Emma Watson, Covergirl of the July Issue of Tatler Magazine


Jun 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is interviewed and the focus of a new, six-page photo spread in the July issue of UK magazine, Tatler. The article features a lengthy interview with the young actress who speaks about many aspects of her life, including fame, school, style, family and much more. Emma is described in the article as being ‘sophisticated beyond her years’ and ‘has always remained sane and down to earth.’ On the topic of fame, Emma is quoted as saying:

“[Becoming famous] happened when I was so young but I don’t find it difficult to have a nice ordinary life. People who try to hide from fame can make it go completely the wrong way. All those huge designer shades make them look like bugs! And walking around with bodyguards draws more attention to you. I think the best way [to cope with fame] is to try and live as normal of a life as possible.”

She also notes that when interacting with her fans, “It is odd how normal courtesies don’t seem to apply when people recognize someone. Maybe it’s because they think they only have that moment to meet you. A lot of people call me Hermione and forget I am a real person and have another name.”

You can read the entire article where she speaks more on those subjects as well as view the beautiful images from the photoshoot here, thanks to Emma-Watson.net.

Emma will next appear in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is released in theaters on July 11th.

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Avatar Image says: OMG. Her comments on how people draw attention to themselves with the glasses and bodyguards is so true. HBP - "Smart Girl that Hermione"Avatar Image says: Wonderful interview, beautiful pictures. Emma once again proves herself to be a very confident, intelligent young lady :) Avatar Image says: She looks fabulous! Love her white wide-trouser outfit. I knew she was smart but she really does seem "sophisticated beyond her years" and I love that the fame hasn't gone to her head. I think she's a great role-model for young girls out there. Kudos to her!Avatar Image says: The cover pic is not one of Emma's best. Very airbrushed. And the Tatler is a society magazine? Funny how her small quotes have been picked up by Tabloids.Avatar Image says: Kind of ironic, how she doesn't like being called "Hermione" but it is in big pink letters next to her face on the cover of the magazine.Avatar Image says: You know, after a while you get tired of the interviews because a lot of them are the same questions followed by the same answers. *End Gripe* But I do have to say I'm quite impressed on how sophisticated Emmma is. She is a very intelligent girl. I must say what I admire about her the most is how important educatoin is to her instead of the Hollywood glamour. So go Emma! I also love her hair and outfits too.Avatar Image says: I'm glad that she finally has brown hair. I hope they keep it that way for the movie.Avatar Image says: She looks greatand I love the new hair colour (who after the filming?). Still, each day I wish they recasted everyone after the kids hit puberty.Avatar Image says: Hmmm..... she likes guys that play sports and can speak different languages? You can cross me off that list :-)Avatar Image says: It's not really airbrushed at all. She's just that good looking. The pic where she is standing in the white outfit is stunning. It was a really revealing interview. I didn't know about the singing gig at the castle and that her father owned a vineyard in France. She's really amazing. The haters are going to have seizures over these pics and interview. Wonder what they'll find to hate on? Avatar Image says: ooh it looks like a good interview I'll have to read it. I don't think that the actors should have been recast; I think that that would have killed the movies. Avatar Image says: Erm this is off topic, but I just noticed soo... I love the new corner thing in this layout! The hand grabbing the book...it is like I can almost touch DH *cries* I want it sooo bad 43 days, 5 hours, 13minutes, 14 secondsAvatar Image says: Hehheh, I knew she was in for more covers. These weren't airbrushed hardly at all I think, she is that good looking. Yeah, I'm just waiting for the haters to come out, though, really what could they say? This was a good interview, it was more revealing than any other she's done. Mind you, she is older so perhaps that was to be expected. Ania, I can't believe you wanted them recast after they hit puberty. These kids are playing their ages! How much difference could there have been? GeezAvatar Image says: "It's not really airbrushed at all. She's just that good looking." Of course Emma is gorgeous, but I'm afraid to say that every single magazine spread for every recognizable magazine in the world is photoshopped and airbrushed these days, and this one is of course no different. And the sad thing is that so many people don't even need it - Emma is stunning even without the airbrushing, we all know that.Avatar Image says: Yeah, she also made one of those worst dressed lists on msn. http://entertainment.msn.com/movies/Undressed?photoidx=6Avatar Image says: Sigh....well, I never thought I would find myself saying this, and it sort of pains me to have to admit it, but there is really no sense denying the