Today Show Reveals “Deathly Hallows” Deluxe Edition Cover Art


Jun 08, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

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The Deluxe Edition Cover Art for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows US edition is right here!

The box art is here!

This morning NBC’s Today Show featured a first look at the cover of the Special Deluxe Edition Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. According to the official Today show blog, this edition with a print run of 100,000 copies, will retail for $65 and contain 816 pages. Arthur Levine, US editor of the Harry Potter books, is noted in the article as saying that the Special Edition cover art is from one of his favorite scenes in the book, and was an image he specifically asked to be featured on the Deluxe cover. Scholastic Vice President and Creative Director, David Saylor describes the scene as:

“Set during a highly dramatic sunset, Harry, Hermione, and Ron–clothes in tatters–cling atop a flying dragon in this astonishing artwork created by Mary GrandPré for the deluxe edition. As mist creeps down towering hillsides to a village below, questions arise about where the trio is headed and what has led them to this spellbinding moment.”

Update: The Harry Potter Scholastic website now features the Deluxe Edition cover art as well as the option to explore, up close, this amazing new cover.

We also now have available the high res images of this new cover as well as the Deluxe Edition packaging!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Deluxe Cover Art
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Deluxe Cover Box

More news is coming in on this cover, we will update shortly.

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Avatar Image says: Unicorn - I didn't even notice that. That is way cool.Avatar Image says: Medicine bag/pouch, I thout that he was wearing the slytherin locketAvatar Image says: So much for the theory of Ginny tagging along? Should we assume that they visit Ron's brother Charlie in Romania, therby getting Norbert. Maybe Ginny does go along, but then remains behind with Charlie? Hmm... 43 days and we shall know :) Avatar Image says: Wow, that's so interesting. I wonder what dragon it is?Avatar Image says: Looks like Norbet is coming back then ?? :PAvatar Image says: OMG that looks so cool! Squee! Can't wait!Avatar Image says: By now the slip of the pen has been mentioned several times, but seeing the good news I should rather like to compliment you on the good work and not take a tiny mistake that is easily corrected too seriuosly. Thanks Leaky!Avatar Image says: EEEK! I want to have that book in my hands so I can bury myself in my bed for a week, reading like a thousand times!Avatar Image says: The closer it gets, and the more info we get, the more excited I get!!! I may not be able to breathe by July 21st!Avatar Image says: I knew norbert was coming back! I predicted this in my deathly hallows prediction quiz. At least I think it's norbert...anyway, i think that harry, ron, and hermione are flying over godric's hallow, it has to be! You can clearly see that their clothes are all torn. I love the description of the cover!Avatar Image says: It doesn't surprise me that Harry befriends Norbit, as he is a powerful wizard which will be shown finally in the last book. I think there will be alot of surprises ,to some, where Harry is concerned!!!! What a gorgeous cover! I want this BOOK!Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG! Here we go for the last time. Sob.... Baby Norbert, my oh my, how he's grown! Unless it's the nasty Hungarian horntail... I wonder whether this scene is the escape from Gringrotts or whatever the place is on the UK kids cover. Hmmmm..... This is so exciting!!!!Avatar Image says: Doesn't anyone wonder how you ride a dragon in the first place!?!?! Maybe it is norbert, but not only are the clothes in taters, but so are the dragon's wings!Avatar Image says: I wonder if Harry is able to speak to the dragon via parseltongue as well? They didn't actually show the cover, I take it? Can't see it.Avatar Image says: I wonder where they are going to or from? Why is Ron's clothes in tatters? This is sooo cool.Avatar Image says: Hi-Res? Please...Avatar Image says: Wouldn't it be cool if that was Norbert?!?!Avatar Image says: OMG! levine says this is from his fave scene in the book, and he specifically requested for this to be the deluxe. goodness. how epic is this! thier clothes in tatters, atop a dragon, flying to an unbeknownst fate. (lol) or something along those lines... IM SO EXCITED!!!Avatar Image says: Just like in the UK kids' edition, Harry is not wearing wizarding robes, while Ron and Hermione are. Hmmm... And I love the way that Hermione is clinging to dear life to the flying dragon.Avatar Image says: I think Edward's keyboard is excited! LOL The scholastic website has the magnifier thing on it: Avatar Image says: This cover art is Beyond the Beyond!!!! Mary GrandPre you are so incredible!!!! This is an Eastern Dragon, and I think baby Norbert's egg came from that-a-way... Again---no wands! Where do you think they are? all white buildings with red roofs? and what are those reddish brown things on the left side beyond the plowed fields?Avatar Image says: This is awesome! I'm going to check it out with the magnifier at (Thanks Jenny for the address)Avatar Image says: this is just making me not able to wait the 42 days that i need to. i can't stand it! this cover is amazing and i wish i was getting that edition! haha. i was always all for neville and ginny going through it with the trio even if harry/ron/hermione didn't like the idea (ginny was never one to listen to her brothers...)but i'm standing by it, just because i want it to be true. :) excellent cover!!! ahh, man, i want the book, now! -Muggle-Born-WitchAvatar Image says: This is huge! What could this mean? My brain hurts...Avatar Image says: This picture makes me cry [not joking ]and I haven't even started reading the book yet. I think it is Norbert,he must have been in some fight with them but where are they headed? To Hogwarts ,maybe.Avatar Image says: I was hoping we'd see more of Charlie, and am so hoping this picture indicates a visit to Romania. Am very glad to have it confirmed that Ron and Hermione come along for the journey, and am mildly relieved to see Ginny does NOT. Someone's got to go to Hogwarts and rally the students in the absence of the Trio, and who better than Ginny (with Neville and Luna assisting)?Avatar Image says: Maybe Hermione can't hold herself up because she's hurt. I definantly think that it's Norbert and that they are flying over Godric's Hollow. Maybe we get to learn a little more about Charlie Weasley. Avatar Image says: That dragon looks rather elderly to be Norbert unless dragons age in more in like dog years. Norbet would only be 7 years old. The dragon does look like he could be blind, perhaps that’s why Harry is more focused because he has to be the dragon’s eyes.Avatar Image says: Wow! I can't wait to read this scene in the book! It looks amazing.Avatar Image says: OHMYGAH, flajiel;er2l, are they in Romania?! AHH!Avatar Image says: The dragon does have black ridges on its back ... could be Norbert, but agree the dragon looks old or battleworn so ... hmmmm ... you got to love Mary GrandPré's work! *goes back to have another look*Avatar Image says: Oh. My. God.Avatar Image says: I deplore the fact that the trio is depicted as children and not as teenagers. Very irritating. I suspect, as well, that the dragon is Norbert and that they are somewhere in Central Europe, if we look at the color of the tiles on the roofs of the houses. So we now know that they travel out of the British Isles. How interesting!Avatar Image says: Those houses do not look British. They look more like the housing in the Alps. So are they flying from where Charlie works in Romania.Avatar Image says: Now that I can breathe..what is Harry wearing? It doesn't look like regular fabric; I don't know what it is! And what is that black thing behind Hermione?Avatar Image says: Dragons tend to age reather slowly, hence why they live for several millenia. Norbert would only be 7 yrs old... Could the Dragon be an Animagus of someone? Aberforth Dumbledore perhaps?Avatar Image says: It looks like an Antipodean Opaleye (Fantastic Beasts pg 11) a less aggressive dragon, which is native to the valleys New Zealand but is sometimes found in Australia. Could they be Down Under?Avatar Image says: Jessie, I think that's Hermione's clothes flying in the windAvatar Image says: Jesse K - Regarding your question, I think the black thing behind Hermione is her robes in tatters being wind blown. Avatar Image says: the question is why are they on a dragon??Avatar Image says: Harry love Ginny TOO MUCH to let her come along. But Ginny is a strong girl, and if she wants to do something she is going to do it. I will be intresting to see how he convinced her to stay. Maybe she did come along and is not shown in this sceen. I still think that Ron and Herimone are the ones who are going to die. Avatar Image says: OMG. This is making me cry. Probably from nerves. And my connection with dragons. OMG!!!Avatar Image says: Oh. My. God. Good thing I reserved the Deluze Edition months ago, this is too good. I think the dragon is Norbert, and that the're flying over Godric's Hollow. Anyone?Avatar Image says: Is Norbert a hornbill(?) dragon? because this one definitely is. Also all three look to be hurt/have scratches. Both Hermione's and Ron's robes are in tatters. The dragon's wings are also tattered. Also if you notice that just like on the UK kids book cover, Harry is the only one not wearing a robe. Also Hermione is laying with her legs extended while both Ron and Harry are straddling the dragon, which portends that Hermione has suffered another injury. The sky and the river are sharing that same orange color from the other book covers so maybe they are headed to that final showdown. Though, in the regular US book cover Harry is wearing the same robe as Voldemort, possesses a locket (real or fake), and is unscathed (unhurt)so perhaps they are just escaping- maybe a showdown at the wedding (I doubt it because of the dragon (unless Charley borught back one) or at Hogwarts, which Harry said he would not be going back to (which might explain why he's not wearing a robe). As for location, I have no idea but it's some place mountainous/or filled with hills- whatever those are. Interesting fact is that Harry is still wearing the green shirt on the deluxe US cover that he's wearing on the regular one so this has to be the same day.Avatar Image says: This cover is so confusing (and disappointing, because I don't really want a dragon, lol) How would they even ride a dragon in the first place, when we know how dangerous they are. Unless the dragon is tame (maybe one of Charlie's pets??) or if they learn an animal-controlling spell, or if it's not a true dragon and is an animagus or a part-dragon. Maybe Harry is reaching up toward the dragon on the other US cover, and Voldemort is blocking himself from the dragon? I really hope the dragon isn't a huge part of the story... Eragon is the dragon fantasy book of today, not HP... Avatar Image says: Of course, Harry could have two green shirts.Avatar Image says: What is Harry wearing ... something made from fur or dragon hide?Avatar Image says: wow! thanks for the high def pics, sooo much better than the magnifier on the Scholastic page... that made me dizzy! This is really amazing!!Avatar Image says: I was just on JK's website, and the room with the locked door, has the view of the same type of houses that is displayed on the cover art. Interesting...Avatar Image says: It's funny. I did a Google Images search for "mountains albania", and the first result comes from the Lexicon!!!! It looks like the cover art!Avatar Image says: It's seems more an Antipodean Opaleye (the scales, the no puplis...) but... why an Opaleye in UK? Or why the trio in New Zeland or Australia?Avatar Image says: Those so-called fields sort of look like a big cemetary and that would make sense because it is near the church, and the part above the fields/cemetary could be where the Riddle House is but this is assuming the fields are a cemetary which I doubt.Avatar Image says: Am I the only one, who finds Hermione's position to be somewhat odd? It looks, as if she were lying on the dragon. By the way: Here's my guess. The dragon is Norbert, and that's why the Trio is allowed to ride on him.Avatar Image says: holy molly!!! A DRAGON!!!!!! :D :D :D I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks its Norbet :pAvatar Image says: Christi, I'm pretty sure Romania (and prob. Albania as well) has loads of geography similar to this (old national geographic mags...). I kind of assoc. that part of the world with (still today) having isolated areas with ancient customs; gypsy country, if you will...Avatar Image says: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!11 DRAAGGGOONNNNNNN!!! CHARLIE WEASLEY! CLOTHES IN TATTERS - WHYWHYWHY?! (thisiswhytheylockmeuplolxD) I am OH SO EXCITED :D :D :DAvatar Image says: Yeah, but Norbert never showed any real affection toward the trio. In fact he burned Ron remember, and they were so sick of him by the end. I don't see even Norbert allowing them to ride him. That's what's so odd about it. I can't see any dragon just allowing them to ride it unless they were able to find some sort of spell to control it. Even the dragon controllers had to go through a lot of trouble in the 4th book.Avatar Image says: I thought KRUM and BULGARIA! Off to check the description in the Lexicon...Avatar Image says: You know, I would really like this copy, but apparently Borders can't take orders for it anymore. Avatar Image says: hello! isn't Harry wearing a strange sort of jacket? like with golden feathers or something... ...just wondering!I'm sooo excited! ;) BTW...i really really want a chapter title revealed or something!!! :D:D:DAvatar Image says: Alba, I thought it might be dragon hide, but it could also be feathers or fur, I suppose ... *wonders*Avatar Image says: Since dragons are too dangerous to ride, it makes sense that it is an animagus.Avatar Image says: Not Norbert! Norbert (according to Ron) was a Norwegian Ridgeback, this is clearly an old Opaleye. I like the Alberforth animagus idea which ties in nicely with his supposed goat prefference. In addition, obviously mountanous terrain, could be albania/Rumania/ Scotland. Also appears to be a castle by the river (under the dragon's shin. Maybe a giant on left next to fieldAvatar Image says: It looks more like Austria to me, because the mountains are bit steep for Albania. Couldn't say what Rumania looks like. It looks like the trio and dragon have been attacked and slashed, but also as if they are on the lookout for another attack. Why does it have to take soooo long? But with all the hints and secrecy I still gather that Jo Rowling has doen it again and written a lovely complex plot!