Romance, Romance:Scholastic Asks “Who Winds Up with Whom?”


May 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

It’s time for question number four from Scholastic, as part of the “There Will Soon be 7″ countdown campaign to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This week, shipping is on their minds of sorts as the new question is “Who Winds Up with Whom?” At this link, you can vote for one of the following:

  • Harry and Ginny
  • Ron and Hermione
  • Harry and Hermione
  • Lupin and Tonks

You can also print out a bookmark of this, here, as well as print a new poster featuring the Goblet of Fire cover, here

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177 Responses to Romance, Romance:Scholastic Asks “Who Winds Up with Whom?”

Avatar Image says: Ooops. That should be "divide and conquer" not "concur". Although they certainly do concur on the effectiveness of the method. Avatar Image says: I've heard the whole spam the poll thing, but as I originally said, I've seen both sides encouraging it. So I don't see the reason for this wholesale condemnation of H/Hr shippers as being pathetic, delusional, stupid, etc. If everybody's doing it then it shouldn't be a big deal. I would also like to repeat the fact that only a minority of shippers are doing this. Most people don't have the time or patience for spamming an online poll that doesn't mean much in the long run. If twenty H/Hr shippers can get 18,000 votes in half an hour by spamming the poll then the results should be even greater than they are. The latest I saw someone post was around 43,000, and H/G had moved up a bit. That's not a lot for people who can get 18,000 votes in 30 minutes, and why would they bother spacing it out over days if they're doing this for fun? Again, if H/Hr shippers know about this method, then so do H/G and R/Hr shippers. So I guess that would explain why the combined vote of H/G and R/Hr isn't that far behind H/Hr. We're all cheaters, and we can all be proud (or ashamed if you want to be) that we cheated in the name of the ships that we love. I'm only sad that Ron/Luna wasn't included. Red Moon deserves to have people cheat in its name too. At least H/Hr got included on the poll right up there with all the "canon" ships, which I think is far more significant than how many votes the ship gets. Avatar Image says: I agree with what you're saying Judy. This poll obviously isn't going to be accurate, and I don't anyone who claims it as such is going to be taken seriously, especially when they know they're cheating. I think it's all just great fun, and we don't have much time left before the final book comes out and this is all over. It would have been nice to get an accurate(or at least close to as we're ever going to get) assessment of the shipping fandom on neutral ground. I'm just glad H/Hr made the cut and got put in the poll. (I thought for sure that it would be Bill/Fleur in their place) But as much as I love H/Hr, I don't have the patience to vote for them multiple times. However, I do wish someone would send a little spam the L/T way. They're a worthy couple too. Avatar Image says: Ron and Hermione 28% Hary and Hermione 41% Oh God, there are still delusional people in the world! Ron and Hermione all the way!!!Avatar Image says: "Oh God, there are still delusional people in the world!" Ah, but together, more people have voted for Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione than Harry/Hermione. So more people think Harry and Hermione WON'T get together than think they will. :)Avatar Image says: Kinda sucks that we can only vote for one couple, huh? I guess that's why Lupin and Tonks are being forgotten.Avatar Image says: I think Harry and Ginny will get together and so will Ron and Hermione. Lupin and Tonks I hope will make it to the end so they can also be together.Avatar Image says: I wish you could pick all of the pairings you think will end up together instead of just picking one.Avatar Image says: Harry and Hermione is winning... *sigh* It's probably only because they only let you vote for one couple. They should have made it like the live or die question where you could vote for more than one. Although it is who winds up with whom (in the end?). Does that mean only one couple will survive the book? In that case I think it's Ron and Hermione.Avatar Image says: Don't worry, true love will find its way. We all know who will end up with whom...and 'if' he'll die in her arms...Avatar Image says: LOL... most votes go to Harry & Hemione...??? did i miss soemthing??? :-)Avatar Image says: Harry and Ginny FTW! Three out of four of those couples will happen. Harry and Hermione got shot down painfully by JKR. That poll is going to stacked so much by rabid shippers.Avatar Image says: I would have voted for all the canon ships. That's Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and Lupin/Tonks. But since we could only vote for one I went with Harry/Ginny. I have to laugh at Harry/Hermione even being an option. LOL I find it strange that we can only choose one couple though because I'm hoping the three canon ships make it through DH, especially H/G and R/Hr. Avatar Image says: Darn, I guess I'll have to vote 3 times then, IF it's allowed. I want Lupin/Tonks, Hermione/Ron AND Harry/Ginny to get together. Avatar Image says: I wonder if Harry & Hermoine was really intended to be there for arguements and debates... Because come on, if they only placed H/G, R/Hr and R/T, it would never be talked about, because it's so obvious that these three pairs have feelings for each other. The question - with only the canon pairs - would be sorta anti-climactic at this point, and the publisher wants people to talk about these seven questions. If Harry & Hermoine were remotely posible, I don't think JKR would have said that they (the H/Hr shippers) would need to re-read the books, nor would she have laughed when her interviewers used the word "delusional" to describe them. * Not flamebaiting or