More International OotP Stickers Scans, Including First Look at Young Lily, More


May 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

More new scans from the Panini Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sticker book are now online. Included are (spoiler!) our first look at young Lily during the Pensieve scene, as well as a new photo of a dejected Malfoy, new Snape, McGonagall, Seamus, Arthur at the Ministry, and finally a huge group of the DA meeting at Hogsmead including Dean, the Patil sisters, Fred and George, Ginny, Neville, Luna, the mysterious Nigel and more. To see all of the new scans, click here.
Also, on a related note, new photos of some rather large 3-D posters for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film have turned up in Belgium. Thanks to UHP you can see photos of these here, and here.

Thanks to Mirko from and to UHP!

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Avatar Image says: Cool!Avatar Image says: First comment! I really like the picture of everyone at the Hog's Head, but I wish the pic of young Lily was better. I just think it's a bad angle. Great look on Harry's face, though.Avatar Image says: The DA one is cute! Young Lily looks odd....I dunno why...maybe its just the angle?Avatar Image says: Thank you for posting. I am so excited for this move. I have to say that the picture of Harry looking at young Lily made me tear up a little.Avatar Image says: I have to say I love them all except Lilly. I HOPE its a bad angle because if not im going to be very upset with the casting of Lilly. Its nothing like what I expected. But then again it is WB after all.Avatar Image says: Young Lily looks like a redhead Moaning Myrtle! >:oAvatar Image says: Ahhh, I can't see them now and it's sad. But from the look of things, the picture of Young Lily is bad. and that's sad. :'( Oh well, though, nothing we can do, right?Avatar Image says: ok,David, now we now how sad you are but 8 posts? I can't say I like Lily, but we will have to watch movie to have an opinion.Avatar Image says: I wonder what scene the dejected looking Malfoy is from..?Avatar Image says: I dislike younglily.lily beautiful,funny, cute and beautiful than narcissa.but this younglily not good. snape looks sorry Avatar Image says: I'm glad I'm not the only one not liking to look of young Lily right now.Avatar Image says: I think Jessie K., that will be after the DoM battle, when his father and the other DEs have been sent to Azkaban.Avatar Image says: Cool pics. Was expecting young Lily to look a little prettier, but I'm sure she's good in the film.Avatar Image says: I wondered that Malfoy picture too.. And Dudley´s friends are with him in that Harry/Dudley scene? Eh? Why? Dudley supposed to be alone, and what his friends think when they see Harry and wand? (well, if you look at the picture they laugh but anyway..)Avatar Image says: can we please take into consideration that young Lily picture is at an awkward angle and has her in the middle of saying something? I'm sure she's very pretty. Avatar Image says: Aww, Harry sees his young mum. :DAvatar Image says: *whispers* I kinda liked the first Susie Shinner better... Re: the 3D promos -- Bella is rocking! And is that a new one of Ginny? Avatar Image says: I dont care what lily looks like as long as she stands up for poor snape like in the book. Avatar Image says: Lily is great!! But is THIS young JAMES?!?! Image says: Okay, yes, the picture has her at an odd angle. But pigtails? Come on. Lily didn't strike me as the pigtail type. And her hair should be dark red. She looks just like Ginny, it's freaky. The casting director must be a follower of Sigmund Freud.Avatar Image says: Welcome, Susie Shinner, to the wonderful world of Not Being Pretty Enough for an HP film. Cheers, fandom.Avatar Image says: I adore the Hogs Head picture. It looks perfect! You are right Jupe, although if Miss. Shinner was perceived as being too pretty she'd get stick for that too, just as Emma Watson does.Avatar Image says: Just one question: who is holding ron in a headlock? a death eater?Avatar Image says: I don't see why people call Nigel "mysterious", he featured in practically every group shot in The Goblet of Fire, even more so than Ginny. :P The kid's probably some executive's son.Avatar Image says: I like the young Lily picture - it's hard to be sure in profile, but she seems to look a lot like Geraldine Somerville (who plays the older Lily) and I think that's really important in making it believable. The hair is just like the older Lily's (which is Geraldine