Judge in Georgia Upholds Decision to Keep Harry Potter Books on School Shelves


May 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

A Superior Court Judge today upheld an earlier decision by school officials to keep the Harry Potter series on the shelves of Gwinnett County school libraries, despite the repeated attempts of a Georgia woman who seeks to have the novels banned. Laura Mallory appeared in court today in an appeal to have the books removed, stating before the hearing that she would go “as far as necessary to get the truth out.” Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to raise a whole generation of witches,” Mallory said. “I don’t think it’s good for our country.”
After the hearing, reports state that Mrs Mallory “may now file a federal lawsuit.”

Update: You can now see video of Laura Mallory during this hearing here, afterwards stating that she has not read the books in their entirety, but rather she “gets so disturbed” that she finds it “excruciatingly painful” to read them.

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Avatar Image says: Muahahahahaha!Avatar Image says: That is simply sad. Poor Mrs Mallory, she should have read more books in her poor life...Avatar Image says: Has this woman ever read any of the books? OBVIOUSLY NOT or else she would realise that Jo is not trying to "raise a whole generation of witches." She is merely trying to get an ADD generation to find joy in reading...Avatar Image says: There`s only one witch there!Avatar Image says: Why won't she just GIVE UP? doesn't she realize its not working and that they are just getting tired of hearing her complain?Avatar Image says: Reading about witches, does not make a person a witch themselves, anymore than reading about a baseball team makes you a pro ball player, or reading 'Harriet the Spy' makes anyone a real spy.Avatar Image says: What's she talking about? A generation of witches would be great for our country. Just think of the comparitive advantages we'd get in the world economy. And if people could apparate and use floo powder and portkeys we could become less dependent on oil. I say schools should focus very heavily on teaching witchcraft. (for those who can't tell, this comment is satirical)Avatar Image says: May God bless her soul in person as soon as possible. That person is obviously demented as well as ignorant. May she die in peace at the earliest moment, for her own sake.Avatar Image says: They must ban Mallory instead of harmless Harry Potter books! Can somebody protect us from this lunatic?!Avatar Image says: She is ridiculous! All shes doing is making a fool of herself in front of the whole country. And what is she playing at??? Raising a generation of witches??? She needs to seriously get a life and worry about things that much more important.Avatar Image says: This woman need a good kick in her a** !!! And I think everyone here would volunteer to do it !Avatar Image says: Boy, haven't we already heard this? When is she going to give up! Every single time she has tried, she's failed! No one is going to budge Laura Mallory, so stop trying. HP has done so much good for our lives and I don't really think that masses and masses of children are going out and converting to Wicca.Avatar Image says: well done judge!! Avatar Image says: That woman needs a life. I've never heard of cases where people actually began to practice witchcraft because of the books. She's nuts.... Lauar do us all a favour and go away.Avatar Image says: PS: If I were a judge/attorney, I wouldn't even copnsider her case unless she had indeed read the books - thoroughly. I pityu this woman's kids.Avatar Image says: OMFG... this REALLY makes me worry about the intelligance of the human race. honey, you have been to your LOCAL government 5 fricken times, and your taking this FEDERAL? @_@ Listen, here is a nice piece of advice, if you do not like it, DON'T FRICKIN READ IT!!!!!I know some parents who happen to be very close to me, that don't agree with the morals of Harry Potter. They just don't read it, tell their kids not to read it, and GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES! Save yourself the time, embarassment, and heartattacks, and GIVE UP ALREADY! Clearly, you only want attention and your 15 minutes of fame are over!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: Hmmmm... Why are we still reporting this? Sounds like an old broken record, like the ones in those cheezy horror movies, when it still plays on after you've unplugged the damn thing...Avatar Image says: Pfft,I don't even live in America,but I still hate this woman.What a prat-she obviously doesn't know when to give up.Avatar Image says: this woman is simply ignorant. seriously ! Jo has gotten so many children to read because of these books. These books bring kids into a different place in their minds so they can escape reality. Mrs. Mallory needs to take the stick outa her bottom and actually read one of these books. Avatar Image says: It is just a pity that Laura Mallory is acting in this most childish manner and depriving herself - and trying to do the same for others - of a fantastic series. I only wish I could enlighten to what a marvelous septology the series is, but it appears that she is too adamant to even bother. I truly don't hope that she won't take this federal court. That's a bit absurd and expending government resources on trivial problems of no importance whatsoever.Avatar Image says: YEAH!! Take that, Laura Mallory, you perpetrator of lies! No, Rowling is not bringing up a whole generation of witches (what? she thinks there are no males in the generations that are reading Harry Potter? *smirk*), but more likely, a generation that is willing to take a stand against evil is what is being raised up. But nooooooo, I guess that Mallory wouldn't want that. Anyone who stands against one who is standing against evil is actually standing on the side of evil. So, if Mallory is standing against Harry Potter who is fighting evil, then Mallory might as well get herself a Death Eater mask and join them.Avatar Image says: Haha! What do you think about that, Laura Mallory?! Woo-hoo! Avatar Image says: Look at it this way - at least once she finally gets shot down by the Supreme Court, she will have nowhere else to go and we can finally be rid of her and her ridiculaous crusade. A waste of resources, time, brain cells? Sure. But if it gets her permanently out of the news and our faces, I say get her up in front of that court ASAP.Avatar Image says: At least I've learned something about the judicial system in the process. How many more appeals can she lose?Avatar Image says: oh, no, she will not give up, she will go on and on. Untill she will blame everyone, because it will be a conspiracy thing. How sad. She spent so much time, and for what? sad, sad person.Avatar Image says: Why do we even waste space on this site with this obviously disturbed woman? I think it is sad that she doesn't seek some help from a mental health provider rather than taking up court space with her dilusions.Avatar Image says: STFU mallory!Avatar Image says: I'd personally be okay if Leaky stopped posting stuff about this. I'm just tired of reading about it, personally.Avatar Image says: I want to hear what her kids have to say! They're probably being made fun of at school. She is disturbed by: "Mr and Mrs Dursley of number four privit drive are proud to say they are normal, thank you very much..." HPSS page 1 (memorized it!) *sarcasim* Yes that is so evil and wrong.... She needs help and a life. Avatar Image says: When will this woman ever give up!!!!! Fine she doesn't like the books, each to their own. She can stop her kids reading them if she wants, fine, her choice. But shes is just showing how narrow minded she is. I wish courts could fine or arrest people that wasted their time with pointless cases. Avatar Image says: Wow.She seriously needs to be taken to a mental facility. Shes like a donkey that nobody can budge.I'd kick her as many times as possible if I had the chance.Avatar Image says: If we all ignore her, maybe she will go away. When someone is trying to create a controversy, we only encourage them by making such a fuss about it. And besides that, the lady doesn't stand a chance!Avatar Image says: Strike Three! Mental Mallory, yooooou're out!!!!Avatar Image says: What is her problem. How much do yah wanna bet that she hasn't even read any of the books! She needs to give it up and get a life because she's not going to win this battle!Avatar Image says: We have to understand that she is standing up for what she believes in. But still she is crazy about this.Avatar Image says: This woman just needs to take a chill pill. They're just harmless books. It's all fiction after all. She just doesn't get it. Go back to your hymn book and your holy water, Mallory. Avatar Image says: Sure, she is standing up for what she believes in...but so is Voldemort. That doesn't doesn't make either of them right...or truthful.Avatar Image says: The reporter made a good point. You can't limit freedom without losing it. If Ms. Mallory is so upset that Harry Potter is available at her children's school she should do one of two things: Tell her children not to read it, or home school her children. It's not a difficult decision. There will always be things in life that you disagree with and sometimes you need to know when you're fighting a losing battle. God is in Harry Potter books just as much as He is in The Wizard of Oz or Matilda and it seems to me a good Christian shouldn't have that much trouble finding Him. The fight between Good vs. Evil and the challenge of doing the right thing are prevalent throughout the entire Harry Potter series. Even if God is not specifically mentioned by name, this series is a powerful tale about morality. My heart goes out to Ms. Mallory that she was unable to read an entire book because it was "excruciatingly painful" for her. I've read the "Left Behind" series and know how painful reading can be.Avatar Image says: She is incredible! Wicken is a religion just the same as Christianity, and this country supports the right to one's own religion. Harry Potter has as much right to be on any bookshelf as the Bible or the Torah or the Koran. She is arrogant and rude. She should mind her own business and pay attention to her own kids or at least those she knows personally. Every parent has their own responsibilities and Laura Mallory should not be the one doing their parenting for them. As she seems to be one of few in this nation who have problems with the series, the whole order shouldn't be altered for her. She doesn't like it, she deals with it, but don't be crowding up into my space trying to shove your beliefs onto me! KEEP IT AT HOME, MALLORY! Avatar Image says: This poor woman needs to call her village, they are missing their idiot. It is a shame when fantasy and fun, and FICTION is taken to court, wasting taxpayers money, and really annoying me. I am a 64 year old Potterhead. If, IMHO we start banning fun for children, helping them read, dream and learn good triumps over evil, then just burn the consitutionAvatar Image says: Leaky....PUH-LEEEEZE stop posting this c***! Don't you know that people like this think that if they continue to get publicity--of any kind--in only *encourages" them??!! This is the kind of woman--or person in general--who, if she lived in the Middle East, would long ago have strapped a dynamite belt on and blown up a train station. She's a mentally unbalanced religious fanatic with an I.Q. barely in the double digits. Quit giving her a forum!Avatar Image says: *sighs* Laura Mallory is a disgrace... About the update: how is reading a book excruciatingly painful? Eh, it's probably just an excuse for not reading them.Avatar Image says: Laura Mallory should invest her time into selling Bibles. Maybe THAT's a good way to spread God's word, as opposed to trying to ban ONE childrens book (even though there are billions