anything, just saying my piece* I voted for Harry and Ginny because Harry needs to be happy and she's made him feel like "he's living somebody else' life". That has got to be one of those feelings you would want to feel when you're involved with someone. Avatar Image says: Tonks and Lupin, yay! Can't say I'm that bothered about shipping, though.Avatar Image says: "Although it is who winds up with whom (in the end?). Does that mean only one couple will survive the book?" I doubt it. I remember the head of Scholastic doing an interview, and he was asked questions about the events of DH, and said he hasn't even read it - only Arthur Levine and a few others in Scholastic have had access to it. The people running the website are likely just basing these polls on fan speculation - it's doubtful that they have any insider information. It is strange they only let you vote for one couple, though. I can see both Ron/Hermione and Lupin/Tonks making it to the end, but I'm not able to vote for them both.Avatar Image says: I am gobsmacked they even present Harry/Hermione as an alternative. Haven´t they acutally read HBP? I mean they are publishing the books, they should know the shipping issues have been resolved. Avatar Image says: I voted for the most obvious couple: Ron and Hermione. I'll also vote for Harry and Ginny. Not really bothered about Lupin and Tonks (they are a lovely couple though). It's interesting that Harry and Hermione are getting the most votes. Avatar Image says: really when will all this delusion about Harry and Hermione stop..?Avatar Image says: "Yes, we do now know that it's Ron and Hermione. I do feel that I have dropped heavy hints. ANVIL-sized, actually, hints, prior to this point. I certainly think even if subtle clues hadn't been picked up by the end of “Azkaban,” that by the time we hit Krum in Goblet..." -- J.K. Rowling, in an interview with MuggleNet and TLC on July 16, 2005 Give it up people!, it over with!Avatar Image says: I think Ron and Ginny will end up together. Wait, what?Avatar Image says: Scholastic is a bit late catching on, isn't it. I wonder whether they think they're being original?Avatar Image says: Who is, (as in Emerson's words)still delusional as to think Harry and Hermione will have any chance or even want to end up together??? *shakes head* Pitiful!!!Avatar Image says: LOL! I'm having fun imagining 10 feverish h/hr shippers spending the day voting. It's a nice day. Go outside for a while!Avatar Image says: I'm voting for R/Hr. Also as a sidenote, here's an interesting article about Harry Potter as a college course: Image says: Ron and Hermione all the way! I think some of these people need to step their harry potter knowledge up a bit. Avatar Image says: LOL @ Harry/Hermione winning the poll!Avatar Image says: Wow, H/HR are winning. LOL, it probably just 5-10 delusional people voted. (Like one of my friends who firmly believes that Jo Rowling made a mistake)Avatar Image says: Joe said no to the H/HR so why is there still people out there holding on to it. hahaAvatar Image says: Well, personally, I WAS hoping to see Harry/The Giant Squid on there, but alas... I really didn't like that we could only choose ONE couple. It just doesn't really give me a good feeling. Now, had the question been "Which of these groups will NOT end up together?" it would have made me feel better. Anyway, I voted for Ron and Hermione-- she's spent 6 books building up to it. They have to end up together!Avatar Image says: ummmmm, jo already shot down h/hr, why is it winning? probably 10 people going to vote 100 times a day... hahahahahaha. O.B.H.W.F. all the way!Avatar Image says: Tonks + Lupin = duh I think Harry and Ron will die, so... Ginny + Hermoine O_o (Hey it's the 21st century afterall)Avatar Image says: Squon-Squon 4EVA!!!11!1!!!1!Avatar Image says: I totally voted Ron/Hermione (yep, I'm sentimental like that). I love them...too cute. Let's go OBHWF!! The only couple I DON'T see happening on that list is H/Hr...and that's because Jo shot it down. Shot down...that's right. The dream is over!! There will be NO H/Hr!! (snicker)Avatar Image says: Fab argument James! Those people insisting what they believed in were just pathetic. My God, to the extent of claiming that JKR made a mistake...not in the right state of mind. As long as we are canon, no matter what Scholastic put in there, we're still going to win. Oh and BTW, of course I voted for Harry and Ginny. I agree that Ron and Hermione should be together also as much as Remus and Tonks, but as this is Harry Potter, I think I want to see Harry's happiness more than anything.Avatar Image says: Why do you have to pick just one? Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Lupin/Tonks. They all MUST get together. Avatar Image says: WHY is Harry/Hermione winning? So completely weird. Clearly, the people voting have not read/heard anything Jo has said/hinted/put in the books! about the subject.Avatar Image says: James: you're smart. We're not. :) LOLAvatar Image says: And may I add, the more they are insisting their respective ship (not the canon!), the more they are underestimating JKR's worth.Avatar Image says: Man harry and hermione are winning!!! wooo hooo!Avatar Image says: Got a cold feeling... I mean, three of the four pairs looked quite solid at HBP's end, so they should be "obvious" by now. The fourth (H/H) is a recombination. Might it be that some "obvious" pairs do not "wind up" because one of the two does not survive? Please not. Avatar Image says: Testing. It said I was banned from posting over on the Laura Mallory story. Avatar Image says: I thought JK already made it quite clear that Harry and Herminone aren't going to happen. And what about Harry and Luna? They should definately have that instead.Avatar Image says: tonks and lupin my favorite couple.I love them.second couple harry and ginny. besides volmedort and marge be perfect couple:) Avatar Image says: The idea that most people actually think that Harry/Hermione is the