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Jun 03, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

As we reported previously, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was nominated for the ‘Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet’ in the 2007 MTV Movie Awards along with fellow summer releases such as Rush Hour 3, Hairspray, The Fantastic Four, Transformers and Evan Almighty. During the awards ceremony that aired live tonight, Order of the Phoenix unfortunately didn’t bring home the golden popcorn statue, the award instead went to the film Transformers.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be in theaters July 11.

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Avatar Image says: No real surprise...Transformers is almost an american icon. But since its a Michael Bay movie...expect it to have a lot of special effects and cities exploding but very little story or substance. I am dreading its release. :( Hope for the best but expect the worst (because more than will be the latter).Avatar Image says: Are you KIDDING me - TRANSFORMERS!!!! Whatever...Avatar Image says: I'd like to know what kind of people were voting on these movies. Transformers? give me a break! Did three year olds vote on this?Avatar Image says: The show was one giant Transformers promo anyway.Avatar Image says: I still think this most stupid and illogical title for an award. "Most Anticipated Summer movie" or "Best Trailer for a Summer Movie" or if they want to come up with something different but still be stupid then maybe "Least Worst anticipated non-Spring,Winter,Autumn(fall) Movie" award. But "Best Summer Movie You Havent Seen Yet" just does not make any sense.Avatar Image says: WHAT?! Are you kidding me? TRANSFORMERS!!! That's just... stupid! HPOOTP is WAY better!!!Avatar Image says: Would it surprise anyone to know that both MTV and the makers of the Transformers Movie (Paramount Pictures) are both owned by Viacom. Viacom and Warner Brothers are big competitors. The award show was prtty lame this year, anyways. If you have not seen it yet, don't waste your time.Avatar Image says: Really?! Wow! >.< OotP is going to be so much better! I saw the trailer for Transformers yesterday and agree with you DracoDaDeatheater. I don't think it will appeal to as a wide a range as OotP and the OotP trailer looks better. But still.Avatar Image says: The Transformers is a legend in America. And the movie looks killer. It deserved to win.Avatar Image says: I hate the Transformers trailer. But maybe the movie will be good. I don't ecpect it to be better than HPOotP of course, lol.Avatar Image says: At first, I was kinda mad that OOTP didn't win 'cause I want any HP thing to win any award it's nominated for, even if it is an MTV Movie Award. Then when I watch the pre-show and the 1st 20 minutes of the show, I got was even more angrier. Not very angry, but moreso than before I watched that little bit of the awards show. It was funny how Tranformers won this Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet award and the whole preshow had the transforming cars on the pink carpet, some clips and interviews with people from the movie, and Sarah Silverman's sort of opening scene with her dog was all based around Transformers. Were they being a bit bias? Why not have stuff from the other movies in that category? I've let it sink in and realize I am over reacting and keep telling myself that when the Box Office numbers come in, OOTP will be on top and will beat out all these other blockbusters. I just hate how HP movies can win Nickolodeon awards and BAFTA and other awards, but not at the Oscars or whatever. At least give them a special effects award or something. They should have won Best Set Design last year.Avatar Image says: Oh well, there's always next year. I'm sure it will sweep the boards. I'm not really excited about Transformers anyway. I don't want to spend 2 hours watching that guy from "Even Stevens" being chased by cars that turn into robots. Avatar Image says: LOL, the entire awards show was like one big transformers commercial. What a joke.Avatar Image says: *smirks* My friend loved it. He's older than me and he still loves Transformers *cough* I'm glad I didn't watch the awards, sounds like it was stupid.Avatar Image says: Rush Hour 3, I am anxious to see that. What a duo, these two. I still prefer Rush Hour One.Avatar Image says: HPOOTP is waaaay better. Avatar Image says: Those awards have no credibilty anyway and HP never gets the respect it deserves. I think we are used to it by now.Avatar Image says: I fear that "Harry Potter" like Star Wars (through the years) will not get the recognition it deserves. But we all know who the real winner is...Harry Potter all the way!Avatar Image says: Are you joking?!?!? That movie is for nine year olds!!! no offense to any nine year olds out there... *cough*Avatar Image says: I saw the film in process last year; it's definately NOT for nine yr olds. Too violent, IMO. But the MTV audience is the right audience for Transformers. The effects are over the top. As for an American icon, it is for the 20-something generation who saw Transformers every Saturday morning. I was older and enjoyed the Loony Tunes--now those were classics from my generation! Avatar Image says: that awards show was just like one huge ad for Transformers. So annoying, I wasn't going to see it anyway, but now there's no chance. Avatar Image says: I have to admit the Transformers trailer looked great. I'm really looking forward to watch it now. And to be honest I think it's going to hurt HP some. American's love their Transformers and WB deciding to move HP closer to the Transformer opening date is questionable. In the end, Transformers could very well own Harry. Transformers will be the sleeper summer hit of the year. It has all the attention now, even more that HP.Avatar Image says: I've always predicted that the only award HP will get is a honorary award for the best children's movies series. Avatar Image says: Well, the Transformers reach beyond twenty year olds. I'm in my thirties and watched it as a kid. I don't know that I'd go do far to call them legend or icons (I guess I'm stingier with assigning those words), but in their prime, they were certainly hugely popular here in the States... but that was many years ago. I hope the movie is fun, but I certainly am not as excited to see it as OotP. I will wait to read reviews to see if I should even bother with Transformers or if it is a plot-less mess. I worry that the focus will be too much on the humans (that's what the trailer indicates) and not enough on the robots which were the main characters of the cartoons. I also hope that the Spielberg influence will be strongly felt and will serve to mute