of them out there that are about witches and wizards). One thing is for certain: she should be praying to God to regain her sanity before she completely loses it.Avatar Image says: What a sad person.Avatar Image says: Maybe if she actually read the entire book she might change her tune... it's not like Jo is out there promoting devil worshiping and whatnot. Maybe she should read "finding God in Harry Potter" maybe it would open up her eyes! Avatar Image says: Oh for the love of-she seriously thinks the Harry Potter books teach kids about witchcraft? She is delusional. I'm Wiccan, and the HP books have no real magical instruction. You don't perform real magick by waving a wand around and saying a couple nonsense words. The Harry Potter books open a new door for kids and adults alike. It personally got me into reading and I passed the SAT in 7th grade thanks to Jo. I feel ashamed to live in the same state and area as Mrs. Mallory. She's had her 15 minutes of fame plus a couple months. She really needs to either put her kids into private school, tell them not to read the books, or home school them. Her kids are really missing out, but she can do that. She can't keep other kids from learning and enjoying reading.Avatar Image says: I understand the folks who say we shouldn't give her publicity, but the thought of being silent when someone tries to ban a book is a greater evil, in my opinion. If the school board members and courts don't have it in the back of their minds that we're watching them, some rogue judge who agrees with her could tip the vote in favor of banning.Avatar Image says: Has anyone explained to this woman what the FICTION secion of the library means?Avatar Image says: Personally, I admire her for standing up for what she believes in and doing what she thinks is right. She is not breaking any laws by fighting the Harry Potter books, and she is voicing her concern over what she thinks is a problem. So, I have to admire her gumption and willingness to fight so hard for something that she is so passionate about. Most people would not have fought this much. Sadly, I find her views very closed-minded and narrow, and I wish that she could open up to realize just how inspiring Harry Potter can be. It must be very difficult for her to have such prejudiced views. I can only pray for her and her family and leave pieces to fall where they may.Avatar Image says: I have very strong thoughts on the entire issue of freedom of speech. Mallory has every right to act __WITHIN THE LEGAL SYSTEM__, and we should defend her right to do so as a way of guaranteeing our own freedom of speech. That, of course is the theory: the reality is that people like Mallory will very happily deny us our rights to free speech, among many many other legal rights. But, let's recognize she is also a very small player in a much larger movement --more correctly, a series of movements --that seek to impose values upon everyone else. There are multiple movements we can lump together under Christian, although those movements compete with one another; there are also multiple Islamic movements as we know, as well as various supposedly orthodox Jewish movements (some of both the latter groups have also created their own religious base court systems for their members, and deny the validity of secular law systems altogether...there's a very real danger in those, folks!). While we can sit and discuss the rise of these new religious movements since the 1970s and the reasons for their appeal to many people, the fact that I confront constantly in my profession (higher education!) is that more and more students refuse to accept demonstated facts that run counter to religious beliefs. The current broohaha about the Creationist Museum, with the inclusion of dinosaurs on Noah's Ark, is simply an expensive and gaudy example of this trend toward knowing-nothing. How can one teach a supposedly university level student who claims no book existed before the Bible? How can one teach anyone who claims that the Bible is the only source of knowledge, even if the subject being discussed is (for example) Ghengiz Khan and the Mongol impact on Eurasia? Sorry, this topic has been bothering me for many many years, but ultimately the only answer I have is to defend the rights of the world's Mallorys, in the increasingly vain hope of preserving my own rights. And, apologies for the rant...the topic is one I confront daily, and I am tired of the fight. Avatar Image says: I never know whether to laugh or be immensely sad whenever Laura Mallory rears her head. Were she a fictional character, her escapades could be considered ludicrous and comical. She reads like some sort of caricature from a moral story on the importance of the freedom of expression. The fact that she's real is sort of sad. I can't even express any anger towards her. I genuinely feel pity for her. Her ignorance and narrow minded-ness not only causes her and her children to miss out on one of the great literary experiences of the 20th/21st Century, but her behaviour is a window into a section of society that thankfully doesn't seem to exist in great numbers amongst the people I know, particularly in the Harry Potter fan community. The only thing that gives me a glint of hope in this farce is the fact that so far no authoritative body has pandered to her. With any luck she'll soon give up, and the message will come from all this that we cannot tolerate those who would step on our liberties and our artistic freedom, particularly someone who approaches the matter having not even bothered to read the books she so openly condemns.Avatar Image says: as we all have agreed, this woman is a complete FREAK. is she insane?! im pretty sure we all agreed on that, too. i hated reading my whole life and then one night last summer i was bored and couldnt sleep, so i picked up a random book off by book shelf, which happened to be the 5th Harry Potter, and read it in 4 days. And all of you know that the book is 870 pages. now i love to read any book and have read all the Harry Potter books atleast 4 times. i thank Jo Rowling for her wonderful writing skills and ability to capture a reader and take them to another place. i used to be a sad little kid and nothing made me happy except my horse, and now i am so happy with my life and (ha ha) when i get in trouble my mom puts me on Harry Potter restriction and takes all my books! occasionally she puts me on restriction from my friends too(lol). this is an amazing series and Jo is probably the best author of any book i have ever read and i will cherish this for the rest of my life. this woman needs a hobby and a reality check. i will re-itterate what everyone else has said that i have never felt more sorry for a person than i do for her kids. GIVE IT UP!! its not gunna happen, go home and force feed all natural foods to your kids. Avatar Image says: Why does it matter what a child reads as long as they are reading! Well I could see if it had pornography but it doesn't! It simply enhances ones imagination. Harry Potter has the ability to take a person into a whole new world away from the worlds issues. It certainly gives me something to focus on besides all the heartache I've gone through the past 5 months as my twin sister died last Christmas at the age of 23. And my son was born the very next day. I read and reread Harry Potter as often as I can. And I read it to my 5 month old as well. u hated reading when I was in school. And look at me now, I've read the series 4 times and will continue to do so. It has helped me to overcome losing my sister, I am not sure how but it has. And she loved HP as well, it helped her focus on something beside the pain. Why should something that can help people to focus on something other than pain be taken of shelves? I'm sure its helping someone who is going through what I am and I want Potter with me every step of the way. It may be corny, but its true! That woman should be sent into the black forest for the centaurs!Avatar Image says: Go judical system!! Laura Mallory is going down!!!!! Avatar Image says: All I have to say is: Hahaha!Avatar Image says: obviously Laura Mallory is entitled to her own thoughts, her own fight, and her own opinion, even if she didn't read the books thoroughly. it's her problem. we shouldn't be mean about her. she's just not worth us stooping so low. the Harry Potter fandom does a lot of good, and most of it, is NOT experimenting with witchcraft. and yes, it would have been a bit simpler/easier for us not to bash her if this didn't get posted on Leaky. but then we would have been just as uneducated. it is indeed true that she would do better selling bibles, and recognize a lost cause when it hits her in the face. no doubt that it is time for her to find a new hobby! :-) xoxoAvatar Image says: I'd love to hear a detailed, specific response from Ms. Mallory as to what exactly is "so excrutiatingly painful and disturbing." I do not get the impression that she could come up with examples. I get the feeling that she uses this type of bombastic language to keep from answering in any concrete detail.Avatar Image says: I know why this woman doesn't want to read the book. She is scared that she is going to become a potterhead just like the rest of us if she does. It is hard to resist harry potter. Come on laura, give up to the magic, you can't won. :)Avatar Image says: Unfortunately Ms Mallory fails to realize that the same first amendment that affords her the right to rail, spew (no pun intended) and display her histrionics and vitriol. Also alloys the rest of us the right to enter a public library that is paid for by the entire community's tax dollars, and choose (or not) pretty much ANY book we like. And all this for a book/series she hasn't even read! At the very least ... "know your enemy!" Yeeesh!! I find her very amusing!Avatar Image says: I feel sick when I see or hear people like this Mallory woman claiming that these books premote black magic and witchcraft and actually turn children away from God. That's not just an unfair declaration - it's not even accurate. Anyone that has actually read these books will tell you that Christmas is celebrated at Hogwarts - Is it not? And do any of the characters worship any false gods? NO! Yes - the books do refer to some dark wiazard that are power-hungry. So what. Let's take a good long look at the BIBLE...and think about how evil and power hungry women are made out to be. I mean - Eve got greedy and bite the apple, Salome demanded the head of John the Baptist, Delilah betrayed Samson. If we're going to start censoring books that may have a negative impact on our youth...which one is worse? Mallory is concerned about how the information in these books will effect children. Well, I believe that the ignorance that she is currently displaying is much worse than anything that JK Rowling has put in writing. Avatar Image says: she's only degrading her 'religion' and turning people off from becoming Christian (if that is what they want) by being so ignorant. I thought Christianity was about acceptance and diversity? Ha! It's exactly the opposite when it comes to people like this. She's only giving her division of Christianity a bad name. I wouldn't be surprised if she was also one of those people that believes so heartily in lord of the rings and narnia.Avatar Image says: Can you imagine if she channeled all this energy into a cause that actually mattered? I agree with what Melissa said on PotterCast: I hope the woman finds peace for herself. She won't find it if she continues this stupidity.Avatar Image says: What I like to know is, are there any mallory Supporters? Are there others like her? If so then we need to get together and form an RA (Rowlings Army) and find these muggle witch hunters before they burn us witches and wizards at the stake. "raise a whole generation of witches" indeed. Now where did I put my broom? Oh yes I left it in the basement next to the cauldron . Just