J.K. Rowling Donates to Reward Fund for Missing Child


May 13, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Scores of concerned readers mailed to let us know that J.K.Rowling is one of those who have contributed to a reward fund for a missing child from the UK. The BBC reports the Harry Potter author is among several famous personalities who have donated generously toward a reward “totaling £2.5m” being offered for those providing information leading to the safe return of a young four year old girl who went missing in Portugal. Update: For more on the background of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann click here (Thanks OJ), with additional info on this case, here, and here.
Thanks much to the many concerned readers who mailed!

68 Responses to J.K. Rowling Donates to Reward Fund for Missing Child

Avatar Image says: I think that's really nice. No other word for it, it's really awesome. Let's hope she's found soon. :(Avatar Image says: To help spread awareness for the search for Madeleine, you can add http://www.myspace.com/findmadeline to your top friends on Myspace.Avatar Image says: beautifully done, jk...it's so sad! i hope they find her!!Avatar Image says: that'e really nice........ i hope that child returns safely.............Avatar Image says: I agree with the majority of posters here about avoiding cynicism and pointing fingers when there is the much more important matter of finding a little girl who may be in a lot of danger. That amount of money would speak to someone, even a criminal, a lot more than sincere pleadings. I'm really touched how much JK cares about issues involving kids.Avatar Image says: JKR used to live in Portugal and has small children, too, so this must frighten her as much as any mother alive. I think it is awesome that she wants to help this poor family - what a tragedy! And it's Mother's Day in the U.S., and all we mothers can only imagine the grief of having a small child lost somewhere - horrible. I hope they find the little girl alive somewhere so the nightmare can be over. Jo did a wonderful thing in adding to the reward.Avatar Image says: I've been expecting this news all day, I wonder why it took so long? I hope she is found soon, but it has been like 10 days! The longer she is in the hands of these/this sicko, the more likely we will never see her again. I just pray she is still alive.Avatar Image says: This is such a sad story and I'm hoping Maddie is found safe and well. Avatar Image says: Peeves: You've just won the prize for the ugliest and most nastily cynical comment I've ever seen posted on here. Shame on you. I'm sure J K Rowling did this for no other reason than deep concern for little Madeleine. To suggest otherwise is disgusting. Avatar Image says: This is also in the News of the World if anyone wants me to type it up. Thoughts & prayers go to Madeleine and her family. I live a couple of villages away from them and it's really unnerving when something like this happens close to home [although, of course it didn't actually happen here, but still...]Avatar Image says: maybe I am a cynic, but I can't help thinking that there is something more sinister in this whole affair. Are the parents really as innocent as we think? Is it not just another Lindenburg baby?Avatar Image says: I can see why Jo would put up money to try to help this girl be found, because she spent a few years working in Portugal, and her oldest daughter was born there, so I am sure she would identify with the McCann family.Avatar Image says: I myself am from Liverpool and also one of the people who mailed to Leaky about this, I hope Maddie is found and returned safely to her family. Whoever you are out there - please, just please, let her go and live her life.Avatar Image says: I don't understand, Steph. If a child goes missing the natural thing is to feel concern for the family and hope that the child is found. Surely the most productive thing to do is to make sure she's found before we go suspecting the parents. I know there's been speculation about how they left her, but at the end of the day it was a holiday complex and they were checking up on her. The room was in safe distance. The only fault it is is of the person who took to poor little girl and THAT's the person we want to find. Personally, my thoughts are with the parents 100%. It must be so awful for them I can't even imagine. We should continue hoping... xxxAvatar Image says: I hope she is found alive. But as the days pass that becomes less likely. Jkr has done a good thing in this donation. It keeps the story on the front page. Giving a larger chance of finding her alive.Avatar Image says: I'm wishing so hard for her to be found. Just bring her home safely - she's only a little girl, and her parents must be going out of their minds.Avatar Image says: >>maybe I am a cynic, but I can't help thinking that there is something more sinister in this whole affair. Are the parents really as innocent as we think? You know, all I can hope is that you *never* have to go through something like this, because somehow I don't think you'd like remarks like that levelled at you. Have some compassion. >>I know there's been speculation about how they left her, but at the end of the day it was a holiday complex and they were checking up on her I agree with your post. They left her in a locked apartment with two other children and were checking every half hour. My parents routinely did the same thing on holiday when I was small; many parents do. To say that the McCanns were at fault is, frankly, sick and missing the whole bloody point. Here and now, it doesn't matter. It's too late