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD. They're flying on a DRAGON!? Is it Norbert!? Dragons aren't tame! More messed up clothes! I'm glad they said it's Hermione because it doesn't really look like her, and I bet there would have been lots of arguments about it. I can't wait for this book to come out!Avatar Image says: I think someone on the forums has guessed the Dragon's type: There is only one dragon that is not dangerous to humans and that have no pupils: The Antipodean Opaleye is considered by wizards worldwide to be one of the most beautiful species of dragon. They are found in New Zealand but are known to migrate to Australia when territory is scarce. It weighs between two and three tons and its flames are bright scarlet. Described as having iridescent, pearly scales and multi-coloured pupil-less eyes, the Opaleye never kills humans, its favourite food being sheep. Its eggs are pale grey and may be mistaken for fossils by Muggles. A series of kangaroo killings in the 1970s were attributed to a male Opaleye ousted by a dominant female.Avatar Image says: Well...Jo did say Harry was going to get a new pet;) I wonder if this dragon is it???Avatar Image says: It's gotta be Norbert. *Rushes off to find Dragon Lover.*Avatar Image says: They're riding off into the sunset after their victory in the final battle!! Seeing this cover, I am even more excited about this book (my mixed emotions have passed and now I just want to read it!!!)!!!Avatar Image says: A little side note, but even Hermione on book covers doesn't have bushy hair. I think it's all an anti-bushy hair conspiracy. Anyways, back to seriousness. I like the animagus idea. It would make a lot of sense. Aberforth might be able to change form even if he couldn't read. I mean if Pettigrew managed, I think anyone else could. I think it's interesting how they specifically mention the mist in the description. Could it be dementors breeding? Avatar Image says: The dragon CAN'T be Norbert as much as we would all love it to be. This dragon is too old and also notice it's arms. Norbert's wings were attatched to his arms like a bat. Same with the dragons in GoF. This is more of an oriental dragon of sorts. I rather like the Animagus idea. Think about it. Dragons are immune to magic, so no spell could control it. They are extremely fierce and would NEVER let anyone ride them. So it has to be an Animagus... *cough* Aberforth?Avatar Image says: Seeing as how heavily forested and mountainous it is, I am guessing it is an ALBANIAN village they are flying over, not a/an English/Irish/Scottish one.Avatar Image says: Just a reminder for the large jump in pages from the regular book printing: In the previous deluxe edition of Half-Blood Prince, the remaining pages were full-page renditions of each of the images from each chapter and from the title page. So, one chapter image=one page, plus one title image=one page. These Mary GrandPre image pages were NOT numbered, and for those two editions on, they are both listed as having the same number of pages. SO---I believe that perhaps this time, they are numbering the GrandPre artwork pages. If so, there are 32 chapters??!?Avatar Image says: >Sorry if someone already said this, but why on earth would they NEED to ride a dragon? They can all apparate! I think there are at least two possibilities: 1.) wherever they want to go are Anti-Apparating Charms (who knows, maybe they are even going to Hogwarts) 2.) because of her injury Hermione can't apparate and they had to find other ways to transport her. By the way @ everyone, who think it's an Opal Eye: You have convinced me. Avatar Image says: I think they're in New Zealand...that's where the opaleye is from, and if you google pictures of NZ, there's TONNES of mountains. Some that look a lot like the book cover. Avatar Image says: I think someone on the forums has guessed the Dragon's type: There is only one dragon that is not dangerous to humans and that have no pupils: The Antipodean Opaleye is considered by wizards worldwide to be one of the most beautiful species of dragon. They are found in New Zealand but are known to migrate to Australia when territory is scarce. It weighs between two and three tons and its flames are bright scarlet. Described as having iridescent, pearly scales and multi-coloured pupil-less eyes, the Opaleye never kills humans, its favourite food being sheep. Its eggs are pale grey and may be mistaken for fossils by Muggles. A series of kangaroo killings in the 1970s were attributed to a male Opaleye ousted by a dominant female. Posted by chocolateisnotforbreakfast on June 8, 2007 at 11:17 AM where do you get this info. is it in fantastic beasts and where to find them book? Avatar Image says: I am parted on whether it is or is not Norbert. The trio were with him for a short time and it was 7 years ago (from this point in the story) I doubt he would remember them or that he would be full-grown like the dragon pictured. I guess that dragons could grow big fast, but this one looks like an old dragon, not just big. Also Norwegian Ridgebacks (like Norbert) have bronze horns and this one's horns are white. I also think that it could be just any random dragon under the imperius curse. They depicted the 'imperioused' state as having those milky eyeballs in the movies, and whether I don't remember that from the book, it could be a possibility seeing as dragons aren't likely to let random people ride them... Also I doubt that it's an Antipodean Opaleye dragon because its eyes are described as glittering, MULTICOLORED, with no pupils. (Though if the imperius eyes characteristic is accurate, and it is being imperioused it COULD be an Antipodean Opaleye) There are many possibilities!Avatar Image says: I do love Dragons! wondering about the how? and the why? Dragon transportation too; they're really big...powerful...and full of ancient magic...they know things...(i loved the 'harry's new pet' a few posts back). They might be really fast if time is a factor.Avatar Image says: A little side note, but even Hermione on book covers doesn't have bushy hair. I think it's all an anti-bushy hair conspiracy. LOL T.D.O You joke brought a relief to me, after stressing out about dragon and 42 days of wait! Thank you!Avatar Image says: I love this site...Count on *someone* to find answers here, haha!! I like the "old Opaleye" theory--that dragon definitely looks aged (battered wings and a sort of beard) and definitely fits the description. Can we say Gringotts dragon?? EEEE! :DAvatar Image says: omg!!! this is by far the most exciting piece of news in weeks!!!!Avatar Image says: Wohh x a million! Looks scary! Wow I can't wait!!! Shame its not in the UK,I love the US artwork.Avatar Image says: that is just plain GORGEOUS. The cover art has gotten better each time.Avatar Image says: Ahhh Norbert is back!Avatar Image says: IMHO it's an old opaleye and they are flying over Romania or somewhere near Romania - that is where Charlie's dragon research centre is. It also answers why a dragon from the Antipodes is in Europe - it's there for research purposes! Charlie has let them have it, or decided it's the most appropriate and safest type of dragon for them to have. Remember there are only 10 breeds of dragon - surely a research centre would have specimens of all 10 breeds! I just can't wait to find out for sure ... only 6 weeks to go!!Avatar Image says: Norbert!!!!Avatar Image says: Well, this answers the age-old question of "Will Ron and Hermione stay in Hogwarts as watchmen for Harry or will they accompany him on his horcrux hunt?" BTW, seeing as how heavily forested and mountainous it is, I it is probably an ALBANIAN village they are flying over, not a/an English/Irish/Scottish one. Avatar Image says: Possible giant between the four fingers of mist, between two middle fingers coming from left lower side right next to fields (kinda looks like previous drawing of grawp) facing toward the river. Maybe fighting two other giants, and might be a fourth giant following grawp at the tree edge. Probably just imaginin'Avatar Image says: I definitely think it's an Opaleye. Sorry Norbert! No horcrux hunting for you. I looked at the supposed giant but I just don't see it. I think it's just a tree.Avatar Image says: Based on what they're wearing, it seems pretty clear now that Harry does not go back to Hogwarts, yet Ron and Hermione do (assuming those are Hogwarts robes...otherwise, why wouldn't Harry be wearing them?). So, I guess the "leaving from Bill and Fleur's wedding" is out; Ron and Hermione must leave--for this leg of the journey, at least--from Hogwarts. So, what the heck *is* Harry wearing? That jacket looks so odd... This pic is the "squee" heard 'round the world.Avatar Image says: The location - chalet style houses, bridge, river, mountains - looks Central European to me. It reminds me of Austria, but many other locations would fit. Definitely not British.Avatar Image says: With the sun so low in the sky, and artistic license...still, the dragon's wings are tattered. Something could have happened to this dragon to make it's appearance different than it usually is. Avatar Image says: Is the dragon Dumbledore?Avatar Image says: OK...also look closely at Ron and Hermione. They are wearing school robes while Harry is not. Hogwarts must still be in sessionAvatar Image says: *Hyperventilates* Oh my God, Oh my God, oh my God. I am dying here! I cannot wait any longer!! *Squeals*Avatar Image says: If the dragon is not an Opaleye, maybe it's been hypnotized or is being controlled somehow by that odd jacket that Harry is wearing. Maybe that jacket is made of enchanted dragonhide? Just a leap with what could be going on there. The "giants" look more like rocky cliffsides to me, but I can see how it sort of looks like a giant or two.Avatar Image says: Brooke - The Opaleye has pearly scales, the dragon in the picture has copper coloured scales. That can clearly be seen if you zoom in on the picture. There is only one dragon that has copper coloured scales - the Peruvian Vipertooth. There is no other dragon it could possibly be. It's definitely not Norbert, because Norbert has black scales. So does the Hebridean Black and the Horntail. Other dragons are mostly green or red, except for the Snortsnout which is silvery-blue and the Ironbelly which is grey. It is definitely a Peruvian Vipertooth. So the question is, what are Harry, Ron and Hermione doing in Peru?Avatar Image says: So, Hermione is totally laying down, as if they'd been flying through the night??? It's like she lifting her head a little, as if she just woke up?? She seems like she's just relaxing more than she is clutching?Avatar Image says: Someone earlier mentioned the village looking like the one through the window on JKR's locked door page. It seems to me that even the countryside is similar...Avatar Image says: I really don't think anyone would be able to voluntarily fall asleep on a dragon. However, maybe she got knocked unconscious and is only now waking up.Avatar Image says: Liz M - scales reflect the sunset which makes them reflect the red color... not necessarily red scales. Also Peruvian Vipertooth are small sized and eat humans. So I'm definitely sure is isn't a Peruvian Vipertooth.Avatar Image says: Norbert!!!!!!!!!! How we've missed yeh! I'm sooooo glad I preordered the deluxe edition!!!!! -BAvatar Image says: I definately think that the buildings look East/central European, like pine houses found in the forests from Germany eastwards. So Abania would be great!! It would be great if it was Norbert but he's not looking very Norweigen Ridgeback style. Will have to wait *chews hand off in agonising suspense*Avatar Image says: it looks as if hermy is gonna slip off.........and i think the dragon is norbet coz even when norbet was a baby , he was very long....and may be hagrid persuaded him to carry the trio....and i thik the place is little hamgleton...did anyone notice the bridge below...what do yeh think it is??Avatar Image says: Actually Chandi, iridescent means rainbow-colored, I looked it up. Those scales do not look rainbowish or pearly, however a Vipertooth is way too dangerous. Vipertooths love to eat humans there is no way they could ride one. The least dangerous to humans are the Opaleye and the Welsh Green. It can't be the Welsh Green though, obviously it is not green. If it is a purebreed dragon, the closest is the Opaleye, however it is not really pearly or iridescent, but maybe its losing its shine because it's old. Who knows. Or it could be a mixed breed or an animagus. By the way, there are all dragon breeds in Romania. Romania has the largest dragon reservation and wizards from everywhere come to study them there. This is in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book under the Romanian Longhorn section.Avatar Image says: It's all in the arms and wings. This dragon is unlike Norbert and the Dragons from the Triwizard Tournament. Those dragons all had wings that were attached to their arms like a bat. This one is more oriental and has wings coming out of his back. Harry's jacket is made of dragonhide or atleast covered in dragon scales which are immune to magic, so it's sort of like a bullet proof vest, only for magic? Hermione's cloak should be blowing back, as they are flying forward, so why is it blowing to the side? Ron's hood is blowing in the right direction! I suppose it could be an opal eye, but at least we do know that it is NOT Norbert, as this dragon is much too old and the arms, horns, and wings do not match.Avatar Image says: The dragon is not Norbert, a Peruvian Vipertooth, an Antipodean Opaleye, or a Horntail. It's Saphira. Eragon sent her to rescue the Trio.Avatar Image says: Aberforth the animagus dragon? Wouldn't Draco the Dragon fit better? Just like Sirius the Dog?Avatar Image says: Okay, looking at the art, I first got the idea of the village being "Godric's Hollow", it being a focal point in the "Deathly Hallows". And as for the dragon, I first got the impression of Norbert, but after noticing that It didn't really look like Norbert (Norwegian Ridgeback) I thought the Hungarian Horntail, maybe because Charlie (Ron's Brother) lent them a dragon to transport on. Just my theory.Avatar Image says: OMGosh! What a surprise! Aaagh! Is that Norbert?!!Avatar Image says: again harry is wearing that locket.........Avatar Image says: Actually I thought this was the first time he was not wearing the locket. Where do you see that at?Avatar Image says: If you put the lens over the dragon's eye, it looks yellow and you can see it's black pupil Could be the light in it's eyes that make them look cloudy. It may very well be Romaina. Perhaps the trio went to visit Charlie in order to get a dragon...that could explain the tattered robes. -BAvatar Image says: Holy Toledo! That's amazing!!! I can't wait! It's also amazing how I was actually watching the Today Show about an hour I guess before they showed it (if this news post was written shortly afterward, that is). OMG!!! I may freak out! What does it mean??? Is it just me or is Harry wearing the same thing he is on the regular cover? Yay!!!Avatar Image says: as our ol' buddy Bob Dylan sez,"things have changed" for l'il Draco as of the end of HBP. I'm hoping for something good to happen in his sphere, but I kind of associate Dragons with ...things bigger than mere mortals/wizards...still, you can't deny Draco the does tickle the old brain.Avatar Image says: I am too incoherent at the moment after seeing this cover to even begin to formulate some reasonable thoughts and