Somerville's natural colour), and that's more important than aiming for a strictly canonical shade of dark red just for the younger version.Avatar Image says: Roni, THIS IS James Potter...and well, what can I say...He totally looks nerdy...If I were I Lilly, I would take Snape instead, the young Snape looks better than all of the young marauders on all the pics I´ve seen..xD And Lilly has PIGTAILS...this isn´t The Worst Witch, guys...C´mon...Pigtails...Gee..Avatar Image says: They really girly-femmed Lily with the ponytails and pink ribbons. I can see it in Harry's eyes how excited he is to see her. Snape looks great as always. The picture showing the scene where the DA initially forms looks awesome, just as the Sorting Hat hoped, that the different houses would put aside their differences in order to battle together.Avatar Image says: I just about MELTED when I saw the look in Harry's eyes, however, I don't quite picture Lily telling off a bunch of guys in piggies...=/Avatar Image says: someone here mentioned, Harry does seem to be falling for his mom, in a round-about way, of course. In fact, there is research that men tend to choose for their wives those that either closely resemble (visually or by character) or completely opposite to their mothers. One can argue the point, but if you dissect the character of someone's wife, and compare it to his mother's character, you will find some either distinct opposites, or very close parallels. So there is nothing wrong with that.Avatar Image says: Courtney, that's true. Ginny and Lily are never described as looking the same in the books. Avatar Image says: I really, really hope that it's not James, although I do suspect that it's him, oh... I wonder, how come nobody mentioned to the person who did pick/cast young James, that Harry looks like his father? :(Avatar Image says: *laughs hysterically* James... I'm sorry, but how on earth is he suppose to be a bully when he looks all nerdy. He does not look like the James i thought he would look like. Oh, Susie... I must agree with people that that angle isn't flattering on you. Maybe at a different angle.Avatar Image says: I think people are being hard on the gal that plays Lily. Rowling never described Lily Evans as being gorgeous and I cannot believe how shallow this fandom is being. I mean geez. She is supposed to be playing Harry's mother, she's not supposed to look like some tarted up starlet.Avatar Image says: These scans are so ugly! It's not complicated to make a nice scan, why can't they? Pity.Avatar Image says: Not how I picture Lily to look, yet again, when do thye ever please us with the right representation, look-wise, of the characters? I like that pic though, there is something that makes me smile about it, maybe its that Harry is there next to her. I love the one of the DA! It looks that that is when they first all meat in the Hogshead. But what's up with Draco looking so bummed? Maybe its after his father goes to jail?Avatar Image says: I agree, piratequeen. I can't believe how rude some people are being about Susie Shinner (Lily). Insulting someone because they don't match the image of a book character you had in your mind? That's pathetic. I always thought Harry Potter fans were intelligent and fair-minded, but I am always being proven wrong. It seems you can't win if you're an actor (especially female!) in these films. Either people insult you because you're not "pretty enough" (Lily/Susie, Ginny/Bonnie...) or you get constantly bullied for being "too pretty" (Emma Watson...). You couldn't pay me enough money to withstand the verbal abuse many of these children/young adults (yes, that's what they are -- not even fully grown yet) must put up with from so-called fans of the HP books/movies simply for being born looking a certain way and doing their job. Sometimes I am deeply ashamed of being a part of the Harry Potter community :( *gets down off soapbox, slinks away*Avatar Image says: Awww, Malfoy looks depressed and emo. I actually feel kind of sorry for him.Avatar Image says: Hey, anyone remember Rowling's rant from some time ago about appearances? I suggest you go reread it. Avatar Image says: I don't like the actresses, look.. not how I pictured Lilly. I'm not saying thats shes ugly, but Pigtails?? I mean come on, she's what 15? I'm 15 and stopped wearing pigtails a long time ago. Avatar Image says: Here, here, Grub! Avatar Image says: hmmm lily with pigtails... odd. but watev... still liked finally seeing herAvatar Image says: Luna, Emo is a type of music that's very popular right