fact that Emma is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. There just isn't any doubt about it any more. It's unfair, sob!Avatar Image says: That was a very nice interview. She is obviously very smart and has a good head on her shoulders. She is also a very beautiful girl.Avatar Image says: BRAINS and BEAUTY! LUV YA Emma!Avatar Image says: Sophisticated beyond her years? How exactly is she sophisticated? SHe and her family might be rich, but that doesn´t equal being sophisticated. And I have to agree she those pics have been airbrushed to within an inch of their lives, she is ok looking, but that´s it.Avatar Image says: Yeah it must really be annoying when people call her Hermione in real lifeAvatar Image says: Cool interview. I love her hair dark. Avatar Image says: I couldn't find the interview on the site...help please? thanks!Avatar Image says: 10-1976: Sigh. It seems like everytime there's news relating to Emma Watson we always end up talking about how she looks as opposed to what she says in the article. Yes, magazines have a tendency to airbrush and I'm sure they have to some degree here, but I doubt it's as extreme as you suggest. Also, I think the "sophisticated" comment had less to do with money, appearance, or fame and more to do with Ms. Watson's words and actions. You have to admit that compared to people like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, Emma Watson seems to be remarkably down-to-earth and level-headed and much more mature than many girls are at 17. Just my two cents. Feel free to disagree.Avatar Image says: "Your clothes should be an expression of yourself" This must be the reason why Emma's choice of dress in the past is so unfortunate. And when she wore that clingy spaghetti black gown in the GOF premiere, was that an expression that she's now sexy and available? lol. Fortunately, the dresses she wore in this photoshot are fantastic! But then again, these are designer clothes, not her own choices.Avatar Image says: Wow, she looks a lot older in these photo shoots, and she looks like america's next top model.Avatar Image says: Much better than the Vouge shot, i can tell ya that much!!!Avatar Image says: I like how she talks about the importance of living a normal life. And yet... How much time, I wonder, did she spend for that photoshoot? How much time, I wonder, do normal people spend on photoshoots?Avatar Image says: Yep, the jealous fangirls are out. LOl. Face it, Emma has it all..money, looks, smarts, and a great personality. Get over it. Avatar Image says: Thank goodness these kids are not turning out like Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan. You know, trashy, just plain trashy. Good for Emma. I hope she keeps her head in the right direction.Avatar Image says: I admire her for trying to be as normal as possible. When you're an actress, you kinda have to do photo shoots, its part of the job. She can still claim to be as normal as possible and do photo shoots for magazines. Emma, is beautiful and smart, I don't get why many of you dislike her. I like all of the actors from the movies, and I think it isn't very nice, to criticize one of the actors and favor the others. I personally think all of the dan fangirls are very silly. Oh and who cares if she doesn't have amazing fashion sense? A lot of actresses and actors make fashion "mistakes" but why should we care as long as they do the characters justice. Avatar Image says: I'd love to see Vanity Fair do a great photo spread on ALL of the cast, updated. By Annie Leibowitz or somebody. THAT would be cool.Avatar Image says: Is it official leaky policy to ignore other HP artists? For all the photoshopping, airbrushing and professionalism involved in producing the Tatler cover, Emma still didn't make the beautiful grade in my opinion. She has made way better pictures that those. Only one of those pcis is a good one. But boy! Katie looks gorgeous here.... Check her out @ http://katieleungfan.com/ Now that's what I would call stunning. And obviously there is no photoshopping or airbrushing involved. Avatar Image says: I think given a few more years Katie can make the next Bond girl. Boy she looks hot in that dress. Avatar Image says: I love Emma, she's just adorable and down to earth. I think Dan and Rupert are as well, they must have a good crew surrounding them to keep them grounded like that.Avatar Image says: How desperate does somebody have to be to keep bringing up Katie? This is Emma's photoshoot, not Katie's. When Katie gets her own cover talk about it then, otherwise who cares. Emma is simply hot in these pics. And they aren't airbrushed very much. As you can tell by her spottless complextion at the Raisa gala, there is no need to do much work on her absolutely gorgeous face. And more importantly, smart is sexy. Just go to google, the world is going nuts over these pics and article. When Emma talks, everybody listens.Avatar Image says: Emma looks so good, especially since I am so used to seeing her photoshopped ):< I am really happy to hear how well she stays down to earth.Avatar Image says: Are you seriously saying she was insulting dan? Silly fangirl, she was talking about how people like Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan wear big bug eye sunglasses and how they get mobbed by the photographers. I thinks she is really down to earth