“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Stamps Due for U.K.


May 20, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The Royal Mail in the UK has announced they will issue special stamps to mark the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The Times reports these stamps will be available starting July 17 and will have images of all seven books on first-class stamps. In addition the “crests of Hogwarts school and its four houses will also appear on a set of five.” A rep for the postal service in the U.K. was quoted as saying they were “proud to commemorate and celebrate an illustrious British author and a true global publishing phenomenon.”
UPDATE: Thanks to reader Sarah, we can now see what the book cover stamps look like here, courtesy of the BBC.

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Avatar Image says: *tries to lure stamps over the ocean* Heeeeere little stamps.Avatar Image says: Great! How cool is that? I live in the US but would love to get them. I wish we would do that too! Maybe someday. This is all making me teary eyes again.:( But wonderful too! :)Avatar Image says: Wow! That's wonderful. I just wish we could get something like that here in the U.S.Avatar Image says: That's so cool!! I wish we in the US could get some!!Avatar Image says: Wow- that's a really big deal- normally the Royal Mail require 3 years notice for special stamps (A charity I worked for petitioned the Royal mail a couple of years back for commemarative stamps) Normally they produce a special 'Collectors pack' with a presentational stamp album- available from their website - & normally they ship anywhere in the world :-) Can't wait- roll on July!Avatar Image says: sweet. i wonder if we'll be able to order them in the states....Avatar Image says: That is so cool! It makes me feel a bit sad though...everyone's starting to realize it's the end of an era, I guess.Avatar Image says: They sound great,can`t wait to see them. I will definitely get some.Avatar Image says: Nice - JKR must be pleased. It used to just be the queen's head on british stamps!Avatar Image says: i think it's great tht harry potter haf their own stamp collections to commemorate a grand event..it's so good they recognise h potter as way more than a kids's book or a passing phenomenon. wish my country had those hpitter stamps.Avatar Image says: I live in Australia. Does anyone know how we can get a hold of these stamps for our collection?Avatar Image says: The Queen's head will continue to appear as a silhouette in the corner of the HP stamps. This always happens with commemorative issues but is so small it does not spoil special designs. There are several special issues each year, and the Queen still appears. This will be the first stamp picturing Wizard(s) and a famous Muggle in the same image.... ;-))Avatar Image says: Finally! I've been saying since the first book came out that stamps should be made, and checks of harry potter...except its not even in the US! How unfair...hopefully one day the US will get them too. Avatar Image says: Sick! Idolatry.Avatar Image says: Linda You can usually order these commemmorative sets of stamps. The RM issue them all the time for collectors. You could try the Royal Mail website www.royalmail.com. Under 'shop' there's a section called 'Collecting and phaliately' which shows all the current sets on offer. Must admit, I don't know whether they post abroad though... :oAvatar Image says: OOOOHHH!! BRILLIANT - thanks for the tips on where to get them O/Seas everyone!! :) Hey Justin - did your stamp call work?... *ponders - awaits answer for briefest of second* oh what the hey - it's worth a try "heeeere little stamps!"Avatar Image says: About time.Avatar Image says: Nice, I'll definitely get a pack (although I don't send many letters. I'll just keep them as a collector's item.)Avatar Image says: Brilliant! Stamps to salute the final book! Jo must feel really proud. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call to the unconverted:) Previously the Isle of Man has issued stamps to celebrate the release of the films PoA ad GoF. They are obtainablefrom www.thecollectorzone.com.Avatar Image says: I think wondering means sicks as in cool, great awesome amazing, fantastic, wonderful, delightful! lol im ordering them!!! I hope... im in Australia so we get some things the UK get.... oh well! We get the book at the same time as everyone else... it's all good!Avatar Image says: wow - Im so out of touch with teenage lingo and I'm only in my thirties. Thanks Fran and MarkC for explaining the meaning of the word 'sick' to me!Avatar Image says: Yeah, the word "Sick" is a slang word when referring to something that is very good or exciting. It's commonly said by UK teenagers, mainly teens who wear tracksuits and Nike trainers. I rarely say it because it might cause confusion. I say something is sick when I think it's horrible or upsetting. Avatar Image says: Thanks Anne, I certainly hope i can get a hold of them they sound great! But Mark C, you are right, we do normally get what the UK does, or at least with book covers and all.Avatar Image says: That's the spirit. Way to go, England.Avatar Image says: Omg! That is so awsome! It totally want DH stamps! I hope they do that in the US too, but it's doubtful. Avatar Image says: oooh rockin' im just buyin loads for no reason other than its harry potter Avatar Image says: To jump on the slang bandwagon, the stamps release is wicked sick! I'm so excited! Wonder if I can talk some of my UK friends into purchasing some for me and sending them to me? Hm...me thinks I need to contact them and get this set up!Avatar Image says: Cool! I wish they were coming out a little earlier than the week of the release though. I wonder when the next DH trivia test is going to appear on leaky? Isn't it every 20 days?Avatar Image says: I don't live in the U.K. :( Try Canada :)Avatar Image says: Hope I've got my login right lol it's been a while... Guaranteed for ppl that want to get these stamps, some will end up on ebay... You can just see it coming! I'm working on a pottercast fansite, once it's done and live, I'm going to open a forum thread for ppl that want stamps and get ppl to volunteer to send them or maybe get ppl to do some kind of swap. (I'm on another forum where all the peeps have started sending eachother sweeties from different parts of the world - it's kewl). I'll definitely send some stamps to to ppl who want any.. anything to stop ppl from getting ripped off on ebay... after Jo's made so much effort to get them to stop selling fake copies of her autographs... I want to do what I can to stop other HP fans from getting ripped off! *Rant over - breathes*Avatar Image says: Whee.. they look cool. I'll have to try to get some... They really should come out with some HP stamps for the US. *pouts*Avatar Image says: "wow - Im so out of touch with teenage lingo and I'm only in my thirties." LOL I know how you feel! I'm the same! :) Avatar Image says: "wow - Im so out of touch with teenage lingo and I'm only in my thirties." "LOL I know how you feel! I'm the same! :)" Double ditto that, I immidiatly thought of "sick" as ... well sick when I read that. *on a side note* ***Woo I got my name in Leaky again! Next mission io get mentioned on PotterCast, hehe***Avatar Image says: but wondering also said "idolatry"... anyway I live in the UK and have never heard the word sick to mean something good. God, I'm out of touch with the lingo and I'm 16! scary thought lol xxxAvatar Image says: Excellent. I shall get a full set of both and the First Day Covers - my Dad's collected stamps for decades. I've always thought he was a bit of a nerd for doing so, but he'll know how to make sure I get all of them! I hereby take back every bit of teasing I've ever done to him about it!Avatar Image says: the stamps come on my birthday!! yay!!Avatar Image says: I think the stamps are a fab idea. How to jazz up an envelope and make a harry potter fan's day! hehe On a side note I reckon wondering is a bit of a laura mallory as I don't think "sick" in the good sense would be said in conjunction with "idolatry". Oh well, everyone else seems to like it! :) EmmaLouise x xAvatar Image says: I'm 25 and I get confused by teenage lingo... also text message code... eg "da pT was wkd sick" Surely with the invention of smart text it would be quicker to write real words!!!?? Avatar Image says: Linda There's info on the DH stamps on the Royal Mail's website - www.royalmail.com/stampinfo - think they're being published just before DH is out!!!! Pretty sure they'll send them abroad too...you just sign up to get advance info by email. Janie PAvatar Image says: Thanks Janie P, The stamps look great! I am definitely getting some of those. I wonder how much they will cost? No matter i will probably pay more to send them over here like i always. Crappy thing about living in Aus. 'Sick' was a term used quite frequently around here. It's not so popular now but when i was a teenager people used to say it all the time (I'm only 20 so not so long ago).

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