latter?

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