New Video of Harry, Dudley and Gang from “Order of the Phoenix”


May 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

A new video has surfaced online showing very brief, yet new footage of Harry (Dan Radcliffe) and Dudley (Harry Melling) and his gang as seen in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In this video, you can see a news report on the Spanish actor Axel Amigo as he does his voice work for the dubbing of OotP. In the background, you can very briefly see Harry sitting on the swings, then later footage of Big D and his buddies.
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Avatar Image says: Wow I'm going to watch it now.Avatar Image says: PLEASE put the video in your gallery!Avatar Image says: pppppppppppppppppppppppppppplease can you guys put the video on the video galleries? pleaseeeAvatar Image says: cooooooool.... so its true that dudley and his gang taunt harry and harry takes out his wand in front of them :( Avatar Image says: If anyone here speaks Spanish, please translate for us the dialogue spoken by Harry, Dudley and gang.Avatar Image says: translation: - 2:49left- Harry: "Dudley: hitting another ten years old child?" - 00:55left: Harry: "Hey, Dudley: hitting another ten years old child?". - 00:28left: Dudley: "Look who is speaking... the one who is all the nights moaning. At least the pillow doesn't fear me". Sorry for the awful translation. On related note, Axel Amigo has been the voice of Harry on the 5 movies. But WB Spain has removed the voice director of the first 4 ones, alleging that "as each movie has a different director, the voice director has to be different too". Logic, but he has been the same for 4 movies. Some voice actors have reacted with that director change and Hermione, Voldemort, Draco and Bellatrix' actor voices have renounceed to act on this movie.Avatar Image says: THIS IS LAURA MALLORY'S DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I'm Spanish and I live in Madrid. I watched that report last week I think. I thought you wouldn't publish the piece of news!! ^^ I didn't thought somebody had recorded it. I came upon the report, if I had known that it was going to be aired, I would have recorded it myself!!Avatar Image says: Oops!! I meant 'the boy WHO dubbes Harry'!! XDAvatar Image says: Sounds quite fanny to hear Harry speaking Spanish. :) I could not imagine that Harry Potter-movies would be dubbed into Finnish. That would be little bit weird.. I like to hear actors/actresses real voices. :) But anyway, quite interesting. But is there also the movie with original voices in Spain? In Finland programs or movies are not dubbed at all, exept if they are cartoons, and then there is always the movie with original voices too.Avatar Image says: In Spain the 98% of cinemas show movies in Spanish. It's difficult to find a movie with films in original language. But they put perfect voices to the movies. They do a great job. All is translated :PAvatar Image says: I enjoyed it. I like how they've kept the voice actor. He's the "Spanish" Dan. =D (Naga, that was stupid)Avatar Image says: Oh those poor poor Spaniards, to watch Harry Potter without the rich tones of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. The dubbing in Spanish was sooo unSnapishAvatar Image says: See the sturcture at the end of that report? Curved with arches ( american book cover book 7) Harry fights LV in a Madrid Bull fighting ring in book 7!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Guys, isn't the scene suppose to happen at night? I clearly remember that in my head.Avatar Image says: I told you guys two days ago that I saw a pic of Dudley and his gang confronting Harry. What struck me was Harry pulss out his front of muggles! I was also shocked that it happened during the day and not night...I hope the scene is good because it's completley different from the book.Avatar Image says: XD Snape in Spanish! ZOMG!! XD It was awesome! Avatar Image says: are we supposed to understand it?Avatar Image says:

ummmmmm, why is it in the day?? its supposed to be night! and Harry waits to talk to Dudley until all his “friends” leave! oh dear, the movie better be closer to the book than this scene. :S

Avatar Image says:

The story was fantastic but i think if it finished in another way , it was better .

thank you….............................................................................

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