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May 25, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

We have a few bits of news for you today, regarding several editions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
First, thanks to Dean from the Swedish Rowling Fanclub we know the Swedish edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ( Harry Potter och Dödsrelikernahas) been given a November 21 release date.

Back in December we told you about pre-orders available for the German edition of the last Harry Potter book. Carlsen-Harry has now formally updated their site with the October 27, 2007 release date.

Also, as a follow up to the “Unlock the Gold” contest for Australian fans to pre-order Deathly Hallows we told you about several months ago, we have news that it has been taken on a new twist. TLC reader Lily Phan let us know Bordes is now sending out an email saying that those eligible can gain a key to a room where you can “create a wizard, play games, download MySpace banners and other icons and interact with other fans around a virtual environment.”

Finally, Lexicon Bel pointed out that NBP, the group that provides the Braille edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (available for pre-order, here) is sponsoring a charity 5K Run and Walk Saturday, June 2, 2007 to help raise awareness and funds for the blind and visually impaired. According to the website Team Harry Potter and the Walking Wizards will be “led by Ashley Bernard and Adam Roberge” and ” this energetic youth team will be raising funds to sponsor the braille edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which, like the previous Harry Potter book, will be released on the same day as the print edition. Registration is free for the first 50 youth registrants (16 and under) and the code when registering online is “Harry.” Click the box that asks if you are over 13 years old even if you are not because there is no credit card transaction taking place.” For more information, click here

Thanks to everyone who mailed!

