J.K.Rowling,Emma Watson, and Ralph Fiennes Attend Charity Ball


Jun 02, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and her husband Dr. Neil Murray attended the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Annual Gala Dinner at Hampton Court Palace tonight. Also attending this charity event were actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and actor Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort). You can see some early photos from this event here at Getty Images, WENN and Abaca Press.
UPDATE: We now have some nice photos of Jo at the event, here, and Emma Watson, here. Also thanks to EmmaWatsonCa . for letting us know about some photos they have here as well.
UPDATE #2: You can now see a photo of Mr. Gorbachev and JKR, here.

The Daily Mail reports on tonight’s events:

A glittering array of guests including Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Tom Stoppard, Sir David Frost, Ralph Fiennes, Steven Berkoff, Simon and Yasmin Le Bon, Minnie Driver, Kim Cattrall, Gillian Anderson, Anna Friel, Sadie Frost, Elle Macpherson and Naomi Campbell were treated to dinner and performances by Elton John and the Scissor Sisters.

Mr Gorbachev, whose wife died of leukaemia in 1999, spoke movingly about how proceeds from the event would be used. He said: “Through the creation of the Raisa Gorbachev Centre of Children’s Haematology and Transplantology in St Petersburg, much-needed medical care of an international standard will soon be available.

Our efforts in this project give hope to many sick children and their parents. I call upon both Russian and international organisations and individuals to join us in taking action for this very worthy cause.”

Thanks to UHP for the heads up!

