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May 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Two new set visit reports about the filming of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are now online. First our Floo partner the HP-Lexicon has posted a report, where Steve Vander Ark makes mention of things listed specifically on the clipboard belonging to Professor Umbridge, as well as some very cool details on books and such found in the Headmaster’s office at Hogwarts.
Also online is are two reports, including a new video interview with MTV featuring Dan Radcliffe and director David Yates on the set of the Ministry of Magic. Along with many new quotes is some great new footage, including more of the “Floo powder fireplaces” the wizards use to get to work every day, shots of the Daily Prophet and more. Also new is this new report that gives details about what should be a fun scene in Phoenix, the “Extendable Ears” courtesy of Fred and George at Grimmauld Place. Highlights:

Meanwhile, not far away, Harry’s friends Hermione Granger and siblings Ron, Ginny, Fred and George Weasley are trying to get some information of their own in an interior set for 12 Grimmauld Place, the secret headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix organization. Covered by a second-unit camera team, the actors — Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright and James and Oliver Phelps, respectively — are crowded into a hallway, eavesdropping on members of the Order with one of author Rowling’s many magical inventions, an “Extendable Ear.”

“It’s an ear on a string, but you need to dislodge the wax to hear through it,” James Phelps said.

“It’s a weird magical way to secretly listen to a conversation in the kitchen,” said Wright. “And it’s disturbed by Crookshanks, Hermione’s cat, who comes along and starts playing with the Ear because he thinks it’s a toy. He runs away with it, and we’re quite annoyed because we’re trying to find out what’s happening.”

Also new in the article are quotes from Dan Radcliffe and director David Yates about filming scenes in the Ministry of Magic. As reported yesterday, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will now be released in theaters here in the US July 11. Thanks dancer!

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Avatar Image says: Wow, just wow. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! July come faster!Avatar Image says: OOTP is gonna be SOOOO amazing!!! CANT WAIT!!Avatar Image says: JULY 11!!!!!!!! Woo! Woo again!Avatar Image says: lol @ Crookshanks stealing the extendable earAvatar Image says: The video cannot be viewed from outside the US. Avatar Image says: LOL! Crookshanks takes the extendable ear. That scene sounds fun.Avatar Image says: That was fun to read. the more I read this reports the more I get excited about the movie. It is hindering my goal of trying to have low expectation. Avatar Image says: can't wait!Avatar Image says: i really don't care about seeing it a day later, but what i don't get is that why does it come out first in America when its an English film.Avatar Image says: Yay, the kept the extendable ears! Another thing that they could have gotten rid off, but they didn't! :DAvatar Image says: I just had a heart attack. Really. THIS IS SO EFFING EXCITING!!! I can't believe how soon it is!Avatar Image says: Yay! I'm so happy that they included stuff like that! I'm so excited now!Avatar Image says: I love steve's set report! He's wonderful at describing the sets and every little detail, including the enthusiasm of the people working on the movies. I'm glad they kept the extendable ears and that crookshanks grabs it. lolAvatar Image says: Ha ha, Crookshanks steals the Extendable Ear! That's so realistic; my cats Whiskers and Sierra play with my shoelaces all the time when I'm putting on my shoes, and they also play with the earphones when I'm listening to my mp3 player. Sometimes it's funny, but other times it can be real annoying. Avatar Image says: Haha! I can't believe they're keeping Extendables in too! :) Avatar Image says: I love the extendable ears bit. trust me, ever see my mom trying to knit, and the cats are convinced that the string is a toy she is jiggling just for them and everyonce in a while she would tug, and find resitance and look down and there is zowie looking cute, adorable, and innocent with her claws clenching the yarn. that was a brillent bit of scriptwork there with the EE's I love it! I actually enjoyed this set report alot.Avatar Image says: That's a cute bit of set report! A little different from the book but just the same, I think it's going to be great on screen. So Ginny wasn't sent to her bed after all. They are all together eavesdropping. I'm so excited! Is it just a set report? Will they be able to show in on tv, like in TRL?Avatar Image says: doesnt ginny get sent to bed at the dinner scene anyway though?Avatar Image says: Why did they change the release date for OotP? Not that Im complaining! This is awsome! I fully plan to go to the midnight showing with my husband then the next day go to the Drive-in with my Mum. Oh, Im psyched!!!! I cant wait to see the extendable ears scene, that sounds great. I wonder if they kept Snape in the scene?Avatar Image says: "doesnt ginny get sent to bed at the dinner scene anyway though? " The original Extendable Ears scene takes place before dinner, not long after Harry arrives, so it has nothing to do with Ginny being sent to bed.Avatar Image says: Great set reports. I couldn't watch the video interview because I don't live in the US. Can't wait for this film to come out.

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