Cape Wrath to Meet Voldemort’s Fury in “Half-Blood Prince” Movie?


May 26, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Scotland on Sunday has a lengthy new article about possible locations in Scotland to be used for the filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In a rather delicious piece of irony, one of the leading contenders for the possible site of filming for the dramatic Cave chapter is at a place called Cape Wrath, located in the northern part of Scotland. Quotage:

Warner Bros, which is preparing to shoot Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, has sent an executive to the cliffs and caves around Cape Wrath, and also to a sea cave close to the Whaligoe Steps near Wick, and has been in talks over filming in the north.

The producers are interested in using the caves and cliffs as part of the dramatic climax of the new film – the sixth in the series – in which the heroes wind their way along a sea-lashed coastline in search of the soul of the evil Lord Voldemort.

The article continues on to specify other locales of interest to the Warner Brothers crew.

Sue Quinn, a London-based locations manager with Warner Bros, travelled to Scotland last month, taking a boat trip from Lochinver around Cape Wrath towards Durness, and then heading to Wick to check out the shore and caves at Whaligoe, near Lybster.

The main locations she checked out were:

• Smoo Cave, near Durness, which is 200ft long, 130ft wide, and 50ft tall at its entrance;

• Clo Mor, near Cape Wrath, which at 921ft, are the highest cliffs on the UK mainland;

• The arches under Cape Wrath, which contain a string of long caves;

• Stac Clo Kearvaig, a tower of rock that rises 130ft above the waves near Cape Wrath;

• The cave at the Whaligoe Steps, which lies in a bay enclosed by two large sea cliffs.

The locations are thought to be in competition with similar settings in the Leinster and Munster provinces of Ireland, and with New Zealand, where Lord Of The Rings was filmed.

Jimmy McIntosh, the former Kinlochbervie harbour master who took Quinn out on his boat, said: “She was taking thousands of photographs of the cliffs, caves and rocks. She seemed to be very interested in Smoo Cave and the stacks in particular.

Earlier reports had producers considering portions of Ireland as possible settings for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Filming is due to begin in a few months on the sixth Harry Potter film, that is due for release in November, 2008.