doing a bit of tidying up you know - oh - gotta go - gotta feed my black cat - and oh let me know if anyone wants to form an RA - I'm in - I have a few spells to try out... Avatar Image says: Just another typical Christian trying to take away the freedom of others because they don't believe in the same invisible man that she does. I hope she dies in a fiery car crash.Avatar Image says: Everyone is entitled to "their own views",no single one of us has the "right" to make us believe what they do ! Avatar Image says: I cannot and will not believe that Harry Potter turns children or adults away from God. #1 I have been a Christian these past 5 years (I am now 21) and I have never been so strong in my faith and yet such an avid reader of the books. I simply love them (although I love my bible more!) #2 She wouldn't find these books so "excrutiatingly painful" to read if she read them with an open mind and actually got as far as the message of love which runs throughout. Love is the strongest magic of them all and seeing as "God is love" she should be embracing the fact that God is written into the books, albeit in an unconventional fashion. Jo Rowling is not a witch. Nor has she ever encouraged children or adults to become witches or to immerse themselves in the occult. Laura Mallory needs to get a grip on reality. Story books are story books. I guarantee her children have read Roald Dahl books. Matilda, The Witches, The Magic Finger, George's Marvellous Medicine, The BFG...and then there's Peter Pan and Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid...stories, MAGIC STORIES. FIN.Avatar Image says: Please, whatever you do, don't call Laura Mallory a Christian. As a Christian, I tell you she is not one of us. She is such a disgrace and such a lier that I don't claim her.Avatar Image says: I am Christian, also I can reading Harry Potter 1-6 book. I have no problem. I know there is no real witch this reading. I alway knew that I am no real witches. I realize that Harry Potter how good and bad evil. I don't understand why she think and worry about become a witches? I don't believe that. That is a different kind of feel how to become a witch. I don't become a witchcraft no more. :) Because I am Christian. Like I don't have to real exciting about Harry Potter. I just enjoy reading bok. I like that Harry Potter. I know that Harry Potter is not real magic, witchcraft and etc. Just pretend. :)Avatar Image says: Laura Mallory is so full of fear that it is truly pathetic! Here is a real-life version of the Dursleys; fearing what they do not understand. EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES, and she herself has created more negativity than any so-called ‘witch’ she so vehemently vilifies. She reminds me of a hysterical child screaming uncontrollably for attention. In my opinion, she should also be fined by the government for repeatedly wasting taxpayer’s money! It has been decided by several judges…. now move on. People have the right to make their own decisions, just as she does. She doesn’t have the right to cram her fanatical religious ideals down other people’s throats. SHA ME BE ON YOU LAURA MALLORY!Avatar Image says: As a jaded lawyer, I submit that there is NO part of me, however small, which "admires" Ms. Mallory for supposedly "fighting" for "what she believes in." What Ms. Mallory is doing is an abuse of the court system and a waste of public resources. Her claims are silly and legally frivolous, and no lawyer could bring them without facing a risk of being fined by the court or reprimanded by the bar association. Ms. Mallory's claims waste taxpayer dollars, in that the school system has to pay lawyers to fight even stupid lawsuits like hers. Public officials, including judges, are forced to spend time analyzing Ms. Mallory's idiotic arguments--time that should be spent resolving claims brought by people with real complaints. Ms. Mallory is entitled to her opinions, but she is expressing them in the wrong place. She should make her arguments to the local school board or to the state legislature instead of trying to use the court system to impose her own religious and political preferences upon others. Avatar Image says: Let's put a curse on her!Avatar Image says: The articles posted by "conservative Christian thinkers" on her website are both hysterical and distressing. The best has to be "A Small Sample of What Children, As Young As Seven, Are Reading About," which shows a complete lack of reading comprehension on the part of the article's author. This woman may be a Christian (that's between her and God), but she also seems to have the temperament of the Salem witch burners. She is obviously devout, but she is also deeply superstitious and emotionally hysterical. I pity her kids. Avatar Image says: Another point that gets buried a bit here is that even if the characters in Harry Potter were practicing Wicca - Wicca is a benevolent religion. Wiccans, as a group, do not condone any type of destructive or violent behavior.Avatar Image says: Well I always wonder why people dont keep their own opinions to themselfs. If she hates Harry Potte okay her decision but why bother other people. Well its not worth to get annoyed by it. There will be allways such people. Some people just like to complain about everything. Its not only Harry Potter, its so many other things. Some people from want to have the amazing gilbert grape banned etc. (If someone wants to see that just search at youtube for " Gilbert Grape News Story #2 - Jan 2nd 2007 " - I can tell its just crazy.) If you get annoyed by every crazyness in the world it wouldnt bring anything. If that woman really is able to do something against Harry Potter (which I highly doubt) you can still do something about it. I mean is the woman worth it to get annoyed?Avatar Image says: Laura, honey, dear, sweetty, idiot, just give it up. the reason they took god out of public schools is to keep people like you from forcing your narrowed unchirstian views on other students who have the constitutional freedom of religon that allows each and every american citizen the right to practice their religon without infringing or being infringed upon by others of differing belief. Her frosted suburban mom haircut is more damaging for children then harry potter is. gesh. she probably uses so much hairspray to keep it elevated and poofy that she is adding considerably to the hole in the ozone layer. ladie, you are killing the planet! she will lose every single battle, but harry potter is not as evil as she is. As a chirstian, I was raised in the concept of free will, and that the concept of sin is directly in line with free will. she wants to take away free will of people to make choices for themselves.Avatar Image says: And people wonder why we moved out of Gwinnett County. *sigh*Avatar Image says: To the associate of the firm M, N and L: is there any kind of attorney besides jaded? ;-) I believe Mallory already tried the school board, etc route, and is now pursuing her claims thru the legal system: she has a right to her day in court, etc. It would be interesting to know who is providing the funding for her efforts (granted, its just a small amount, but still, who are her financial backers? What are their motives?) The issues raised by my legal colleague are in two categories. First, her actions are in fact a waste of resources that could be going into textbooks, teachers and computers. Second, the underlying issue strikes me as the separation of Church and State, an issue raised very recently by another resident of Georgia, Jimmy Carter. The problem here is that Mallory and in the broadest sense those like her wish to wipe out that separation. And on the level of public policy, note how much public funding, primarily federal, is being siphoned into faith based schools and programs while my kids, and some of yours, in public schools get less! Side note: to my knowledge, only the Dark Matter series by Pullman is critical of religion. L'Engle's old series (A wrinkle in time etc) and the rather odd Duane series (starts with So You Want to be a Wizard --the evil character is referred to as "You Know Who"!) both are grounded in a simplistic religious good vs evil model...and no where near as well written as Rowling's works. And if yo u want just soemthing silly, try The Witch, The Wizard, and the Two Girls from New Jersey (ain't brillant writing, but there are flashes here and there...and it is funny) So, folks...what will we find to feed our minds after harry is finished?Avatar Image says: the poor judge who has to hear all those things again and again from her.Avatar Image says: You know, I start to feel sorry for her :-( Avatar Image says: I don't feel sorry for her at all. She is wasting taxpayer resources and needs to go away.Avatar Image says: If it hurts to read, then maybe she needs glasses. Maybe she just can't read? She obviously doesn't do it much considering how ignorant she is.Avatar Image says: "excrutiatingly painful" my butt. She is a bored housewife who finds meaning in pushing her religion around the public arena. Talk about influencing impressionable minds. "God was kicked out of our schools" because people like you, Mallory, take it way too far. There is a genocide happening right now, and if that isn't enough to be concerned with, many of those children you're so concerning with are starving in a world that has BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN HARRY FREAKIN POTTER. Promote literacy, not discrimination. STOP YOUR WHINING.Avatar Image says: Alrgiht. I don't understand this women. I am a very religious person. I go to church every Sunday and I believe in the same religion this women does, but come on! Harry Potter is a book. Fiction. It's a master piece, but it's fiction. I've read every book and joined the Harry Potter fandom religously over the past few years. I'm not going to go get a broomstick and try to fly to London anytime soon just because I read Harry Potter. I'm not going to abandon my religion. Abviously, this women doesn't have much faith in her children or her state if she thinks they're going to ditch their religion and join a cult just because they read Harry Potter. She's obviously crazy.Avatar Image says: I wrote about how foolish this woman is for part of my research paper. I'm happy the judges see fit to what is actually the truth....Avatar Image says: I don't think giving-or not giving-Laura Mallory attention is going to affect her passionate rant on what she perceives as a threat upon children. In fact, I think discussion is healthy, as long as it isn't just rude comments and insults. That is the beauty of our country; we ALL have the right to form our own opinions and air them, if we wish. What really bothers me about this whole situation is that in her quest to air her own opinion and fight for her own ideas, she is ignoring everyone elses'! Her children should NOT read Harry Potter if she does not want them "exposed" to the content. But what gives her the right to keep others from reading them? I am a parent AND an elementary school teacher, and I think that any way you can get a child to read is great! Reading is so much a prereqisite for our society that children need to grow up with various and many opportunities to practice. And then, there are the underlying social meanings of the series that are certainly beneficial in raising a generation of peaceful, open-minded, accepting individuals. What really also upsets me is that Mallory really does give Christianity a bad name. I am not a devout Christian, by any means, but I do know that love, acceptance, and kindness are important values in this religion. Love, acceptance, and kindness to ALL, not just to other Christians. If Mallory is truly a Christian, I hope she thinks long and hard about the exampe she is setting for her four young children....Avatar Image says: Even if Harry Potter WAS a PAGAN book, it should still be allowed on the self, I believe in the US and UK we have a freedom to religious choice and if Harry, Ron, and Hermione really are Pagan or Wiccan, they have every right to be on bookshelves. She's fighting this only due to her dogmatic Christian views. Religous people like this are going to be the destruction of this world...Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh. I agree with just about everyone else...what is wrong with this woman? She even said herself that she has not read any of the full books, so she is not in any position to judge. She obviously does not know great literature when she sees it. And commenting on her remark about not wanting to "raise a whole generation of witches"...okay, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If she'd put down her mop & dust pan for one second & even try to read up on real witchcraft & Wicca, then maybe she'd get that you can't really do anything written in the Harry Potter books in real life. And besides, real witchcraft is centered around nature, which isn't evil at all. She needs to read up. Wow, what an idiot. It's people like this that need to be stranded on an island, because no one in their right mind cares, lady.Avatar Image says: i have to say that i have done a 'Whoop' dance when i saw this news. she has never had a case. even though she is allowed her freedom to think and say as she wishes, not to mention limiting what her children read and such, but can not choose what people read or believe. she soooooo reminds me of umbridge, that it isn't funny. Avatar Image says: My little ones are listening to a kids CD right now and the song lyrics are "...I'm a nut in a rut!" Honestly- it could be Mallory's theme song!Avatar Image says: Some people here are just brutal. I feel sorry for her. I don't agree with her, but she's trying to do what's best. Even though she's obviously ... well, wrongAvatar Image says: what she doesnt seem to be realizing is that she is completely contradicting herself she says that they should be allowed to be taken down for the exact same reasons theat the books should be allowed to be kept upAvatar Image says: how is she reading them? on a bed of nails??Avatar Image says: According to Yahoo news: "At Tuesday's hearing, Mallory argued in part that witchcraft is a religion practiced by some people and, therefore, the books should be banned because reading them in school violates the constitutional separation of church and state." Will someone please point out to me how witchcraft is the RELIGION of the characters in the Harry Potter books? Anyone that actually sits down and reads these novels would quickly realize how completely off-the-mark that arguement is. These people are born with a unique gift - some come from families with a long-running heritage, some come from average families with NO HISTORY of this gift whatsoever. If you think about it, It's like being born with a genius level IQ or the ability to compose a symphony at the age of 5. Some people are born with it and some people aren't. If this stupid woman would just read the books, she'd be saving all of us a great deal of aggravation. Avatar Image says: I guess I'll be the first to openly admit it. Yes, reading HP has made me turn into a witch. And let me tell ya, how much easier my life is! Cleaning the bathroom is a breeze, I dont have to worry about breaking nice dishes, I never have to worry about lifting anything heavy, and I havent lost the remote control in months! Accio Remote! Plus, every time my boss gives me some major project, I just throw an obliviate at him, and voila! No more project. Nice.Avatar Image says: Oh my goodness, this woman is driving me nuts! I hope she gives up and starts to actually realize that Harry Potter emits more good than bad! Avatar Image says: TAKE THAT LAURA MALLORY...the JKA is very happy ^_^Avatar Image says: Not to start a big discussion, but I have heard from smarter people than myself that "witchcraft" is a sort of religion for the Potterverse. However, to say that it's not allowed to be in a library because it teaches a religion is silly. Every book has its own presuppositions. Little House on the Prairie and The Secret Garden are both full of religious tones--and very differing ones, but I would be quite surprised to find either of them banned from any school library.Avatar Image says: What I'd like to know is: who is bankrolling this woman? Lawyers aren't free, after all, and I seriously doubt that she's covering all the legal fees. The people or organization providing the additional cash are what worry me the most.Avatar Image says: You know, this woman can do and say all she wants, I for one don't want to listen to her. I don't want this to come off as sounding like I'm snapping @ Leaky but why does her "news" need to be on this site? I know I know I don't have to read the article but really why give her more advertising than necessary. Just my 2 cents. No offence Leaky, I love you. :)Avatar Image says: I work at a book store and part of my job is to ask if a customer wants to reserve a copy of the next Harry Potter book. Most of the time, even if the answer is no, the person is very polite. But every once in a while, I will get a rude person who is convinced that HP is the work of the devil and will make people want to practice witchcraft. My response is "I've been reading them for years and had a single impulse to sacrifice anything to the devil."Avatar Image says: If she takes this to the supreme court and loses, I'm going to laugh myself silly. Tears will stream down my face and I will be unable to breathe.Avatar Image says: Harry Potter - 4,Umbridge - 0!!! Wait, did I say... /wink. I'm a little confused with her arguments. She condemns these FICTIONAL characters, yet apparently, praises a guy who changes water to wine. (That Jesus guy was pretty good Transfiguration I guess) She says that magic is so bad, yet believes is possible to move an ocean to pass through? (I believe Moses had a wooden stick too, if I'm not mistaken.Avatar Image says: Ms Mallory is Ms Umbridge - it suddenly struck me! Avatar Image says: Its "excruciatingly painful" to listen to her in that video. She thinks that everyone but her is sane when it comes to these books. She has no boundaries to talk about any of this when she hasnt read the books in their entirety. I honestly think that shes not reading them because the little that she did read was so intriguing that when she realized how quickly she was getting more and more interested in the story that she just aborted the whole thing. It makes no sense to say that we all are going to try and be witches now because Harry Potter is a wizard. Why??? Because some crack pot that used to study magic said some of the names were "actual" names or demons and devils???? No child (or adult for that matter) would never know that even if it is true!!! And if Jo was some evil woman trying to poison our childrens minds, someone with solid evidence would have caught it by now after some 10 odd years!Avatar Image says: Wow, I'm shocked! Honestly, how dare those judges refuse her? .. Again? After all, she's completely right! I am ashamed to admit that I myself have succumbed to the (spooky voice)~Deviiiillle~. Just yesterday I pointed my pencil at the lamp and said "Lumos!". Oh, the blasphemy. *goes to confess* Because of you- you EVIL Harry Potter, I've become a sociable person who loves to read and occasionally dress up in robes and pretend I can fly and go to midnight releases and who is comfortable with who I am!! .. Oh, wait is that a bad thing?? *PS- it's called Irony (look it up). Please don't send me hate mail. Thanks!* Avatar Image says: She really is showing a bad side of Christianity. I guess her desire to be famous got the better of her? there is just no sense in all of that. I'm glad there are people here who recognize she deserves pity, and no more. She does remind me of Umbridge though - banning books. Hermione is right! The surest way to get people to read something is to ban it. I guess LM doesn't realize that she is only encouraging people to read HP. This also reminds me of the stupidity surrounding the "Oh, God" movie, (John Denver) when preachers were telling people to not see the movie as it was blasphemy. No, they hadn't seen it. I bet that movie wouldn't have been half as popular if it weren't for all that press. And there is less of a reason to ban that movie than to ban HP. (Well, less than zero is still no reason.) I'm trying to put her strictly in the "entertainment" catagory, and hope she goes away, soon, and that her children grow up undamaged and able to forgive her...Avatar Image says: Mallory, you're never gonna win this one. GIVE UP ALREADY. *sigh* . And yeah. Like these books are gonna raise a whole generation of witches. GET A LIFE. (:Avatar Image says: That was so funny, she's trying to say she has read the books and that it 'hurts her to read them'. Daft cow, I doubt she even can read! Hearing her nearly crying in court was just pathetic. She has no evidence that these books promote anything negative. She needs to get a life and raise her children and stop trying to raise everyone else's. Common sense prevails.Avatar Image says: I'll admit--I, along with my mother, was very hesitant to read the books when they first became popular, and for the same reasons that Ms. Mallory focuses on. My mother and father raised me and my brother in a Christian home, with all the values and beliefs that come with it. I was an adult (I'm 28 now) when the movies came out, old enough to make my own decisions about the story J.K. has presented us, yet I held to the same blind (as I hadn't read the books) opinion of how bad the books had to be. What changed for me was having my mother tell me how good the movies were and how much she enjoyed them (I think my brother got her to watch them...way to go, bro!). I then watched the movies for myself, and was in complete awe at how wonderful the story was...and at how ignorant I had been. I had forgotten one of the key lessons my parents taught us as kids--[Harry Potter] is just make-believe. It's not how we believe the world actually is and it does not replace our belief in God and His son, Jesus Christ. We can watch/read all the fiction we want, as long as we remember our faith and that we believe in the Bible and what it has to say for our lives. I do feel sorry for Ms. Mallory because she either was not taught that lesson or has not taken it upon herself to learn it on her own. I know from my own experience that once children are out on their own, they will seek to experience most of, if not all, the things their parents forbid in their youth. Perhaps then, she will seek to experience the journey J. K. Rowling has taken us on in sharing Harry's story with us. I send out heartfelt thanks to J. K. for letting us be a "fly on the wall" at Hogwarts, and may God bless you, your family, and your future.Avatar Image says: Here we go again... Excruciatingly painful to read? I knew she was insane, but I never thought in a million years that she'd turn out to be illiterate.Avatar Image says: I've read through some of the comments, some of which made me laugh, some of which made me think. THIS, my friends, is what free speech is all about - this opportunity to comment. So let the poor woman comment to her heart's content. She will, perhaps, (excuse my use of this next word, please) "convert" some to her rather narrow way of thinking; there are those who may have been on her side from the start; and she may alienate some who otherwise might have agreed with her. In any case, it is her opinion, regardless of how unfounded, misinformed, and erroneous it is. We all make similar errors in judgement at one time or another, and would hope that we are still allowed to comment, and even be disagreed with. It is when we, who don't agree, start saying that those who don't agree with us should be censured that we descend to an unacceptable level of censorship and attempting