most likely ship is about as rediculous as 76% of people saying that Voldemort will probably live, and about a 90% chance for each of the other characters living. These results just don't seem accurate. It's also very stupid for them to ask the question in a way where you can only choose one ship, when you can easily expect 3 out of 4 to come true.Avatar Image says: YAY!!!! Harry and Hermione rocks!Avatar Image says: Yeah, they should of had Harry and Luna as an option. That seems a bit more believable. Avatar Image says: Meh, cannon ships are uninteresting. But i hate the fact that H/Hr is ahead by so much *Votes Ron/Hermione* ^_^ Oh and these Scolasticy question thingies are starting to jarr a little. they probably don't seem like a new questions to long-term fans who have discussed these things for years already. most non regular internet fans probably haven't even read the Jo interview where she shoots down H/Hr. They would all be hanging out at the Scolastic and Bloomsbury sites too. Yeuch. These people need to be in fandom RIGHT NOW lol. Avatar Image says: Harry/Luna is as farfetched as Harry/Hermione. JKR made it quite clear that Ginny is Harry's ideal girl. Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, but why on earth is H/Hr so far ahead still? That's really, really sad. ...not to offend any H/H-ers here, its just... its kind of been established now as a non-canon ship. So why is it voted top at a CANON poll? I hate how much ships GET to me... R/Hr all the effing way.Avatar Image says: I know that JKR shot down Luna and Neville, but maybe she'll reconsider that one. And how about Draco and Pansy? Hagrid and Madame Maxine? And my favorite, is I'd like to see Umbridge end up with Dobby. GHAvatar Image says: guys lay off ships man cuz all it will do is cuase a large fuss Im a shipper of any girl that can do one thing make Harry Happy regardless of it being Hermoine, Ginny or Luna and thats the one thing that a lot of us can agree we only want to see Harry be happy. I was a bit suprised that Ron/Luna hasnt shown up in the vote. Anyway many H/Hr dont pay attention to all this, they're read fanfiction which people write as a way of making people happy. Guys and Gals be nice and get on cuz all of this is over Harry's Happiness and his future is he has one. Anyway if H/Hr did win the won the vote i wudnt be suprised alot of people like the H/Hr as it contains a ship that is based on a solid friendship that builds into something more. Im not saying Ron/Hermoine or Harry/Ginny are any different its just the fact that a good part of people reading Harry Potter are no in their late teens where Romance builds for everyone and they may like H/Hr as it relates to their own lives (liking their best friend??). Dont flame me for this im justing trying to make a point and its just the fact they prefer a solid ground in the books for their ship. (H + Hr have had some arguements but truly compare theirs to R + Hr and you see the picture) Shipping is about each persons opioion on what they like so guys dont take any votes personal. Anyway we all just want to see Harry HAPPY Right???Avatar Image says: hmm... this is odd to me... why would they have it so that you can only vote for one? I wonder if that means that only both people in ONE couple will survive... i'm probably looking into this too far... ah well... and harry/Hermione in the lead?! Those H/Hr shippers must be really really determined to prove us all wrong! including Jo! They probably all voted three times because they're obviously dumb enough to think it will change the outcome of the book... i mean, yeah there was a time when i though Harry/Hermione were gonna get together but i was like 9 and there was only 3 books out! Avatar Image says: What about Ron + Harry, Ginny + Hermione? That would be a poll ;-)Avatar Image says: Well, if you understood the books you pick Harry/Ginny. If you think that Harry will die, you pick Ron/Hermione. If you think they're all too young anyway, you pick Tonks/Lupin. And if you're delusional you pick Harry/Hermione repeatedly.Avatar Image says: Dobby doesn't deserve that, GH!Avatar Image says: Well, I voted for Harry and Ginny because they are my favorites, but I also think Ron and Hermione will unite. Face it, they had to put something else in there to stir things up and get us talking - and it IS working, right? Long live Harry and Ginny!Avatar Image says: Does this mean that only one of the 4 pairs will actually get together? I hope not! I voted for Harry and Ginny, but I equally want Ron and Hermione. I also want Tonks and Lupin, though I'm not as passionate about that. There should have been an "A, B and D" option. Argh!Avatar Image says: Those Harry/Hermione shippers are out in force again. lol. When WILL they learn?!?!?!Avatar Image says: Actually, I figured it out. Most people that support R/H support H/G and vice versa, and as they can only vote for one, they pick their fav out of those two. The H/G and R/H vote combined (because that's usually what those choices mean, but not always) totally TOPPLES H/Hr. I really hate polls that allow you to vote multiple times. Its an unfair basis for any sort of opinion poll. And yeah, it does matter that Harry's happy, but if you're like me, and voted for R/H, his happiness isn't the only factor: what about Ron's? ^_^Avatar Image says: Seconded, redreh. lol ^_^Avatar Image says: I agree about delusional shippers. However, can we not say shipping is silly? I am a shipper, as my scribby essay says, and I'm proud of it. Avatar Image says: I think it's dumb how people still think harry and hermione will wind up together, come people! is you don't get it now, you'll never get that it will be ron and hermione! I also think that tonks will wind up with lupin, but aren't they already together? (they were holding hands at dumbledore's funeral, am i right?).Avatar Image says: Umm.. How are Harry and Hermione winning? Did websites send over droves of shippers or something?Avatar