New Layout for UK Harry Potter Website; Includes New Photos of Black Family Tree, plus the Auror Dawlish!


May 16, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The UK official Warner Brothers Harry Potter website has been given a nice new makeover today, featuring a new layout, new posters, new wallpapers, and new buddy icons. In this new look at things from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie, you can see all the previously released movie stills in a gallery plus some new ones, including this of Sirius and Harry (with the fab Black Family tapestry behind them) and a new one of Fudge, Kingsley, Umbridge and ….attention John Noe: DAWLISH! as well as the various trailers. Be sure to turn the volume on to hear some lovely new music which we believe is from the upcoming score by Nicholas Hooper. We expect the US Harry Potter website to be updated soon as well. Enjoy!
Thanks Andres!

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Avatar Image says: Awesome!! I'll look at it in a bit. I'm busy with my powerpoint presentation at the moment. Wow new pics, I wonder what they are?Avatar Image says: DAWLISH! Dawlish is in the picture section. Heee Hee Hee. (also Luna and Harry, and Luna and Cho) Now, is it just me or is that IMAX Hermione on the main page?Avatar Image says: Omg! The site is AWESOME! It makes me feel like I'm in the MoM! There are hardly any new pics though, but we do get to see that same shot of Ginny from the US poster, but clearer. She looks great! It's on the homepage though, and not in the galleries. Avatar Image says: The new site is fantastic, I love the music, and there is a new wallpaper with Harry which is really like. And in that same wallpaper there is a pic of Voldemort, and it's not 'nowadays' Voldemort, it's like a younger version, like he should look like in HBP I think, because he has his nose and he looks more like Raph. There is a new pic with Harry and Sirius too, very beautiful, and you can see a bit of the Black family's tapestry! It's amazing the level of detail the movie makers put into these movies. :)Avatar Image says: Oh My God I love the music!!!!! This Hooper guy is as good as he was bragging he was!!!Avatar Image says: This is fantastic! I love the music. This definitely sounds like the music they'll use for the film. It's too bad they used the mega photoshop characters for the front page, though. It wouldn't be so bad if they just friggin fixed Ginny already - come on, WB, she looks absolutely NOTHING like Bonnie Wright.Avatar Image says: The Black family tapestry looks amazing!! I love all the pictures on it :)Avatar Image says: OMG! Fran, the music is WICKED. Very dramatic,especially the piano part and hedwig's theme is really haunting. Love the pictures. I LOVE THE VEIL ROOM WITH LUPIN,MOODY,TONKS,SIRIUS,HARRY, RON AND HERMIONE! AND THE VEIL ROOM WITH BELLATRIX,LUCIUS AND VOLDY. WOOOOOOW! The black corridors are really dark and beautifully detailed. AMAZING.Avatar Image says: Wow, that music is wonderful! So haunting! The new wallpapers look great, they should also make wallpapers for neville and ginny. I love the pic of dawlish, I was wondering whether he would be making an appearance in the movie! The Black family tapestry looks awesome, with portraits sewn beside each name.Avatar Image says: I can't get the right flash!!! Man i hate that. will someone tell me what the sight has or if there are new pic's? I hope they have the trailer on leaky soon so I can see it. thanks for any helpAvatar Image says: Emmmm....I just went to the DA site to sign up......Ireland is not on the list of countries! I'm disgusted! Not signing up now :-(Avatar Image says: If the movie is as good as all the publicity and the new layout for the OotP website, we are going to expect a GREAT movie! I can't wait to see it! :)Avatar Image says: the same posters you've seen. but in harry's one you see again voldy in the orb but he has a nose. ew. in luna's the mask of the deatheater is not the gold one that was released earliew but a different silver one, creepy too. the deatheater is different. Bellatrix is so hot. And sadistic. In the background sight she is amazing. I JUST CANNOT WAIT FOR THE OFFICIAL "POTTER" SITE. ESPECIALLY TO SEE THIS FINAL TRAILER *hopes to see something new*Avatar Image says: Those new wallpapers are great, but why are they all the same size, 800x600? :(Avatar Image says: Do we know around what time today the new US site is opening?! I want to see the new trailer too! Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter website as well. I hope there is some new footage in that final trailer. The website should be online by the time I get home from college. Avatar Image says: Hmmm.. There is pic of Voldemort with a 'human' nose (kind of similar to his face in the first film). Maybe there is a flashback scene in the movie that show the younger version of Voldemort? Or maybe this is his look in the scene with Dunbledore in HBP? (Since David Yates is also the director of HBP, they may have finished designing the new version of Voldemort by now?)Avatar Image says: Either I need a proper plugin *is miffed as she doesn't like to install one plug-in after the other* or the website doesn't work.Avatar Image says: Ah, a preview for the music at last! Sounds good to me. They kept the non-Bonnie Wright image, though! That miffs me!Avatar Image says: ZOMG DAAAAAAWWWWLISH!!!!! ZOMG!!!!1!!!one!Avatar Image says: Wow, I love the music too - very foreboding and the piano solo gives me tingles - I think it reflects Harry's regret. Whatever it it means, this music has got some heavy gravitas that I find it hard to imagine its made just for the website - I reckon its for the new movie. Love it- I have it playing repetitively on my pc... Btw - why does it say year 4? should be year 5. right?Avatar Image says: Most of it looks really good but I still don't understand why Neville and Ginny aren't getting much love in the publicity stakes so far, given their importance in the overall story arc of the series (no shipping arguments please). Sure they're upfront in the combined posters but not stills or individual posters. They are just as important as Luna in this story (and by the way I do like Luna), but I guess the colourful secondary character syndrome so synonymous with Hollywood (funny/quirky = gets a lot of attention) strikes again.Avatar Image says: Um, Bella is now sporting a Diana Ross hairstyle. Not that I'm complaining. She looks awesome... However, am confused about how Voldie's managed to find the time to grow a nose. Avatar Image says: WOW the trailor is fantastic on wide-screen. Gives me goose-bumps. That's not Bonny in the picture is it?? Looks nothing like her. And DID YOU SEE the Black family tapestry behind Harry and Sirius???? OMG I WANT a real one for my lounge wall!!!!!Avatar Image says: Is it just me, or is Hermione too skinny again?Avatar Image says: I think Neville and Ginnt should have their own posters but I doubt that. Luna is launched as more important throughout the film,that's what the guys who saw it said, so I doubt for Ginny, especially. She was in many places in many scenes but without many lines and without much attention. So,we know we have: 1.Harry/Voldemort 2.Hermione/Umbridge 3.Umbridge/Dumbledore 4.Ron/Lucius 5.Luna/Deatheater 6.Sirius/Bellatrix I guess a Mad-Eye Moody,Tonks,Lupin,Kinglsey/Ginny and a Neville/Deatheaters will be awesome. Argh,when will the other site be ready?Avatar Image says: Well first off... YEAR 4??? That should be the first thing to get right.. Year 5 guys! Sheesh.. But it looks awesome! Love the music, and the prophecy images. Great stuff! Gave me tingles, and a tear again. It's getting so exciting. I wish they would give you all the characters for buddy icons. Would love to have Sirius. And Luna! Just fix the year 5 guys, and you have it perfect! Avatar Image says: It's just my eyes or in the wallpaper of Harry, Voldemort has got a real nose?? And is that Ralph Fiennes???Avatar Image says: The 'year 4' is a link to the Goblet of Fire website - not a title for this one!Avatar Image says: the clip is awesome !Avatar Image says: I am LOVING this new music. Especially the little end part of Hedwig's theme. Just the right note of sadness, and a little drama, and a bit of fright. Very very nice.Avatar Image says: Hahaha....Dawlish. Avatar Image says: Why does it say "year 4" on the main site?Avatar Image says: I've just been on it and it's brilliant. Love the music. The new pics are great (especially the one of Harry and Luna). I might download something later. And the