theorize. This is by far the most gorgeous - at least in my opinion - that Mary Grandpre has ever created for this series.Avatar Image says: The dragon has a pig snout much like Grawp. Haha, what if Grawp were an animagus?Avatar Image says: "It's Saphira. Eragon sent her to rescue the Trio." Hilarious. just hilarious. Anyway, yeah. if it turns into eragon, I'd be upset (not that I don't like the inheritence series. it's just that harry potter is not eragon). but I highly doubt it will. nevertheless, this plotline (whatever it is) promises to be awesome. I officially love book 7. And I haven't even read it yet. -fishAvatar Image says: The mist was mentioned. Maybe dementors??? Maybe the mist of Scotland??? Maybe Charlie has become the best Dragon handeler of all time.Avatar Image says: Unn.. Unn.. Uhhh... Looks like hermy is falling down, she doesn't look like she's straddling it ... Ok, that's all I have for now.. gotta run.. I'll take a closer look later! Woah... A dragon?!Avatar Image says: I don't think it is too important to think about what kind of dragon it is on the cover. I think it is more important to consider where they are. We can tell by the color of the sky that it is around the same time of the normal DH US cover. I believe it is before, sometime around the start of sunrise on the deluxe edition, and very early morning on the normal version. Also, I know a lot of people are thinking the place is Godrics Hollow, which is what I initially thought, but after looking at the picture closer, I now think that it is Hogsmeade or somewhere near Hogwarts. If you'll notice, there is a spot in the bottom half of the picture that resembles a graveyard. Around the time the 3rd Harry Potter film was released on DVD, one of the extra features videos had an interview. It said that Alfonso Cauron wanted to place a graveyard at one place in the movie, but JK wouldn't let him because she said it would be somewhere else later in the series. Also, does that mean a graveyard will come into play in this book, because we haven't seen one yet. What do you guys think?Avatar Image says: Woohoo!! That's got to be Norbert! Too awesome! Can I change my pre-order to a special edition???Avatar Image says: bratpack, read the scholastic description that came with the artwork! "..during a highly dramatic sunset..."Avatar Image says: OMG Baby Norbert is all grown up...maybe? My prediction is that they went to Gringotts to get the last Horcrux (as depicted in the UK cover art) and, as dragons are supposed to guard the special vaults at Gringotts, they found Norbert or another dragon and somehow tamed him (don't ask how, I'm wondering that myself o_O) and, since it's sunset like in the US regular cover, they are heading to the final battle...dun dun DUN!Avatar Image says: Whoops! You are all correct; they ARE flying at sunset, as described by Arthur Levine. But... muggles could still see them, doncha think? Where could they be? What if they are behind the veil? What if there is a parallel universe (so to speak) and they were unable to apparate there- so, to travel, they would need a dragon?? Wow: far-fetched, I know, but Jo has taken us to some wild places before.Avatar Image says: It's Norbert's grear,great,great,great,great,great-grandad! Avatar Image says: What's the Hogwarts motto again? ;)Avatar Image says: A dragon, eh? Interesting...... though I am much more happy by the fact that the trio are once again featured together. Avatar Image says: I agree with you "chocolateisnotforbreakfast". Another dragon JKR? Didn't you that in book 4? Also in what world would a dragon let you ride on it's back?Avatar Image says: Trogdor!!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself.Avatar Image says: I'm wondering how they come to ride a dragon though.. They aren’t exactly tame or friendly enough to do that. *shrugs* though Harry does seem to have a bit of a gift with wiled creatures. Buckbeak, theastrals and now a dragon. Hope it is Norbert though that would be pretty cool to see him again.Avatar Image says: I think they're flying away from Hogwarts. If you use the magnifier on the Scholastic site you can see a feint outline of a castle just to the left of the dragons back foot. And the bridge by it's front foot is a railway bridge, which would make the village that they're flying over Hogsmeade. That would all seem to suggest that the vault that the trio are in on the front of the UK kids cover must be somewhere at Hogwarts. I like it!!Avatar Image says: Could the dragon on this cover be the cause of the flames in Harry's glasses on the Children's UK cover? All I know is this cover are is beautiful. Just lovely. It's getting me more and more excited for next month! SQUEEEE!Avatar Image says: Interesting to note that Ron and Hermione seem to be in school robes, but Harry does notAvatar Image says: Omg! A dragon? Okay, does this have anything to do with the dragons at Gringotts? Maybe it's Norbert! Lol. Where would they get a dragon and why on EARTH would they ride it?????????!!!!Avatar Image says: Perhaps Harry is rescuing them from Hogwarts? Not sure why they'd need rescuing exactly, and certainly have no idea why they'd need a rescue-via-dragon, but... Ron and Hermione are definitely in robes, and Harry is most definitely not. Avatar Image says: May i say awesome cover but can i point out One Thing: Arthur Levine says 'Led The to this SPELLBINDING Moment' and looking as Harry has got the sames clothes as the cover i believe this is the journey AFTER HARRY has BEAT Voldy!!!!Avatar Image says: Riding a dragon is a quite outworn motif. Riding a Thestrale was much more intriguing.Avatar Image says: I haven't read the rest of the comments and don't have time right now, but did anyone think Norbert when they saw the cover. The dragon has got to be Norbert.Avatar Image says: Maybe they're going to play Quidditch on dragons! It looks like the Opaleye is the best fit given previous info. I doubt it's an animagus: that just seems unfair to all those weaklings who can only turn into dogs, rats, and stags.Avatar Image says: The only thing that makes me think that it's an animagus form is the horns on its jaw. It looks like it has a small beard (Aberforth perhaps?!?!?)Avatar Image says: Guys the village... What if it is Little Hangleton??? You know, where Voldemorts parents house is? we've been there in the fourth book, and its a really important setting; its where voldemort was reborn again. I dunno why, but i have this image of the Riddle House still being Death Eater headquaters. And all the crazy muggles in the village being frightened and suspicious about happenings in the House again. That would be so awesome. I might as well write a fanfic, the idea appeals to me so much lol. And that Dragon could be... Norbert? it would make more sense then it just being some random dragon. argh so cool. And it is sunset again. SUNSET. it was sunset on your US cover and sorta orangey on the British one (assuming that it is sky and not some sort of substance.) so this occurs on the way to the US cover slash on the way back from that scene (which in my mind would be an anticlimatic thing to have on a cover if the US is the climax)Avatar Image says: Hermione's position can be explained by her location between the wings. She could not straddel the beast as the other two do. An animagus! what an intersting prospect. But why not apparate, if they know the exact location of their destination. May be they do not know precisely where they are heading, hence the need of a third and knowledgable party, the dragon. All of this is facinating.Avatar Image says: Hm... This dragon doesn't seem to have claws. Just fingers (sort of). Though I'm inclined to think it's Norby, wasn't he a NOWEGIAN Ridgeback? O.o JKR specifically pointed out that the Antipodean Opaleyes have no pupils, so I'm just going to concede that this isn't Norbert, sadly. But she also says that dragons cannot be domesticated, so WTH? And someone's Animagus form is just ridiculous. Animagi use their forms for specific reasons. And think of the power it would take to transform into something that big--somone very powerful. Aberforth does NOT come to my mind. Someone who'd want to guard their treasure, maybe. ^_^Avatar Image says: The girl on the dragon isn't Hermione, it's Ginny. She was abducted while at Hogwarts (thus the robe) by Deatheaters and Ron and Harry are rescuing her. Ginny is unable to apparate so they needed a way for all three of them to escape together.Avatar Image says: Note that Ron and Hermione are in (tattered) school robes....Harry isn't...!!! =)Avatar Image says: Good call, Laurie. If it isn't Hermione, then is probably isn't Ron either...the boy in back is also wearing a robe. Someone else they rescued? Zacharias?Avatar Image says: Well Ron has lived in the wizarding world his entire life and unlike Harry, more often then not, wears wizard clothing. So it could be he's wearing a robe that while it happens to be black isn't a school robe at all.Avatar Image says: Zacharias would be blonde. there'd be more resemblance between him and malfoy than him and Ron lol.Avatar Image says: Okay, so if Ron and Hermione are in school robes and Harry's not, then maybe they went back to Hogwarts and the school was attacked and Harry had to rescue them? Or maybe Harry just came from the Dursley's and that's why he's in muggle clothes, but why were Hermione and Ron in a fight then?Avatar Image says: David Saylor, Vice President, Creative Director, Scholastic described the art: "Set during a highly dramatic sunset, Harry, Hermione, and Ron--clothes in tatters--cling atop a flying dragon in this astonishing artwork created by Mary GrandPré for the deluxe edition. As mist creeps down towering hillsides to a village below, questions arise about where the trio is headed and what has led them to this spellbinding moment." IT IS HARRY, HERMIONE AND RON ON THE DRAGON. No ginny or anyone else involved. Thank goodness for that. I don't want anyone else involed in the trio's adventures.Avatar Image says: Ron and Hermione are scared b/c Harry is driving. (grin) Sorry. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is so exciting! I like the idea of the dragon being an animagus, and even better it being Draco, but I can't imagine Draco being able to pull that off. Huh. Maybe it's Snape.Avatar Image says: Laurie: The box cover description kind of kills off your theory: "Set during a highly dramatic sunset, Harry, Hermione, and Ron--clothes in tatters--cling atop a flying dragon in this astonishing artwork created by Mary GrandPré for the deluxe edition. As mist creeps down towering hillsides to a village below, questions arise about where the trio is headed and what has led them to this spellbinding moment."Avatar Image says: I don't know what you all are talking about. That is obviously Ron and Hermione with Harry on the dragon. It even says so on the page on Leaky. Unless that's not what you all are talking about...Avatar Image says: Norbert is back! Norbert is back! How exciting! I love this new picture. I want it framed in my office!Avatar Image says: I know you don't want to hear about the animagus idea, however it sort of fits. We all know Aberforth got in to a little trouble due to a "goat incident". If we are correct that it is an Opaleye dragon, the we must consider two things. One Opaleyes are the only dragons who do not attack humans, and their favourite food to eat is.......GOATS. Could that be the reason Aberforth had to be hidden away at the Hog's Head. Of course there is the argument about why some animagus transform in to meager little animals like dogs, cats, and so on. But you're forgetting one major thing. Abe is a Dumbledore. Perhaps Albus isn't the only powerful wizard in the family. Perhaps Abe just concentrated all his power in to his animagus skills which he is no longer able/permitted to use. Ooooo, it's a theory, and I know someone will shoot it down, but it was just a thought. Avatar Image says: Sorry to crush your dreams but that is NOt Norbert. So calm down...Avatar Image says: Sorry Laurie, but it isn't Ginny. During the interview, Authur Levine said, "Set during a highly dramatic sunset, Harry, Hermione and Ron--clothes in tatters..." Therefore it is the trio on the dragon. I am wondering what kind of dragon it is in the picture and am unsure as to whether or not it is before the final showdown or after. CoS definately depicted after the final showdown but the other covers have not. Who knows? But 42 days does seem a long way away. If their clothes are in tatters, I definately think they are trying to get to where Voldemort. Why don't they apparate? Because I think that wherever Voldy is, it isn't going to be a place someone can easily apparate to. Why a dragon? Fawkes is awesome but I don't think he could carry the trio to where they need to be. They happened upon this dragon at some point and if we can find a tame giant, a rebellious house elf, we can find a dragon that is willing to ferry the trio to their destination:)Avatar Image says: Yep Luna i believe you are correct. The mist could be from dementors. It could be Little Hangleton or Godrics HollowAvatar Image says: Nice! Wonder where the heck they're going, and if that IS Norbert, which would be very cool! Can't wait! I want the book in my hands!Avatar Image says: OMG.All I can say.Avatar Image says: mm.. I know u'll probably laugh at my ignorance.. but would someone plz tell me what's deluxe edition?? I mean I only know about the paperback and hardcover ones... and now I wanna purchase the Deathly hallows online.. only can't settle on which version to go for.. so can anyone help plz? *and ain't this cover so exciting.. OMG.. I was so sure there gonna be a dragon in this one.. maybe its baby Norbert.. only it's not so baby no more =D*Avatar Image says: what if it's half hippogriff? That would explain its friendly tameness, if it's not an animagus. lol. Or maybe it's Buckbeak/Witherwings disguised as a dragon to ward off the Death Eaters. Or maybe it really is a dragon and they need it to breathe fire on a horcrux to kill the soul hidden inside it. Maybe the horcrux is hidden in Albania, and they were visiting Charlie in Romania, so they decided to hop on a decent one or a half-breed. It can't be Draco, or Norbert. It is too old. See the white tufts of hair, the cracks on the horns, and the tattered wings? Unless the wings are not as a result of age, but it was in the same battle that Hermione and Ron were in. But what would do that to a dragon, which has really thick skin? I mean, you can't even get a spell to work on it...unless there was another dragon that it fought with and the wings were burned ... or dark magic...Avatar Image says: The stories seem to follow an arc. 2 and 6 are similar (hidden places with secret treasures, acromantula, etc.). 3 and 5 similar (e.g. Sirius, winged beasts harry flies on, etc.). 1 and 7 will presumably be similar. If so, this Dragon most likely came from or is strongly connected to Hagrid, and this scene is probably after/before some sort of confrontation with Draco. That's my two cents.Avatar Image says: So.Very.Exciting.Avatar Image says: !!