Image says: lads those people are seriously deluded. sure the penny will drop on july 21st.then again thats just wishful thinking.Avatar Image says: Wow I guess people really dislike OBHWF. Avatar Image says: Aaaah! Oh dear, it seems the H/H shippers are out in full force. Well, it'll all be settled with Hallows.Avatar Image says: For everyone wondering why H/Hr is winning, I have a better question for you...why would it even be an option? Especially on the publisher's website? Despite everything said, there could be one more twist coming...but as said, we'll all know on July 21.Avatar Image says: Why on earth is Harry/Hermione winning? Didn't Jo say that wouldn't happen!?! Why would it even be a choice? I am totally for Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione.Avatar Image says: The H/Hrs are encouraging themselves to vote like a million times each. They're just attempting to seem important. The word militant comes to mind. . .Avatar Image says: I'm a Remus/Tonks girl myself :), but they appear to be losing, LOL. Alsoooo... If one more person says, "But OMG, JKR SAID it will be R/Hr" I will seriously scream. I have many H/Hr friends, and they're perfectly aware that Ron and Hermione are going to be together and THEY DON'T CARE. They still enjoy H/Hr for what it is. No different than my D/Hr or Neville/Ginny friends. So stop the kindergarten name-calling, please. Avatar Image says: maybe h/hr will happen you never know.All the questions will be answered on july 21! :)Avatar Image says: Lol at everyone who think that H/Hr options "should scare" canon shippers. That's grasping at straws. Only because some fanatics made themselfes heard by Scholastic doesn't mean anything will change in their favour. And if voters didn't read articles on militant shippers yet, they'll think they're the smarter minority come July 21st and that's all.Avatar Image says: >>"Thou shalt read HP books and look for Subtext" The Subtext of the above is "Don't Ignore The Actual Text In Process" and disclaimer goes "Not Everything You Wish to See Can Be Called Subtext" which also goes with two Subtexts reading "If The Hippogriff Has Been Ridiculed In The Books, Stop Using It as a Proof" and "No, Dancing Teacups Don't Count Either".Avatar Image says: Oh of course. lol.Avatar Image says: Wasn't this question already established in Book 6?Avatar Image says: I kno Liln j.k wont lie to us. I really dont care if ron and hermione or harry and hermione end up together im fine with both. but their are still ppl that go for harry and hermione and i just wanted to say that whatever happens happens in the last book. :)Avatar Image says: Well.. if this is what makes the harmoanians happy, then good for them.. They won't have much more than this. lol (sorry, but it's the true :) ) Avatar Image says: I really want Remus and Tonks to get together. I mean, of the people in the Order who need love, Severus nad Remus are at the top, but of the ones who DESERVE love the most, it will have to be Remus. For those who disagree, here's a simple test: Walk up to Severus Snape and ask him quite seriously the following question: "Do you need a hug?" Do the same for Remus. Who is more likely to bite your head off before he curses you into oblivion? I rest my case. As for H/G and R/H, I always just sort of thought that was a given.Avatar Image says: Just voted and of course it's H/G. But i love R/H.Avatar Image says: "For everyone wondering why H/Hr is winning, I have a better question for you...why would it even be an option? Especially on the publisher's website? Despite everything said, there could be one more twist coming...but as said, we'll all know on July 21." -KenM Remember, at this point in time only a few people have read the book, like the people high-up in the publishers. The website maintainers and the people who make these polls are probably just going on the ships that get discussed the most in the fandom - and they know that these are the ones that get discussed the most - not because it's a clue to something that's coming in DH. Anyway, I voted for H/G. I do wonder why H/Hr is on there, but again I think it's because the people who created the poll know that these are the ships that will provoke the biggest discussion.Avatar Image says: Not really a fair voting. For just one? Well that's not going to happen in the book. Silly, silly.Avatar Image says: Voted Ron and Hermione but I was astonished at the majority for Harry and Hermione. I thought that speculation was overwhelmingly done with. Wow! Woo! Woo again! Avatar Image says: I'm a closet H/Hr shiper and this poll just tickles me. lol. I thought that ship sailed nowhere in book 6! Ah, but this poll gives me hope. Hey, they wouldn't have included that option if all is lost eh? and hooray, it's winning! yah, keep deluding yourself that the H/Hr shippers cheated by voting over and over to account for the 48% win. duhAvatar Image says: Jasmine... I can show you posts in a H/Hr forum that prove that at least the shippers on there are voting more than once. And I think it's up there because people still talk about it. Avatar Image says: Not usually a H/Hr shipper at all, but thought that maybe this will be one of the big twists in the end! We need a few twists that we absolutely do not see coming. Harry and Hermione would be one of those...Avatar Image says: I actually think it's kind of horrible of Scholastic to do this for the sake of controversy. It's giving shippers false hope even though the AUTHOR has already stated numerous times the ship will not be happening. Although, i guess it is telling to see people believe what they want to believe. H/Hr shippers want to cling to the hope their ship is going to happen so they're going to put more stock in an online poll than what the author has said or what is actually in the books. As for me, I know the ships will be R/Hr and H/G unless any of those four die. I think H/Hr shippers are in for another disappointment. Avatar Image says: I just can't believe that H/Hr has the most votes. I know there are some people out there who still think it, but that many? huh.Avatar Image says: The reason why H/Hr has more votes than R/Hr and H/G is because they're splitting the canon vote by placing both R/Hr and H/G as choices. For a better idea to the fandom's ship preference, see Mugglenet's poll archive. ;) After these last 52 days have passed, the internet is going to explode with angry Harmonians. I, for one, cannot wait.Avatar Image says: voted for R/T, my fav. couple, but so far, the H/Hr shippers are winning. What the hell?Avatar Image says: "I thought JK already made it quite clear that Harry and Herminone aren't going to happen. And what about Harry and Luna? They should definately have that instead. " They are just having fun with the H/Hr fans, probably payback for all the hate mail they sent Jo after HBP came out, and as for H/L - well, that just got definitively sunk when they can't even be bothered to put it there. For those thinking H/Hr is the twist at the end -sorry, but there are far more interesting twists going to happen than anything to do with shipping. Avatar Image says: lol to that, Joanna. But seriously, Scholastic. FTW? Oh, and huge Ron/Hermione, OBHWF shipper here.Avatar Image says: Off topic but shouldn't they be releasing the deluxe edition cover art soon? I thought they released that in May last time. I pre-ordered the deluxe edition and I'm dying to see what it looks like. H/Hr has like 47% of the vote. From what I've seen of the online community that can't be right. It doesn't seem to me that almost half of the Harry Potter nation is H/Hr shippers. They must be stacking the vote.Avatar Image says: No Harry and Luna? You know your ship is doomed when the company that publishes the book doesn't consider it an option! I feel sorry for the H/Hrs and it was wrong of Scholastic to give them false hope.Avatar Image says: No need for accusations of cheating everyone. The H/Hr win can easily be explained. The canon voters are split among R/Hr, H/G, and L/T. Which clears the way for the H/Hr hopefuls to the finish line. Besides, nobody really knows for sure what will happen in book 7. The first 3 pairs may be canon but that was before. Book 7 may hold unpleasant surprises for all of us.Avatar Image says: yea...H/G and R/H shippers don't's just a poll. and the Lupin/Tonks shippers are included.Avatar Image says: Harry and Hermione? Are they serious? Jeez. I have to agree that there'll probably be some surprises(I didn't see L/T coming, but were there really any clues?), but they'll make sense. H/Hr never made sense. I have a secret hope that Luna and one of the twins will end up together.Avatar Image says: I definately agree that there will be twists and things will surprise us...but all of the ones people speak of, like some of the deaths, have been said by JKR that they were planned. She planned to kill Dumbledore and Sirius. Just like she planned for six books to build up the relationships of Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny. Thats it. No need to argue anymore. She said it people. She has gone in one direction for 6 damn books and she isnt going to completely turn around for one last book. Its just not going to happen. H/Hr are probably in the lead because of numerous votes by each person, and/or the fact that they split the canon ships. It has nothing to do with there being more shippers. And the fact its on there is probably for fun. They dont know something we dont and there is no way they would say that through a small poll. Its not a big deal. Canon will not change from a stupid poll. Its pure entertainment and thats it. Canon is canon and like it or not, R/Hr and H/G are. H/Hr wont be. Just listen to the author and leave it to rest.Avatar Image says: False hope guys. It's all just false hope. Instead of hating the cheating shippers you should pity them. Come July 21st they'll all be in tears wondering why this poll didn't change the outcome.Avatar Image says: LMAO. I love that H/Hr is in the lead. It's like the shippers think if they vote long and hard enough for it in an internets poll, then it will come true in book seven.Avatar Image says: omg.... H/Hr? Winning? That's just WRONG!!! LOL! Well... I voted for Ron/Hermione;Harry/Ginny ::Squees like Sue:: I ask myself over and over why Scholastic put that Ship in the Poll, since JKR sunk that ship ages ago. Maybe there will be a particular nasty twist, God forbid... BUT... We will all find out in "Deathly Hallows" on July21. P.S. I Have friends who are Harmonians and they Know that H/Hr aren't getiing together. I had a friend who cried when JKR Shot it down... O.O?!Avatar Image says: "I ask myself over and over why Scholastic put that Ship in the Poll, since JKR sunk that ship ages ago." That's a very good question, I guess they know something we don't ..IF it was so obvious why put Harry and Hermione in that list...I wonder!!!Avatar Image says: i vote for all 2 except Harry&Hermione Avatar Image says: "If the Herons and Chocos are so sure that we are winning because we cheated, why don't you all do the same too? You are just showing that you're in a denial stage by complaining ad nauseam. Or maybe insecure?..." All you have to do is go to H/Hr forums and threads to see that cheating is going on amoungst your shipmates. People are openly bragging about voting 40+ times in a row or voting continuously until their hand is numb. Anybody can clearly see for themselves that multiple voting is possible with this poll by experimenting with it themselves. So clearly multiple voting is happening with both H/Hr and R/Hr. But at 21,000 votes in approximately 17 hours, it's clear which shippers are more dedicated to "changing the outcome of the Poll". And one has to wonder why. Insecurity, perhaps?Avatar Image says: This poll has NOT split what a lot of you smugly refer to as the "canon ships" - you can vote more than once, so if you want R/Hr and H/G then