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Avatar Image says: i have to say, i'm anticipating the HBP movie waaaaay more than ootp. too bad it's well over a year away :( these locations sound incredible but i wish there were pictures accompanying the article.Avatar Image says: hot dog! first comment. unfortunately none of the locales in the article mean much to me since i have no idea where any of them are. however i am sure that they will serve the purpose. lets hope so anyway. Avatar Image says: Right now, its all about OotP for me, but hearing more and more news about the upcoming HBP is, I have to say, exciting. I can't wait to see that scene, its going to be magical, if they do it right. :DAvatar Image says: Voldy's soul in a Muggle Image says: i hope and wish its New Zealand caves that are chosen for HBP, it will be a nice change...Avatar Image says: I think they should stick to uk locations, just for the continuity of it all. These places sound cool. Do we need to warn people that Ron will not be in these scenes?Avatar Image says: I thought the cave scene would be shot on a set, with the exterior shot on location. Avatar Image says: OMG It's just has I imagined it...Avatar Image says: Ooh Cape wrath sounds perrrfect. :-) Already filming Half Blood Prince? *dances* Can't wait for OotP! The anticipation is killing me. I just saw Pirates last night and that just made me want t o see Harry potter even more hehe.Avatar Image says: MORGANE- OMG, I know! As soon as I saw the picture I just froze. It's EXACTlY how I imagined it. Perfecto!Avatar Image says: Didn't something happen in Italy or somewhere a while back, possible set locations were leaked to the media and the the location was scratched off the list.? I'm having a foggy brain moment.Avatar Image says: Smoo Cave is perfect for the Horcrux search. Avatar Image says: Crookshanks, that is perfect! I imagine it'd be really hard to film in, though. I think they'll just use location for external shots and build a set for inside the cave. They have to have the lake and the and all that after all.Avatar Image says: That must be the best job in the world, being a location manager, getting to tour all these wicked places, especially for a film like HBP.Avatar Image says: It would be really cool if someone who lives near these locations could get some pictures so that everyone can see them and judge for themselves.Avatar Image says: OMG the very first pic in the Wrath cave link is exactly the way i imagined...and the entrance to the smoo cave to mixed together!!! No I like the wrath one!!! WOOT!!!Avatar Image says: I found the PERFECT cave for the HBP scene. There's even this HP fan trip tour that takes you there because they think its a perfect place for it too! See it here: AND here: Image says: Cape Wrath would be SO perfect to use from book to screen. It looks a bit scary which is what I see in my head. Also ,JKR lives in Scottland, it would be wonderful to film part of the films there.Avatar Image says: SMOO! such a funny word =] p.s. those links posted about the HP fan tour really ARE perfect, what I've imagined at least...which is pretty much just the chapter image.Avatar Image says: OMG! Is this one of the first HBP film information we've gotten? This is awsome. Im psyched for HBP and Im not sure why. I think it's the whole epic conclusion of the book that sets it apart from the others. It'll be amazing on film. The cave looks amazing though, I loved Smoo Cave. Imagine how that would look in the dark with ocean waves crashing against it. *SHIVERS!*Avatar Image says: Well, seeing as Hogwarts is in Scotland, I'd say it's about time they start filming there! These caves look amazing.... ahhhhhhAvatar Image says: OMG! I SOOOOOO hope that they flim in New Zealand - it would be a nice change from England, Scotland (I am half Scottish! Woot!), and other places... I pray that they will!Avatar Image says: Personally, I hope they don't go to NZ. I mean, I love it, but I just want the movies to stay as they are now!Avatar Image says: It's about time to pick locations, didn't filming OotP start way before GoF premiere?Avatar Image says: NZ would be totally awesome(though I would be slightly biased towards it...)! Katie, that last image with the boat is so eerily like it with the green!Avatar Image says: definitely Scotland for me firt. Or Ireland. More local to the books. The Smoo and Whallioe more like what I imageined than the Wookey one.Avatar Image says: LENISTER LENISTER LENISTER WOOWOO!!! Co.Meath is the place to shoot it!! They can all go stay with Evanna Lynch!Avatar Image says: The Aran Islands should be cool as well!Avatar Image says: the cave should definitely be in england or scotland, where its supposed to be. But it might be a bit cold swimming there...Avatar Image says: Those cliffs at Cape Wrath look just perfect. I'm getting shivers just imaging Book 6 put into movie form.Avatar Image says: Love the cave you found, Crookshanks! But don't they swim for a while into the cave before they reach the stone ground in it? Anyway, I suppose that doesn't really matter, as long as they find a cave that's scary enough.. :s :P I don't like the Smoo Cave though. The cave entrance is suppose to be hard to find and reach, and it doesn't seem like the Smoo Cave fits that description... Avatar Image says: Omg, the blue "gravatar" avatar is back! Woo! And I like the use of the cave at Whaligoe steps; as described here, it's "enclosed by two large sea cliffs". Sounds a lot like "the cave" to me. Woo!Avatar Image says: Smoo cave gets my vote.Avatar Image says: Sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear more news about the filming of HBP. Avatar Image says: "the cave should definitely be in england or scotland, where its supposed to be..." *snort* They can pick a cave in Egypt for all I care - as long as it looks good! Avatar Image says: I think all of the places look awesome, and I'm glad they are going to film a real, natural sea cave, at least on the outside. These locations are very interesting and they have also found some in Ireland, I recall reading. I just can't wait to see HBP!Avatar Image says: Actually, dramatic and wonderful though the caves in Scotland and Ireland are, and how they'd be a perfect setting for a dramatic penultimate scene in the HBP film, they're in completely the wrong place if you're going to base things on the books. Tom Riddle grew up in an orphanage in London between WWI and WWII. It was common practice in those days to take orphans/schoolchildren on day trips to the seaside in a charabanc (a sort of Greyhound style bus). They would have left in the morning and come back no later than 6 or 8 pm. With the South-East/East coast of England being more or less flat this leaves out popular resorts of the time such as Margate or Southend, it even leaves out Brighton on the South Coast. What's more likely is they went somewhere like the white cliffs of Dover or some other cliffs along the South coast of England between Dover and the Isle of Wight. But these cliffs are a bit less dramatic than the ones in Scotland. If they do film on Cape Wrath, or anywhere near, then any swimming will be done in a tank in the studio!!! The North Sea is freezing cold, even by the shore. Avatar Image says: yeah, that's pretty much how i imagined the place to look like when reading the chapter... amazing!Avatar Image says: Can anybody explain to me why a Scottish location would be ironic? I'm missing something there...Avatar Image says: I really hope that they choose Smoo Cave. It looks almost exactly like I imagined it!Avatar Image says: Cape Wrath looks perfect. I've imagined the cave scene to take place on a sea that invokes a cross between beauty and grace, as well as fear (kind of like the Merfolk in Goblet of Fire). I believe this location captures that perfectly, and a job well done on finding this possible canidate for the scene. Avatar Image says: Sorry Crookshanks. Didn't want to be rude.Avatar Image says: I'm probably the only person who feels this way, but they could just do the whole thing with digital effects.... *ducks and runs*Avatar Image says: finally! scotland should see more revenue for these films considering it's meant to be set, for the most part, in scotland!Avatar Image says: Ian-a-Bean Actually Margate or Ramsgate could fit the story. They are on the Thanet Coast, which apparently has a very important and extensive range of caves, some partially submerged (tidal waters). So that is where Tom Riddle could have gone with his orphanage. found this on the web "The Thanet Coast has the second most extensive representation of chalk caves in the UK (after Flamborough Head in Yorkshire). The 23 km of chalk cliffs contain a large number of partially-submerged caves and tunnels in the intertidal area"

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