JKR to Appear on “Blue Peter” Show; Contest to Win Tickets to Taping


May 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is due to appear on the BBC show “Blue Peter” and there is a new competition today for lucky fans to win a chance to attend the taping of this program. The show is due to be taped on July 5 in London, England with 25 winners selected (open to UK residents 14 years and younger at the closing date of June 15) who will also win a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. According to the website, the manner of entry for this contest is as follows:

1) On a piece of A4 paper, write a question that you have always wanted to ask J.K Rowling. Make the question as original as possible, something that she is unlikely to have been asked before.

2) On the other side of the paper, draw a self-portrait of yourself, but as a witch or a wizard!
Harry Potter.

3) Please include a recent photo of yourself, as well as your full name, age, date of birth, phone number, and address.

4) Post your entry to:

Harry Potter Competition
PO Box 20
W12 6BP

We do not know the exact air date of this program and will update with more on that as soon as we can. Thanks much Wendy!

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Avatar Image says: good luck! I hope the interview is aired the same day. Does anybody know if Blue Peter is in live? Please, lucky fans, don't ask about why Harry didn't saw the thestrals before HP5 or when is Ron's birthday :P we are hungry of canonAvatar Image says: Is Blue Peter a children's show or something? First!Avatar Image says: We should draw up a list of original questions here in comments for those kids who want to win..... (and thus get the most interesting questions answered (or deflected))!Avatar Image says: Again a contest for UK residents! But this time it's for people younger than 16... How happy (NOT!) can a 42-year old HP fan from Holland be?!Avatar Image says: I hate the stupid age limit. There, I said it LOL. Every time there's a Harry Potter event or competition, older fans (and I mean 18-20, not 50 years old) are shut out. Rant over.Avatar Image says: Bcoz i wont be able to go... Original trivial questions.. Like who finally took Hagrid's NEWT class? Snape's middle name? Will Hermione's parents let her go fight? Irma Pince = I'm Prince? Hermione's two room mates? Why was Mundungus banned from Hog's Head? Slughorn took Felix Felicis two times...why? Where are the DE headquarters? ....Avatar Image says: silos, very nice questions! :)Avatar Image says: I'll be eager to see what questions do get posed to her. Avatar Image says: Humph. Why do I have to be 15?!?!?! 14 and under? What! Oh well... so close!Avatar Image says: 14? Well I'm 14,I suppose I could try...I'd rather go to the release in London! I like Blue Peter though,I'll definitely watch it.But I'm still in school on July 5th-We finish for summer on the 6th.Yay!Avatar Image says: yes I also understand the age limit here, its totally okay for a child-show. But NOT for the moonlight reading! I dont understand the age limit there nor the country restrictions. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE WHO CAN TAKE PART (I am sorry for those under 14 year olds and from other countries)Avatar Image says: Um, this is Blue Peter. They're not doing it to shut out older fans. They're doing it because they're a show for kids. They probably have no idea anyone over that age even cares.Avatar Image says: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. DONT ask a question that no one needs, such as...who is R.A.B. I want some REALLYY good ones, ones that make me think "huh, I never thouight about that." You can do it!Avatar Image says: blue peter is a live show (around 30mins). yup. with lots of other segments so JK won't on their long me thinks. it may be that they tape that part though- because some segments are prerecorded... i think this will be live- just makes it more special.. and as blue peter does show on firdays- it might just be on the 5th of July! Me is too old, my sis has just turned 15.... but good luck to those who enter! Avatar Image says: JKR really is breaking my heart with these "age limit" rules for contests. I don't think that she has the say over all of that...but there is a HUGE number of adult fans who are being overlooked everytime a new contest is scheduled. ADULTS ARE HP FANS, TOO! Siriusly!Avatar Image says: just to point out to those complaining about age limits. Blue Peter is a KIDS' show and always has been. You wouldn't even watch it at older than 15!Avatar Image says: Ooh I'm 14 and under I should enter....:-)Avatar Image says: Ah, wicked, Blue Peter rocks, even though I'm now creeping into my twenties. He he. I hope they ask some decent questions, the one I would love to get asked is who is Harry's favourite Quidditch team in the League? Good luck to any one who enters. Now I wonder if I could persuade one of my nieces to enter and go as their adult counterpart, Avatar Image says: Muggle...Well, thats what he said. But ya, thats probably true.. thanks for pointing that out.Avatar Image says: silos, you don't sound convinced :) I think he was telling the truth, he did go to see LV, but why, we will know in 51 days, hopefully. Did he go because DD told him to go? that the whole other story. But I really do like all your questions. Avatar Image says: "JKR really is breaking my heart with these "age limit" rules for contests. I don't think that she has the say over all of that...but there is a HUGE number of adult fans who are being overlooked everytime a new contest is scheduled. ADULTS ARE HP FANS, TOO! Siriusly!" She has no say in that, relax, relax....Avatar Image says: There won't be any major loose ends that will need to be tied up, just smaller details that were never elaborated on. You know, basic nerdy fandom things that we can obsess over :)Avatar Image says: Is anyone else a little jealous that the UK gets all these chances to see Jk Rowling. The US is getting snubbed. Avatar Image says: Hi everyone! I'd like to have these question answered: What kind of interaction was there (if any) between James and Lily in years 1-4? Who were Lily's special friends at school and after? Was Lily a prefect? If so, was she good friends with Remus? How old were they when they got married? ((Did they have a Wizard-style or Muggle-style wedding? Is there much difference?)) What did Lily think of James's three best friends? When, if ever, did she find out that one of those friends was a werewolf, and how did she react? Did Lily know about James being an Animagus? If those who enter would please consider these questions, that'd be very nice! Thanks.Avatar Image says: I'm too old to enter. Plus, I'm rubbish at drawing. Oh well, I'll just watch the show on TV.Avatar Image says: Oh you have noooo idea how annoyed I am that my sister is 15 lol. We both have 2 Blue Peter badges each and we love the show. (I'm 21 and even I still watch it sometimes!) Good luck to whoever enters. But please please PLEASE choose original questions... Take a look at the 'Lounge for ideas... Maybe ask Jo why James gave the cloak to Dumbledore! All in all I can't wait to see it. It'll probably be the same day or the day after as BP is live but they do have recorded segments... It's likely that they will be doing a show dedicated to HP as it's near to the film, book and game releases. EmmaLouise x Avatar Image says: One of the people on my course at Uni is working as a runner on Blue Peter this summer. So envious. Though BP is a live show, so maybe this will be a pre-recorded segment? The live show doesn't have an audience, so it must be. Avatar Image says:

My three kids have entered the competition: we asked

1. What would Dumbledore’s boggart have been 2. About basilisks and weasels and rue and Ron Weasley 3. Whether Mad-Eye Moody can see what a real boggart looks like, since he could tell Mrs Weasley there was one in the desk.

As far as the folk on Blue Peter go, I reckon these might have the appearance of original questions, and also if the show airs before the 21st, there’s a chance JKR will be able to answer at least two of them. They are judging it on the picture as well as the original question.

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