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Does anyone think that this is a really, OLD dragon? I really think it's blind. While I would love it to be Dumbledore (wouldn't that be amazing?) I know it isn't true. But, I definitley think that the dragon has wierd eyes becuase it's blind. I mean, look at the wings, they're tattered, and he also has REEEALLLY wierd fingers.Avatar Image says: From the Harry Potter Lexicon: Dragons "It's hard to stop Muggles from noticing us if we're keeping dragons in the back garden - anyway, you can't tame dragons, it's dangerous." -- Ron Weasley (PS14) "You can't domesticate a dragon whatever Hagrid thinks. That's simply impossible." -- J.K. Rowling (RC) Dragons are the one of the most amazing magical creatures in the world. Dragons are terrifying and awe-inspiring as they take wing and breathe fire. Muggles remember them only as beasts from mythology, which is a credit to the ongoing efforts of the Ministries of Magic in many countries who work tirelessly to keep these huge beasts hidden. Wizards who work with them are called dragon keepers (Charlie Weasley is a dragon keeper in Romania). Typically, dragons are found in mountain habitats (FB), although there are exceptions. Breeds of Dragons There are ten breeds of dragons in the world: Antipodean Opaleye native to: New Zealand (and Australia) habitat: valleys appearance: iridescent, pearly scales size: medium eyes: glittering, multicolored, with no pupils flame: vivid red food: sheep eggs: pale grey Chinese Fireball (Liondragon) native to: China habitat: mountains (?) appearance: scarlet with a fringe of golden spikes around its face eyes: protruding flame: mushroom-shaped food: pigs, humans eggs: vivid crimson speckled with gold Common Welsh Green native to: Wales habitat: nests in higher mountains appearance: green flame: narrow jets food: sheep eggs: earthy brown speckled with green Hebridean Black native to: Hebrides Islands habitat: appearance: dark, rough scales, ridges along back, tail is spiked length: up to 30 feet eyes: bright purple food: deer Hungarian Horntail native to: Hungary habitat: appearance: black scales, bronze horns, spiked tail eyes: yellow, vertical pupils roar: yowling, screeching scream (GF19) flame: up to fifty feet food: goats, sheep, humans eggs: cement-colored with very hard shells Norwegian Ridgeback native to: Norway habitat: mountains appearance: black scales, bronze horns, black ridges on its back fangs: venomous (PS14) food: any large mammals, including water animals eggs: black Norway's topography consists largely of mountains, so it seems a fair deduction that the Ridgeback lives in the mountains of northern Norway, away from the majority of the Muggle inhabitants, who mostly live in the southern coastlands and valleys (Columbia). Peruvian Vipertooth native to: Peru habitat: mountains (?), probably eastern Peru appearance: smooth, copper-colored, short horns fangs: venomous size: small (15 feet) food: goats, cows, especially humans The habitat of the Peruvian Vipertooth is not discussed at length in (FB), so this is generally a matter of deduction. Since dragons in general prefer mountainous regions and (FB) ordinarily goes out of its way to note those species that have other preferences, it is reasonable to suppose that the Vipertooth prefers mountains. Given that the Vipertooth is native to Peru and that the wizarding world has successfully concealed its existence from Muggles, in fact, the only other reasonable possibilities for the Vipertooth's native habitat are the western desert, the central mountainous region, and the eastern rainforests. The desert seems unlikely, since it runs along the seacoast and is a relatively small region. The central mountains are a possibility, but the eastern mountains and rainforests have relatively few Muggle inhabitants and are difficult for Muggles to reach (Columbia), so eastern/northeastern Peru seems like the Vipertooth's most likely location. Romanian Longhorn native to: Romania (possibly the province of Transylvania in particular) habitat: mountains (?) appearance: dark green scales, long glittering golden horn Swedish Short-Snout native to: Sweden habitat: wild, uninhabited mountain areas appearance: silvery-blue flame: brilliant blue Since the Short-Snout prefers uninhabited mountain areas, this tells us that it specifically inhabits the mountains of northern Sweden; although this region takes up perhaps 2/3 of the country, most of the Muggle population lives in the remaining third, the southern lowlands (Columbia). Northwestern Sweden is of particular interest, since the western border of Sweden is Norway's eastern border, and Norway also supports a dragon species. Ukrainian Ironbelly native to: Ukraine (possibly the Transcarpathian Region that borders Romania and Hungary) habitat: mountains (?) - possibly Northern Carpathians appearance: metallic grey, long talons size: largest breed of dragon, up to six tons eyes: deep red The Transcarpathian Region of the southwestern Ukraine seems a likely candidate for the primary habitat of the Ironbelly for various reasons. It borders Hungary and Romania, both of which support dragon species of their own, so the region where the three countries touch is worthy of consideration as a dragon habitat for that reason alone. Since the Black Sea borders the Ukraine to the south, and (FB) particularly mentions that Ironbellies have been known to hunt in that area, this region is again indicated. The Northern Carpathian Mountains running through the Transcarpathian Region of the Ukraine continue into the Southern Carpathians, also known as the Transylvanian Alps. In addition to being a mountainous area, and thus a common sort of dragon habitat, the Carpathians are sparsely inhabited by Muggles (Columbia), which would help explain how the wizarding world has managed to hush up the existence of the Ironbelly, given that much of the rest of the Ukraine is very thoroughly in use by Muggles as farmland. Useful materials from dragons: bladder An inflated dragon's bladder was used in the ancient game of Stichstock. (QA2) blood There are twelve uses for dragons' blood, as discovered by Albus Dumbledore (PS6), and taught to first-year students (PS14). The twelfth use is oven cleaner (SFC). dung Dragon dung is sold by the barrel in Knockturn Alley (CS4). This may be related to its use as compost in Herbology. Great for sending to Percy Weasley at the Ministry of Magic as, uh, an example of fertilizer. Yeah, that's it (GF5). eggs Dragon eggs are defined as Class A Non-Tradeable Goods (FB). However, Chinese Fireball eggshells are highly prized as potion ingredients. Hagrid acquired a Norwegian Ridgeback egg from someone in a pub and hatched it in his hut. His wooden hut. heart Heartstring is used in wands as a magical core substance (GF18). hide Dragon hide is used to make clothing, often where Muggles would use leather, and particularly where the clothing is intended to double as protective gear. Dragon hide is in use to make boots (GF5), gloves (PS5), jackets (OP38), and shields (FB). Swedish Short-Snout skin is particularly sought-after (FB). horn powdered Romanian Longhorn horns are a Class B Tradeable material (FB). liver 16 sickles an ounce in Diagon Alley (corrections to PS). Other facts about Dragons Dragon breeding was outlawed by the Warlocks' Convention of 1709 (PS14). Books about dragons: Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland From Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper's Guide Men Who Love Dragons Too Much Dragon reservations: Romania: research center, many types of dragons live there Charlie Weasley is a dragon keeper here Hebrides: the MacFusty clan traditionally cares for their native dragons Wales: in the higher mountains Sweden: between Arjeplog and Kopparberg, the annual broom race goes right through it (QA2). Maybe some people will find this information helpful for their theories! Avatar Image says: CRAZINESS!!! This is just so exciting. Thanks for all that info ChandiAvatar Image says: Sorry to crush your dreams but that is NOt Norbert. So calm down... Posted by It'sNotNorbertSoCalmDownPeoples on How do you know that?Avatar Image says: Wow, I can imagine this deluxe cover being a very hot topic during the live Leaky podcast (or dominate the next pre-recorded one where John will think that Dawlish is an Animagus and can turn into an Opaleye dragon). I can just imagine all the theories to pop up on this very picture. And it's one of the chapter illustrations, but the big question is: Is it at the beginning, middle, the end or another section of the book that leads to the climax? Only July 21st can tell...Avatar Image says: Hmmm...verrrry interesting! It appears that the trio is flying over Godric's Hollow, but what have they escaped from? And why did a dragon of all creatures save them from possible peril? Could it maybe be a tamed Norbert or yet another Animagus? Or was the dragon simply helping them out cause it wanted to or was it sent by someone? So many possibilites...Avatar Image says: hey, what if Hagrid is the animagus and can turn into a dragon! :DAvatar Image says: It looks like Hermione is holding something, maybe something in a sack. It looks to me like a differenr colour/texture than the rest of the dragon, but maybe that's just me.Avatar Image says: Having been to NZ multiple times, the location doesn't particularly look to be in Aotearoa.Avatar Image says: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats soooooo cool i wish i had the money to buy a 65 dollar version but alas thats like five babysitting gigs in one ill settle for the regular oneAvatar Image says: A thought crossed my mind that it's not a real dragon, but a statue enchanted to life. The cracks in the dragon's horns reminded me of old marble statues. And its forearms are very long-fingered, as others have pointed out. The eyes, hair and arms make me think that it's more than just a dragon. If it is just a dragon, I still think that it looks hypnotized, like it's being controlled somehow. The eyes have that glazed-over look. Or maybe it's just a normal Opaleye. :)Avatar Image says: maybe it's norbert!!!!Avatar Image says: Did anyone else notice that Ron and Hermione appear to be wearing school robes but Harry is not?? Is that Godrics Hollow they are flying over? Is the dragon Norbert or a Hungarian Horntail? Harry has such a determined look on his face, I can't tell if they are headed somewhere or fleeing.Avatar Image says: Oh, why did I look! Ahhh!!! *straining* Must...avoid...spoilers...Avatar Image says: HAven't had time to read all the comments. All I will say is: They're going to Romania! wooooo! :) EmmaLouise x Avatar Image says: Woooww, Norbert is back!!!! would really be surprize it was an other dragon. I also get a pretty sure idea what the Dutch cover will be featuring. Ien van Laanen always used themes of flying in her covers, in Gof it became swimming, and in HBP ascending and decending a staircase, She won't let the opportinty go to use a dragon this time.Avatar Image says: Look at the dragons fingers! Yes, fingers! Dragons have CLAWS, this one has FINGERS. That is so undeniably an animagus or has some type of human association. I'm liking the theory of Aberforth and it fits considering that it's tattered and word out. However, this maybe a bit of a stretch buuuuuttt I will say it anyway: Didn't JKR hint that Sirius would return but when asked about what form he would be in, she didn't answer. Even if it's far fetched it's something to think about. Avatar Image says: 42 days... I can wait... I. CAN. WAIT. *whimper*Avatar Image says: I'm with those who agree on the Opaleye Dragon theory. Antipodean: Two points on the earth which are "antipodal" to one another are connected by a straight line through the centre of the Earth. According to Wikipedia, in Britain, "the Antipodes" are often used to refer to Australia and New Zealand (and "Antipodeans" for their inhabitants), despite the fact that neither Australia nor New Zealand actually overlap the antipodal points of Britain. Noon at the one place is midnight at the other. Seasonally, the longest day at one point corresponds to the shortest day at the other, and midwinter at one point is contemporaneous with midsummer at the other. Image says: *Drools* This is soo beautiful...Uh a dragon Avatar Image says: Wow. Just wow! 42 days to go... 42, wasn't that the answer to the questions of questions? ;)Avatar Image says: I new we'd see Norbert again!!!Avatar Image says: Wait a second! I'd been thinking about the theory of the books paralleling each other with the 4th book standing alone. We know the 3rd book mirrors the 5th (introduction of Sirius/demise of Sirius; face off between Harry and Sirius/faceoff between Harry and Voldemort; introduction of time turners/destruction of time turners; etc.) We know the 2nd book mirrors the 6th (introduction of horcrux(diary)/destruction of (at least one) horcrux; introduction of Ginny into Hogwarts/introduction of Ginny into Harry's life; introduction of the heir of slytherin/creation of the heir of slytherin (how he got started); etc.) And I'd wondered about how the 7th book would mirror the 1st book- and in what way. Many people have noticed (as far as the US covers) that there is a curtain on both the 1st and the 7th books. But now we see them flying on a dragon (doubt it's Norbert) but if you would remember, we were introduced to Norbert in the first book- a dragon who took flight in a crate on his way to Romania. Also in the first book we see Harry branded as Voldemort's equal. 