to sway opinion by limiting it to only those who agree with us. Ms. Mallory has tried (and likely will continue to try) to use the system, to right what she believes is a wrong. Kudos to her for doing it that way, at least, as opposed to taking the Potter books out and burning them. Having stated our disagreement with her perspective and the narowness with which she chooses to make judgements and pronouncements, let us move on and not perpetuate the discussion. Just my opinion, of course - you are all free to disagree with me, if you wish - aint democracy wonderful? :)Avatar Image says: this whole thing disgusts me. First of all, she's perfectly right when she says that Wicca is a riligion, but she's completely wrong when she says that Harry Potter needs to be banned because of the separation of church and state. First of all, Harry Potter is not religious, and we read much more religious books than that in school, such as the Little House books in elementary school, etc... So are those not a problem just because they're christian? Second of all, Harry Potter has nothing to do with Wicca, and even if it did, banning a book because it has Wiccan content is religious persecetution, as Wicca is an accepted religion by the US constitution. That's like attempting to ban a book because it teaches Hinduism, or has Hinduism in it. But that scenario doesn't even apply to Harry Potter. Harry Potter is FICTION. Harry Potter has NOTHING to do with Wicca! It is a fictional novel, not a religious guidebook. I can't stand people like that women, and if I didn't have good open minded friends who are religious christians, people like that woman would make me think that there is something seriously wrong with conservative christianity. Fortuanately, I do have those amazing friends, so that is not the case and I know that that woman is the insane one and the odd one out. But still, imagine those people who don't have friends like that, and imagine the example this woman is making. It disgusts me. And she has no right to enforce her beleifs on other people's children.Avatar Image says: I think the sentence "Does not read books..finds it excruciatingly painful" pretty much sums up Ms. Mallory's problems in a nutshell. Sorry. I'm usually only this snarky on Defamer.Avatar Image says: "Personally, I don't think it's a good idea to raise a whole generation of witches." - Laura Mallory Yes, because everyone knows that wands and broomsticks are much more dangerous than the guns children are bringing to school these days.Avatar Image says: Does this lady actually think she can get her way with this? She obviously hasn't read much more than a word of it because if she did, then she would know that Christian holidays are mentioned and celebrated in the books. Christmas anyone? Jo never states that Harry is Christian, but in order to celebrate it, you usually are. Here Jo is trying to be politically correct and people still aren't happy.Avatar Image says: Oh for the love of all things. Though I can't say I'm exactly surprised. I mean, I have a relative who's the same way. She's Jehpovah's Witness and well, she says that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are associated with the devil. It's like she thinks JKR and JRR Tolkien are posssessed or something. When I said they were fiction, her cryptic response : "That's what they want you to think" Sigh. We don't talk much anymore. HP and LotR are a big part of my life (as are other series she would not approve of), so it's hard fpr me to talk to her. Has anyone noticed that the books that end up banned are often the best ones??Avatar Image says: Strange, but the HP books have nothing to do with true Wicca. Unless you only take into account they both use the term 'witch'. The Dresden Files books are much close in content to 'real' Wiccan than HP, no idea if those are on school bookshelves (they are good books though) How many are suprised here by the idea that she's going to take this to the federal level? Go ahead, raise your hands. Ah, I see, none of us are suprised. Avatar Image says: We make Laura Mallory cry. Avatar Image says: I hope everyone realizes not all Christians think the way this lady does. I absolutely love the Harry Potter books and think that they have done nothing but good things in getting children (and adults) to read more. I am a born again Christian. I am intelligent enough to research something and know what I am talking before starting an argument. All it would take is reading the series and doing some research on Wicca (which I have done) to see there are no similarities. Harry Potter is about so many things, but wicca is not one of them. Right vs Wrong, believing in oneself, standing up for what you believe in, friendship, etc etc. It makes me sad when people include all Christians in with Laura. Some of us are intelligent and secure enought in our faith to enjoy an amazing series and not to start some pointless fight. Laura, you need to find something to better to fight against.Avatar Image says: i can't believe how ridiculous this woman is. they need to ban her! not the books! stupid woman! she needs to get a lifeAvatar Image says: You can't save someone from themselves.Avatar Image says: Thanks Like being stuck behind a retarded driver (and we have no shortage of those here in NYC) I've been wanting to know what this idiot looks like. As George Carlin would say: "she looks just like I thought she'd look: constipated.Avatar Image says: Laura Mallory makes me sick. She is the type of person that makes me wonder about future generations and how screwed up that they might be. I like how she is using her religion for to showcase her hate for anything that is not exactly like her and her need to feel that she is better than everyone else.Avatar Image says: She's so right, reading Harry Potter turns you into a witch. And having a whole country turn into witches is pretty regretable. I mean, seriously, someone has already put the babbling curse on her. Alright I have to go make a deadly potion right now.Avatar Image says: hahaha that is the dumbest defense I have ever heard of! I mean come on, no one can point a want to someone say the killing curse and actually have it work...PLEASE. how stupid.Avatar Image says: She is completely insane if you ask me. If she hasn't read the books, has she any idea about what shes talking about? These books are for entertainment. It's not like everyone has to read them. If she doesn't like the books and they're "excruciatingly painful" to read then she should just not read them. It's not her job to decide what people read. stupid woman!Avatar Image says: Its amazing how passionate she is on a quest that she doesnt even understand herself by not even reading the books in entirety. I feel sorry for Mallory not anger. She is committing herself to something she thinks everyone else needs to be wary of. She is quite frankly delusional. Lets not jear at her, lets just pity her. I wish someone helps her to focus her enrgies on something more constructive than to provide others a chance to mock her. Avatar Image says: Laura Mallory- You haven't read the books but you think that they are things but you HAVENT READ THEM. You can't just throw crap into kids faces and get kids and parents confused. If you have a point (Which you don't) then you need to prove it, and not answer for every question you get, that God knows the answer; and only his sacradness or whatever can tell them. Gather Facts, Prove Them with Quotes from the books, and then tell them why they are so bad according to... God.Avatar Image says: I'm an advocate of free speech and I totally respect one's right to voice their opinions...even if I can't possibly agree with them. ....But to stand up before God and attempt to ban a literary work because you "think" it may harm children...without actually having read it... well that's just shameful. Avatar Image says: EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL TO READ??? Unbelievable. I guess we should feel sorry for someone with such blatant ignorance. I agree...let her get shot down in federal court and go back to her safe world of nothingness.Avatar Image says: With all the problems in the world such as world hunger and the war with iraq... this woman is trying to rid the school of fiction books? I am all about free speech but this is ludacris that she hasn't read the entire book but she still believes that they are evil. i personally love the books and think the people who think its all about a cult are crazy. YaY for the judge who ruled against her.Avatar Image says: Personally, I don't think it's a good idea to raise a whole generation of witches," Mallory said. "I don't think it's good for our country." Oh, I don't know about that, Laura. After all, you haven't managed to do much damage, thanks to an intelligent judicial system...oh, wait, you said WITCHES, with a "W," right? My mistake! :-)Avatar Image says: well there used to be someone similar in the UK called Barbara Whitehouse. Campaigned against anything that she considered remotely 'unsuitable' on tv, her biggest campaign was probably against Monty Python. she was mad but I think this woman beats her. Personally I don't know why some people here feel sorry for Mallory. She's trying to take away people's right to choose what to read. What gives ANYONE the right to do that whether for religion or not, in a supposedly free country? Avatar Image says: Honestly... I feel kind of bad for her. No matter how hard she tries, she never wins.. Not that I want her to win xD It's crazy how emotional she is about this. Was it just me or did it sound like she was crying while she was talking in the court?!Avatar Image says: All I have to say is that Mrs. Mallory has a serious case of being a poophead. and that I love Harry Potter and I want to become a wizard so I can turn her into poop, which is what she is. Woo! Woo again!Avatar Image says: I feel bad for her kids..poor things...they must really be made fun of at school. Malory is alot like Umbridge, by taking this to court and making it such a huge deal, she has made sure that even those that had not read the books, will now consider reading it...and they will love it...and hate Malory. I think her actions are just a way of trying to be the center of attention and now it's soo ridiculous that I am sure even the judge must be lauging at her testimony in his chambers. It's ridiculous!! If you have not read a book then you have NO RIGHT to discredit it whatsoever!Avatar Image says: Disturbed reading the books? PLU-EEEZE.Avatar Image says: lillink- she was getting pretty choked up then... Sometimes I wonder if Ms. Mallory "read" (remember if the woman stopped crying and actually read the ENTIRE series, we probably wouldn't even have to deal with her, hopefully...) the same books we did. In no way are these books telling people to drop their Bibles and pick up a wand. I can't believe that she doesn't realize it's FICTION. If the books were trying to convert readers into Wiccans, why the heck would Christmas be celebrated at Hogwarts?! If you HAD to associate the books with a religion (which I don't know why you would...) it would be with Christianity. I think we all agree that JKR does not want readers to convert to Wicca because of her books. Rant over.Avatar Image says: She can't find a lawyer, but she has expert testimony? I'm genuinely curious about her experts and what they have to say. I'm glad to hear that she's at least attempted to read the books--but what could she have read that was so disturbing? How far into which book did she get? Maybe the Stephen Fry audio books would be better for her? In any event, I actually want to HEAR her arguments. I know she wants the books to be banned because they cause interest in the occult, but WHY does she feel that way. Avatar Image says: Hahahahahahahahah! This woman is insane. I too am a christian and love my lord and savior but I am not so stupid that I dont