Michael Bey a bit. Hugo Weaving providing the voice of Megatron? Now that is cool. I think most of us can agree that the category is silly. Is this a new category? I haven't seen the MTV awards all the way through in a couple of years and don't remember it. Still, how can you give an award to something no one has seen? Yes, it sounds like Viacom was simply promoting its own product. I agree with the earlier suggestion that "Best Summer Movie Trailer" or similar would have been a better category. Plus, what is with the nominees? No Die Hard 4? Even worse, no Simpsons Movie? I think more people are interested in The Simpsons than in Hairspray (not knocking Hairspray as I'll probably enjoy it) or Fantastic 4 (sorry, but the first one was lame, and I don't expect the new one to be much better even if it does have the Silver Surfer). Wow, I'm such a nerd girl. Avatar Image says: Are you KIDDING me?? Tranformers... Wow. I have just lost faith in the world.Avatar Image says: Overall, one of the most boring Mtv Movie Awards EVER! As much as I want to see it, I got really tired of the Transformers buzz. Still, HP OotP may not have one this, but remember that it did win a more important trailer award. :DAvatar Image says: I have no clue what was with all of the Transformer hype at the MTV movie awards. The announcer even said that it will possibly be the biggest movie of the summer (Hellooooo, Harry Potter!!??) I think it only won because MTV basically would have been screwed if theywent through all this trouble to support it and it lost. But yeah, all the Transformer talk made the awards show less njoyable. If it wasn't for Sarah Silverman, I would have only watched it if Harry Potter was a big part of it (and it was have been awesome if it was!) Hey, did anyone manage to see Will Ferrel and Sacha Baron Cohen make out on stage though? Wow that was something. 0_0Avatar Image says: Guys,'s just a stupid awards show. It's no big deal. Maybe it just won becase it was popular, and not because they cheated, or it looks bad. seriously, it's just a show.... And I bet that everyone would say that the show was good if HP won. It's just that they lost that people think that thwe show was bad. It really wasn't.Avatar Image says: was transformers being made by the company that owns MTV/nickoldean entertainment? I didnt bother watching, I never do, but I heard alot of grumblings from my friends *most of who hate harry potter* who said it was just a love fest for transformers. guess they were right since that seems to be the consensus here also. *side note* harry potter must be evil, my confirmation letters/numbers thing to post is "66604"Avatar Image says: I would not dare qualify the Harry Potter films or movies as child or kid stuff. Like Tintin, the Belgian Commic strip, it is for those from seven to 77 years of age. Jo never said that Harry Potter was meant for children. It was the publisher who labelled as such. She said it was a story, period.Avatar Image says: Oh, Brother. Avatar Image says: Honestly. Transformers? OotP is going to make more money than anything.Avatar Image says: LAME! When my friends and I saw the trailer we were cracking jokes saying "Wouldn't it be funny if it was called Transformers?!" So whatever, OotP will win many other awards. Avatar Image says: i agree with sarahsarah - it's friggin MTV - who's hosts in total boast an IQ approximate to a troll on firewhisky. i'm glad idiotic morons don't like OotP - means it's too intelligent for them - sailed right over their airheads...Avatar Image says: OMG OotP so totally should of won!! that sucks that it didentAvatar Image says: Now before I make my comments, I gotta say I do love HP movies and books. BUT...I have to point out to some of you that when the Transformers Movie Teaser came out it had over 6 million hits and gave the server problems enough to shut down for a few hours. I was not surprised that Transformers won. Its realy a no brainer guys, sorry to say but I highly doubt the new HP movie will make as much of an impact as the Transformers Movie. HP movie will do great but the Transformers movie will surpass some records this year. Oh and yes I do love Transformers and I did grow up with it so I will be one of the hyper fans to see this at Midnight. Same goes for me when Book 7 comes out. The HP movies are good but not something I would watch over and over again. Avatar Image says: This summer I'm not going to waste my money watching some dumb robots I'mseeing Harry Potter 5 and Fantastic 4 2!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Even though in my head all day long everyday since the HP trailer came out all i have been doing is thinking HP, HP, HP! im still very excited to see TRANSFORMERS, even though all i talk about is HP, it still looks really good and come on everyone knows about transformers, even i used to watch them and sing the song when i was little and i am a girl! I know there are countless numbers of HP fans out there, including me... i really do think that Transformers will have a lot of people at the theaters because its a cartoon/animation that everyone or at least A LOT of people used to watch and this movie looks really action packed, not to say that HP is not, but the HP movies dont appeal as much to a person who hasn't read the book to one who has. Its the books that we love most, even though the movies are great too and getting better and better... im just saying that transformers looks really good... so one cant really say that it sucks.... however HP is a fact REALLY good. so in the end BOTH IS GOOD. BOTH WILL WIN AWARDS. I still love HP, and always will but if a movie looks good then it looks good. period.Avatar Image says: Many of you have grown up with Harry Potter, and love it to death, and think it's the greatest thing in the world. Transformers has fans like that, and started in the 1980s. I did not grow up with HP, but I did grow up with Transformers. In fact, I only read all of the books last year for the first time. While I am a huge HP fan, you must understand that Transformers was THE most popular cartoon show in the 80s. Not G I Joe, not Voltron, not anything else. Transformers planted its seed in the 80s and now everyone who was born during that decade is chomping at the bit to see this movie. Transformers is one of the most well-known intellectual properties in the world when it comes to merchandise, shows, and just the name in general. Harry Potter, while extraordinarily popular, does not have the impact on the older generation that transformers does. Imagine Harry Potter being just books, and then 20 years later, someone decided to do movies (see Lord of the Rings). Transformers deserved the award, and I am looking forward to it.

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