7th book will show us if that's true. Also 1st book there is a mention of Harry unexpectedly ending up on a roof (apparating) when he was only planning to hide behind a trash bin or something similar- 7th book he should know how to apparate. The story starts with an infant Harry and will hopefully end with an adult Harry. I wonder what other things parallel. Avatar Image says: I think that is norbert because it is what i picture a ridgeback to look like. I wish there was more in this cover though. I cant wait for the book to come out. ahh!!Avatar Image says: Chandi--I think you set a record for length with that wonderful, incredibly informative post! Thanks! :) I wasn't going to order the deluxe version of DH. Now...I just hope I'm not too late. Avatar Image says: Sorry about not reading the other posts- just posted what occurred to me when it occurred but I now see that other people picked up on the mirroring books theme.Avatar Image says: A dragon?! Hmmm, this proves to be very interesting! I can't wati to get my hands on the book now.Avatar Image says: they're definitely going to Romania :D yeeeeyAvatar Image says: Guys, read the other comments. It is not Norbert. Norbert is a Norwegian Ridgeback, meaning it has ridges not spikes all along its back, and Norbert is also jet black. This dragon is not. Ridgebacks are also extremely agressive like the horntail and the Vipertooth. He would not let anyone ride him like a pet horse, not even Hagrid. No dragon can be ridden as far as we know, because they cannot be tamed, or be controlled by spells. If it is a real dragon and purebred, it would be an Opaleye. However it could be a mix breed, half-Opaleye, or it could be an animagus or something else disguised as a dragon. My vote is an animagus such as Aberforth. Notice the white beard. It would explain what we was doing with goats. More importantly though, what are they doing with a dragon? Do they need one to kill a horcrux? And where are they going to/from? Albania, Romania, Bulgaria?Avatar Image says: So I guess it was fire reflected in Harry's glasses on the UK cover... And perhaps it is Gringotts... I've very intrigued...Avatar Image says: Hm...could it be neville and luna? the pictures match them as well.Avatar Image says: Does this look kind of orential to anyone else? I know it is unlickly that the trio will go al the way to china or japan. Mabie I just assosiate dragons and villigs at the bottom of steep hills to look orential. (I don't know why.)Avatar Image says: where is the giant?Avatar Image says: LEAKY, are you guys putting a link to the footage from today's show? I would really like to see that. thanks. Avatar Image says: I like the idea that it's Godric Gryffindor's dragon.Avatar Image says: Oh, wow!! I wonder if it's Norbert? And if it is- why is he blind? How exciting!!!Avatar Image says: Hey did anyone else notice that the dragon, Ron, and Hermione all seem to be looking up... possibly Harry's eye are as well... speculation?Avatar Image says: This is just amazing!Avatar Image says: I've read the comments that they are looking up. Perhaps they are chasing after something or someone.Avatar Image says: Also, there is a view of a river in the OotP trailer and now there is also one on the cover of DH. Coincidence probably, but still cool. Avatar Image says: I always, always said there would be dragons in book seven. I wonder where the dragon came from, maybe Charlie?Avatar Image says: There are lot's of interesting comments about the dragon. I am guessing that it is an Opaleye given the description and the picture. However, does anyone else see what looks like the same locket/amulet around Harry's neck? It seems like I see it when I zoom in, but maybe my eyes are fooling me.Avatar Image says: Hey peeps here is a long way of summing up everything i have read and think are good ideas in one go (I have copied quotes of people I hope they don't mind!) Aurthur Levine, US editor of the Harry Potter books said, "Set during a highly dramatic sunset, Harry, Hermione, and Ron--clothes in tatters--cling atop a flying dragon in this astonishing artwork created by Mary GrandPre for the deluxe edition. As mist creeps down towering hillsides to a village below, questions arise about where the trio is headed and what has led them to this spellbinding moment." When I think it might have been the scene of the fight as they are fleeing (from Voldemort?) they are looking scared. It says sunset and that would be around the same time as Harry was with Voldemort in the US version. You can tell with the same orange light, personally I think it looks later than the US edition picture so after the confrontation with Voldemort thus the red cheeks, quick gettaway and tattered clothes? So this occurs on the way to the US cover or on the way back from that scene (which in my mind would be an anticlimatic thing to have on a cover if the US is the climax). If not, leaving from Voldemort peraps from trouble at Hogwarts. Where As to the location, it could just be Albania. Like when Voldemort was in hideing in Albania perhaps he had been gaurding a Horcrux which has lead Harry to Albania. I Google Imaged Albania mountains and the pictures are of hills, briges rivers and forests. It defintately looks like it is from somewhere like Albania/ Romania, not from the UK area, especially with the red roofed houses. It could be Little Hangleton or Godrics Hollow village but I doubt it, I don't see any big houses or graveyards although I always imagined the Riddle house out of the way of the rest of the village. Who On haircolor... The boy and the girl in the picture both have the same haircolour. So either they are both red haired of not. Unless the light is just making it the same clolour. But (this is probably reeally wrong but) Is it just me or is the person at the back of the dragon Draco? (Thin face blonde hair?) But the guy said it was Harry Ron and Hermione. On the dragon Harry is driving the dragon and is looking determined as though aiming to get somewhere. So, Hermione is totally laying down, as if they'd been flying through the night. It's like she's lifting her head a little, as if she just woke up? She could be injured so that's why she couldn't straddle the Dragon like Harry and Ron. She seems like she's just relaxing more than she is clutching? It looks like she's either falling off, she's trying to move closer to Harry, just wokeup or injured. Clothes Harry wearing different clothes to Ron and Hermione. Ron and Hermione in Hogwarts robes? He is also wearing different clothes in the children UK version from Ron and Hermione (they are wearing dress robes). Well Ron has lived in the wizarding world his entire life and unlike Harry, more often then not, wears wizard clothing. So it could be he's wearing a robe that while it happens to be black isn't a school robe at all. Harry is same clothes as US version but without the locket so maybe he gets the locket with Lord V or has destroyed it and doesn't have it anymore. Harry's jacket is made of dragonhide or atleast covered in dragon scales which are immune to magic, so it's sort of like a bullet proof vest, only for magic? Dragon Can I just say it is NOT Norbert!! He was black!! These next facts seem to fit with the Antipodean Opaleye: native to: New Zealand (and Australia) - Dunno if this is New Zealand habitat: valleys - Yes, it's in a valley appearance: iridescent, pearly scales- the pinkish light reflects red in the pearly scales size: medium - I don't know compared to other dragons eyes: glittering, multicolored, with no pupils - no pupils flame: vivid red - no flame food: sheep eggs: pale grey Why don't they apparate? Because I think that wherever Voldy is, it isn't going to be a place someone can easily apparate to. Why a dragon? Fawkes is awesome but I don't think he could carry the trio to where they need to be. They happened upon this dragon at some point and if we can find a tame giant, a rebellious house elf, we can find a dragon that is willing to ferry the trio to their destination. But then why not use a thestral? Charlie could've sent it? Dragons are also called "winged serpents". Perhaps they are after Nagini with another "serpent" to help them with the fight? I wonder if dragons speak parseltongue? "You can't domesticate a dragon whatever Hagrid thinks. That's simply impossible." -- J.K. Rowling (RC) Animagus I know you don't want to hear about the animagus idea, however it sort of fits. We all know Aberforth got in to a little trouble due to a "goat incident". If we are correct that it is an Opaleye dragon, the we must consider two things. One Opaleyes are the only dragons who do not attack humans, and their favourite food to eat is.......GOATS. Could that be the reason Aberforth had to be hidden away at the Hog's Head. Of course there is the argument about why some animagus transform in to meager little animals like dogs, cats, and so on. But you're forgetting one major thing. Perhaps Albus isn't the only powerful wizard in the family. Perhaps Aberforth just concentrated all his power in to his animagus skills which he is no longer able/permitted to use. But then whay would he want to become a dragon. He also has a dragon's head that resembles a goat's head with the "goatee" on it's chin? like Aberforth and (as we know from Rita Skita they have charactoristic marks). The only thing that makes me think that it's an animagus form is the horns on its jaw. "You can't domesticate a dragon whatever Hagrid thinks. That's simply impossible." -- J.K. Rowling (RC) So it would be a person. Gringotts theory We know Dragons guard some volts for Gringotts so maybe they got the dragon from there. If so is that what the trio are looking at on children UK version and is that the flames being reflected in Harrys glasses in UK version. Where are they looking? Have you noticed how we don't know where an people are looking in any covers US Harry and Voldemort both looking at same, unknown object, UK dragons Perhaps? Deluxe don't kno but Ron and Hermione are looking up at the same thing. Maybe a dementor due to the mist? Random stuff The mist could be from dementors or it could be dragon smoke. Ron and Hermione... got... caught in one of Aurthurs muggle artifacts. ... It was a paper shredder. Why they are in tatters? Maybe they're going to play Quidditch on dragons! Muggles could see them couldn't they? Voldemorts face when they ride in on a dragon! If those robes are from Hogwarts, Hogwarts in session! Whatever the answer is it looks amazing and there is only limited time left!! What do you think? lol xxxAvatar Image says: I think that may be a Antipodean Opaleye as they are described as having no pupils. ( Image says: I am so glad I've ordered both books and will pre-order the deluxe boxed set that comes out Sept. 18th!Avatar Image says: Mehehe! i dissagree, i don't thinks its Norbert OR a hungarian horntail - Horntails have horns on thier tail. not spikes. This is so an opal eye. Omg how cool would it be if it WAS in new zealand! omg even that its just assosiated with it. (i live in nz lol). This place (from the houses) looks alot like some places in europe, I have seen hills like that in switzerland / austria / somewhere. NO ACTUALLY WHEN I COME TO THINK OF IT IT LOOKS ALOT LIKE THE SOUNDS PERHAPS IN NEW ZEALAND. Ok. so i am convinced its nz. Hey anyone see the ant city?! :DAvatar Image says: hey, does anyone out there think that maybe norberts back? i mean, jk rowling never put in a character, if they didnt come back...Avatar Image says: "I wonder if dragons speak parseltongue?" Ooooo! That's a good question! Becuase, otherwise, I don't think that's a real dragon on the cover. An Animagus or an animated construct of some sort.Avatar Image says: so is the village little hangelton? that would make a little bit of sense. looks like the dragon from the cover of the hobbitAvatar Image says: OMG! I go away from Leaky to do chores and come back to find this! Well, this settles the debatre about dragons being in DH. I wonder why this particular dragon is subdude enough to allow them on it's back? Hmm, Whatever it is, I love it. IM SO EXCITED!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!Avatar Image says: all I know is that is one of the coolest dragons I've ever seen. I am really excited!Avatar Image says: Im sorry Im commenting again, but after a closer look, Harry is wearing the same robes he wore on the original DH's US cover during his battle with Voldemort! Does this mean he is going to the ministry to do battle with Voldemort? Avatar Image says: hey if you look under, look right under ron and Hermione on the dragon (by the river) and there is a face in the grass.... any ideas who this could be?Avatar Image says: A dragon that size would kick Lord Voldemort's butt! (Unless it IS Lord Voldemort...)Avatar Image says: Yeah i see the face but i dont think its anything... i mean unless they beheaded grawp or something lol. I think its just like when you see pictures in the wallpaper and sky. :P You never know though!!!Avatar Image says: NORBERT MAYBE?! Why else would they have kept him in the movie? Has anyone else read "After the End" by Arabella and Zsenya on The Sugar Quill? Doesn't this ring a bell?! WOW, GENIUS!Avatar Image says: I don't think the fact that Ron and Hermione are wearing robes and Harry isn't is any indication of who goes back to Hogwarts. Remember that Harry is wearing robes in the regular Scholastic edition. So perhaps his robes got singed so badly that he had to take them off. The scene on the regular edition is clearly the end, and I highly doubt that Harry is returning to school, so I still think he'll wear robes even if they aren't Hogwarts robes. I honestly don't think Ron and Hermione would leave him to go back to Hogwarts when they told him they would go wherever he is going.Avatar Image says: *covers her eyes to all the speculation* lol I'm really trying not to speculate anything for this book.......outside of the whole Snape fiasco, that is a given for any Harry fan. My question is with a print run of 100,000 are they handling the pre-orders? I know for a fact that Borders is allowing people to preorder it for the midnight party (I preordered 2 myself). Surely Barnes and Noble is too. Last I checked Amazon had taken the preorder option off for the deluxe edition but ... who knows. How are they taking care of that one?Avatar Image says: all I can say is HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!1111111oneoneonetwoAvatar Image says: I think the Uk Children's edition was the first part, my guess is Gringotts and because Dragons were mentioned to possibly be in there, they rode the dragon to either Hogsmede or Godric's Hollow or even by The Burrow, like little hangelton or something, to tie in books 1-7 and 4-7. Avatar Image says: I'm thinking the trio has to do something very specific before the sun has fully risen. Harry looks determined and the others look like they're focused on something. Harry's got something around his neck that could be an amulet, locket or bag of floo powder; the other two and the dragon are tattered. I'm inclined to think they've come together after being separated and have figured out something that must be done (maybe how to stop the dementors from breeding) to contemplate... KaijAvatar Image says: Woah... Sooooo much theories and info .. my mind is positively buzzing!!! I think that both the "dragon is a Gringott's guard" and the "dragon being Aberforth in animagus form" theories are both very interesting, though if it's a Gringott's guard, then it'd be so much harder to explain how it got tamed enough to be ridden... Ok, there's something in the cover that I can not determine, here's a zoomed in view: You see that green part between Harry & hermy that I pointed at? Can anyone decide whether it belongs to hermy (one of her legs), or if it belongs to Harry (the tail of his jacket [or sweater] maybe)? Cause if it belongs to hermy, then it looks like it has the same fabric that of Harry's jacket (which mostly seems to be dragonhide or at least covered in dragon scales)... So maybe Ron's pants too are of the same fabric? Though then I wonder why would Ron's & hermy's wear them as pants, while Harry wear it as a jacket? ..... Ahhh... maybe it's just normal pants..................... Avatar Image says: I can't wait for it to come out :) I found this great site that giveaway the harry potter book 7 free. http://www.harrypotternow.comAvatar Image says: I think it's obvious this dragon is not Norbert. I'm casting my vote for it being an Animagus, based on what Jo said about dragons (*You can't tame a dragon, no matter what Hagrid thinks" - and how could they be riding on an untamed dragon's back?); and for it being Aberforth. We know we're going to learn more about him in this book, the dragon has a grey/white beard like he does (if memory serves), and the goat comment DD made was surely a hint. The land looks like either Albania or Romania. I think we're supposed to see more of both Charlie and Krum in this book, and based on my Googling skills, this picture could pass for either country. The white houses with red roofs look more like Albania; but the