Second Set Report Preview Now Online


May 22, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

In the second preview of our full OOTP set report, John, Andrew and I visit the Atrium, Room of Requirement, Great Hall and court room sets at Leavesden Studios! Listen in as we give you guys the inside scoop…everything from the architecture of the Room of Requirement to what’s etched onto the tables in the Great Hall.
To download, subscribe to the Leaky Mug feed within iTunes and grab the latest episode. This podcast is a joint production between MuggleCast and PotterCast. Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: I wish I could hear it by other means, I'm not subscribed. Anyway, can't wait to hear it! Thanks!Avatar Image says: iTunes sucks. Is there any other way to get the show?Avatar Image says: Where is the first part of the set report?Avatar Image says: I can't use itunes either:-( Is there any other way we could listen? Thanks guys, hope I can listen!Avatar Image says: Both and typically include links to direct download. Neither site is listing this brand new one yet, but that's probably only because it just came out and they haven't updated the sites. Give 'em some time :)Avatar Image says: I was going to ask for a transcript, but it's a bit soon isn't it? lol! Poor guys of TLC, we don't give them any rest! You're great guys! I've subscribed but the last episode there is for me is #15, they talk about The Prophecy meeting.Avatar Image says: yay! A leaky mug! I'm happy. But still I'm at work and can't get on iTunes til later.Avatar Image says: A written set report would be very appreciated. Since I don't have iTunes...Avatar Image says: Haha something to keep us PotterCast fans happy while the editors work furiously on episode 90. Thanks guys! Avatar Image says: " Where is the first part of the set report? " It would be in the archives, they did it last year. Both of these set reports are just snippets of what they are allowed to release before the full publicity blitz which is a few weeks away. I believe Melissa has mentioned before that the reason they do it as podcast rather than a written report is because they are allowed to do more than if they wrote it. Also, in this one, they are actually on the sets when they are talking about them, which gives a different feel to just a written report. Avatar Image says: What? No transcript? How dare thee! JOKING! Looking forward to listening to it later. Thanks guys. This will definitely hold me over until the Phoenix Rising Pottercast comes out.Avatar Image says: Ok guys it wouldnt download for me either...this is what I did. Update the leaky mug...nothing will show up....but just double click on the leaky mug podcast and it will start playing :DAvatar Image says: is it leakymug #15?Avatar Image says: It's #16. I just listened to it. It was good!Avatar Image says: Ummm I don't have #16 on my iTunes. Just 15. Would really like to hear this though!!Avatar Image says: No new episode! It goes up until #15!Avatar Image says: so the only way to listen to this is through itune. I don't have an ipod and I don't want to subscribe to itunes although it is free. Is there any other way to listen to it?Avatar Image says: I checked iTunes and it wasnt there. My ipod is ready to download when it shows up!!!!Avatar Image says: You have to subscribe to the podcast to get episode #16. If you do subscribe it'll start downloading #16 under the "Store" tab. Avatar Image says: Hello, I also don't have iTunes. Well, I do, but I don't use it for podcasts. I know that you can subscribe to the Leaky Mugs using other podcast aggregators. And I have done so, except my laptop, on which I have it all set up to subscribe, is currently away visiting the Best Buy Geek Squad facility. It won't be back for 2 weeks. Can someone PLEASE, please, pretty please with sugar on top at least post the link to the Leaky Mug feed? I can't find it at the Leaky Mug site (I tried) and the only other way I know of to get it (it's not listed at Podcast Alley either) is to subscribe in iTunes, copy the feed location from there and paste it into my podcast aggregator. I'd really rather not have to do that, because at present I'd have to download iTunes also in order to do it -- does iTunes even work on Windows 2000? I'm using my son's old Dell while the laptop's away. If no one can help me I'll probably eventually do it myself as described above but it probably won't be till Friday. So, if anyone has iTunes or has the feed location memorized, maybe they will post it here? If not I'll do it and post it on Friday.Avatar Image says: HPANA has a written set report up. If you prefer to read news rather than listen, let's face it, you'll have to get it from a different site. I'm sure every other fan site that visited will put up a written report.Avatar Image says: I was able to download the podcast thru iTunes, but I confess I didn’t find it very interesting. I appreciate Melissa, John, and Andrew’s efforts to describe the sets and the fact that John was truly in awe of what he was seeing for the first time. But, for the most part, their descriptions just didn’t register with me. Maybe my ability to visualize is not strong enough. I think the interviews with the cast, etc. will “play” much better. I can’t wait to hear them. Avatar Image says: Why isn't there a direct download link ? I mean, it's allright to release these reports in audio format, but at least, give us direct links so that everyone can hear them. Not everyone has iTunes.

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