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Jun 03, 2007

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Harry Latino let us know about a new interview they conducted with actress Evanna Lynch about her upcoming role as Luna Lovegood in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. You can read the entire translation of the interview below, however here are a few of the highlights:

And what what about the earrings you are using? Did you made them yourself, like in the movie?

Oh, yes. But J.K.Rowling gave me this one herself [pointing at her silvery necklace with a hare and a moon ("Luna" in Spanish means moon)]

Oh, it’s your Patronus!
Yes, the hare!

Because in the trailer it seems more like a horse.
But that’s not mine. I don’t know who the horse belongs to, but mine it’s the hare, I’ve seen it

You can see this Patronus that Evanna is referring to, here in our galleries.

J.K.Rowling said that you’re a perfect Luna Lovegood, ¿do you have any kind of contact with her?
Yes, I do, and I asked her about some of my theories about the books. She always listens to them, but she doesn’t say anything.

Did you ask her more about your character, like her Patronus, or her birthday? Some characters like Robbie Coltrane and Alan Rickman know more about their characters. Could you tell us something else about her?
No [laughs].

Do you visit Harry Potter fansites?
¡Oh, yes! ¡Mugglenet is my favorite! I feel like I owe to them. I like The Leaky Cauldron, but through Mugglenet I found out about the casting.

...and the fans want to know if you chat or comment in forums with other name.
Yes, I used to, but I don’t any more.

Where will you be on July 21st and with who?
Oh, yes! I’ll go with my cousin and my sister, we’ll make ourselves t-shirts and we’ll go crazy, I think we’ll go to London, because that’s where everyone will be, so it will be more exiting.

Then you’ll go to the book launch in London?
Yes, but I’m not sure about it, I’m still thinking, because there will be so many fans and probably they’ll recognize me, and I’ll be surrounded all the time.

We know that you like the shipper Harry and Hermione, but what about Luna?
My shipper is about Luna and Dumbledore, I know he’s dead and it was a little older. [laughs] So I don’t know what will happen with Luna.

And what what about the earrings you are using? Did you made them yourself, like in the movie?
Oh, yes. But J.K.Rowling gave me this one herself [pointing at her silvery necklace with a hare and a moon ("Luna" in Spanish means moon)]

Oh, it’s your Patronus!
Yes, the hare!

Because in the trailer it seems more like a horse.
But that’s not mine. I don’t know who the horse belongs to, but mine it’s the hare, I’ve seen it.

If you were at Hogwarts, which house would be your house?
Gryffindor. I think I’d be brave and great for it.

Why did you want to play Luna?
Because it’s very unusual to find people like her. Most of us have some kind of cover against the rest, but she doesn’t, and she’s conscious of it, and happy about it.

Could you describe your character?

She’s in fourth year and she’s new to Harry. Her father works at The Quibbler. She’s forgetful and close to Harry. Everyone thinks she’s different, but she doesn’t try to impress nobody. She always tries to be herself subconsiously and she accepts it that way.

Do you see part of you in her?
No, I wouldn’t say that she’s like me, but she’s someone I’d like to be like. I think that she might be a rule model to follow. I think that people should show more how they are.

Evanna, this must be like a fairy tale to you, how was this experience?

It’s been amazing. Everything has been different as I imagined, so unexpected, it’s weird.

How did your parents reacted to the fact that a fourteen years girl was so determined, specially with this situation of going to London, to this casting?
As usual, they nodded and laughed [laughs]. When my mum saw me disappointed, she told me to go, so I tried, I went to London and I got it.

How did you prepared yourself for the casting, being this so important to you?

I haven’t prepare anything special. I read the books and that’s been all my preparation… well, I tried to remember some things.

Do you consider yourself as a funny person?

Yes, and I’m also a great fan, and I wanted to show that.

What are your next goals now that we know that you’ve the part?

I want to meet Tim Burton, and also the fans. I want to be a director, but that would be in some years.

Are you sure?
Yes, a child director! [laughs]

Well, you could be the first. Haven’t you thought about following an acting career?

Hmm… yes, it could be, between other things.