to point fingers. What *does* matter is that there is a family going out of their minds with worry and grief here, and the more people who are in a position to help, the better. The more this is publicised, the better. There is a little girl out there who has been ripped from her family, and someone knows *something*.Avatar Image says: I really hope she is found! I always feel so bad, it must be terrible to have your child missing! :( Maybe I watch too much Law and Order but the whole reward money usually doesn't work out... its less likely that missing children are found. Avatar Image says: Why this one girl? Doesn't this happen all the time? Any contribution is wonderful, but wouldn't it have been more effective to donate to a missing child organization and help many families, instead of just one? At a certain point, more money for one child isn't going to do more good the way more money for many would.Avatar Image says: i think it shows her sicerity by doing something like this.she has childeren herself so she would understand the love for a child i dont think anyone could cmprehend.i do hope madeline mccann comes home.at least she has something distingtive-her eye and we give out about our flaws when really they are the things that define us.Avatar Image says: People here are missing the point. It is this oen girl because of the unprecedented amounts of publicity this story is receiving in the UK. It has been lead story in all the bulletins for ten days and even eclipsed the news of Tony Blair announcing his coming retirment as Prime Minister. This sort of thing does NOT happen all the time in the UK. It is not unknown of course but little girl toddlers going missing is still a rarity here. It took place in Portugal with British tourists and there has been a lot of commentary as to whether the Portuguese police were handling it as the UK police might have done. It is the biggest non politics news story in the UK for weeks, since the trial of the (second set of) terrorist subway bombers in fact. Our American friends may be missing how big this is in the UK but JKR knows it is worth helping. The parents have been interviewed at length and are so distrauht that there is no acting going on. This is real, man.Avatar Image says: whoever took this precious angel, please do what is right. whoever you are, this little girl deserves a full life ahead of her. Send this little girl home, please!!! i recognize jo and all of the other " famous" people who played a part in such a compassionate act. they are showing pure, christian love that just makes me want to cry with happiness. my prayers are with that family, and the authorities who are searching for maddie. leaky, im so happy whenever HP sites post about whats going on in the world, not only our hogwarts bubble. thank you, and the kinda readers, who sent this piece of news in. Avatar Image says: kiff is right. This is the number one news story in the UK at the moment - it has been on the front page of every UK newspaper since it happened. This doesn't "happen all the time" in the UK - it is a huge deal across the whole country when it does. Many other people have offered rewards of up to a million pounds for this child's safe return and our whole country is following this story. And while I understand the reasoning behind the "cynical" comments, I'd suggest people read the news coverage carefully and be sensitive about your tone when raising offhand speculation about the McCann family. This continuing situation is very distressing and these are real people we're talking about, not a hypothetical scenario. Even if the parents were proven to have any connection with Maddie's disappearance (which the current evidence doesn't remotely suggest at all), that in itself would be devastating for people involved. I think it's great that Jo, along with many other prominent people, is doing what she can towards this cause.Avatar Image says: Steph, Confused on why you would site the Lindbergh case. Of course it was a botched investigation, but the parents were never sited as suspects. There will always be questions asked about any case like this, but if you are a parent, you would understand that to do something nefarious with one's own child is unthinkable. I'm not saying it never happens. Support is what these parents need and are getting.Avatar Image says: "i think it shows her sicerity by doing something like this.she has childeren herself so she would understand the love for a child i dont think anyone could cmprehend" exactly what I thought. I don't have children and it's bad enough me imagining what it must be like, but for those with children it must be doubly so. Not to mention imagining what the girl herself must be going through, alone. So if you've got money like JK you would want to give it to feel less helpless. I don't want to depress people but this has happened before. A boy called Ben Needham from a holiday home in Kos in 1991. He'll possibly be 18 by now. So let's wait til after she's come home before deciding on the merits of the case itself.Avatar Image says: The ONLY thing that matters here is that a little girl is returned to her family as soon as humanly possible, and if it takes huge rewards offered by any number of people, then good. As a mother, I know what it is like to take your eyes off your child for a moment and lose them. My son was missing for an hour in a theme park and I was out of my mind - little Maddie has been gone for 9 days. Blaming the parents because of one lapse is futile, because they will be blaming themselves more than anyone else ever could. The only person to blame for this is