now. Though it was different when it first started (much more aggressive), Emo is now often times associated with punk bands that sing a lot of sad songs. It's a lot more complicated than that, but you get the idea. Basically when someone says someone is "Emo" they look kind of dark and sad. You'll see a lot of stcikers that say "Cheer up Emo Kid," for example. Once again, I'm dumbing down the definition quite a bit here. As for Lily, she looks okay. Not a huge fan of pigtails, but it doesn't matter. Avatar Image says: i love all of them including the DA. except that pigtail thing is random on Lily but whateverAvatar Image says: I'll admit that young Lily and young James weren't exactly as I imagined, but it's only a side profile, so until we actually see them in better screen stills, I'll reserve my judgement. Frankly, I'm not too bothered by the pigtails, but just in that particular scene I always imagined Lily's hair down. Anyhoo, still makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see Harry's reaction at finally 'seeing' his parents when they were young. I feel so much for Harry because he's never really met them or had the opportunity to talk to them. It's just so sad. Breaks my heart :(Avatar Image says: Well, I personally like the picture of Lily just "because" she isn't some raving beauty. JKR said she was a "catch," but not that she was unusually perfect. She is also supposed to have a sense of humor and high intelligence. The books do not say that James and Lily are the most beautiful human beings on the planet. That is Fanon. The books tell us their hair color, eye color, and basic shape, personalities (with flaws) and that should be enough. It's the way Harry "feels" when he sees them that is important, but the mythos surrounding James and Lily is so deeply rooted that if they don't fit this view of the "beautiful, popular, perfect people," then no one is satisfied. Also, someone said a page back that Lily was supposed to have "short" hair. That is just not true - she has "thick, dark, red hair that fell to her shoulders." Lily with short hair comes from fan art, and not from the canon. The pictures of Snape, the DA, Ginny, and the rest are all awesome!Avatar Image says: To me it looks like Lily has a side pony...not pigtails.Avatar Image says: Draco does look emo. lol more so than young Snape. XD cheer up Draco. Tom felton is getting a little tanned don't you think? he's probably the outdoorsy type. But he's not pale. He looks slightly orange here. I like the OWL sticker lol. reminds me I should be revising right now XD about lilly- She looks normal. nothin wrong with that. But ze Pink ribbonz clash wiz 'er 'air- (as Fleur would say.) Big no no.Avatar Image says: Grub makes a great point. Pigtails were much more fashionable in the 1970s, among teenagers and young adults. It's a 1970s thing, and I really like the way the styling in "Snape's Worst Memory" subtly demonstrates that Harry's visiting a different time period at Hogwarts. You can also see it with the uniforms in the young marauders picture which was previously posted - they're wearing blazers which are more old-fashioned and no longer part of the Hogwarts uniform.Avatar Image says: Did Lily Evans and Dolores Umbridge went to the same fashion shop at their days at school? How could these movie makers put pink hair ribbons into carroty hair? Avatar Image says: Why does James have a comb-over? What the heck is so difficult about getting hair right?Avatar Image says: Just our luck that our first picture of young Lily is profile...urg, we can't judge her from THAT! Give us one from the front! As for likey!Avatar Image says: James looks so nerdy! Not the cool James I expected at all!!! And, Lily, well....I expected her to look alot prettier. I know it makes me sound like a terrible person, but that's what I saw. Maybe I've been reading too many fanfics......Avatar Image says: People always think the film versions of the characters should look really pretty or handsome or whatever, because it's what we're used to. Me, I'm happy that they look like ordinary people. It makes them seem more real. I don't want Lupin to look like Brad Pitt, or Lily to look like Nicole Kidman. (Heck, I'm not alone - many people think Hermione already looks too glamorous.) I like my HP heroes scruffy and nice-looking in an ordinary way. And so far the films are doing great on that count. (The villains, in particular Voldemort and Malfoy Sr., can consider themselves excused from this requirement.) :)

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