Japan to Host World Premiere of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”


May 22, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The BBC is reporting today that the actual world premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will take place in Tokyo, Japan June 28. The article states that the “Japanese capital was chosen after another highly-anticipated sequel, Spider-Man 3, opened there and broke box office records. But a Warner Brothers spokeswoman said there was “no special reason” for opting to launch the film in Japan.”
No official announcement has been made on who will be attending this event in Japan, and we will update you once we learn more regarding this issue. The U.K. premiere of the film will take place in London, England on July 3, and the U.S. premiere of the fifth Harry Potter movie will follow a few days later in Los Angeles, California July 8. TLC will be attending both the UK and the US premieres of the new film, and we will have complete coverage of these events.

Thanks much to Tisty, Pete, James, Lisa, and Ryan!

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Avatar Image says: harrylatino y universdeharrypotter published this news weeks ago. has WB buy TLC or what? plis don not delete my comment explain me why yu only publish what WB wantsAvatar Image says: Thats Ridiculous!!!! just because spidey 3 broke records in japan... thats a stupid reason! Japan has had nothing to do with the books!!! I stand firm that the world premiere should have been premiered in the most obvious of place's - Britain!!!!! Avatar Image says: Lucia As insulting as your comment is, perhaps you missed when TLC (along with just about Potter site) also reported this weeks ago. However, this is the first time WB has officially commented and released information about this matter to the mainstream press.Avatar Image says: Yah Y not britan who cares bout spidy 3 if we have HP.Avatar Image says: OH, get over it!!I think it's great that the world premier will be in Japan and how it truly shows what a world phenomenon Harry Potter is !!!! Cogratulations to the Potter fans in Japan and everywhere!!! Woo Hoot, we are getting so close!!!Avatar Image says: I can't disagree that Britain would have made more sense; but since I live in Tokyo... Yea!!! I am SOOO excited! Woo Hoo!! :-) I will have to join the crowds and see who comes to the premiere! I hope I get some good pictures!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!Avatar Image says: i thought the world premiere would take place in britain...........spiderman had nothing to do with HP.......anyway, congrats japan!!Avatar Image says: It's not about which countries have input into the making of these fims, it's about which countries generate the most money for the franchise, and Japan is one of the top ones. But I wonder how many of the cast will be there for it (last time only 3 were there)? Most will probably attend the UK one, and a few less the US one like GOF. Personally I don't usually mind where the world premieres are as long as the Deathly Hallows one is in the UK, where it should be.Avatar Image says: The population is much bigger and the books have always sold more there than in Britian. Japan hardly ever gets movies on the premiere date; they usually have to wait week or even months before a blockbuster movie even starts to be shown there. Of course I'm not just standing up for them because I'll be vacationing there at that time. :p Japanese Harry Potter fans are some of the sweetest (and craziest!) I've ever known. Otanoshimi~Avatar Image says: Yes the last one should be in London. I believe HP didn't do too well the last time in Japan, so I bet they're hoping it does better (much, much better) this time around. The more publicity the better. Avatar Image says: It might also have to do with travel issues. They have a whole press run, and it might make it easier on the kids and for travel in general to get the country furthest away done first. It would probably be more fitting to have it London, but maybe it's more practical for them to have it in Japan. Or maybe it really does have to do with ticket sales, I don't know. I really hope J.K.R. goes to the London premiere this time. It will be very close to the book, but hopefully she'll have a little time to squeeze it in.Avatar Image says: Consider the fact that Harry is published in 'X' amount of languages around the world I think it's great! Agreed though...if the last Harry does not premiere in London it would be a an absolute crime. Avatar Image says: I don't really understand why they're having it in Japan, surely it's got nothing to do with money as the film will still actually be released at the same time as everywhere else! Anyway- see you in London TLC =D Which members of the Leaky team are coming over?Avatar Image says: I don't think it really matters where it's held. London gets its premiere eventually; it's all good.Avatar Image says: Tokyo! Great! Tokyo Muggle if you can get photos of the japanese famous that will attend too please!!Avatar Image says: I agree it doesn't matter where the first premiere takes place. There are a lot of HP fans in Japan so they deserve to have a premiere too. It's not nice that some of you are so selfish you only care about your own countries. There won't be a premiere in my country but I'm happy for all the fans, no matter where they live, who will be able to attend a premiere of this great movie. :)Avatar Image says: The film premières in London on July 3rd, and in the USA on July 8th - although I don't know what they mean by 'World', since it opens before July 28th in most countries can't even say that mean Asian Première because it opens in Malaysia and Hong Kong before July 28th. The poor Finnish fans have to wait until July 30th and the Greek until 23rd August! I wonder if perhaps it's just the wrong wording, as a World Première is the first ever performance which would surely be the UK screening, then there it would be National surely? BTW, clearly Lucia isn't a native English speaker so perhaps TLC could have been a little more tolerant instead of being insulted. Obviously now I've said this I'm going to cause problems, so I apologies in