Trio to Be Honored at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre


May 22, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Following in the footsteps, literally, of dozens of Hollywood’s great icons, actors Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) will be honored in a “Hand, Foot and Wand-print” ceremony in Los Angeles this summer. Placing their hands, feet and wands in cement in the forecourt of the world-famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Trio will be featured at this ceremony that TLC will attend on Monday, July 9 with the celebs due to arrive at 11:30 am. This event will take place the day after the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Los Angeles on July 8.

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Avatar Image says: That's awesome! I'm so happy for them. Avatar Image says: That's a tremendous honor. I can't believe this is happening. Congrats to Dan, Emma, and Rupert.Avatar Image says: I'm so happy for them! They must be among the youngest actors ever to receive such an honor!Avatar Image says: Wow.. You know, some people can argue that they haven't been in enough movies but they've been in one of the largest and most beautiful franchises of all time. They should be honored right now, and WANDS too, I think that's amazing. I feel like crying, I'm very happy yet gosh, it makes it all so final doesn't it? *sigh* That's so amazing.Avatar Image says: Yes! Their parents must be so proud! Can't wait to watch this!Avatar Image says: wow, that's so cool! Congrats to dan, rupert, emma !Avatar Image says: that's brilliant! I like the wand prints bit...Avatar Image says: This is AMAZING. I'm so happy for them. Even though they might only have 5 movies on their resumes, their films take a lot longer to film than most. Some others can take weeks, a few months on the actors parts, but these take a year. What's even better tho, is that the THREE of them are getting it TOGETHER. They have great screen chemistry, and im so glad they they have yet another milestone in their lives to celebrate together as a team. I can't wait to see the pics from this one!Avatar Image says: Yes, when you think about it the HP films are a major achievement for them, more than for adult actors. They started so young and have stuck it out for five films and are committing themselves to the last two. That's 10 years of hard work and half their lives.Avatar Image says: They really deserve it!!! Dan,Emma and Rup ROOOOCCCKKKK!!! :-)Avatar Image says: What an honour for these three. Yes, they're young, but I look at it this way: they're what people think of when they think of the HP series. They're sort of...representing everyone who works on the films, I suppose. Radcakesfan: The senior staff? If you're referring to all the very distinguished older actors in the HP series, I would imagine some of them might already have been honoured in the same or a similar way. I don't know for sure, though, but it would be interesting to find out if any of them have their prints at Graumann's, or a star on Hollywood Boulevard, wouldn't it? :)Avatar Image says: That's pretty cool! I've been to LA twice in the past two years and had just missed Johnny Depp and someone else I forget doing the cement thing. BTW, at the Chinese Theater website, they have a webcam set right up at the forecourt, so you'll probably be able to see the trio as this is happening. ;o)Avatar Image says: this is truley remarkable!! i am so proud of these kids. they have done so much and have come so far. who'd of guessed that they would ever get a chance to do this?? lol, i think everyone is thinking of what mark their wands will make in the prints!! lol so funny. i would love to one day see it as i AM in Cal. hopefully we can see footage and pics from the event!!! then i'll be very happy indeed!!!! i love you Dan, Emma and rupert!!! (but Dan most of all, duh.)lol :) so happy 4 them!Avatar Image says: Is this the same as the 'Walk of Fame'? Don't you think it's a little bit too soon to be honored on the Stars walk of fame? But hey, this must be part of the publicity for OotP. so rock on.Avatar Image says: jasmine: No it's not the same as the Walk of Fame, where celebs get a star. At Grauman's celebrities make an imprint of their hands and feet, and then sign it, in cement. I don't think they're too young for it at all. They are the HP movies. This is so cool!!! It would be cooler if I could be there. I'm not sure if I would go even if I could, though. I have no real desire to go to L.A.Avatar Image says: That's a wonderful honor for Dan, Emma, and Rupert (and on my birthday, too -- how fun). They definitely deserve it. I like the idea of adding the wandprints. Avatar Image says: I can't wait to here more about it. Its such an great honor for the Trio. They definately deserve it.Avatar Image says: Wow!! They're so young for this. Will they be the youngest actors who have done this? What an honour.Avatar Image says: That's so great for them. I love it. They definitely deserve it. They are all truly very special teens.Avatar Image says: That is so wonderful for them. I think I am going to cry.Avatar Image says: wow. Thats a big honor. Much better than