see what a God given gift Jo Rowling has. The lord blessed her to be creative and weave tales for a generation of people who were not reading. Now because of her children who would rather sit in front of the telly are now curled up with a good book learning to read properly and even write! On behalf of christians everywhere, we are not this insane!My church even holds the books in there library for pete sake!Avatar Image says: Maybe after she saves us all from the Harry Potter curse we are all under, perhaps she can try to get other classics such as Snow White, the Wizard of Oz, and The Little Mermaid banned. There are witches in those stories, does she think we need saving from them?? What a closed minded fool!!Avatar Image says: I must admit that I myself was sceptical towards the books. My son wanted to read HP and I didn´t like the hype about it, I didn´t like that a wizard was the main character. That was BEFORE I read the books. As soon as I started, I completely fell in love with them. I´m addicted now and I´m still the same Christian as before. So are my children, who also love the books, so are all other kids I know who read the series. HP is in NO WAY the bridge to hell. No way. It´s pure entertainment with a great message. Simply wonderful. I can tell this since I managed to read the books in their entirety! Poor Laura - you shouln´t judge something you don´t really know. This is a prejudice and having prejudices is very very non-christian ...Avatar Image says: Normally, I'd say perseverance is a good thing, but this lady doens't know when to quit!! Now before I post my entire vocabulary of expletives in reference to her, let me just say it's a pity she is wasting her time with this - why nto a decent cause, liek global warming? And she hasn't read them - of course she hasn't, otherwise she wouldn't be so empty-headed. A federal hearing...in a few months we'll be hearing abotu her appeal to the UN. What a retard.Avatar Image says: This is silly! Ok, I'm a Christian and I LOVE the books. No one (at least to my knowledge)goes around saying sectesempra or stupifey. We're smarter than that. You know it's not going to work. I do say some of that, but I mean it's always just for fun, yeh know. I'm sure if my parents wouldn't let me read I'd want them to read it first. That's the problem people don't read the book before they judge. OK so they might just read a summary, but that doesn't explain anything. There's a lot more meaning to the HP series from my point of view. Avatar Image says: You know, after being shot down so many times, if she really wants to pursue this mission, I think it's time she picked up one of the books and read it. Avatar Image says: How amazing is JKR? Look at this incredible debate, right here on Leaky! Discussions of freedom of speach and religion. People excited about books and reading. Most of the opinions I've read here today focus on a person's right to choose for themselves. There are really no more important topics that people could be discussing with each other. Thanks to Leaky for providing this space, and huge gratitude to JKR for being one of the brave souls at the front of the line!Avatar Image says: First, I would like to preface that I'm not on her side. I think this is all ridiculous. * B * U * T *... SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO SPEAK HER MIND. SHE'S JUST EXERCISING HER RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH. She's not hurting anyone. Even if she COULD get the books banned (which I don't think she will), people could still buy them at their local bookstore or check them out from the public library. She's not hurting us. We, the fans, are still standing. We shouldn't be giving her so much credit. We, the fans, are helping her along by being so upset about it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words (and lawsuits) will never hurt me.Avatar Image says: Yes, because everyone knows that wands and broomsticks are much more dangerous than the guns children are bringing to school these days. Posted by Cuckoo4tofu on May 29, 2007 at 4:08 PM Brilliant . . . Avatar Image says: My godfather is just as crazy as this woman is. He's convinced Harry Potter is the work of the devil trying to spread his presence over todays youth. Harry Potter is a work of fiction. Its a well written wonderfully creative world that entices children to read because they want to, not because they are told to. I think any book that gets a child to willingly read is a step in the right direction. It is the responsibility of the teachers and parents in this world to educate our youth that fiction is not reality and is not therefor bound to the same set of rules. If the child doesn't understand the difference between reality and make believe it is not because of the books that they are reading but rather because of the incompetence of there parents and teachers and that should not punish the other children in the school that may want to enjoy reading the books without paying for them.Avatar Image says: I ALMOST feel sorry for this woman - no, not because she's lost her case now 4...is it 5?...times, but because she's SO INCREDIBLY misguided and confused and delusional! "A generation of witches?!" Come off it! I DEFINITELY feel sorry for her children, because you KNOW they get made fun of, beaten up, verbally assaulted at school every day. One of two things will happen to them: Their mother will succeed in brainwashing them, and the world will have that many more crazies in it, OR: They will grow up hating and resenting their own mother. And if that happens, all I can say is that she will have gotten what she deserves. Avatar Image says: Oh my god. She is so.......god, I can't even put it into words. She's ridiculous. I mean, she is so.....god. "Gets so disturbed"? What is wrong with her!!!!!!!??????? Okay, deep breaths. I just can't believe that someone would be so ignorant and waste so much of their time doing something that she has no basis for and is completely pointless because no one will ever ban the books.Avatar Image says: Scary christian bible thumpers scare me more than scary islamic koran thumpers...Expelliarmus them all!Avatar Image says: bahahaha! Laura Mallory V the world! bless her, she's such a mug.Avatar Image says: Ow! Ow! Harry Potter...ow! It hurts! Seriously. This is exactly what I did my term paper on...people like Laura Mallory who try to ban/remove books from libraries. She has been at this for nearly two years...I thought that she might get tired of it at some time... I just hope that some judge doesn't judge in her favor just to appease her. Gabrielle (gabriellejoya)Avatar Image says: It is so sad that Mrs. Mallory can't read the Harry Potter books in their entirety. If she did, she might realize that they are abundantly rich in Christian symbolism, that Harry dies a sacrificial death in each book so far and is "resurected" by a Christ symbol. Not that the Harry Potter stories are a Christian allegory or that Harry is representative of Christ but, that Harry is a symbol of fallen man searching for and finding redemption in the battle of good over evil.Avatar Image says: I have already posted something on this one but I think Mallory needs another dose from me. She is the most ignorant woman I have ever seen. Giving her the Dementors Kiss would be a compliment to her. I actually think she would think it's relaxing and comfortable. The only problem with this though is that the dementor would spit her soul right back out. "Disgusting!" It would scream.This woman is a flat out loser. I actually fell sorry for her. ( I had my fingers crossed on that last sentance. I do not feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her kids and husband having to live with that old bag.Avatar Image says: Yessssssssss!!!!:) It's not her right to dictate what other people's children should read. It's sad that she continues to waste tax money and time on this futile endeavor.Avatar Image says: Well done Georgia supreme court! Doesn't she get it - she can't even find a lawyer willing to take on the case! Raise a generation of witches? She desperately needs counseling if she believes the spells in the books can actually be done. Thankfully children have more common sense than she does and realize it's *fiction*! I've never heard any mention of her husband in all of this - does she have one? If so I feel bad for him.Avatar Image says: oh dear goodness, somebody needs a life. all this stuff is a matter of opinion i honestly think the magority of the school would want HP in the library. this is why religion is so, i dont know, contravirsal i guess. it bugs me when someone hates HP cuz it promotes witchcraft. it so does NOT. that's not even a theme in the book, a bunch of kids learn spells, oohhh that is soo wrong and evil.. come on, be real. i would love to argue this point to her and any other HP haters bcuz it promotes witchcraft. obviously the wrold doesn't care or their wouldn't be as many of us fans. i could go on &on, poeple like this bug me beyond belief. how does one get so emotional and says how painful it is 2 read HP? its just a coming of age story of a boy and good Vs evil. wow, i can talk about this 4 hours but i guess i typed enough, dang...so glad i dont know anyone like this, i would never EVER prevent my kid reading ANYthing. if a kid wants 2 read, let them! how many kids read these days? shheeesshhhh...glad she's not my mumAvatar Image says: My goodness! Doesn't she have anything better to do? I mean, how many children who pick up a Harry Potter book say to themselves, "Oh, now I'm going to shun God and become a wizard"? Seriously.Avatar Image says: "She has no lawyer." Thanks for the info, Megan. That explains a lot, doesn't it? I'm sure that any lawyer she may have consulted told her she didn't have a whelk's chance in a supernova.Avatar Image says: Maybe she should get her eyes checked if reading a book is excruciatingly painful. ;)Avatar Image says: What I really dislike is when people use religion as an excuse for wanting to ban something. Harry Potter has nothing to do with religion and trying to use this book as a cop out for why things are wrong in this country is ridiculous. Laura Mallory kept going on about how God is missing from our schools but Harry Potter is everywhere. But I really don't get how one has anything to do with the other. Her ignorance is what really gets me. She sits in a court, all alone, and recites this ignorance and believes in her self-righteous mind that she is the lone fighter for morality. Puh-lease!!! How more ill educated can you get? Her whole case frustrates me!Avatar Image says: Yes...it seems she would rather have a country full of illiterate children than kids reading a good story. Hopefully she can read the judges decision, since she seems unable to read the books themselves. Avatar Image says: For the person who asked how many appeals she has, she has several. She went to District Superior Court, then to Georgia Superior Court, then to Georgia Supreme Court, then to US Superior Court then to US Supreme Court. Then she has an option to sue and start the process all over again. Lets hope she gives up and put her energies to better use. She is wasting a lot of time, money and energy on this subject. There are books I can't stand and guess what I don't read them. *Gasp* I know. Why isn't she protesting Lord of the Rings, Matilda, Firestarter, Wizard of Oz, etc.... Why Harry Potter?Avatar Image says: She doesn't have a lawyer and is representing herself? What's that old saying about someone who acts as lawyer for themselves having a fool for a client?Avatar Image says: I think the only thing she found excrutiatingly painful about reading HP was that it has "big words" in it occasionally... Yes Laura darling, it is a more difficult read than "Dick and Jane". Perhaps you should go back to that for awhile. On a different note entirely, she has yet to say what is exactly "wrong" with