advance but it's just how it seems to me.Avatar Image says: Steph, the premiere in Japan is the 28th of June not July, a few days before the UK one and 2 weeks before the official worldwide release date of July 13th.Avatar Image says: Can't wait for Leaky's coverage of both premieres. Hope Sue gets to meet Mr Isaacs again.Avatar Image says: I really can't believe some of these childish posts! Doesn't anyone THINK before they let their fingers strike the keyboard anymore? Leaky prints tons of news; rumored and confirmed - how can anyone accuse them of being bought? That comment was completely uncalled for! And as far as the world premiere - Who Cares where it starts?! It's actually quite poetic that Japan gets it first. They are the 'Land of the Rising Sun' afterall; and there are tons of great fans there. Why begrudge them the premiere? Really, People! This rudeness is totally unnecessary! Avatar Image says: So, will Leaky be in attendance? Enquiring minds want to know.Avatar Image says: They were "already" planning to have the premiere in Japan BEFORE Spiderman even opened. [The press loves to stir the pot so much] Licia, this film is made by WB , they can premiere it anywhere they like. HP has a HUGE fan base in Japan and it was their turn to host a Premiere. In the US the Premiere has been moved from NY to California.I don't care which side of the country they premiere it as as long as I get to see it on July13th. In fact it is a good change . Thanks Sue! I am hoping TLC has someone at the Japan Premiere to let us know what happened . If so who? Avatar Image says: Cool.Avatar Image says: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo....domo.... Congrats to the Japanese fans.Avatar Image says: I don't see it matters who Premiere's it (and I live in UK). Japan are huge fans of HP so good for them. Avatar Image says: Dan and the others are going to get their handprints and wands,etc immortalized on the cement on the sidewalk at Grauman's chinese theatre too. Way cool! Their parents must be so chuffed!Avatar Image says: Dear dear, bit contraversial here. Wonder why Lucia thinks TLC's been bought?? TLC try to get official confirmation before releasing news - that's why it was a bit slower perhaps. Anyway, TLC are always respectful of all people involved with teh HP world - but they do criticise (constructively as well). Try listening to Pottercast! Japan have the largest market for books/music/films after USA and UK (bigger for certain things). HP isn't just ours (Brits) - it belongs to everybody in the world that loves it... I'm a bit biased maybe coz I have family in Japan, but Let's face it, if it wasn't for the interest (and money) spent by internatinal fans HP probably would never have been made into a film! The UK film industry not exactly rolling in money! So, let's be happy that other fans get to have their turn and look forward to having the HP release back in the UK soon. Avatar Image says: Yeah for Japan!!! Well they had all the great recent premieres but they deserved it so sugoï! ^^ Plus, maybe we'll some guys from the Johnny's Entertainment on the red carpet XD. What? I'm innocent ^^*olease bring the NewS, please bring the NewS*Avatar Image says: I wonder if tje Japanese rock star HYDE will be there, because he's a huge Harry Potter fan. I'd like to see a pic of HYDE and Dan together on the red carpetAvatar Image says: That's the most idiotic excuse (or lack thereof) I've ever heard.Avatar Image says: If THEY deserve it then, why don't they have the next world premiere in Texas? or loompaland? or Yemen!!???? Why is Japan more deserving than harrys birth country??(!!!!!!!! WHO CARES ABOUT STUPID NUMBERS AND BOOK SALES!!! WHERES THE MAGIC IN THAT!!!!!!). Bleh. Oh well at least they aren't haveing something really important there like the release of the 7th book... Avatar Image says: The "World Premiere" and the "Theatrical Release" don't necessarily coincide, do they? WB site still lists the theatrical release for Japan as 13 July. So relax everyone. :-) Very few people in Japan will see the film before you do! Hey, Melissa! Come to Tokyo for the Premiere! I'll buy you dinner. You'll just have to put up with my constant questions about what it was like to meet JKR! hee hee Avatar Image says: OMG I am totally excited! Once more information is released I am so totally going to be there. We're stationed (US military) here in the Tokyo area and I've been missing out on SOOO much this just totally makes my day! WOOHOOAvatar Image says: British school year runs September - June so Emma will have probably finished her exams for the year... although why you wanted to know that... (That reminds me, my brother does his AS levels this year!)Avatar Image says: Schools don't finsh until July in the U.K. (don't know about private ones though), like Emma's. Well whatever will happen, all the whingers will be saying Dan gets too much attention, even though he's missed the last few Japan premieres and where's Rupert etc... so whether it's in Japan or not, the Dan bashing will still continue. I've really got bad vibes about this film now, I don't think it will do all that well and all the arguing and insults has put me right off - thanks Harry Potter 'fans', you've spoiled it again!!!Avatar Image says: Yes, schools do finish in July except for students aged 15/16 doing their GCSEs, and 17/18 doing their A2 Levels [they go on study leave around now and only come back to do exams]. For everyone else, this year it's July 13th where I live, although our term dates are usually a week earlier than the rest of the country!Avatar Image says: Yes, Sarah, I like HP in spite of the so-called fans. I'm looking forward to the movie (and the book) no matter what.Avatar Image says: Hey all, I'll be in Japan when the last book is released. Do any of you know if there will be any kind of event in Tokyo for the release? I've tried searching the web, but I didn't find anything (in English, anyway :P) If someone knows something and can mail me or post here, it would be great. Thanks in advance.Avatar Image says: it doesn't matter were they permire is but harry potter will be a sucess anywhere!!!

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