a star on the walk of fame (tons of people have one)Avatar Image says: OMG that's Awesome!! (completely teared up upon reading this article!) ...and I think whether it's "Harry, Hermione, and Ron" or "Dan, Emma, and Rupert", whatever way it's set up, the actors Still brought thos characters to life... and almost ALL HP fans know who each of the individual People are, separate form the characters.Avatar Image says: Oh, that's wonderful! I can't wait to walk by there next time I go to LA and taking hella pics! XDAvatar Image says: WOW, Thats fab! Congrats to Dan, Rupert and Emma. Its an amazing accomplishment to have at such a young age!Avatar Image says: No, they're not the youngest - Shirley Temple got her "concrete shoes" in 1935. She was 7 years old, so those are the youngest footprints at Grauman's. (Most of the "youngest" records in the film industry are probably still held by Shirley)Avatar Image says: yay i'm really happy for them =]Avatar Image says: That's awesome! Congrats to them, they deserve it! Maybe one day one of them will get into the walk of fame, who knows.Avatar Image says: that is SOOOOOOOOOOO coolAvatar Image says: How cool is this. Way to go! This means they have come full circle and is a great honor.Avatar Image says: Don’t get me wrong I love these actors. Their great, but aren't they a little young in there career to be getting such a great honor. They only have a handful of movie credits each. It had me wondering are they getting this honor because their great actors, or that their famous actors just because of the Harry Potter thing.Avatar Image says: aww too bad i already booked my flight home for earlier the same day. i wish i hadnt. Avatar Image says: This is the best bit of news today! Im so glad that the young stars are getting recognition in America. I've been a bit preturbed because Lord Of the Rings and other popular fantasy movies have gotten multiple awards and regognition by the film industry, yet HP is ignored....except for the scores. Why? There by far some of the best movies every other year.Avatar Image says: Wow! Congratulations to them! Mind you, at first I thought it was the Walk of Fame, didn't realise it was different. Still awesome though. I guess it may explain the premiere move from NY to LA. Avatar Image says: That's fantastic news. They deserve it.Go Dan, Emma and Rupert!Avatar Image says: Ah, so that makes sense why they're hosting the premiere in LA rather than NY. Awesome, I'll try going up there to show up at the movie premiere :)Avatar Image says: Hey, if it's good enough for R2D2 and C3PO...Avatar Image says: I think this is more to honour 'Harry Potter' than the actors, but this is so exciting for them - congratulations, Dan, Emma & Rupert, you've done Warners Brothers and J.K.Rowling proud. God, and let Rupert put his prints in first, so we won't have the whingers up in arms again that's he's getting overlooked etc.... It might even turn out to be enjoyable occasion, (although I won't hold my breathe)!Avatar Image says: Congratulations to daniel,Emma and rupert! This is indeed a great honor. I hope they let them use their real names with the cement prints.Avatar Image says: This is ridiculous. No one is going to remember these kids in 10 years, particularly once the BBC does a remake of the series properly. I wonder how much bigger Emma Watson's head is going to get after this.Avatar Image says: Wow, this is so huge. Emma, Dan and Rupert are so deserving of this award. To be sure, they are not being honored for being great actors, but for making film history with the HP series. It's wonderful that the Hollywood community realizes the importance of these films and the central characters portrayed by Dan, Emma and Rupert. Congratulations to them all. wwAvatar Image says: - "I've been a bit preturbed because Lord Of the Rings and other popular fantasy movies have gotten multiple awards and regognition by the film industry, yet HP is ignored....except for the scores. Why? There by far some of the best movies every other year. " Because the Lord of the Rings films are done properly, in epic quality. The Harry Potter movies, sadly, until now, have not passed the mediocre mark. This could change with OotP from the looks of things, but we have to admit the past movies have never achieved the greatness of other fantasy epics, although they've had wonderful material to work with.Avatar Image says: OW xray - I see you dipped your pen in acid! Having a bad day are we?Avatar Image says: Wow - they're in good company. Other teenage stars to get this honor were Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Deanna Durbin and Hayley Mills - and I think Hayley is the most recent, in 1964. (Wish we could get her in a Harry Potter movie!)Avatar Image says: "God, and let Rupert put his prints in first, so we won't have the whiners up in arms again that's he's getting overlooked etc..." Yup. Let Rupert be the star of this show. And hopefuly, the Rupertfans will realize in time that it's actually Ron being honored, not Rupert. lolAvatar Image says: Congratulations to Daniel, Emma, & Rupert! I LOVE YOU GUYS, CANNOT WAIT SEE YOU THIS JULY 8th - 9th! :)

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