witches... -BAvatar Image says: I wrote a paper on this as well. It is unconstitutional to ban books from schools just because you don't like their content. Also, if you want to protest something, you have to read it. I don't care if it burns your batty little eyes in the process, to be honest. Seeing the movies doesn't count. You need to read it. Honestly, lady. If you channeled your energy into something better (world hunger, eating disorders, the ozone, whatever), you could do a world of good. All you're getting is people frusterated at you.Avatar Image says: someone please tell this lady is is INSANE. sounds like my pastor. i swear everytime i talk to him he mentions the harry-potter-is-evil speech. which is u know LAME. and HE hasnt read them..... and apparently neither has she.... and whats with the whole generation of witches thing???? i dont know anyone whos read harry potter that runs around that tries to cast spells on ppl... this whole harry-potter-should-be-banned thing just makes me angry.Avatar Image says: Oh dear.... It's so irritating to hear her try to ban HP. I'm a christian Evangelical, I LOVE the books, as well as the films, and I'm not willing to throw all my faith beacuse HP leads me to the occult! It's just so ridiculus!!! My faith is strong as ever, and this woman is giving us christians a bad name! There are a lot of HP fans in my church, and I think prohibiting kids to read anything is just plain dumb. It's at those moments when the parent needs to be closer to the child and explain the difference between reality and fiction. If you ban Harry Potter, then you're pretty much banning every single fairy tale that each and every one of us has grown up with. Mrs. Mallory... Please... get a life and stop destroying everyone's childhood and adults' inner child... And... for the love of GOD.. Read the books before you open that mouth of yours to judge them.Avatar Image says: Three words: SHE HAS ISSUES.Avatar Image says: She has a point- books in which the greatest power is LOVE, and in which the main themes are love, making the right choices, courage, friendship and loyalty, and doing what is right is very disturbing *rolls eyes*. She should just stop wasting court time and tax payers' money to try to ban these books when there are things out there that actually will influence kids in a bad way. Like for instance I wonder how the kids at school are treating her kids for the way their mother is behaving. That has a real effect on how a child develops. Censorship and withholding bad truths from a kid is far worse than letting them have an imagination for the time it takes to read the books.Avatar Image says: This woman is an idiot. The books aren't going anywhere, and she should stop wasting money that is better spent elsewhere, fighting things that are actually causing real harm, or feeding the homeless. God is obviously NOT on her side because she continues to LOSE. Get a clue, Laura Mallory!Avatar Image says: I feel that the only way Laura Mallory is going to accept this is if J.K. Rowling herself talks to her about this. And isn't Jo a member of the Church of Scotland? (Melissa, Sue, can any of you confirm this?) It seems pretty silly to condone a fictional series of books about magic that a God-fearing woman herself wrote. Jo just writes for entertainment and never for any ulterior motives. (Or at the very least, Laura should watch the Biography special about Jo to get a clearer picture about her background.) Or, better yet, Miss Mallory needs a lobotomy. No, wait, she already had that.Avatar Image says: Its intereesting to return to this thread after just a few hours, and to catch up on the postings First, I do think we all need to drop the nastier comments...those are the ones that will be quoted by Mallory and her supporters to show just how nasty we Potter fans are. Express sadness at her lack of imagination, feel pity for her children...but, say it nicely. And, no one should send her nasty e-mails, post any nasty messages on her site, or any of those negatives (I'm thinking of the recent attacks some Leaky fans made on that woman in Scotland who wrote an article saying in essence she's sick and tired of HP, and can't wait for the HP series to be over and done with...let's not do that again!) Second, no one has mentioned the one fantasy series that is "OK"...The Chronicles of Narnia. I wonder, however, just how many people have ever read the series to the very end? And how many realize that good ole CS have very odd ideas about religion that were definite outside the pale? Third, to those that ask why this information is even posted on Leaky, that's an easy one: the site (and here let's all applaude the staff!) is to share all information about the HP books and films, whether its the other films or tv appearances that the actors have been in, rumors about the length of films or number of pages...news about Mallory definitely should be here Next, for Megan O, can you provide some documentation on her acting as her own lawyer? I thought I had read she now had one.... And, no, she is not an Umbridge. Umbridge was much smarter, if blinkered by her ambitions. Umbridge was a former supervisor I had (who also disliked the HP series for religious reasons, and refused to read them)....trust me, Mallory ain't in the same league. And, last: if we take out the strictly negative comments, and look at some of the more thoughtful contributions, this actually is a rather interesting and insightful discussion... which means, the good folks at Leaky have done a superb job, once again (more applause for the staff!)Avatar Image says: I don't know why you're bothering to address the "hem-hem" "lovely" Ms Mallory who wouldn't touch this excellent site with a barge pole... i'm surprised she's even literate - can't sit through 1 HP book, and doesn't seem to know the difference between fiction and reality - i mean if Hogwarts WAS real, we'd all be there in a flash! as Ron would say "MENTAL that one.." Anyway good on Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Ronnie Batchelor. only one more step and that's the Federal Court - once it's chucked out of there she will have no more options and that will be the end to this stupid matter. Now i'm off to think about "what if Hogwarts WAS real?" and what things I could be having for lunch in the great hall, instead of the usual Vegemite Sandwich (i'm a happy little vegemite, but i wouldn't mind a nice chipolata...) Avatar Image says: that's messed upAvatar Image says: It's amazing the lengths that muggles will go to deny that there is magic. Bless 'em.Avatar Image says: Despite a couple of comments (suggesting the Dementor's Kiss and a lobotomy), I'm very proud of the HP fandom's restraint in discussing Ms. Mallory and the vast flaws in her reasoning and judgment. (No Crucios this time, I'm so pleased!) We must remember that it is her Constitutional right to express whatever inanities she wishes -- as it is ours to expose her fallacies for what they are. Goddess Bless America!Avatar Image says: I'm glad Leaky keeps us up to date about Mrs. Mallory. Her law suit deals with HP and I think we should know about it. I'm a school Librarian and since it seems that the librarians in her county have followed their collecion delelopment policies it should have stopped at the school board. Books can be dangerous, even fictional works and I applaud Mrs. Mallory for being concerned with what her children read. That said she looses all respect from me with the fact that she has NEVER read the books that she is condeming. She is also trying to stop others from reading them. She can censor what her children read but she has no right to censor what other children read - especially if it is with those children's parental consent. It's not her business. I work with a woman who has decided that the HP books are not what her children should read. She feels that it is against their religion and that it promotes witchcraft. Her decision (though I will admit that I think both are nuts, the books are fiction and are great!!) She read books 1-3 before she came to her conclusion. We have interesting lunch time discussions and the weird thing is we are friends. Whay bothers me about Mrs. Mallory is that she is tying to inflict her interpretation and religious beliefs on others. If it was left up to her what would be on the school library shelves? Then again some one challenging the first HP book was what got me into them. I saw a spot on the news while with some neighbors about the book. # of us who saw it ran out to read it and gave it to the rest of our families. Hence 11 new Potter fans. Avatar Image says: Some people love to wallow in their irrationally myopic views. She will continue her hysterical and malignant hold on this until someone (perhaps a judge), makes her realize just how empty her stance is on this. Unfortunately, she will have cost the taxpayers much time and money, and she will have spread her venom to many ignorant and like-minded drones who will never have the initiative to find out for themselves. There is more evil spread by ignorance and religion, than any book could ever influence Such a pity!Avatar Image says: I respect what she's trying to do, but she really needs to actually finish the series before making her decision. I can see why she might think that J.K. is trying to raise a generation of witches, just by SKIMMING the novels, but she may actually change her mind if she read them, scouring their pages. Avatar Image says: O_o Wow, what a strange sense of dejavu. This goes beyond religious fervour - that isn't even the issue anymore, truly. It was amusing at the start, became alarming - but now, if she does pursue a federal lawsuit, that just about jumps the fence into virtual insanity for me. O_o Wow, what a strange sense of dejavu.Avatar Image says: Books can be dangerous, even fictional works and I applaud Mrs. Mallory for being concerned with what her children read. That said she looses all respect from me with the fact that she has NEVER read the books that she is condeming. She is also trying to stop others from reading them. She can censor what her children read but she has no right to censor what other children read - especially if it is with those children's parental consent. It's not her business. Bravo, Meagan! Mallory needs to get a life. Or find a better channel for being sue-crazy.Avatar Image says: The clue-by-four has yet to bring her back to her senses, I see. (Don't those lumps hurt yet? ;-) ) Honestly, even WICCANS don't take HP to be "gospel" of any kind. (I know of one Wiccan who won't even read the series, but that's another story.) Yet this woman INSISTS that Ms. Rowling's out to convert the entire next generation of children to Witchcraft. Ms. Mallory has the right to have her day in court, for all the good it's going to do her. But if she can't seriously be bothered to properly read the books, she won't have a leg to stand on. Ms. Mallory, please, bring evidence . . . I would LOVE to see it! In order to make one's case, one must know one's material backwards and forwards, and not just make excuses like "I can't bear to read it, so it must be banned." READ THE BOOKS!! Cite references. Get witnesses of how children have been "led astray" and how HP is a menace to society. Make a dramatic closing statement summing up all the well-researched evidence. Then, watch as the justices do their best to keep a dignified look on their faces (and not laugh out loud in her face) as they throw the case out of court. Because such evidence DOESN'T EXIST!! Un. Believable. That is all.Avatar Image says: Don't be too hard on her! (Mallory) She's just been bitten by the Petunia bug, poor dear.Avatar Image says: I started sniggering when she was getting all emotion in court in the video. Avatar Image says: Can I just say... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Mrs Malory, even a child can recognise a fiction when they read one.Avatar Image says: What we all must remember is that another massive volume of fiction, with which Laura Mallory is likely more familiar, HAS led many people to do a lot of rather questionable things, and has sold a lot more copies than the Harry Potter series. And, though I object to the actions of many religious people, I still won't suggest banning the Bible, or any other religious texts -- though, as with Harry Potter, et al, I recommend a critical reading. I'd love to open a drawer in a cheap hotel and find a copy of Goblet of Fire. Avatar Image says: omg! she is such an idiot some people need to find themselves a life...there is nothing more to say about it, Mallory, GET A LIFE!Avatar Image says: we should have a poll of how many of us read about/practice wicca since reading the books and how many of us did before and send her the results. Assuming she's brave enough to read them, seeing as we all know reading the word witch turns you EVILLL!!1 Avatar Image says: Mrs. Mallory, in your next appeal, please show us ONE child who has rejected God and joined Witchcraft after reading HP and we promise we'll be nicer to you. Avatar Image says: Laura Mallory, bah! Shame on anyone who takes the ridiculous woman seriously.Avatar Image says: I always thought Mallory was a stereotypical southern lady (heavy, poor and uneducated) until I saw the video. She LOOKS so smart, but that's about as far as it goes. My mom use to be just like her.... until she read the books! Maybe if she opened her mind as well as her eyes, we all wouldn't be here to discuss it today.Avatar Image says: Strange, she looks exactly like i imagined she would. I sincerely feel sorry for her, i do however feel even sorrier for her poor children. A case for Social Services if ever i saw one.Avatar Image says: ..Dear Gods, I'm Wiccan myself and I cannot believe this woman. It's people like her that should be steralized. (Not passing real judgement, just stating the obvious)Avatar Image says: How can she object to Potter when she's so obviously a witch? *looks Fred & George innocent* Ah, delete the insult if you will Leaky censors, but I'm only human and this lady annoys me past all bearing. I do not think he (Voldemort) understands why, Harry, but then he was in such a hurry to mutilate his own soul, he never paused to understand the incomparable power of a soul that is untarnished and whole. Bravery, loyalty, friendship, the power of love, even after death and purity of soul - if the Potter series were any more moral it would be Little Women. However Ms. Mallory ADMITTEDLY hasn't read them so she'll never know that.Avatar Image says: I want to give this a rating of 5 for the judges ruling and 1 for 'yawn yawn'newsworthiness - why can't Mrs Mallory just accept that she is in the minority here. The books have brought so much fun and entertainment to so many people and introduced a whole new generation back to the joys of reading. One of the important elements of a young person's education is creative development. The Harry Potter stories have spawned untold numbers of fanfics, fanart, imaginative theorising. In us older fans, the same activities provide constant stimulation of the brain cells. How can Mrs Mallory fail to see the important role the books have and will continue to play to so many people. I pity her.Avatar Image says: Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Wicca, Buddhists and Athiests all read HP and enjoy it.Avatar Image says: This woman is nuts. If she doesn't like the books then she shouldn't read them. If she doesn't want her children reading them, then send them to a private (harry free) school or home school them. It's this kind of close mindedness (lack of a better word, sorry) that this country doesn't need. JK isn't raising little witches and wizards, she just has a fantastic imagination that helped kids to find fun in reading. It isn't horrible that kids and adults alike, enjoy reading because of these novels.Avatar Image says: "we should have a poll of how many of us read about/practice wicca since reading the books" ok I'll put my hand up and admit I did try the 'accio' spell the other day.... it didn't work :( does that mean I haven't been reading the books properly?Avatar Image says: Its ok, Emma, I realize you were just trying to reassure any stray Muggle who wandered into the conversation that there is no such thing as magic, that motorcycles don't fly, and that Hogwarts does not exist. Did you see the match this weekend, Puddlemere United against the Wimbourne Wasps? cheersAvatar Image says: "Did you see the match this weekend, Puddlemere United against the Wimbourne Wasps?" Yeah, that third point was a faul, I tell you. That keeper SO didn't have two heads at the start of the game.Avatar Image says: *sigh* If we banned HP from library shelves, then we better remove all the Star Wars, Disney stories, C.S. Lewis stories, Lord of the Rings, blah blah blah. FICTION, Ms Mallory, FICTION. And I see more Christian parallels than witchcraft throughout these books....honestly woman, get over yourself. But send us your home address first--I'd like to send your kids the books for xmas...Avatar Image says: well I dont think this is really bad. The women makes just fun of herself. But I searched on youtube for Harry Potter and satan (out of couriosity what I will find) and found a very disturbing video, but well it was not thae video that shocked me. It was the other videos the women had on her profile, describing homosexuality as something bad and wrong. Sadly such strong belives go hand in hand and thats what it makes it dangerous...Avatar Image says: I'm a Christian, born and bred, until the day I die and beyond. I take my faith more seriously than I do anything else. And I think the Harry Potter series is amazing. Anyone who reads these books and thinks they're evil needs to seriously reevaluate a number of things--not the least of which is their views on the differences between good and evil. Magic, in the case of the Harry Potter series, is not in and of itself either good or evil--it's the way the characters use it that makes it (and them) so. J.K.R. is very clear that there are good ways to use magic as well as bad, and I believe kids old enough to enjoy reading Harry Potter are going to be able to tell the difference. Instead of harping on about what a bad influence these books are on the young people of this generation, maybe the skeptics should look at how much good they've done. Look at how many children are reading now--and not just Harry Potter! J.K.R. has reawakened kids' imaginations to literature, and now that they've realized that reading can be fun and exciting, they're picking up other books as well. If parents are concerned about the content of the Harry Potter books, they should utilize them as a discussion tool. They should ask their kids questions about the characters and the plot. What makes Harry different from Voldemort? Why are the other witches and wizards in the books afraid of Voldemort? What makes him evil? What makes other characters good? These questions would be easier to discuss with kids if their parents also read the books. Who knows? Maybe some of them will even like them. Helping kids make good value judgments on their own is a much better way to teach them than to make all of their decisions for them. Give your kids some credit, and help them grow instead of trying to do it for them.Avatar Image says: I live in England, and can honestly say that if an ignorant person like Laura mallory ever raised an issue like the one she has, ( Harry potter influences young minds to wicca ) it wouldnt even reach a court, she would be publicly ridiculed and probaly sent to a mental institution. I hope that the child welfare authorities in America have, or, intend to investigate this clearly un-balanced woman and the way she raises her children. Laura, your obssesion with christianity and your mania for making sure Gods words are upheld, you seem to be missing the finer points, namely, Love, compassion, and understanding. I feel sorry for your children, and hope they are strong enough to make up their own minds. ( whether that conflicts with yours, or not. )Avatar Image says: All I will say is that I want to see what happens if she takes it to federal court.Avatar Image says: Honestly, I'm much more concerned about my daughter being exposed to guns, drugs, peer pressure, and pedofiles than I am about how Harry Potter will effect her. Avatar Image says: I know Laura. She lives 2 blocks away from me and I go to her son's school, and he's agrees with his mom. I know!Avatar Image says: I'm willing to bet that Ms. Mallory's children have already read at least some of the Potter books by now. Nothing like forbidden fruit to stimulate the appetite, eh? As an attorney, the thing that galls me most is that she arrives in court unprepared, and with no understanding of legal procedures. She isn't arguing the only points that the appeals courts can consider: whether an error was made at the original hearing. She keeps trying to introduce new "evidence", most of which would be clearly inadmissable in a jury trial anyway. What an expensive waste of time and public resources. I am pleased to learn that she has been unable to find an attorney willing to take her case. It restores some faith in my profession.Avatar Image says: "I know Laura. She lives 2 blocks away from me and I go to her son's school, and he's agrees with his mom. I know!" Shameful. Hasn't any of her kids done a little thing called rebellion? I pray for the day that one or all of her kids will read the books without her consent, and see the reaction on her face as to how wrong she is.Avatar Image says: Wow,, what a crazy lady... its called fantasy! Avatar Image says: This situation is like a giant turd that won't flush. Now she's filing a federal suit? Pavlov's dog learned more quickly than she apparently is.Avatar Image says: This lady should read the books. I am a mom too and I LOVE HP books. I think she just wants attention ... Avatar Image says: blah blah blah... she really needs to get a life...Avatar Image says: Why does everyone keep on saying to send her kids to a private school.I am 13 and I happen to go to a private school and have read all the Harry Potter books in school (which I just so happened to get from our library). Even the priest at our church says that his nieces and nephews read them.And he certainly doesn't discourage them. If she doesn't want her kids to read them, her loss they will obviously never know the joy of reading what they like.Avatar Image says: Giovanni, Mrs. Mallory is demanding the Potter books be removed from the shelves at public schools which her children attend. If she sent her children to private schools of her choice, or home-schooled her children, that would be her decision. The issue is that she is trying to force her beliefs onto others in publicly administered schools, which are actually very closely regulated but which also must adhere to standards of openness and diversity. that help explain things a bit?Avatar Image says: America is a free country that means Laura Mallory can practice the religion she wants. That should also mean we can read the books we want.Its people like her that started dictatoship. Everybody had to believe and do as the ruler did. She wants everybody to believe as she does and do as she does. Oh yeah, if she hasn't read the books how can it be excruciatingly painful for her to read them? Avatar Image says: lalala :) Everything everyone already said!!! If she put half as much effort working (& paying for private red-neck "christian" schools) or home "school"ing as she did on her mad crusade, maybe he kids woulnd't have been left alon to read HP!?!? hehehhe :)Avatar Image says:

I’d be willing to bet her kids HAVE read them! Just like Umbridge with the Quibbler – ban it and they’ll find a way to read it….. Enough said.

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