trailer looks great especially in high def. 56 days to go!!Avatar Image says: Yes, it looks as though they've added the Swedish poster images to the new website. =) I'm soooo glad they didn't retract the Swedish poster... ;) I'm sure someone probably said this a while ago on another comment board here, but it makes me wonder if the IMAX poster was never actually "enhanced" at all, but that the original US one was "de-enhanced," if you know what I mean?!Avatar Image says: so the brazillion (sp) picture is not fake because is in the website under download=posters. And also on the same place, the wallpapers are new too except luna's. It is the same concept as the ones of the trio with the prophecy orbs that had their enemy, but with different pictures of the trio. I love the ron one. His hair is like almost as it was the first two movie but more grown up. I love the picture of harry and sirius. I didn't expect the tepestry to have pictures of people in it, but it looks great.Avatar Image says: okay, for everyone to hear! YEAR FOUR, IS A LINK TO THE GOBLET OF FIRE WEBSITE! There you go, no more complaining about that.Avatar Image says: I love the picture of the Black Tapestry! That is beautiful!Avatar Image says: OMG That soundtrack clip is mindblowing. I seriously hope Hooper wins an AA for it. It's so beatiful and sad and dark and GOSH... Everything else about the site is cool but I just thought I'd say that the bit of the score we hear is phenominal.Avatar Image says: You guys... it is Bonnie! Did you miss her digivolution or what? ^^ She just grow up that's all. And the angle of the picture makes her that so.Avatar Image says: The site looks good, but it looks like WB is going with the IMAX poster image of Emma. Though what I would like to talk about is the new score (music). I think Hooper did a great job with adapting "Hedwig's Theme", it seemed more like the Orginal John Williams theme than Doyles (though I like Doyles "darker" version too). And, because Yates is directing HBP, I think Hooper will be back. But I'm curious to see if he uses more of the original themes. I thougt "A Window to the Past" was great when I heard it in PoA, and hoped that it would be kept in the following movies, but I doubt it will return. After Doyle completely kept Voldemort's orginal theme out of GoF (GoF is when the theme should have hit its climax) I think the only original John Williams theme we will have is "Hedwig's Theme". But since the Voldemort theme was cut (THAT was the most annoying change in the film, not the cuts from the book that fans complain about) I'm fine with the creation of new themes for the characters like Hagrid and Voldemort (though it would be great to get the Tom Riddle/Voldemort theme back in HBP). I wonder if Hooper will use any of the themes from GoF like "Harry in Winter", but this would be highly unlikely (not saying that GoF, was a bad score, but it wasn't as good as the previous ones). Well, I guess we will have to wait to see what magic Hooper can create in OotP. Avatar Image says: DAWLISH!!!!! yesss lol cant wait!Avatar Image says: The us site is on Image says: Has anyone else noticed that at the bottom is written "Year 4". Isn't it Year 5 ?!?!?!?!??! Can't wait to explore it! Roll on July!!!!!Avatar Image says: ZOMG!!! DAWLISH!!!Avatar Image says: I have to say, I got chills when I heard the music all the way through,especially at the end with the piano bit....i can't wait for the film (i've said this for the hundreth time).Avatar Image says: I wonder how much we'll see of the tree, and what will be explained, cuz it looks HUGE! Oh, and John finally got his wish! lol! XDAvatar Image says: Dawlish looks good. I always imagined him as kind of an unremarkable nerd type, but this guy looks pretty tough. Alright Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawlish!Avatar Image says: Wow!! I LOVE that music!! OMG!! It sounds so mysterious and dark! Argh!Avatar Image says: Daaaaaaaawwwwlish!!!Avatar Image says: They use IMAX Hermione and faceless Ginny on the main page, but regular Hermione on the synopsis page. I just don't get it.Avatar Image says: DAWLISH! John must be beside himself with excitement...Avatar Image says: My Granny lived in Dawlish when I was younger.

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