Beep, Beep! The Scholastic Knight Bus Tour Launches


Jun 01, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Beep Beep! The Scholastic Knight Bus tour launches today in New York City, and we now have our first look at the big purple bus that will be making its way across the country to help promote the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Update: Scholastic has now uploaded more photos of the interior of the bus, and a “tracking map” of the bus tour at this link. As we told you previously, this bus will be stopping at 37 libraries across the US (schedule here), and fans are invited to come aboard the triple decker bus, and record a 20 second video message about their feelings on the Harry Potter series. As seen on the Today Show (Update: We have the video for download here in our galleries), the bus will be departing soon, and the US publishers are very excited about this tour.

“We know that one of the most incredible things about Harry Potter is the amazing discussion that it ignites among fans of all ages,†said Lisa Holton, President of Scholastic Trade and Book Fairs, Scholastic. “The Knight Bus tour is the perfect way to let fans from across the country share their Harry Potter experience as they await the conclusion of this remarkable series.â€

TLC will have complete coverage of this event today as well. If you are attending any of the Knight Bus stops, please send in your reports and photos to [email protected]

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Avatar Image says: Still upset that aren't bringing it anywhere down south. Especially here in Fla. Well, at least we will have the best thing, 'The Wizarding World of HP"! YEAH!!! I saw the bus this morning on Today show. It only looks like there are 3 levels. No beds, no chandelier. From what they showed inside. A place to sit, a video screen to play games, and a video screen to do your talk on Harry. But hey, that's fun anyway! Our last book is coming and the show has begun! WAHHH :(...:)Avatar Image says: I think, and call me cynical if you like, that it is a double decker bus with stickers on ;) Still cool to see a London bus in the US tho. It isn't a 'route finder' which is a pitty. (Am I being a geeky bus spotter?)Avatar Image says: I'm so excited! I'm bringing my kids on Monday in Rhode Island! Yea!!!Avatar Image says: HA! THat would be so awesome to see driving around my neighborhood! :DAvatar Image says: Hey everyone! It's 8:36 central and they are showing the bus right now on the today show!!!Avatar Image says: Whoa, that is some purple bus! It is huge looking. They certainly won't be missed traveling down the highway. I can just see all the kids now "Mom, Dad, look it's the Knight Bus!" They will certainly be noticed. Also, I didn't know it was possible to make a triple decker bus. Wonder if the inside of it has beds and comfy chairs like the 'real' one does. Sure would like to see the inside of it, but it is not coming anywhere near where I live. Oh well, maybe Leaky can post some pictures of the inside of it...hint, hint. Kay JKMcGonagallAvatar Image says: Scholastic is holding a massive party in NYC for the launch. Interesting.Avatar Image says: What should one expect if they happen to stroll into one of the Libraries during the Knight Bus's scheduled stops? err...apart from the Knight Bus of course? Avatar Image says: I saw the list of stops before, but after thinking about it checked this out again. Since "fans are invited to come aboard", I REALLY hope they've got a good A/C unit...the bus is stopping twice in the Phoenix area in early July. Once 9-12 am (fine, but a bit warm by noon), the other 2-5 pm?!? Do they realize it will be 110-115 degrees out for that later session? That's the hottest part of the day! Better hope the bus doesn't break down from having it idle and running for 3 hours with the A/C at full blast.Avatar Image says: WHy is it that every time Harry Potter goes to different cities they miss all the small ones. Like my city Ann Arbor. Tons of HP fans. And yet, nothing comes close. Not to mention CA gets about 6. I don't think i really like HP anymore. Avatar Image says: Apparently the South and the entire middle of the country don't exist. Once again. :(Avatar Image says: is the bus really triple decker, and do they have beds in them like in the movie?Avatar Image says: This is very exciting. My daugher and I are eagerly awaiting Book 7. However, I am very disappointed that the Night Bus will not be making any stops in Texas! Avatar Image says: Welcome to the Knight Bus. My name is Lord Voldemort and I will be your conductor this evening. Avatar Image says: Well, they skipped Detroit... but they're stopping in Cleveland!! Good thing I'll be in Cleveland that day for a wedding :DAvatar Image says: This sucks! I live in Texas. :(Avatar Image says: I'd be more excited if I knew I had a chance to see it. It ought to come to Houston or at least somewhere close.Avatar Image says: GRAH! Why am I always not where this is happening?? The one time (I repeat, one time) that anything having to do with Harry Potter is near DC, I'm gone. I think the Knight Bus should come to the camp I'll be working at for the day instead. Fun fun! Hope everyone has fun, though. I'm oober jealous!Avatar Image says: The map on Scholastic makes it look like this bus is flying right over my house. I guess it's Apparating back to NY, or something? But the closest it will be to my house is about 4 hours away. And I watched GMA this morning because they had the winner of the Spelling Bee on. So I guess I'm just left out. Which is just as well, I don't think I could possibly sum up my thoughts on Harry Potter in 20 seconds.Avatar Image says: The bus is coming to the Berryessa and Cambrian Branch in San Jose, CA. Only people between the ages of 7 and 17 can enter a contest to go on board. They are picking 25 tickets from each library in San Jose (there are many) and those winners will get to go on it. I think adults should be able to enter, too. Plus, people will enter multiple times. I think they should go by library cards so each person enters once. That seems more fair to me. But at least I can go and see the outside. I think this was a good idea.Avatar Image says: They are coming to St. Louis???? How did that happen?!?!? Nobody comes to St. Louis!!!! (Because, like, why would they want to?) Hurray!!!!! Let's hear it for absurdly high gas prices and convenient interstate rest-stop locations!!! I'll have to rent a child for the occassion and call in sick at work.Avatar Image says: They should make a stop in Georgia, in front of Laura Mallory's house! LOL!Avatar Image says: I'm glad for you St Louis, but I live in Columbus, Ohio, and where do they go? Cleveland! It's not even remotely on the way to Chicago, from DC - Columbus (or at least Cincy)is! I guess the home of the best library system in the country isn't good enough for Scholastic! Avatar Image says: Jeez how purple do they want it? XD It looks better as the purple in the film =PAvatar Image says: The list of stops is absurd--the bus will stop in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Public Library? Gee, I'll have to guess which of nearly sixty branches it will be visiting. Sigh.Avatar Image says: Of course they come to DC the one week out of the entire summer I won't be here. Grrrr.Avatar Image says: As usual, corporate America is ignoring the south, northwest and is giving lip service to "fly-over" country. Apparently the only Harry Potter fans live on the east coast and in California. Remind me not to buy Scholastic...except, of course, Harry Potter! KNIGHT BUS! VISIT THE SOUTH!Avatar Image says: I wrote a letter to Scholastic about skipping the southeast yet again. Hey folks we read down here!!! Avatar Image says: I wrote too, Marian.Avatar Image says: If any one will be visiting the Philadelphia main branch at 10am or after to see the bus, please let me know. I want to visit, but I feel kind of silly alone. They'll be visiting right across the street from where I work. :) Logan Square baby! I couldn't find anything on the leaky lounge about the tour and visits to Philadelphia. Do you have to be under a certain age? Thanks! Email me: [email protected]

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