shadowy structure by the dragon's left foot looks like a castle to me. I don't see any giants in this picture. I didn't notice the face in the grass until Alyssa pointed it out - could be a subliminal image, to me it looks rather dog-like. I think she may just be referencing Sirius here. Not sure what to make of the trio's attire, the directions they're looking in, why Hermione is lying many possibilities. Harry's sweater/jacket certainly looks strange, maybe dragon-skin. The black cloaks indicate to me that Ron and Hermione do indeed go back to Hogwarts. The sky looks so much like the U.S book cover - maybe they are on their way to confront Voldemort. Maybe what Voldemort and Harry are looking at on the U.S. cover is a dragon?! Does anyone else see something between Hermione's hands? I think I see something oval-shaped there. I am reading Sorcerer's Stone to my son right now, and was mulling over the idea that Books 1 and 7 (and 2 and 6, and 3 and 5) are SS, the trio believe Snape is the bad guy until their theory is disproven in the book's climax. Not so far-fetched to imagine the same thread in Book 7, is it?Avatar Image says: Hmmm dragon looks much like a Hungarian Horntail...but then again, I shouldn't get my hopes up. Yay, a new character we're introduced to! :-DAvatar Image says: someone mentioned that the village looks like the village you can see out of the window on jo's website you know the one next to the locked room it wasnt always like that right? its been changed to the village with white houses and the little red roofs recently also i swear there wasn't always a cloud floating by maybe it was there meh oh well jo's website lives near the villageAvatar Image says: As interesting as the debate about what sort of dragon this could be is, we have to take into consideration that it is to some degree MGP's artistic vision of a dragon. Home closely it resembles a particular breed depends highly on what information the artist had when doing the artwork. I assume her vision comes from reading the book and possibily background info from JKR. This could be highly detailed or simply "draqon". I like the Draco-dragon animagus theory. If memory serves Vlad Dracula's family was the order of the dragon. The Draculas (and the Fortescue's, contempories, enemies/rivals, and eventually related by marriage to the Draculas) tie into Romanian history. The possibilities are numerous and enticing.Avatar Image says: Not Norbert, Hungarian Horntail, look at the spikes on its tail! Words cannot express how AWESOME this picture is!!Avatar Image says: By the way, why is Hermione lying down?Avatar Image says: I had previously imagined Voldemort sending a dragon after Harry within Hogwarts territory and carrying him off, during which Harry realizes he also can communicate to the dragon via parseltongue. In my hoped-for chapter, all the kids ran screaming off, but with this picture, maybe Ron and Hermione jumped on the back of the dragon when Harry took off with the dragon. Hey, it could happen!Avatar Image says: Ooooooooh! I'm soooo excited, I can't stop jumping up and down. I didn't think Jo could do better than a ride on a Hippogriff! Guys it's only 41 days to I can't wait. How is anyone else coping? I'm driving my friends and family mad.Avatar Image says: It does look a little like Ron is holding a pale grey dragon egg between his hands. Hermione just seems to be clinging to the dragon's back, like she's sliding to one side.Avatar Image says: thing is, grandpre has read the book. she makes her illustrations from the book. i can not imagine that a dragon would not be described in vivid detail. ergo, it is an opaleye. and i will put money on it being aberforth. if dumbledore can be a phoenix(you all know it's true) why can't his brother be a dragon? i feel that the phoenix that harry saw fly away from the funeral in hbp was dumbledore. and i know that jkr said that dumbledore was dead but phoenix(s) have to die to be reborn. so there. Avatar Image says: Everybody got a point but I still think it's Norbert. But I'm just too starve right now to explain why so (lol).Avatar Image says: "However, does anyone else see what looks like the same locket/amulet around Harry's neck? It seems like I see it when I zoom in, but maybe my eyes are fooling me." Yes, Steve! I see the locket, too. You are not the only one. I definitely think the locket is there!Avatar Image says: I am so getting the deluxe edition!!! Squee!!! 10 Galleons says that's Norbert!Avatar Image says: JKR also said a few years ago that Harry might get a new pet at some stage... this dragon may be that pet (despite dragons not being able to be domesticated under normal circumstances)Avatar Image says: yes yes yes yes yes!!! this is the one ive been waiting for... the one i ordered!!! i cant wait... hey. harry's not wearing robes... hmm. but ron and hermione are... and, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell, harry is wearing the locket... and i would totally love it if that dragon was Norbert. radcakesfan might have something... i think its entirely possible that parseltongue can be understood by dragons...Avatar Image says: "someone mentioned that the village looks like the village you can see out of the window on jo's website you know the one next to the locked room it wasnt always like that right?" oh how cool - I've just been on to jkrowling website to check and it's dark there now with a moon, because it's 5.50am where I am! I had no idea her website changed with the time! Anyway I can sort of see some red, but it's dark so there are just glittery lights. I'll have to wait as bit til it's light!Avatar Image says: this is reminding me happily of all the speculation about the deluxe edition of HBP--which in fact showed DD & HP following whatshisname to the Gaunt house, but people had all sorts of fabulous and wonderful theories about the picture, which of course weren't even CLOSSE to the actual truth, LOL! I have no idea what the picture is about, I just can't wait to read it!Avatar Image says: can anyone give me a close up of where they see the face[possibly or sirius(let me remind you he is DEAD)]Avatar Image says: I don't know about it being Norbert. If you read the HP Lexicon about Norwegian Ridgebacks it describes them as "black scales, bronze horns, black ridges on its back" I really can't wait to see how it all ties in, especially with the UK cover having fire reflected in Harry's glasses. Maybe they find a Dragon to help after the UK cover scene. Avatar Image says: Hey guys, I do like the idea of the dragon being an opaleye, thanks 'chocolateisnotforbreakfast' for the info you posted. Its interesting that opaleye dragons are from NZ and that they eat sheep, it does make sense to prefer to eat sheep cause we sure have plenty of sheep over here lol. I think Hermione's position on the dragon is just because she is scared. She is lying face-down which makes sense if she was scared but Harry and Ron are more determined so they are looking up. Its interesting that Hermione and Ron are wearing black robs while harry isnt which suggests that they have just left Hogwarts to help Harry while harry didnt go back to Hogwarts. However, I cant relate this to the UK cover where Ron and Hermione are wearing fancy embroidered COLOURED robes, not black robs, which may suggest they have been somewhere else. Why cant July 21st come sooner? Wardaa :PAvatar Image says: Oh.My.God. That is so AWSOME!Avatar Image says: I don't know if this has been mentioned, but those building are definitely not British style buildings. What I assume is a church is also not correct for British churches. One of the dwellings in particular looks more like a Swiss chalet than anything else. Now the puzzle is: are they in The Alps (and of so why?) or is it just that the artist has no idea what British buildings look like?Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD! THAT IS SO COOL, HARRY LOOKS SO SEXYAvatar Image says: Does anyone think that this cover suggests that we may learn about the 12 uses of dragon's blood? I saw someone posted about it a while back... Hermione obviously knows them because of her classes (there was something about her reciting the 12 uses of dragon's blood while studying in the books... don't remember where). Also, I think that Jo would have planted this idea early on in the series if it indeed plays a big role (on Dumbledore's Choc Frog card in SS).Avatar Image says: Those mountains are incredible! If we have an Opaleye Dragon (the most tame of all the dragons), I'd say we're looking at New Zealand. Very strange, indeed.Avatar Image says: OMG!!! Just had a look at the pics and the first thing I thought was "it's an Opaleye! An Antipodean Opaleye! Harry, ron and Hermione are riding an Opaleye!!!" OH, so very excited now!!! I mean it's an Opaleye!!! The only dragon from my area (Opaleye's are from the NZ but some migrate to Australia, where I'm from, to feed when food's scarce). URGH!!! I'm a mess now!!! Jinkies, I don't care what I have to do to get that version. If it means flying from Australia to America just to get the deluxe edition then so be it!!! SQUEE!!! HP fever is really hitting me hard this time!!!Avatar Image says: Did someone tickle the sleeping dragon? LOL This new cover art is so exciting! The more I look at that dragon, the more I think it very well could be Norbert (he just HAS to come back for the seventh book, lol). Sure, the Opaleye seems like a possibility, at first, but, when I really look at this image, the dragon does have a pupil—albeit a very light-colored, large, and diamond shape pupil and the scales are more lizardlike and not iridescent and pearly and it does have those black ridges on its back. In a way, what Harry is wearing does look a bit like the brownish robe that he is wearing on the other U.S. cover. I see that there is a bunched up bit of it flowing behind him (too long to be a shirt or a jacket). I’m guessing that where they’re going may be to look for a Horcrux hidden in Voldemort’s Albanian hideout. As to where they’re coming from, my guess is that maybe they’ve come from a battle with Death Eaters and were wisked away from it by a dragon that they managed to befriend earlier in the year. Tess: “ Based on what they're wearing, it seems pretty clear now that Harry does not go back to Hogwarts, yet Ron and Hermione do” No…Jo said herself that Harry will be at Hogwarts seven years…and I believe JO. Another thought on how big Norbert could be by now (six years after he hatched): according to a snippet of “Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit” in the bonus content on Jo’s site, dragons are fully mature at two years old. Also, I’m not convinced that the dragon’s wings are tattered—that may just be the natural shape of them.Avatar Image says: What? When did Jo say that Harry would be at hogwarts for seven years, misshagrid? Oops, what did I miss? *worried* The cover art is amazing but uhm... I don't know, I feel that they are giving a little too much info - a bit of a spoiler. At first I thought it looked a bit like the Horntail but uhmm.. it seems that I'm wrong - there are no spikes at end tail. The head looks a little bit like a anime dragon head...*laugh* i mean with all the horns and thingies. Anyway, let's see... It's surely not an Opaleye, there's no iridescent scales with gliterring multicolored eyes. Not a Fireball, surely (but that would be too cool - reeeedddd- Gryffindor). Not Welsh green - you can give that to Slytherins - :)). It looks like a Hebridean black - except that it doesn't have purple eyes. But it should be the most likely because it's native from Britain - more chances of getting it. Rough scales, shallow, razor-sharp ridges along its back. Batlike wings and ohhh, its wing is topped by an arrow-shaped spike - (not really in the pic) Maybe misshagrid is right - it looks like Norbert - Norwegian ridgeback - because it looks like Horntail but it has ridges along its back and has horns like the Horntail!!! Another possibility is the romanian Longhorn - it is very apt that Charlie Weasley works in romania so maybe he can get one!! Dark green scales and long glittering golden horns (no, surely?. But i think that I should agree with misshagrid. it must be Norbert or a norwegian ridgeback at least.Avatar Image says: Hermione and Ron were always going to Harry's trust, protectors and loyal friends from book 1. Ginny is different though, she was in love with Harry before Ron and Hermione even met. She also turns out to the true love of Harry. But this is different to the loyal friendships of Ron and hermione. I think it is justified destiny that only those two will bravely share Harry's perilous journey despite Harry insisting he goes it alone. Ron who is often full of fear makes him the bravest of all for voluntarily helping harry and Hermione not even bothering with graduation...Hermione?!? Now those are the truest of true friends. Ginny, I am sure will be trying to help Harry in other ways without Harry actually knowing (maybe she tells Hermione what she may be up to and in turn not tell harry so he wont be distracted. Ginny will be very very important though, I am sure of it - I just suddenly thought as I write, I have this deepest fear now that she may be the one who will sacrifice herself for Harry in someway....oh no! Anyway, what another great epic cover from the great Grandpre! It delightfully spurs on the imagination and speculations as I have been compelled to do in this post!Avatar Image says: It'sNotNorbertSoCalmDownPeoples : “Sorry to crush your dreams but that is NOt Norbert. So calm down...” Now how can you know that for sure, It'sNotNorbertSoCalmDownPeoples? I doubt that you have an advance copy of the book.Avatar Image says: MissHagrid: "No…Jo said herself that Harry will be at Hogwarts seven years…and I believe JO" I think she said something like we will see him come of age and enter into his seventh year and then will see the end of that year at Hogwarts.... but what about the middle bit? I personally hope he does go back but can't see how he'll fit it all in! Quote from Jo "I always planned that we would see Harry from starting at Hogwarts to finishing at Hogwarts, which is... In my world wizards come of age at 17 - age 17. So in book 7 you'll see Harry come of age, which means he's allowed to use magic outside school, and you'll see the end of that school year. So it will be 7 years in his life."Avatar Image says: Love the pic and I'm guessing that the dragon is really Hagrid transformed into an animagus! I figure you'd need to be a fairly sizeable human to transform into a dragon, and noone in the series loves dragons more than Hagrid... Avatar Image says: I posted before but for some reason it never came up. If you zoom into the cover on the scholastic site, along with their clothes being in tatters they all have cuts on their arms and faces similar to the ones on the uk children's edition so I think this is linked to the scene depicted in the childrens cover. I think their coming from the place depicted in the uk childrens edition which i think is gringotts. so what do you think? Avatar Image says: The cover art didn't give me chills, but the picture of the box did! It was like, "OH MY GOD THAT'S THE BOOK!!!!!!!!ZOMGSQUEETEARS!!!" And I almost cried. I had