Leaky Facebook Application


Jun 06, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

If you use Facebook, the popular social networking site, we have something for you: Super!Alex Robbin, one of our senior staff programmers, had a few extra minutes (we are out of supleratives for the kid, seriously) and so created a Facebook application for the Leaky countdowns and PotterCast. You can add it to your profile so that you can have your DH or movie countdown, or any episode of PotterCast, within clicking reach each time you sign on. Enjoy! There will be more updates to this application in the future, but you will get them automatically as soon as you add the program to your profile.

29 Responses to Leaky Facebook Application

Avatar Image says: Sweetness!!! Been waiting for something like this!!Avatar Image says: I love Super!Alex.Avatar Image says: Tops! This is fantastic. Thanks heaps guys! :)Avatar Image says: Yay, yet another fun addicting Facebook application during finals week... Oh well :) just added it!Avatar Image says: I have it! XDAvatar Image says: I'm so getting this! Way to go, Alex!Avatar Image says: Thank you for putting the Deathly Hallows Trivia on your site. Have been waiting for this. Checked out Facebook, but I really don't understand it. Sorry, not used to all the computer language. Thanks again. Love the daily trivia questions.Avatar Image says: hmm, i cant find it. how do we get to it and add it?Avatar Image says: I get the error message that I have to register to see the page - but creating yet another account at some site just to see a flashy countdown seems worth the effort, doesn't it? Well, I don't think so - I already set up a filter to block all that flash rubbish because I don't see the point. I think you should improve the content of the website(s), not just the designAvatar Image says: I got this daaaaays ago... B) that's how hip i am to Facebooking (aka loser-ish)Avatar Image says: OMG, finally! I've been waiting for this! Thanks, Alex! *runs off to add it now*Avatar Image says: Amazing! I'm so excited. I never thought this would happen - thanks for catering to the first generation HP fans (aka those of us who started reading the books in 4th grade when SS came out, and are now in college, thus using facebook like a drug)!Avatar Image says: Is anyone else getting an error message repeatedly from facebook after clicking the "add application" button?Avatar Image says: Hey! I'm getting an error!!Avatar Image says: I get an error whenever I try to add it. Avatar Image says: I got an error the first time I tried to add it, but then I tried again and it worked :) Woo hoo! *spins book*Avatar Image says: Hooray~!Avatar Image says: I love this application! Thanks Leaky :)Avatar Image says: no error message over here. Of course i didn't add a podcast episode, just the widget.Avatar Image says: Already had it up! Great job again Alex!! :)Avatar Image says: LoL. Awesome. I already had written a long note on my Facebook about how I really don't care if you think I'm a dork for being a Potterhead this summer. Adding the countdown makes it even more IN-YOUR-FACE. Love it.Avatar Image says: THIS ROCKS MY HP LOVIN' WORLD!!!!!! Good job leaky!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Ahh!! Love it love it love it!! Leaky rocks :)Avatar Image says: so I've totally added it to facebook! NNNNNNNIIIIIICCCCCCEEEEEEEEEAvatar Image says: :) I have a floating DH on my Facebook account! LOL. Mmmm... how very pleasing.Avatar Image says: Stupid error message. AND, on top of all that, if I search the applications, it's not listed anywhere. I'm rather upset about this. Stupid Facebook.Avatar Image says: That is EXCELLENT. Thanks, Alex!Avatar Image says: Will there please be a just-book countdown, but using the American cover? Please?

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