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Avatar Image says: Harry Potter och Dödsrelikerna means Harry Potter and the Relics of Death! The title is indeed confirmed by the publisher Avatar Image says: Marianne-thanks, I was just going to point out 'relic' in the Swedish title. Not knowing Swedish myself, I was hoping someone would translate. This is a HUGE hint. It removes 'Hallows' from being a sacred place-more likely Horcruxes, or akin to the Relics of Briton. Interesting...Avatar Image says: so it's relics! interesting! oh, only 56 days, and we will find out everything! how exciting! and scary! guys, does the Leaky main page looks alright? or it's just me? layout is off center, kind of...Avatar Image says: Deathly Hallows was apparently too difficult to translate, so JK came up with an alternative title for the translators to work with, the relics of death. (According to I would have preferred the Swedish title to be dödens reliker though, better rhythm imho. Of course, the translations are unbelievably bad to begin with. I suppose there just isn't enough time to make a proper translation. Avatar Image says: Well, I must say that though I wanted to know what the hallows were, I feel a bit spoiled and deprived of the right to find out what it was for myself... So now it's obvious, at least to me, that the hallows are the horcruxes' object where the spirit lies, or something around that concept.Avatar Image says: As a Mum of two boys with disabilities I am so proud of you guys out there that take the time for any charity event like the walk for the visualy impared. It makes me so proud to be part of a fandom that cares so much!Avatar Image says: So deathly hallows = horcruxes. Guessed that already.Avatar Image says: LOL Sue, I'm the aussie who sent you the info on the Borders 'Magic School' competition. You got my name wrong, my name is Lily Phan, similar to how Harry's mum's name is Lily Potter. LOL but because it's you I forgive you :) I assume it's cause you got my name from my email address but it's okay - I'm just glad people know about the competitionAvatar Image says: At least SOME of the translations have been praised by at least SOME fans. For instance, I've read positive comments about the Finnish and Hebrew translations.Avatar Image says: Swedish title is result of a alternative title Joanne Rowling has given to the foreign publishers because of the dificulty to translate "Deathly Hallows". The alternative title was indeed (as I translated it) Relics Of Death. The link to the publisher site with confirmation! Well JKR gave a not just a hint but a ...... you know what! Avatar Image says: "Any clarification of the meaning of 'Hallows' would give away too much of the story - well, it would, wouldn't it? Being the title and all." - J.K. Rowling THANKS FOR SPOILING US, TIDEN! Why did they publish the Swedish title already? Couldn't they wait to July to read the book and then they would know what the Hallows were... What's the point in deciding to translate the title before reading the book itself? Don't get it...Avatar Image says: Fragesteller: "At least SOME of the translations have been praised by at least SOME fans. For instance, I've read positive comments about the Finnish and Hebrew translations." Yes, the Finnish translations are excellent (even though fans will wrangle over details, which is only to be expected; my own pet hate is the informal form of address by Hogwarts students towards their teachers, more suitable to a Finnish comprehensive than an English boarding school). Their translator has been awarded the Astrid Lindgren Award of FIT (translators' World Federation), and her other work comprise authors like Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe and Roddy Doyle. Even so, as the mother of Finnish-reading children I'm quite envious looking at the release dates of the Swedish and German versions. So far, no Finnish relase date has been set; the translation of HBP came out in March 2006. But then I remind myself that the quality of a translation is, up to a point, directly proportional to the time allowed for the work. Going by the six first books, the Finnish translation will be a good thing worth waiting for. After all, HP is surely a future classic and not a one-off phenomenon. Future Finnish readers will certainly be happier for a job well done than an early release date... Avatar Image says: The italian translation is crappy too ! They have translated quite everything, starting from the names of the four houses and their founders (with names that have few or nothing to do with the original ones) and continuing with the names and surnames of some characters like Dumbledore, Fudge, Peeves and so on... also badly translated/changed. Moreover puns and wordplays, which J.K.R. loves so much, often lost their original meaning (of course these are the most difficult parts to transalte in foreign languages). However now we know that the italian title could be something like "Harry Potter E Le Reliquie Mortali".Avatar Image says: Please check out the British edition of GoF page 531 (The Third Task)! Rita Skeeter´s editorial mentioned Harry´s scar as ...... relic of the curse with which You-Know-Who attempted to kill him. Avatar Image says: I´m sorry I complain, but that Swedish title is supposed to be dödsrelikerna, not relikernahas like it is on the main page. :) And yes, Finnish translations are really good. Huge thanks to our tranlator for that. :) I´m just waiting for when the Finnish title will released. Probably after July.. But has Rowling given the alternative title to every translators? Finnish traslator hasn´t said anything about that. Maybe she has kept quiet about that...Avatar Image says: Nice catch, Marianne! Might be a hint... The German translations are pretty bad, too. I have given up reading them at all. I hope I'll be able not to get angry with them when I'll be reading them to my children in a few years time. It's the story that matters, after all. I can't help feeling a little spoiled, too, which surprises me, because I do want to know if Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione survive b e f o r e reading the book. Hmm. Turns out that's the only thing I want to know beforehand. I don't want to know anything about what the Hallows are, if Hogwarts reopens, how Voldemort will be defeated, if Snape is good or bad, a.s.o. Now I'm going to phone my little brother (who's a head taller than me) and get him excited over the German release date. His English isn't nearly good enough to understand (let alone enjoy) the original text. Poor bloke.Avatar Image says: Oh, it works? Thank God, finally. :D I though our server was gone forever. I'll publish the news about Swedish translation right now. :)Avatar Image says: I am curious to know, what specific complaints do people have about the German translation of, for instance, Order of the Phoenix? (That's the only one I've read in German, but I am not a native speaker of that language.) Here is a video interview with Finnish translator Jaana Kapari, held last year at the largest bookstore in Finland (it's in Finnish, so I have no idea what she says): Image says: Oh, I haven´t seen this video before. :) But I can translate something. :) This was only the first part of the interview. They talk about HBP and how Harry is now more grownup and take more responsibility. They talk also how Kapari translate books. She reads the book first about three times and then write it many times and read again and again. She translate many names too and that takes time. She says that the most difficult thing in translating is to get the real spirit of the book and "find" the voice of the author. Kapari says that it was the first time when she had to ask something about the book from Rowling during the translation. She asked about mysterious R.A.B and found out that it would be in Finnish R.A.M.Avatar Image says: Fragesteller, you should make a visit to ! That's where some German fans collected all the badly translated passages from the books. Believe me, the page is v a s t, and sadly not without reason. The worst translated book by far is PoA. Some of the pages are simply left out!!! What I hated most was the translation of the second task in GoF: Fleur swoops upon Harry and kisses him for saving her sister - and Hermione looks furious. No translation of the fact that Fleur kisses Ron as well. Those sentences are left out. Can you imagine what some German shippers probably made of that passage? Ah well, I'm so glad I needn't read that rubbish. I'm getting myself a copy on July 21st!Avatar Image says: Eleonore: The Swedish editions have a different problem altogether. It's not that things are left out, just the opposite ;). It's in many parts a word-for-word translation, which makes it sound like English spoken in Swedish, if you get my point. When reading the Swedish versions the novels come across as extremely poorly written, the prose lacks flow, so to speak. But at least everything is there ;).Avatar Image says: is there a spanish edition release date yet???

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