vote for both of them. Also I'm not surprised that out of 130+ posts in this thread, only 2 or 3 acknowledge that H/Hr is still a possibility - after all, this site is run by OBHWFers (can you pronounce that?), and H/Hr shippers hardly ever comment here because it just isn't worth the hassle. But Jo only said in her interview with Melissa and Emerson that "it's NOW Ron and Hermione" not that it will ALWAYS be them. Emerson, not Jo, said we (H/Hr shippers) were delusional, and the author distanced herself from that comment - TWICE. She also didn't confirm R/Hr at her New York appearance. Enough happened at the end of HBP to make many of us believe that Hermione could still be the one for Harry (the big hug in the hospital wing), even if Ginny is "in many ways" (a subtle qualifying statement) his "ideal girl". I look forward to being flamed from here to eternity for this heresy, but it ain't over till the fat lady sings [actually it is over, but we don't yet know how it's finished, and I represent a big minority (48% - wow!) of voters who still want Harry to end up with his best and most trusting/trusted friend (and that isn't Ginny), and Hermione with hers (and that isn't Ron)]. If this were a Parliamentary election under New Zealand's system, we'd have a Harmony government in coalition with the Tonks/Lupin party. Here I am - do your worst.Avatar Image says: The H/Hr vote doesn't mean that we think H/Hr is going to happen although we will surely be happy if it does. The vote is an indications of how much people think H/Hr is an excellent ship and a very good idea even if it is not JKR's idea. What's wrong with that? We respect JKR and she can write whatever she wants to, it's her story, but that doesn't mean we can't disagree with her choice.Avatar Image says: The willful blindness displayed by certain H/Hr shippers is astounding. Notice every time they're reminded of the author denying their ship they manage to twist it just as they twist the text of the books in an attempt to find a romance that simply is not there. JKR has been saying it's not H/HR since 2003 in her interview with Katie Couric. Yet H/Hr shippers denied it and then proceeded to act all shocked when in HBP their ship did not sail. Even though the canon ships have been established as H/G and R/Hr the H/Hr shippers still insist on twisting JKR's words and it seems the cycle of denial is destined to repeat itself for DH. kathlin, you'd be surprised how many of your fellow shipmates still think it's going to happen. And the poll is not about favorites it's about what people actually think the outcome will be. H/Hr shippers are actually strategizing and voting repeatedly as if they think this poll will change the outcome of a book that has already been written. There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the ship in fanon, but this sort of willful denial is just setting up for a big fall, isn't it? Avatar Image says: I voted for H/hr happily because I love that ship, even though I know it's not likely to happen. (I am not going to say absolutely because well, I haven't read the last book yet). Hermione was scared of Harry in the last couple of books; it was obvious that she couldn't handle him. However Jo Rowling wants it to end is how it will be, EXCEPT in the world of fanfiction lol! Look at the Star Trek series, etc. There was fanfiction on the first series decades after the series was cancelled. I have NO doubt that H/Hr fanfics will reign supreme- I think they already do? As for the site, there may be fans voting more than once, (I only voted the once) but has anyone thought that this site is for elementary school kids? I doubt that Jr and Sr high school students click on these sites, to be honest. I would imagine that a lot of these votes came from classes thoughout the States. Considering how many people still think it is Harry and Hermione, I think the vote might still reflect the schoolkids' actual favourite pairing. Avatar Image says: Joanna, I hardly think a poll done by a known OBHWF supporting site is reliable. I'm a H/Hr shipper, and I know very few people who ship it that even visit Mugglenet anymore for any reason, especially when we can get the same news elsewhere. Thus, their shipping polls can't be trusted. Nobody's shipping polls can be trusted, really.Avatar Image says: Wow, I guess Harry and Hermione are a couple? Did that happen before HP and the Green Flame Torch or after HP and the Pillar of Storge?Avatar Image says: What the flaming dingo's kidneys are "Chocos"?Avatar Image says: Could it not be that the poll was made by one of the secretaries who happens to work at scholastic but is not really into the whole Harry Potter fandom, and just wrote down what came up in his/her head? (wasn't there something with H/Hr??..) Not everybody takes this stuff so seriously! orrr the are laughing there heads off right now! And H/Hr really are just friends! Never a hint of attraction! Lots of hints of a real good strong friendship and respect for eachothers capabilities. But than again pigs might fly! Cars do, after all..Avatar Image says: hey.... they dont have an option for mcgonagall and peeves... or slughorn and hagrid.... am i the only one who thinks that they got it on after the burial... Avatar Image says: LMAO, Frank, Scary thing is, I could almost see that happening. You've just made one whole chapter a whole lot more interesting for me. Any original perceptions I had are ruined forever. Ruined. Avatar Image says: 'What the flaming dingo's kidneys are "Chocos"?' **wipes coffee droplets from nostrils** I don't know who you are, but I love you! Ah, shipping. The family skeleton of the HP fandom sticks it's bony finger through the keyhole once again, and flips us the bird. It's just a poll for the kids, folks. Let's not take it too seriously. *chuckle* Silly shippers. **hides orange crush can behind back** Avatar Image says: "Anyway, I voted for H/G. I do wonder why H/Hr is on there, but again I think it's because