and doesn't want people mobbing her all the time. Avatar Image says: She looks beautiful. Brains and beauty--that's what it's all about :) Go Emma! I just totally feel her when she talks about having to change her phone number every few months to keep the losers away. I can't even walk to the bus stop 2 blocks away without creeps honking and cat-calling... it's so out of line... And I'm only wearing a black pant suit for work!! To have to deal with that on top of everything else..... it's a crying shame. If I had to deal with pedophiles by changing my mobile number every other month, I'd think twice about doing more films as well... no woman deserves to be subjected to that kind of unwanted attention.Avatar Image says: Emma's so sweet!Avatar Image says: Its about Emma not Katie...sorry but lets get over it shall we?!Avatar Image says: "Ania, I can't believe you wanted them recast after they hit puberty. These kids are playing their ages! How much difference could there have been? Geez" Uhm, they'd look the parts?Avatar Image says: That cover is awful. She'a airbrushed beyond recognition!Avatar Image says: Nothing against Emma but when someone asks you what you think of your fans do you really want them to read that you think that they are rude? Just a thought *runs from emma fans* And I don't think I'd call her Hermione if I ever met her, cause I'm more a book fan than a movie fan. I think I'd be more excited to meet Jo.Avatar Image says: Stop smirking in your photos, Emma! It's annoying!!! Horrible photos, tis a pity she can't take photos, she's a pretty girl.Avatar Image says: I think that any negative comments here are a result of jealousy. Emma has had a privaleged upbringing, there's no denying it, but her attitude compared to many young actresses these days is far and away the more mature and that is what should define her. Forget that she is beautiful, everyone is beautiful in their own way and criticising people's flaws is pathetic. The point is that Emma is a warm and stunning person. Why do people have to make negatives out of the positives all the time?Avatar Image says: Give her a break. She's done sod all to anyone. I like all of the trio. I wish I could look half as good as her. She looks fantastic, whereas I've got acne all over my face, my greasy hair tied back and a scruffy jumper and jeans on.Avatar Image says: Malmaison Oxford is jolly nice. Although it's all decorated in shades of dark brown and you kind of need a torch to see anyone properly. Anyway - interesting stuffs, although Dragon's not small! It's huge! Nice clothes, though. Also, I can attest that she does indeed take the bus. Which is very sensible, given Oxford's traffic. And now I want to know where Agnes B is in Oxford... *plans expedition tomorrow*Avatar Image says: This is off topic, but who is Edward? He posted the article and I have no idea who he is. The only name I could find similar is Jason Edwards from the PotterCast staff page. Would someone please fill me in?Avatar Image says: When you think about it the HP Trio could be in the news for all the WRONG REASONS given the level of fame they've got. But no, when they're not on set or promoting the films they lead relatively normal lives, they stay out of trouble. So it SHOULD be surprising that so many people here STILL find fault with the Trio, still bash them about one thing or another. But having seen the comments on this site over the past few months I'm not surpised anymore. I've never had a problem with constructive criticism of the Trio but a lot of the comments here are just plain spiteful and bitchy - same thing happened with the Teen Vogue comments a couple of weeks back. Seems to me that as we've watched the Trio grow up into grounded and intelligent individuals, that *some* members of 'HP fandom' have gone the other way. On a brighter note, we still have lots of HP to look foward to next month.Avatar Image says: I must say... I agree with you, S.Benj I think it's quite funny, since these bitter people would probably get far worse criticism if they were in the spotlight. They find every little detail they can, distort it, and bitch about it... but I wonder... to criticize in this way... they must really be superb specimens of the human race! They must be without any faults! Perfect! Wow, I'd love to meet them, cuz clearly they feel superior in every way to Emma. If she was another Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton, then I would say that she would deserve SOME of the comments below. But as she seems quite grounded, beautiful and smart... I'm really dumbfounded at all these negative comments! I think Rita Skeeter has a few groupies...Avatar Image says: Aren't all pictures airbrushed, what's the big deal?? I have to say Katie Leung looked AMAZING in her recent pictures and will certainly steal the show from Emma at the premieres if she looks like that! Not my favourite pictures of Emma, but she is a lovely girl and a credit to Warner Brothers as are Dan & Rupert.Avatar Image says: "I've never had a problem with constructive criticism of the Trio but a lot of the comments here are just plain spiteful and bitchy - same thing happened with the Teen Vogue comments a couple of weeks back." It's always like this when someone other that Rupert Grint is the centre of attention. What is worse is that the mods seem to turn