the person who went into their hotel room and snatched her. I've cried, like countless others, over this heartbreaking story. Her parents need compassion and their daughter back. I applaud Jo, and the newspaper who arranged for famous personalities to donate money, for this gesture. DonnaAvatar Image says: It's really horrible what has happened and I hope they find Madeleine safe and well and lock up the sick people who abducted her. It's great that JKR is helping with this cause by donating money to the reward sum.Avatar Image says: Steph, there is nothing at all wrong with your wondering or holding different opinions, you are perfectly entitled to do so and I can see your reasoning. However, speculating about the possible guilt of the parents is probably not all that helpful or sensitive at the current time. (Even the normally rabid UK media aren't pointing any fingers at the moment, they are solely focused on finding the child.) None of us here are investigating the case, we are sympathising in a terrible situation (which is terrible regardless of what the background). There's nothing to stop you theorising about "whodunnit" but all of our primary concern right now is the welfare of this missing little girl. And assuming that the family are innocent (until proven guilty), we're all also deeply concerned about their welfare during this ghastly experience. Naturally everyone will have their own ideas and theories, but at this particular time compassion for the family should probably outweigh intellectual speculation. Avatar Image says: I'm just curious - is it definite that she was abducted? I couldn't find anything that implies that but some people here are saying it. Couldn't she have just wandered off (unlikely, I know)?Avatar Image says: It's rather sick to assume that these parents have done something to their own child just because it has happened to another child. Have you seen the mother? She's aged 10 years in the past week. That's what losing your child does to you. I hope you're back safe soon, Maddy.Avatar Image says: I think the only final word I can say on this is that JKR is right to do what she did. We all want Maddie returned safely. If they don't find her... well, the only thing we can hope then is that she was taken by someone who wanted a child to love and couldnt have one (as has happened before)rather than someone who'd hurt her... it's still terrible, but the lesser of two evils. With each day that passes, our hope grows. xxx goodnight, wherever you are xxxAvatar Image says: You're right, Amy. There's always hope. There *has* to be. We just have to keep praying, hoping, and spreading the word, since someone has to know where she is.Avatar Image says: amy, you have said what needed to be said. we can just pray that she is ok. Avatar Image says: Steph, people who don't jump straight to thinking it was the parents, not when there has been no implication of it. That normal hints at them being untrusting and bitter at people(angry). Also I messed up and thought you were responding to the conversation me and peeves were having, as your comments fitted in(not clear now as his are deleted), sorry! Without this mess up you're a lot more reasonable LOL. Avatar Image says: How wonderful of her. She is so generous! By the way, happy mother's day to her and all mothers!Avatar Image says: Just wanted to say well done to JK Rowling for her donation to the reward fund. As a casual admirer of her writings (rather than an ardent fan), I was really surprised by her generosity and kindness. I'm sure real fans of JK's works weren't surprised by that at all. Well done!Avatar Image says: Our prayers are with that little girl, and her parents! I hope to God that they'll have her home soon.Avatar Image says: I do hope that little girl is found safe and is found soon. My prayers are with her and her family.Avatar Image says: Thank you Leaky for updating the article with more information on the case. It's a pity my post got deleted over asking you to do that, but better late than never.Avatar Image says: AH HA HA leaky sucks! yall totally missed reporting the new 'order' snippet that aired on survivor tonight! viva mugglenet!!Avatar Image says: >>My son was missing for an hour in a theme park and I was out of my mind - little Maddie has been gone for 9 days (Don) My mum left me in Boots when I was tiny and she was a new mum - she walked out of the shop, realised she had forgotten something... er yes, her very small baby in the nappies aisle. Fortunately, clearly I am fine and no harm done. But it can only take a second for something to go horribly wrong, as we're seeing in the news. Above everything else JKR is a mother, and an incredibly well-known mother at that. If her lending her name to this cause brings that poor family back together, I am *all* for it. Avatar Image says: I hope the attention surrounding JKR's large contribution provides the publicity boost that will help find this little girl. The publicity will be just as helpful as the money itself, imo. Children ARE found, even after long periods of time, and I fervently hope that is the case here. What it will take is a sharp-eyed citizen....that's how kids like Elizabeth Smart and Shawn Hornbeck/Ben Ownby were found, Shawn after four long years! And shame, shame, shame on you, Steph. It's clear that you are not a parent, because no parent could be so heartless and cruel as to engage in nasty public speculation, especially when it's fueled by tired old "grassy knoll" consipiracy theories about other famous cases. The Lindbergh baby? @@ I wish TLC would delete your posts. Avatar Image says: Look, I'm