a dream hpdh came out and I was too scared to read it and I went to school the next day and had just peeked to the last page to see if harry lives or dies. I woke up almost crying.Avatar Image says: If they are coming back from this, than where's the House-Elf?Avatar Image says: Sooo cool!. Personally, this is like one snap shot of an entire book, so i don't think we can completly analyise the whole book based on it. I don't think its an Animagus,just a dragon.I think they are in Bulgaria but the fact that Ron and Hermione seem to be in school robes kinda puts that out of the water. It looks like Hermione is injured and Ron is holding her up. Just becuase the backgrounds are the same colour of something that we have already seen does not mean its part of the same narrative, I think its just the artists work and we are reading too much into it. It seems like a moment from half-way threw the book. Avatar Image says: Marrianne---If you don't like the dragon motif than don't read the book.Some of us love dragons no matter how we can get them. I trust Jo to make it interesting. Thank you JO. :-) Also JKR had this in her head long before Eragon came to be. I think they are fleeing Gringotts[which could be on fire both from flames and war] and need the dragon to help them maybe both find their way and help with the situation they are going to.Avatar Image says: I think the Trio are going to be amazing together in this book. I think it's obvious that there really is a horcrux hunt and it takes them all over the place. I'm endlessly curious as to why Harry is shown in street clothes while Ron and Hermione are shown in robes on both the UK and now the US covers? It seems as if they are somewhere else and Harry meets up with them or something.Avatar Image says: I don't liek this idea, but it is the only one I can tihnk of right now It is almost as if Ro and Hermione aer still going to Hogwarts, but Harry isn't, yet thy still help hm out when there is a Horcrux to be found. I really don't like this, because I want Ron and Hermione to be by Harry's side throuhout the entirety of book 7. It just looks like Ron and Hermione are always wearing different clothes than Harry, becauseof school, or an event, like in the UK cover. hopefully there is a better explanation out there. Avatar Image says: Hey, I never noticed the houself gripping the sword on the UK Children's Edition. I know this is supposed to be about the US Deluxe Edition, but on the UK edition it looks like Harry, Ron, and Hermione are being sucked through the stone archway. Avatar Image says: I really like all of these official, heroic trio images we are getting from this book. That doesn't seem to happen often. I'm waiting for the HUGE hires image to be released. I want to look closer at what Harry is wearing and the state of it, because the dark sunset makes me think that it happens after the regular cover art, and not before it. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Also, I like how the colors she's used reflect the earlier books, with the warm reds and greens and blues. Avatar Image says: Dragons+Trio=Not So Good...Avatar Image says: Well.... let's say, the dragon is NORBERT. So where's Hagrid, though? Nevertheless... baby Norbert is not really babylike any more. wonder, if he ever was, though. Alas... can't expect to read how they get on this dragon. (Can't expect either to read how they will get off him, too.)Avatar Image says: I know I'm getting off topic a bit here... but I have to ask: if the special edition is 816 pages, do we know how many pages the regular edition is? Back to the cover: LOVE it. Truly incredible. Avatar Image says: @Jeannine, your must be a little child indeed. To see something critically is good for the brain, you know.Avatar Image says: The second I saw it I knew so many of us would be right -- Norbert IS coming back! WOO!Avatar Image says: If this is Norbert, and he's a Norwegian Ridgeback, it is not impossible that they are flying over a Norwegian certainly looks like it could be Norway! Maybe they have to go to Norway (his native land) to get Norbert to help them. Just a wild guess!Avatar Image says: Not sure if anyone sais this already, but got to the scholastic site with the "magnifiying glass". Focus on the back knee of the dragon and then move it straight down. It looks like a cave might be next to the water.... hmmmmmm....Avatar Image says: Goood!! it's waaay too much info! I want to read the book already *^*Avatar Image says: Well it MUST be an OPALEYE, there is no other dragon with no pupils... What if they are on New Zeland, (warner brothers would certainly welcome it)...Avatar Image says: "JKR also said a few years ago that Harry might get a new pet at some stage... this dragon may be that pet..." I always thought that meant that Fawkes was going to choose become his (Harry's)...*shrugs*Avatar Image says: Possible answer to Karen (6/9 2:25am) and partially to many who talk about the Bulgaria/Eastern Europe: " Now the puzzle is: are they in The Alps (and of so why?) " Many people assume Durmstrang is in Bulgaria or Eastern Europe but ignore the name and Central/Eastern European historical links. Durmstrang is strongly Germanic name. You won't find anything so named in Bulgaria (Romania, Albania,...). You'll find many similar names in Austria, Germany, maybe Switzerland. Eastern Europeans have strong historical links to schooling abroad in former Austro-Hungarian education centers. Find famous Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Czechs, Slovaks,... schoolsed in the schools in Vienna,... So, as image does look like Alps, maybe they pursue Durmstrang -related link. For example, see image of Austrian town Durnstein (hmhmmh!): or, as for similarly named German University, Darmstadt: I think that the Durmstrang people (at least some of them) will play the role of Prussians at the Waterloo battle. Can you name British general in thet battle? How about Arthur Wellesley does the name evoke any HP AHA! moments? Everything best, DusanAvatar Image says: I really like the whole thing about leaving from where the UK cover is but there is one thing...Ron and Hermione are wearing different robes...Avatar Image says: hoho! norbert! PennyAvatar Image says: I'm guessing the thing that kinda looks like a dragon is actually a thestral, because of the foggy eyes and the lizard like look, if so, this looks like it could be something out of ootp again, them flying of on a thestral again.Avatar Image says: At first, i really didn't like the cover, but after watching the clip they have on the Today Show website...i am totally excitied for the scene. A. Levine said it was his favorite scene and very interesting. Can't wait!Avatar Image says: Dragon fights giants!?Avatar Image says: Bush is in Albania and then onto Bulgaria!! IT IS A SIGN!!! Avatar Image says: I agree they are en route to Durmstrang... it looks just like Austria in the Saltzberg area Avatar Image says: Has anyone considered that this might be how Dumbledore injured his arm? ...... A fire breathing dragon... and a burned withered looking arm? Also the fact that Dumbledore discovered the 12 uses of dragon's blood might suggest that well... Dumbledore has a few secrets of his own that we just might get to find out. Avatar Image says: 1-Hogwarts motto: "Never wake a sleeping dragon". What does that mean in relation to this art? 2-Check the chapter art in GOF, US edition, pape 313. None of those dragons resemble this one. The mouths are more crocodillian. Also, this 'dragon' has opposible thumbs.Avatar Image says: I've been to both Norway and Germany, and this picture represents the topography and houses of Germany. Norway has very few (if any) long, winding rivers, and instead has fjords (deep bays) between its tall mountains (many of which are snow-topped even in summer). Its houses are also white and wooden with grey tile roofs; they reminded me of New England/Cape Cod style houses. But having traveled down the Rhine, the brown, wide river with gentle, green mountains on either side is much more like Germany. The houses in Germany are generally white stucco with red tile roofs like those in the deluxe cover. We even see what looks like a vineyard on one shore of the river -- and Norway is certainly not grape-growing or wine country. So my bets are that this is southern Germany or Austria, which would be a perfect location for Durmstrang.Avatar Image says: I wouldn't count on Mary GranPre having the correct dragon or location! JKR may have specified a particular dragon or scene and Ms. GranPre may have drawn something entirely different. My case rests on what was drawn for the HBP cover: Ms. GranPre has clearly drawn Dumbeldore's right hand, his wand hand as a normal healthy hand when he and Harry are in the cave with the nasty green potion. JKR states at the beginning of the book that Dumbledore's right hand is withered and dead looking. If Ms. GranPre can "overlook" that fact and still claim that she has a reason for everything she draws, then I don't have much respect for her or her drawings and would not waste much time trying to decipher them. I wish that the publishers had used JKR's own drawings.Avatar Image says: Howcome America gets all the special editions? JKRowling's from England isn't she? So why don't we get any of this? Pfft. Seeing as they're on a dragon, I'd assume they've been with Charlie Weasley recently - it might even be Norbert which means they went to Romania...hmm...Harry isn't in school robes. It looks like he's wearing one of the Weasley twins' dragonskin jackets or whatever they were. Interesting. 3 out of 4 people/dragons looking up, Harry looking forward. Harry not noticed what they're looking at, or Harry noticed something they haven't?Avatar Image says: another thing, people let us notice that the dragon is at a downward sloping angle. which means that ron and hermione are NOT looking up they are looking straight ahead same as harry. it only looks like they are looking up because they are farther up/back on the dragons back but if you follow their eyes they are straight on. and there is frequently mist or clouds around mountains the higher you get so that may not be a huge thing. and maybe dumbledore was able to figure out the uses of dragons blood because his brother let him borrow some. BECAUSE HE CAN BE ONE! and that house elf thing is ticking me off. could be that they are escaping gringotts with the help of doby since there's no regular apparition inside. who's to say there couldn't have been something else put into vault 713. i hate waiting. Avatar Image says: Why is Ron's hair not red? I think its possible that that is a thestral. Or it could be Norbert. It also bothers me that Harry is not in school robes. Hmmm...Avatar Image says: Just a comment pertaining to the artwork and Mary GrandPre: in the HPB special edition, following the whole book, is a section that is just Mary's drawings, each one a full page. Beneath each drawing is the verse that she has used (her highlighted verse from the book??) that inspired her drawing for that chapter. This is true for the picture on the title page as well, but I have not found any verses for the dust jacket mentioned. Sorry.Avatar Image says: ". . . JKR states at the beginning of the book that Dumbledore's right hand is withered and dead looking. If Ms. GranPre can "overlook" that fact and still claim that she has a reason for everything she draws, then I don't have much respect for her or her drawings and would not waste much time trying to decipher them. I wish that the publishers had used JKR's own drawings. . ."--Suze Hear! Hear! Gives Suze a standing ovation. Let me add in support of that tendency for Mary Grand Pre to overlook the important details she also overlooks JKR's descriptions of Snape and draws Snape with a receding hairline and a goathee.Avatar Image says: I think Hagrid is an animagus, and what animal would he turn into? Of course: a dragon; (with a beard!) On top of that, spells bounce of dragon skin and they bounced of Hagrid in the last book. Coincidence? I think not. Avatar Image says: The dragon depicted on this cover is a Antipodean Opaleye. If you reference JKR's book of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, she lists many of the different types of dragons with careful details. this dragon fits her description the best. it is described as a dragon of medium size, has iridescent, pearly scales and glittering, multi-colored, pupil-less eyes. it is also said to be not particularly aggressive and will rarely kill. the only problem is that they are said to live in New Zealand and Australia. why would they be down there? would Voldemort hide a horecrux out there?Avatar Image says: I think the dragon is Dobby who has transformed to help them get back to Hogwarts after a run in with real dragons at Gringotts!Avatar Image says: I bet Harry woke up the sleeping dragonAvatar Image says: It may be an opal eye dragon - but it is definitely NOT flying over New Zealand. I've lived in New Zealand my whole life and travelled widely around the country, and those houses below them are not New Zealand architecure. You wouldn't see houses like that anywhere in New Zealand at all. It looks too green to be Australia as well - Australia has very red soil and a distictive look about it so overall.. I'm guessing whereever they are they're probably still somewhere in the Northern hemisphere. Avatar Image says: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoahhh! Ever since I've read "Fantastic Beasts" I've wanted to meet an Opaleye in the books, because I thought it's description sounded the most beautiful and likeable. Seems I'll get my wish!!! The other beast I wanted to appear in the books is a runespoor. Hmm. Maybe there'll be one there, too? CAN'T WAIT!Avatar Image says: Whilst it would make my year for my country to be featured in DH, i'd like to re-iterate what Dawn has said below. There really is nowhere in New Zealand where this could be, except for perhaps Fiordland (the mountain in the background looks too high to be anything in the Marlborough Sounds). Although I'm a proud Kiwi, I also don't really think New Zealand is really relevant enough to be featured in the book - what on earth would bring the trio down here? It seems like too big of a location to be introduced now. Here's hoping I'm wrong :DAvatar Image says: I have not read all of the 400+ posts on this so please forgive me if I'm repeating something, BUT, what if, and hear me out on this, what if the dragon is Draco Malfoy? Jo never said Draco wasn't an Animagus; Draco found he couldn't kill Dumbledore; he was actually crying at one point; the dragon on the cover art had light blond "hair" around it's jaw. I always wondered if Draco was just a git because he was always being picked on by his father - you know, the never good enough for my dad retaliation syndrome? Anyhow, just a thought. Yours?Avatar Image says: It's incredibly gorgeous.Avatar Image says: Has anyone noticed that the dragon's eyes are white?? Could the dragon be blind, or sharing sight with Harry (sorry I'm an Eragon fan also). The dragon's eyes was the first thing that came to my attention when I saw the picture.Avatar Image says: So what exactly does the deluxe edition have that the regular doesn't?Avatar Image says:

Those reddish brown things beyond the ploughed fields are just stacks of hay I think… Nice art though. Want to know the type of dragon for definite! please let it be Norbert __

Avatar Image says:

That’s a great point about it being an Antipodean Opaleye – I didn’t think of that; it would make sense since the cover shows valleys and this is the Opaleye’s natural habitat. Maybe the search for the Horcruxes takes them to New Zealand or Australia!

Avatar Image says:

Beatiful cover! Count me in with the people who are wishing they had ordered the deluxe edition!

The theory that this dragon could be Aberforth seems a very good fit. Maybe Dumbledore’s brother couldn’t read… because he was blind? The dragon’s eyes sure look like that could be the case, as others have said. My first impression on seeing the picture of this dragon was that it reminded me of Dumbledore for some reason in any case.

As a comment for the reader who thought this might portray a scene after Voldemort is defeated: certainly possible, however I doubt it because Ron and Hermione look pretty apprehensive.

Avatar Image says:

That dragon’s discription actually looks more like the Romanian Longhorn in my opinion, especially if the dragon’s right eye is blind. And the mountains and village below match Eastern Europe, in the Alps, or in the mountains of Romania. Britain doesn’t have very many mountains, and the few mountains it has never get higher than 500 to 1000 feet in height, so that doesn’t look like Britain at all. I have been to Germany and Austria, and that looks a lot more like Eastern Europe than it does Britain.

I can’t see the dragon as Draco being an animagus. I don’t know… is it possible for an Animagus to become a magical creature like a dragon? I know JKR has said that dragons are impossible to tame, but in the Chronicles of Narnia, the animals are constantly saying that Aslan is not a tame lion. Harry or Charlie didn’t tame the dragon, but that doesn’t make it an uncontrollable monster. If it has a will of its own, and it’s helping the trio, then that makes it intelligent rather than tame.

I agree that Hermione is probably injured. Why else would she be in that position? And their clothes being in tatters signifies either that they were in a fight of sorts, or that they have been traveling for weeks, even months.

All in all though, I loved it. I’ve been thinking of dragons having a major role in Book 7 for months now. This makes me feel really omniscient.

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