a blind eye most of the time and let people get away with it. If they want to avoid this place descending to the level of a cesspool like Muggle.net then they should either stop covering stories about the trio outside of Harry Potter or disable the comments for those particular news items. Avatar Image says: To whoever said they should have recast when they 'hit puberty', there's absolutely no way they were going to get rid of the trio actors, especially Emma who is a beautiful girl. Face it, it's way more important that the girl playing Hermione is good looking rather than actually looking like how the character 'should' look. Emma's image has helped sell the flicks to millions, which is Warner Bros' aim. Personally I don't find her THAT attractive. She isn't my type though. I'd definitely prefer Ginny or Luna (if Bonnie and Evanna were older, that is...).Avatar Image says: I'm starting to give up on the HP fandom. I love the books, love the movies, but don't care for the Pansy Parkinsons of the world carping about the actors' appearance every chance they get. I don't want the news items to go, but I wouldn't mind seeing the comments board closed for a while. Avatar Image says: Don't give up on us just yet, bebe, we're not like that. I read this Tatler article a few times and the thing that struck me most wasn't how she looks but how academic and intelligent she is. Cambridge is the hardest University in the UK (and one of the hardest in the world) to get into because the standard is so high. All the money in the world can't buy you a place there, you need BRAINS of the highest order. Read that interview again...Masaccio Rennaisance art? philosophy?she'll get there alright!!!Avatar Image says: That "whoever" is me, so I'll clarify. I think having the main cast (especially so young) play in all 7 movies is amazing achievement and that alone makes the movies worth seeing. Still, I'm tired of arguments about how Dan's *put a word of your choice* should be by now, how often Emma plays herself not Hermione, who is responsible for Ron's role not being Ron-ish, why is Neville the tallest of the bunch, which girl is prettier or uglier than her book character and who grew up to "sell" the movies. If they recasted them we'd have the whole young cast looking and acting their parts, like we have Evanna. There would be arguments who was better (...), but I'd live with it. I wish someone would make a movie/something short with new young cast, just for us to see how it really should look like. Actors are the magic of the movies. One thing is to see familiar faces which we grew to recognize as (...), the other is to see the book world and charcters actually incarnated.Avatar Image says: I liked the article and I also read the Total Film one above it, which was good too. I diasgree with you ania. I hate it when they change actors for film/tv series. The Trio represent Harry, Ron and Hermione now for me. Frankly, I would have difficulty watching the rest of the films if they changed them- or the other young actors (Matt, Tom etc) for that matter. They are all brilliant and I see and hear them whenever I re-read the books, the way they speak, accents, facial expressions. This wouldn't be the case if they were not right for their parts. OK appearances are not always canon, but that is the very least important IMO. (I don't know if the comments you were 'quoting' in your post were your own opinion or just that you are sick of other people's comments- your post makes sounds like both those things). I agree it is annoying that people set too much store on canon but that's not a reason to change the actors. Avatar Image says: I don’t follow everything here, but I’ve noticed that whenever Leaky posts an interview with one of the trio, it gets a lot of very negative, very personal comments. What amazes me is that these attacks are directed at people whom (I dare say) none of us knows. As for Emma Watson specifically, we always see the comment that she’s just too pretty for her part. Yes, Emma is very beautiful, but the argument that she should not have been chosen to play Hermione has been repeated so often, it’s become boring. And the personal attacks against her are ridiculous. Not only do the attackers not know this girl, they’ve probably never been within 100 miles of her. I was “gob-smacked” the first time I saw all the hysteria. But not any longer. I’ve found a solution that works very well for me. I JUST IGNORE THEM.Avatar Image says: That's my solution as well, KB Prez. :DAvatar Image says: Airbrushed beyond recognition. Yeah right. It seems plenty of people are recognizing her right now! And loving it. I really have come to admire Emma. She's been taking this jealous fangirl crap for years now and stills seems to be more down to earth, more friendly than the haters. I really like the fact she is intelligent and isn't afraid showing that side of her. I like she doesn't dumb herself down to appease other people's insecurities. She's a class act and as Heyman said a very formidable young woman. thank you Emma for rising above this crap.Avatar Image says: I understand everyone who hates recasting actors, but I find it rather exciting. Well, usually. If they recasted only one or two actors, it would be weird, but the whole young crew - not so much. I never picture the actors while reading the