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Avatar Image says: How come there aren't any comments? Clearly Evanna isn't as big of a HP fan as she claims to be. I thought Luna's father OWNS the Quibbler and hot just works for the Quibbler. As well, as any true Harry Potter fan should know, Jo has been dropping anvil-sized hints that Ron and Hermione would end up together. Delusional Hermione/Harry fans really need to learn inference. It's an important reading skill we must all learn. Avatar Image says: She's absolutely, totally adorable. And yes, Harry/Hermione and Luna/Dubledore is something I'd expect from... Luna :DAvatar Image says: From what I can tell its a rough translation of someones article of an interview with the game Telephone...expect there to be some minor inaccuracies. Evanna may have made a mistake since she was being interviewed...or the reporter who very well may not be much of a HP fan may have misquoted her...or the translater may have...well you get the point. In any case...from her call in interview to Pottercast...she has proven herself that she is a lot more insightful and knowledgeable than most regular potter fans...myself included. So very glad that a massive potter fan got to be one of the major characters in the movies. Avatar Image says: Waheyy I'd love to see a film directed by Evanna xDAvatar Image says: about we all let Dh be directed by her?!?! And anout the fan thing...she is one...and be happy that we got someone who is both a fan and looks like Luna and not some git just wanting to be famous.Avatar Image says: Well I'm surprised. The trailer tricks you and makes you think Luna's patronus is a horse. I wonder who the horse belongs to then. Her patronus looks like a blob or tadpole in that picture. You can't tell its a hare.Avatar Image says: She would be a brilliant director. Tim Burton used to also act. Avatar Image says: I disagree. I think it does look like a hare. You can see the head and the ears. Avatar Image says: How lovely that Jo gave her a necklace of a hare and the moon.I wonder if she has given the other actors similar presents? Avatar Image says: Well Luna would certainly believe that Harry and Hermione are getting together, since there is no proof at all and it is, as Hermione would say, "complete rubbish" :). Just as likely to happen as Luna/Dumbldedore. JKR seems to really like Evanna, which is nice.Avatar Image says: Um, is there a way to view an English version of the interview? Not through automatic translation, I mean. Moogatoo: Afaik there was some problem with the comments system - I only got a blank page.Avatar Image says: >>I wonder if she has given the other actors similar presents? Funny you mention it. BonnieWrigthOnline.comhas interview with Bonnieand they quote it: " When i saw Bonnie, inmediatly i looked her necklace, a horse head: it was impossible not to relationed it with Evvana's necklace (a rabbit). Was a gift from J.K. Rowling too? I asked her and she didn't answer. Will we know it someday? Coincidence or not, we saw a Patronus, a horse in the trailer." I thought her Patronus was Phoenix? Besides, Bonnie's parents own jewellery shop and they produced horse-shaped necklaces called "Equus" (it's that cute?) So I don't know what to think about it.Avatar Image says: She ships Luna and Dumbledore? Really? That's gutsy!Avatar Image says: She seems really sweet....a true fan! I made a necklace in technology class which was a moon cos I love Luna:DAvatar Image says: personally I've been a Harry/Luna shipper since she appeared in the books. I think she'd be wonderful for him. I like the idea of H/G because he'd be a Weasley then but somehow I'm still drawn to Luna.Avatar Image says: I think the patronus in the trailer (when you look at the photos in the gallery) looks a bit badger-ish (it has claws, horses don't have claws). But in the trailer (i.e. moving video) it does looks horse-ish. If it's not hers whose is it and what the hell is it? I wanted Harry to end up with Luna from the moment she arrived in OOTP, pity he's ending up with Ginny, it's so predictable and boring.Avatar Image says: Evanna ships H/Hr? cool. But she also ships Luna/Dumbledore. lolAvatar Image says: Luna/Dumbledore? Ahh, I love Evanna, hehe. Perfect answer for someone who's playing Luna. ;-) As for the other ships, I'm quite happy with Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione in canon.Avatar Image says: It's the way they've edited the trailer. It starts out with Luna beginning to maker her patronus, then switches to Ginny's (or someone's)that is definitely a horse. I'm glad Luna's is a hare - that fits the Celtic symbolism of the Hare dancing under the moon (Luna).Avatar Image says: Evanna never said anything about being in HBP!! Hopefully she will be since Yates is directing that film also.Avatar Image says: Peeved, yeah, I had hopes of Harry and Luna as well. I was disappointed to see so little of her in the last book. Mind you, I could see that Luna seemed to like Ron as well, so book 6 was disappointing all around lol. That was interesting news about Bonnie and her family's jewelry store. Does anyone have a website for it? I wonder if Dan will order something nice for his mom from there once he gets of age?Avatar Image says: awww, she sounds like a really sweet girl. i can't wait to see her in the movie. luna/dumbledore... oh you just gotta love the girl xD *vbg* the hare on the moon is a pretty big theme in several different mythologies. the japanese & chinese also have a lot of that going 'round. it really does fit that luna's patronus is a hare.Avatar Image says: H/Hr? *shudders* But Evanna is love. She isn't THAT big of a fan though. Not compared to us, at least. Avatar Image says: Just think that in the past few years when we were all typing things on the message boards the future Luna Lovegood was right there with us. Avatar Image says:

Evanna Lynch is so beautiful, and she was perfect for this part.

Avatar Image says:

i love the new harry potter movie harry potter is my favorite show ever my favorite actor in it would have to be emma watson she is my favorite she always had a good adittude in the movie and she is a very good actor. i hope to be an actress some day it has always been my dream along with meeting hilary duf emma watson daniall radcliff and ron not knowing his name lol but i have a lot of favorite movies and actresses so just keep up the good work and i cant wait to see the next movie.

Avatar Image says:

the horse is Ginny´s patronus

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