sorry. I am sorry I am such a terrible person, I'm sorry that I don't trust people, I'm sorry that I find the situation suspicious. No I am not a parent, and I never will be. I'm just an electrician, everyone knows that the opinion of the common worker counts for nothing so there is no need to even think about what I've written.Avatar Image says: How difficult it is to love mankind when such specimens spoil it all. How degenerate does one have to be to perform such a cruel act of inhumanity? On the other hand, there are compasionnate people who do their best to compensate for these criminals. I hope they find them soon and put them behind bars for the rest of their lives. Avatar Image says: Steph, your opinion does matter, whether or not it was wise to post it here doesn't matter. You are not a pathetic excuse for a human being, and I know how it feels to have people do horrible things that chip away at your ability to trust. Maybe people should lay off Steph, and focus (like they say we should be doing) on the poor McCann's and Madeleine. It's not fair to attack Steph, she merely wrote a thought- she didn't say "the parents did it", she didn't say "I don't care about the child", so let's move on.. I think it is wonderful JK donated to help keep the story on the front page and anything anyone does to help bring the poor child home is much appreciated. I am not a mother, but I am a big sister to three girls, and I can definitely empathise with the kind of terror the McCann's must be going through. I hope Madeleine is found safe and returned home.Avatar Image says: I grew up in the town where the girl went missing, and it is rather shocking to hear that it happened. I have been following news ever since, and since my parents still live there I always get an update from them too. I sincerely hope that she is found soon and I find it noble that JKRowling try to help to find her too. Even if the chance is slim by now, I really hope that they can find the small girl alive. After all a girl had been found here in Vienna after about 10 years later, so there is still hope for this little girl to be found too. MoonyAvatar Image says: I totally agree with Linny's comment (http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/comments.php?entry_id=9841&pg=2#602531) What makes this one missing child more important then the others? How do other parents of missing children feel after mega celebrities like Beckham and Rowling focus on one particular missing child and the others are thereby deemed less important? I would be fuming mad! How many other children could be found if they had such a reward fund and publicity? Obviously everyone wants this girl to be found, but it seems working with publicity is more important then working with police.Avatar Image says: I am really glad that through her donation, JK Rowling has given Madeleine's parents just a little bit more hope that someone, somewhere in europe will recognise Madeleine in a newspaper, and they can find out what happened to her. It is sad that there are so many other missing children out there, but this does not detract from the fact that a three year old girl is still missing and needs to be found. The people who simply sit about moaning at those who are trying to help shouldn't feel like they have achieved some sort of moral highground. Thank you JKR, once again you've shown what a kind, good person you are.Avatar Image says: jynx my understanding is that it was the police who failed to work with the parents not the other way round. The police took 12 hours before even alerting border police (too long). They refused to even give the parents information let alone publicise the disappearance to the wider community. They waited even longer before interviewing people even at the same holiday complex (many had since left for home), or gathering forensic evidence (as a result lost forever). The parents weren't even supported when making their television appeal. They naturally felt that they had to do something themselves and what better way than by publicity. I found all this in the Telegraph newspaper (ie quite respectable not a sensationalist tabloid), which also talked to police here about the importance of timeliness and cooperation with the local community in these cases. No wonder the parents are frustrated. And no wonder people sympathise with them.Avatar Image says: Jynx, this had already been a huge story for days and days before any celebrities got involved. This is nothing to do with celebrities publicising one case rather than others. It's because this is an abduction story involving a young child. We only rarely have cases where children are abducted or alleged to be abducted (a lot of other disappearances are deemed to involve running away from home, rather than evidence of kidnapping) and even fewer where the children are not found quickly. When abductions happen or appear to have happened (eg Ben Needham, Sarah Payne, the Soham girls, or Molly Campbell), and when they are not found very quickly, it is a big deal and tends to get lots of publicity. All the celebrities are doing is trying to add what support they can to a cause which was already the top story in the UK.Avatar Image says: I've been reading the Times and the BBC, Anne, and it sounds to me as if the Telegraph is just being a tabloid. I've read nothing about parents being "frustrated". It's true the police took too long to warn the border patrols, but they're not giving anything away because they say it will compromise their case. They have a suspect now. A British man called Robert Murat.

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