books, not unless someone is really briliant in his/her role and/or fits my iage of the character pre-watching the movie. I don't mind them not looking the parts (and people have different opinions anyway), but I don't like how the kids' personalities affect the chracters. "I agree it is annoying that people set too much store on canon but that's not a reason to change the actors." It depends on what you prefer - movie continuity or strict canon. I'd like to have both, but sometimes I just want a change in the movies.Avatar Image says: I don't understand how someone could watch one of the HP movies and then happily watch another one with different main actors. I just don't understand it. Emma, Dan, and Rupert are all PERFECT for their parts, in my opinion, as are the rest of the crew. It would be horrible to change them!!!!! I personally do not hear many arguments about Emma, Dan, Rupert, or anyone else.... Avatar Image says: "Just go to google, the world is going nuts over these pics and article. When Emma talks, everybody listens. " Which is nothing to be proud of. It would be if what she said is something profound but the tabloids are picking up on her boyfriend preferences, how she'd prefer Cambridge to Hogwarts, and her insinuation about celebrities who go around anonymous. Juicy, controversial stuff which, in a nutshell, is just publicity for the latest HP movie. If she's all over the papers because of stuff like that, hey, she's no better than Paris "the deal" Hilton who is always in the news eventhough she has no projects. BTW, her insinuation about celebs who wear glasses - can that be a dig at Dan? He can't go around without being mobbed so he took to wearing a baseball cap and sometimes wears dark glasses. Avatar Image says: No, Emma, YOU are wrong. Ania has all the right to think whatever she wants. These comments bring me the lols.. The haters and especially the fanatics with their "Don't hate her because she's perfect and better than u!!1!" =) Emma looks gorgeous in the white outfit! Don't really like the others.. but I liked the interview =)Avatar Image says: >> No Ania you are wrong. NO U! C'mon, you can apply "right" and "wrong" to stuff like mathematics, but not to opinions.Avatar Image says: Iolanthe - Yeah! A Vanity Fair cover spread with all of the main cast would be absolutely awesome! I love the artsy side of fashion, for some bizarre reason. :)Avatar Image says: ania I guess at the end of the day it depends on your imagination when you read the books; people imagine totally different things. I've seen people disagree about the book characters themselves so the actors have no hope pleasing everyone. :D They've got such a hard job because the Trio are such iconic book characters now (particularly Harry). So I don't think a new set would change that. And in, say, 20 years' time I'm sure they'll redo the films.... and then 20 years after that.... "I don't like how the kids' personalities affect the characters." I really don't think they do. Not that any of us truly know them to tell! But taking Dan as an obvious(!) example, he's COMPLETELY different to Harry! I was gobsmacked (pleasantly I have to say) when I first saw Dan as himself. Avatar Image says: Anne, that is so true! Dan is quite the hyper child, opposite of what Harry is. Besides, look who they hired as Dan's father who is practically his twin in the book. Looking at that picture, he's practically a blonde! That goes for Snape too, the book Snape musthave been 20 years younger than Alan Rickman. They could not have predicted the growth of any of the kids anyways . As for the Vanity Fair cover, I am 100 percent certain that will come at the time of the last movie and will include everybody. That is going to be one hell of a cover.Avatar Image says: Emma is not too pretty for the part. Unairbrushed real pictures of her show her to be a normal looking girl. In the movie they make her up too pretty for the part. Many things added to her appearance is wrong. However, these are movies. It's just like they take away the blemishes from the Trio's face, they always try to wipe out the bad.Avatar Image says: She's 'planning' on going to Cambridge; it was in the papers. That kind of annoys me - it takes a lot harder work than that but she's going to have it easy because of who she is.Avatar Image says: Emma did watch Equus last wednesday. Front row seats - with Katie Leung. I guess she waited to see the play after her exams or when no paps were around to ask for her reactions. be interesting to hear them though. So that post about Emma taking a dig at Dan is just ridiculous. They're great friends. Besides, Dan doesn't go around with bodyguards. If the Daily Mail is to be believed, he's planning to buy an eco-friendly car on his 18th birthday. A Punto is not a flashy celeb car.Avatar Image says: If Emma gets into Cambridge it's because she's earned it. She takes her education seriously. I applaud her for it. If she keeps on getting great grades and has good interviews then she may get in. Good luck to her. She seems to be striving for the best.Avatar Image says: Dr Seuss, you obviously know NOTHING about Cambridge University if you think someone can get in because of who they are. Cambridge (along with Oxford and the Imperial College) is one of the hardest universities in the world to get into and people ONLY get in