the people who created the poll know that these are the ships that will provoke the biggest discussion." --AmyG Amy, while I agree that yes, this is a great way to stir up debate (look at the comments going around, although many aren't polite from any side), my thought is - as others have said - that it shouldn't even be a debate IF JKR forevermore shot down the H/Hr possibility. If there's no chance, then this just makes H/Hr shippers feel yet again spit on (as they did when the TLC/MN Interview came out). But as someone else noted, JKR could easily have meant R/Hr will happen in DH...but she didn't say "canon will end" that way. Heck, H/G finally happened...and was over with by the end of the same book. There's nothing saying H/G resumes during DH. Of course, there's nothing saying it doesn't, either. In the end, Evanna Lynch's theory might be right anyway...they all die, and then this is a pointless debate! :)Avatar Image says: One word: D E L U S I O N A L ! ! ! Avatar Image says: GINNY is going to end up with the giant sea monster and he is going to end up eating her. HERMIONE is going to end up with one of the twins and she is going to go crazy. RON is going to end up with luna, and HARRY is going to die. No need for a love interest. Oh yeah, LUPIN is going to end up eating tonks too. This is stupid question to ask. We all know the answere of who with who question. Most of book 6 was about romance. I thought they were asking questions where we don't know the answere to. Avatar Image says: "Here I am - do your worst." Sigh. Jo refused to agree with Emerson because she thought he was being rude. Please wake up and smell the potions! I don't mind if people ship H/Hr because they WANT them to get together, but it's annoying when they twist reality and tell themselves that they WILL get together.Avatar Image says: Hey, forgot about that Teenvogue cover. That and this poll makes me think that the media are pushing Dan/Emma, Harry/Hermione. All part of the publicity folks. The book purists don't need to start a war over it. Besides, it's just an opinion poll. Nobody knows what will happen in book 7. Or do you have the arrogance to say you do?Avatar Image says: I voted for Ron and Hermione! Totally obvious... H/Hr shippers are delusional....Avatar Image says: H/Hr shipper, sorry but at countless H/Hr sites I saw plenty of them gloating how they voted straight for four hours, or longer. Some of them said they were voting constantly just to annoy the heck out of the other shippers! Another reason for the gap in votes, is that one has to vote for R/Hr and H/G seperately, therefore the vote is split. Avatar Image says: Oh god the H/Hrs are going to be even *worse* this time around? I thought nothing could top their whingefest after HBP. I though they'd leave the bitterness to the snape fans or something, but nooo. Here we go again! *sigh*Avatar Image says: Well there are a few diehard H/Hr supporters still here - more power to your elbow, guys. As I suspected, there's been a lot of scoffing from the R/Hr brigade some of whom are still using the tired old "it's obvious" argument which is years old and wouldn't be admissible as proof of anything. Sorry, it is NOT obvious nor has it ever been that it's going to be R/Hr; nor is it "obvious" that it's going to be H/Hr, but we (H/Hr shippers) believe we can demonstrate tight logical arguments to the effect that it should be. Nor is R/Hr canon - this is the biggest red herring out - Jo has NEVER said in public that it will be (or even that it is at the moment) R/Hr, nor has she said that in any book or on her website. All you have to go on is a report by two not-exactly-objective fans of one ship rather than the other that she said something that could be interpreted in a particular way. Voting is now 47% H/Hr, 27% R/Hr and 16% H/G - so H/Hr outweighs R/Hr and H/G combined, and outnumbers H/G alone by almost 3 to 1. If this were an election, there would already have been concessions. And another thing - if OBHWF is dependent on both R/Hr and H/G being canon, and H/G, which WAS canon for a fleeting moment, has already sunk (which I believe it has), hasn't OBHWF sunk with it? You may argue not, but this argument has no less weight than the one that says H/Hr has sunk. The debate will rumble on for at least another 53 days and I daresay for a lot longer than that. Have a good day everyone.Avatar Image says: These poll results make me weep for humanity.Avatar Image says: "So because we're winning, we are the most desperate?" One can't claim to be "winning", when one's shipmates make no bones about admitting that they are flooding the Poll with votes. Once these admissions are made, trying to make believe that the results of this poll are accurate is laughable. Avatar Image says: Whoa, after reading all the comments, it seems that the H/Hr fans have really come out in this last page. I, personally, go with what Jo has planned, and so far, with all the hints in the last six books, it seems to be H/G and R/Hr. I think people who spend so much time voting over and over again for H/Hr need to realise that they seem a bit desperate. I voted twice, for my two favourite pairings, H/G and R/Hr, not over and over again for the same couple, and I don't plan to. I agree with Grindlewald, these poll results really make me weep for humanity, because why can't everyone just enjoy a book and go with it the way the author has planned, not argue to her how you think it should have gone, because Jo has planned these books and knows what will happen to HER characters. Who knows, maybe there will be a twist in DH, but even then, you shouldn't gloat to others that "Haha we were right, and you weren't, duh, of course it would have been H/Hr". However Jo does say that Ginny is Harrys "Ideal Girl" and Ginny is very different to Hermione in many ways, such as she is sporty, risk-taking, and has many good ideas. Not to say that Hermione isn't any good, because I love Hermione, but seriously, she