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Avatar Image says: lol @ 'Emily Watson'. What retards. Emma looks amazing as usual.Avatar Image says: Hey Sue, did you see that there's a picture of Emma Watson too?Avatar Image says: Oh my goodness, Jo looks absolutely stunning!! Her dress is gorgeous as well :)Avatar Image says: oooh good catch sis! I will add that to the post. Thanks Bel :)Avatar Image says: Jo looks amazing!!! And I love Dr. Murray's kilt, very cool.Avatar Image says: Wow! Jo looks great! I hope I'll look like that when I'm her age.Avatar Image says: What a gorgeous dress and jewelry - she looks great! Neil really does look like a grown up Harry Potter - so adorable! I love that he's dressed in traditional Scottish attire! The photo of them with Voldy in between - yikes! Hope Jo remembered to bring her wand to the event! ;)Avatar Image says: Sue, where is the picture of Emma? Jo looks stunning as usual. Her husband resembles a scottish Harry, lol! I think Harrys yummy too, Jo.;)Avatar Image says: she's definitely very pretty in that dress, but I don't think we've ever seen her showing so much skin haha (that's a joke)Avatar Image says: jo looks stunning! i love her dress ~ everything! and yes, neil does have that 'harry' quality to him. they are so sweet together. :)Avatar Image says: I love her dress! (and his skirt) :)Avatar Image says: My God, JOOOOOOOO =O she looks amazing!Avatar Image says: Jo you look beautiful! As ever. You and adorable Neil. He is so Harry and Neville it's not funny. Too sweet! Love you both! And family! Thank You for Harry :) p.s. what is that big blue ring thing on her right hand. Did you notice? Not a horcrux is it? hee, hee. Avatar Image says: Emma looks stunning, wooooow. Very grown up. Lovely! And Jo, gorgeous. Of course. But when isn't she?Avatar Image says: Jo looks great! She looks great in green. Emma looks quite pretty. I'm not sure about the dress. I really don't like it. But oh well. They all look great!Avatar Image says: Kerri, I found some additional photos at Abaca, and added the link to a pic of Emma, as well as a larger photo of Jo and her husband. SueAvatar Image says: Ouh lala... *wolfwhistle* Merlin's beard! That is one gorgeous Mrs Rowling! What a dress!! Avatar Image says: You know, you may disagree with Jo on many counts, but you cannot deny she's got style ;pAvatar Image says: Gorgeous! As I look at those recent pictures of Jo, I can't help but think, "What secrets [for the fate of Harry and other belvoed characters in this final book] lie hidden behind those eyes?"Avatar Image says: Jo looks stunning and Neil looks dashing. Emma Watson is another story. She would look pretty if it wasn't for that atrocious dress.Avatar Image says: Jo looks absolutely stunning! There seems to be some sort of sadness behind her eyes... :( Harry Potter is coming to an end in less than two months! Ahh!Avatar Image says: Emma is looking weird! (Not her best IMHO) JK is looking fab though. Brilliant really :)Avatar Image says: They say " Emily Watson", duh.Avatar Image says: Someone needs to tell Emma Watson that 16/17 yr old girls can't pull of chanel couture. *sigh* I will never understand why that girl won't dress her age. Avatar Image says: I think a peacock threw up on Emma's dress.Avatar Image says: My goodness, that woman is beautiful! Her dress is lovely! I really like that color on her. And look at her husband! My... so handsome!Avatar Image says: They always call her Emily Watson :( I don't like Emma's dress but that's her usual style so it's not surprising. Her hairstyle is nice. JK's looking really glamourous. :DAvatar Image says: JKR looks gorgeous! You're beautiful Jo!! Emma.. is a lovely, beautiful girl. But sometimes, I question her dresses- I think this one would have been nice without the patches of feathers X) Avatar Image says: It's so amazing to see so many sides of Rowling. One minute she's curled up on a sofa chatting with Melissa over tea, then the next minute she's at a posh gala with Gorbachev. What an awesome life she leads. Re: Emma dressing more her age? What exactly does that mean? Jeans and trainers? She was having dinner at a palace.Avatar Image says: Theme or not, that dress of Emma's should never have been sold, much less actually worn. Poor dear is still in dire need of a stylist - WHEN are they planning to get her one?Avatar Image says: What's really sad is that they identified JK and Ralphe, but not her husband, Neil! It must be hard to be Mr. JK Rowling.Avatar Image says: Professor Mimo, I would imagine (hope) that part of his character is that he doesn't care that he is married to someone famous. I would guess that he is there because Jo is his wife, and doesn't care whether people know who he is or not.Avatar Image says: Oh...My...God...JK looks absolutely FANTASTIC... As for "Emily" lol...well at least she got her shoes rightAvatar Image says: Jo looks stunning. I think that's her best look to date. Avatar Image says: So some stars attend a charity gala in aid of children with cancer and what do we here do, we bash Emma for wearing an unusual dress. Typical! Just want to sat WELL DONE to ANYONE supporting this important charity and I think everyone looks lovely here.Avatar Image says: Scottish men have an advantage over other males at these events, as they can were traditional kilt and standout from the usual male tux look.Avatar Image says: I'm so glad Jo has given up the bright orange fake tan. She is looking so beautiful these days (and the gorgeous hubbie helps!).Avatar Image says: Emily Watson is an English actress (Angela's Ashes), which accounts for the confusion. *looks at Emma's dress* ...Oh! So that's where my black binbags went! (seriously - I'm sorry, but that dress is horrendous. It wouldn't look good on anybody)Avatar Image says: Well, J.K. looks amazing. I covet the necklace. And also, my er, upper region, does not look half that good, and I am substantially younger than she is, and have 2 kids to her 3. It must be a lot of pressure to be that attractive and talented too. Also, I love the look on ther husband's face. It clearly says, "Bow before me, lesser mortals. The gorgeous woman is all mine. So backoff!"Avatar Image says: Jo looks beautiful, I think that the skin tone and this