on merit - with top (5%) marks in their qualifying exams. These institutions strive for academic genius, not for celebrity status. To suggest she'll get in because of who she is is just another one of these nit-picking snide remarks against the girl that this particular thread is littered with. Yes, her education has helped her but if you don't study hard, you don't get top marks in your exams.Avatar Image says: "Hermione is not a feminist. She is intelligent and confident. These are not synonyms for feminist. " I completely agree. I don't know where she's getting the idea that Hermione is a feminist. Since we haven't heard her say this until movie 5, I'd imagine this is how Yates interprets the character and told her to try and incorporate that into her performance. I don't know. There isn't one shred of canon evidence showing Hermione taking a stance on gender prejudice, or any shred of evidence that the magical world has any gender prejudice. Hermione is definitely an activist, but she fights for those creatures that are treated poorly by the Wizarding community, and if anything she would be keen to see no prejudice toward muggleborns. I don't really want to see a feminist!Hermione. Please. Avatar Image says: actually TDO, there IS evidence that Hermione is a feminist. In the sixth book when Harry is trying to figure out who The Half-Blood Prince is, Hermione gets upset at him for refering to it as a HE and she says things like "or SHE" so actually, this is a 'shred of evidence' that supports Hermione being a feminist. Just so everyone knows. Avatar Image says: When Emma says that Hermione is a feminist, she is referring to the movie Hermione. In POA, Emma was pink power ranger and in OotP, there seems to be a repeat of the ass kick Hermione we saw in the POA movie. The real essence of feminism is not punching boys and being loud and assertive. It's standing up for the rights of women AND doing something to correct this women discrimination. IN the books, Hermione stood up for SPEW more than women and in the movies, Emma swung aorund a tree rather than lobby for witch emancipation.Avatar Image says: Dr Seuss, maybe at some point in the past OxBridge had an Old Boy's network and did fall into the trap of looking for prestige over academic excellence, but eventually that was always going to lower the quality of students they received. It's an old prejudice that people still attach to OxBridge because of how difficult they are to get into. But in recent times they have focused very heavily on academic prowess, only accepting the students with the highest level of A grades or foreign equivalent. Emma will not get into Cambridge if she doesn't fit into that highest level, simple as. And how many celebs can you name who have attanded Oxbridge in recent years (and didn't deserve to)? On the 'Hermione as a feminist' argument, I was hoping people would realise that there isn't just one form of feminism. It isn't just about burning bras anymore. It's also about female affirmation when surrounded by males. And hasn't JKR also refered to this anyway? Avatar Image says: I might get that issue of the magazine. There's a free pair of sunglasses with it this month.Avatar Image says: S.Benj: "On the 'Hermione as a feminist' argument, I was hoping people would realise that there isn't just one form of feminism. It isn't just about burning bras anymore. It's also about female affirmation when surrounded by males. And hasn't JKR also refered to this anyway?" In the context of the audience of the books I would agree. Hermione is a role model for girls and is someone they can look up to. That makes her a role model. In the context of the books, I wouldn't say that Hermione is there to show that women can make strides *in the Wizarding World*. Sex doesn't seem to be an issue. I would say that she is affirming that muggle-borns are just as smart and able as pure-bloods. This is a very prominent theme. So while she may be showing women who read the books the intelligence and ability that women can have, the actual character does not make a stand for it, and Hermione herself does not want to prove that girls are just as clever as boys.Avatar Image says: "Dr Seuss, maybe at some point in the past OxBridge had an Old Boy's network" "had"? It still does! Avatar Image says: The last time I checked, it wasn't a bad thing that someone wanted to do well academically. Why is it so difficult for some of you to believe that Emma may just be good enough to attend Cambridge, and that she may desreve her place there? Here she is presenting a positive image of a young woman clearly interested in academic achievement and furthering her education and all some of you can do is look for negatives. What is WRONG with some of you?Avatar Image says: If I didn't know better I'd say that someone got rejected from Cambridge and is very jealous.Avatar Image says: Emma: I live in South America and never applied to Cambridge or Oxford, so no I was not rejected and no I am not jealous. T1690 I didn´t say she was stupid or didn´t study. What I said was that there are plenty of intelligent people around who study a lot and who will not be able to have the same chances as getting in as her. You can study hard and still have few chances of attending OxBridge. Her upbringing and status will help her an awful lot!Avatar Image says:

I’m sure Emma with her results stands a good chance of getting in to Cambridge on merit, as would Dan actually, whatever he says about not being academic.

However… T1690: “So tell me, who are all these famous people at Oxford and Cambridge that don’t deserve to be there?”

er the royal princes (previous generation) for a start..? They were not high academic achievers.

I was interviewed by two Cambridge colleges and I was one of only TWO people in total from a state school background being interviewed out of around 20 plus 10 in those two sessions, and I was the ONLY person who would need a grant to go there (yes those subjects were discussed believe it or not!). And the other candidates talked quite openly about their ‘school ties’ with that college, fully expecting to get in on that basis.

Yes, there are very high achievers who go to Oxbridge and the Unis presumably take the best from those people they choose to interview. But there is also an element of who is chosen for the interviews to begin with, based partly on school ties. Have you seen Porterhouse Blue, an excellent dark comedy set in a ‘fictional’ (but quite obviously based on one real, though exaggerated) Oxbridge college?

Many self-respecting state schools do encourage their most talented students to apply. I went to a University known as an ‘Oxbridge reject’ Uni because of the large number of rejects in its ranks, and all of those I knew were from state schools.

btw just like to say I am HEARTILY glad I never got in so am not at all jealous! I would have had a hideous time there.

Avatar Image says:

I just love Emma, she is the perfect actress for Hermione’s script. Though I really think that Emma is a lot prettier than Bonnie (Ginny) and in the HBP Ginny is described by Rowling almost as the perfect girl, but I do like Bonnie as Ginny, though I think Emma is a lot prettier.

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