Happy Birthday, Jason Isaacs!


Jun 06, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

I know many friends of mine will join me today in wishing actor Jason Isaacs, who plays luscious Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, a very, very happy 44th birthday! Many cheers Jason! Happy Birthday!

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Avatar Image says: Awesome! Cheers Jason!Avatar Image says: happy birthday jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you rock!!!!!! you rule!!!!!!!! you will surely return for the 7th movie........ :)Avatar Image says: Lucius Malfoy is one of those characters we love to hate. He plays Lucius with such grace, elegance and credibility that we cannot help ourselves, we would like to strangle him on the spot. Bravo Mr Isaac, you are a great actor. Please carry on entertaining us. You have got the knack. Joyeux anniversaire!Avatar Image says: Oh do I love Mr. Isaacs. I wonder if he's seen my posts about wishing he'd read me the seventh book high up in an Irish Castle on a dark and stormy night while sipping a really expensive Bordeaux. Happy Birthday my dark prince, wink wink.... WHAT?? Who said that? (looks around and can't believe she typed that out loud!) Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Posted before Sue? ooooh hahaAvatar Image says: Wooooo! Happy Birthday to the hotness that is Jason!!Avatar Image says: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOO=] wow.. Jason Isaacs and I have the same birthday. coooool!Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, you amazing, sexy hunk of a man! No one else can play such lovely villians like yourself! Keep amusing us, and here's hoping you got a LOT of screen time in OotP.Avatar Image says: Lucius is indeed luscious because of Mr. Isaacs... Evil never looked sooooooooooooooo good! Yummy! -BAvatar Image says: Happy birthday you handsome thing. Look forward to seeing you in 35 days. Love your sense of humor.Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CUTEST GUY WITH WHITE HAIR!Avatar Image says: wow, Happy Birthday Mr Isaacs. You don't look 44..honestly, you look like late 30's, Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: I think Mr.Isaacs made something impossible, he made his Lucius so real, that there is NOT a single fan who is not happy with him, everyone just adores him, bravo Mr. Jason!!! Happy Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, luscious hunk! Sometimes it's good to be bad.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to the man who made Lucius his own! Many cheers and loads of wishes, to a very handsome and gifted man!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. JASON!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Jason. Have a good one.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Jason! One of the drool-worthy HP-actors, handsome, sweet and funny. Have a good day and thanks for giving me one of the hardest laughs ever with your comment about the 'Paris-Hilton-Wig'. Rotfl.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Jason! Many happy returns to you. P.S. I love the Paris Hilton wig on you! Avatar Image says: Well, I hope you have a great birthday, Mr. Isaacs. You make Lucius Malfoy a likeable character since you're the one playing him. We love you, Lucius! Cheers, Amanda PotterAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Jason! If you read this, you're an amazing actor, and next time you come to DC, you better look me up! I'll be happy to show you the town!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthay, Jason Isaac "the perfect Lucius"Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Jason! Your still amazing at 44!Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! YAY FOR JASON AND YAY FOR SUE! Y'ALL ROCKIN' HUFF-HUFF-HUFFLEPUFFAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday Jason :) Avatar Image says: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful actor and a lovely person. I love you, Jason! P.S.: FREE LUCIUS FROM AZKABAN NOW!!!!!!! So that we can see him in film 7... ;)Avatar Image says: Wow he's young--about my parents age. Happy birthday, Jason! (you'll always be Lucius to me :P)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to the man I look at every day(I have a Lucius photo taped to the side of my computer both at home AND work). My 17 year-old daughter thinks I am nutters.......Avatar Image says: Happy BD Mr. HOT Jason! XDAvatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ YA KNOW U DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz american version for saying happy birthday...Avatar Image says: HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY TO JASON ISAACS! You're simply irresistible, and so is Lucius Malfoy. You're also an incredible actor, an incredibly witty man, and all around great guy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! *Blows him a birthday kiss*Avatar Image says: I've been in love with Jason even before he was Dracos hot Dad. He's a terrific actor and has a killer personality too match. He cant go wrong. Haooy Birthday Jason! Avatar Image says: Haha... happy birthday, Jason! I know a very happy hufflepuff right now. =PAvatar Image says: Yeah! Happy birthday Jason! OOT! OOT!Avatar Image says: Birthday for Jason Isaacs!!! *sigh* three cheers for a man who will dress up like a pirate and wear a long, blonde wig for us to drool about. Hope his birthday is wonderful. Avatar Image says: I cant believe Sue didnt post this story or is screaming all day or asking for the this day to be a holiday. Happy Birthday Jason!!! Avatar Image says: Yeah, I love Jason too, but...Lucius must die!!!Avatar Image says: Happy belated bday Jason! I was in bed sick and couldn't come and wish you the best! And NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lucius must NOT die!!!!! AND FREE HIM FROM AZKABAN!!! FREEDOM TO LUCIUS NOW!!

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