dress, and she looks less stressed, than on her previous pisctures, they make a great couple, very much in love.Avatar Image says: It's nice to see that we're focusing on what is important - yet again (i.e. dresses, skin tone, decolletage). How about the event they were at? Apparently that's too dull to bother with? Obsession with looks leads to manipulated movie posters (at minimum).Avatar Image says: SPOT ON, bebe. But in a 'free world' and on a 'free' message board people will reserve their 'right' to bash, criticise and pick holes in things that are not to their liking. All we can do is focus on the positives, like the fact that a LOT of money was raised for this charity.Avatar Image says: What a worthy cause ♥ I hope lots of money was raised! Anyone know? Jo looks absolutely stunning. Then again, I've always thought she was. Look at her posing though! Not so media shy anymore XD And woah chestage! Emma's dress- O_o. Then again, I don't think I've ever seen her in something that I'd class as normal, except maybe the PoA premiere =PAvatar Image says: It's nice to see famous people supporting worthy charity events like this. Also, I have to say it: Jo looks...HOT! That is all = )Avatar Image says: JKR looks very glamorous.Avatar Image says: Jo's earring and necklace set is unbelievable. So classy. I can't quite get the huge blueish ring, though. She looks great. I don't necessarily think she's had work done. I think she probably can afford a personal trainer, cook, etc. to keep her and her family eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. Good for her.Avatar Image says: Now I can believe that online polls should not be an indication that a star is big. Emma has been on the top ten of many polls and she was almost overlooked in this gathering. The Daily mail didn't even mention her. And she seems to be fond of dark colors, isn't she? The dress didn't exactly suit her. But JKR looked fantastic anyway.Avatar Image says: Emma consistantly outranks every HP actor. She's hands down the most popular. Good for her. As for the dress she is getting plenty of mentions. Both the Sun and Hello magazine thought she looked magical. Hello said that Emma looked elegant. In fact, most articles mentioned Emma at the event.Avatar Image says: Poor Jo had a fashion disaster that evening. She had the same dress as another actress. lol. same color and all. Emma's dress is beautiful...on another girl. She really doesn't have the height and the body to carry it off. She looked flat chested in that outfit. and old? She still has a lot of fashion sense to eat before she can rival Keira KNightley...Avatar Image says: hmm, Emma's dress has much to be desired. At least it's fairly modest, which always adds class. Jo's dress is absolutely aweful. Her dress is way, way, way too low cut. Forget classy, it's not at all classy, try cheap, tacky, and some other words I'll not mention. She looks like an upscale aging call girl. Avatar Image says: Ribbbs, you're nuts! Jo looks absolutely fabulous and who cares if someone else wore a similar dress? (Incidentally the wife of our Lupus Remus or whatever his name is). That dress is not really that revealing unless your religion demands you be covered from head to toe. That is a sophisticated expensive look. Jo carried it off wonderfully, grabbing all the headlines and most of the photos too. For someone who used to be on welfare, I say go, girl! I understand the Brits to be still class conscious; I have no doubt no one could look down on her! As for Emma, she too looked quite glamorous. Whether you liked her look or not, London is high fashion, and Emma did well. At least she didn't look like a slob.Avatar Image says: BLOAHH BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHADFAF1!!!!! *dies at the sight of Watson* It looks like a mixture between a Fourth of July explosion on a dress, and a dead crow. Jo looks SO good for her age. Hell, she looks great in general. Avatar Image says: I have to agree that Jo's dress is too revealing. But it's not the dress itself but how you wear it. You can see the difference with the way that other actress wore the same dress. It had a different effect. Same with Emma. classy dress but on her, it just looks like she's dressing up in her mom's clothes. And you don't have to be a fervent supporter of cancer research to go to this event. YOu can just go to donate but not be an active member. Most of the girls there probably just went to party. or have some publicity.Avatar Image says: Very cynical, beth. Making judgements about why people went there? There were plenty of other places these 'girls' could have gone last Saturday just to 'party' or "have some publicity" - like the Epsom Derby, The MTV Music Awards or Cannes. Don't get why *some* people seem to have this need to turn something positive into something negative all the time: But like Oscar Wilde said "Cynics know the price of everything and value of nothing". Avatar Image says: I wasn't being snarky S.Benj. Somebody commented that Emma is not a supporter of this organization and yet she attended. I just pointed out that you don't have to be an active supporter to attend. Maybe Emma was invited by that Russian guy who seems to be her escort for that event. Others do it for personal reasons. Publicity comes in many ways. If a celebrity has to be photographed anyway, better choose the way you are photographed. And lol - the MTV awards couldn't compare with this classy event. If you want publicity that would reinvent your image, better show up at charity functions like this rather than some glamour parties. Avatar Image says: hmmm, looks like Emma found some romance fling on the set of GOF.Avatar Image says: gee give the poor ladies a break - i certainly wouldn't have looked any better in those dresses -It's hard to be unique and not be "out there" at the same time. as far as i am concerned - "she who looks akward in glam is not practised at it"... and therefore is probably devoting more time to real world. example in point - Paris Hilton always looks fabulous because she has nothing better to do than be obsessed by fashion (not now!! hahahahahahaha!! a jailbird in the psych ward!! how deliciously ironic and poetically just!!!)

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