just isn't for Harry. There was a time when I was, oh maybe, 9, when I thought Harry and Hermione would be together because, you know, he is the hero and she is the only girl in the group, but after seeing how Ron and Hermione were at the end of PoA and in GoF, it completely changed my view, and I was only 10 or younger by then. Ron and Hermione seem to be a pair, he is all sarcastic and fun, and needs someone to put him in line, and she is all too serious, and needs someone to help her loosen up. Now I'm not saying all H/Hr fans are idiots. You can enjoy a ship in fanfic or fanart, thats perfectly fine, but to be so desperate for a couple to be together that you write letters to the author and try to rig a poll is just insane. You don't have to agree with everything the author does, but you don't have to be militant about it. You read a book like Harry Potter to enjoy the story, not to see wh ends up with whom.Avatar Image says: "I saw plenty of them gloating how they voted straight for four hours" My god, some people need new hobbies. Avatar Image says: This is quite annoying. Just when we thought we could all settle down and discuss the OTHER issues in the book...scholastic comes along and puts up a shipping poll. I'm BORED with shipping. If JK said something along the lines of "We now know it is R/Hr" and "Anyone who is still shipping Harry/Hermione after this book better go back and re-read" then there we have the answer.Full stop.But who cares if someone still wants Harry and Hermione to get together? (I myself a R/Hr fan) Let them have their opinions. I just can't believe people are so obsessed with the Romance in the books. Avatar Image says: This is so crazy. I've heard comments from both sides about voting multiple times. Both H/Hr, R/Hr, and H/G shippers are voting as many times as they want in these polls. No online poll is accurate. H/Hr is leading because their are people out there who like the ship and vote for it on that basis. For it to have such a large lead implies that there are a good amount of H/Hr fans out there. Even if 300 fans voted 100 times a piece (putting it at 30,000) it still wouldn't account for the H/Hr vote, and most fans aren't voting that much. Only a few will make it to the 100 vote range no matter how much empty time they have on their hands. Why don't people just accept that for now on THIS poll, H/Hr is winning. Put the same poll on leaky or mugglenet and you get a completely different story. It would still be inaccurate b/c H/Hr shippers don't visit these sites that often, but very few of you would complain about that. You'd still use it to say that H/G and R/Hr are definitely the largest ships in fandom. The only people looking like idiots are those who claim to be cannon and unafraid of a such a "delusional" ship yet feel the need to bash H/Hr everytime it appears. Even in a silly little online poll that is supposed to be fun. Avatar Image says: "One can't claim to be "winning", when one's shipmates make no bones about admitting that they are flooding the Poll with votes." You saw some posters boasting about voting multiple times and you generalize that we are all doing that. You don't want to accept that some R/Hr shippers also flooded the polls with multiple votes. The tragedy is they are not making any big difference. Is It so hard to accept that we are not really the minority as you claimed? And nobody is saying is saying that this poll is accurate. Online polls never are. But if the difference in the results is only 5-10%, we wouldn't be having this conversation. We'll just chalk it off to online rigging. But that big difference in the Scholastic results is more than just cheating hunny. As AshT brilliantly puts it: "Even if 300 fans voted 100 times a piece (putting it at 30,000) it still wouldn't account for the H/Hr vote, and most fans aren't voting that much. Only a few will make it to the 100 vote range no matter how much empty time they have on their hands. " Agree with the rest of her posts BTW.Avatar Image says: as always the PR people needs the "buzz" to keep the book alive until the realise and upcoming movie. they made this. and the online voting is extemly easy to manipulate. still it shows that the H/H ship is still alive despite the way we where treated on the interview by spatz and melissa and the way they made fun of the good fans(if you guys had shown a little respect things would had been better now). luckily the wast majority of the fans are good it´s the 1% that ruins the good fans reputation everyone ship whatever you want, i personlay like the and harry/susan bones, susan seems like a nice girl. h/H is still my ship whatever happends in the book. Avatar Image says: "Certain H/Hr sites have posted 'instructions' on how to "spam" the Poll so that you can make 1 vote every two seconds" lol. If these instructions were posted for anybody to see, you must have benefited from those instructions yourself. All shippers should visit this site. Let's see... EW forums? sheesh, those Emma fans must really know how to spam a poll. That's why Emma is consistently on top of that CBBC poll. Yah, and on top of the IMDP poll. Wait, also the Yahoo poll and the fandango, and the ... Yah, such kind of sour grapes is just pathetic. Avatar Image says: I find it sad that people will vote so much in a stupid online poll. Get a life. Avatar Image says: "you must have benefited from those instructions yourself" Of course. I'm simply not as obsessed with winning as some shippers have obviously shown themselves to be. Pathetic, I agree. Have a nice day H/Hrshipper. Avatar Image says: I personally voted for H/Hr - for me obviously what they will be together in an epilogue of last book. I recollect one interview of 2003 - in the presence of both ships and many assured in that that are wrong both those and other Jo has told that else nobody has given a right answer. It would be necessary then still to reflect. :)

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