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Jun 10, 2007

Posted by SueTLC
Uncategorized has now posted the list of music for the soundtrack for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The score is composed by Nicholas Hooper and the soundtrack (available for pre-order here in our Cauldron Shop) will be released on July 10.
As this may be movie spoiler for some, you can click below to read the entire list (for those on the text only-stop now :) )

Thanks to runespoor, sam, and all who owled with the link!

  • 1. Fireworks
  • 2. Professor Umbridge
  • 3. Another Story
  • 4. Dementors in the Underpass
  • 5. Dumbledore’s Army
  • 6. The Hall of Prophecies
  • 7. Possession
  • 8. The Room of Requirements
  • 9. The Kiss
  • 10. A Journey to Hogwarts
  • 11. The Sirius Deception
  • 12. Death of Sirius
  • 13. Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning
  • 14. Darkness Takes Over
  • 15. The Ministry of Magic
  • 16. The Sacking of Trelawny
  • 17. Flight of the Order of the Phoenix
  • 18. Loved Ones and Leaving

33 Responses to Tracklist for “Order of the Phoenix” Score

Avatar Image says: I might actually buy this one ... I'm glad someone is finally using voices to full effect (at least that's what I'm hoping)Avatar Image says: Good thing I've only read the book a million times :) Those are almighty spoilers!Avatar Image says: SPOILER ALARM for sure... I think it will be awesome music, the parts on the official sites says it all. Man how am I ever going to cope listening to the tracks after watching OotPAvatar Image says: This seems very out of order to me... Aren't soundtracks usually in order with the movie? The titles sound great, but I'll have to wait to hear it... I didn't buy 4 because I was disappointed, but I have all of John Williams' HP soundtracks... I'm crossing my finges for a good one!Avatar Image says: Um, i hope this is NOT the way the movie goes! This is totally out of order!Avatar Image says: they're just mixed up. if you go to HPANA, they have an update on their news entry that has them in the right orderAvatar Image says: Kyle K - No, in a word. The order of selection is to make a good, balanced CD to listen to, because the music will have a life of it's own independent of the film, if it is well written.Avatar Image says: Maybe it's not the actual soundtrack order, Amazon got it mixed up and will rearrange it. Cause otherwise, I can't think of any reason to release the soundtrcak in that order, it's just so random, it doesn't seem to follow any particular pattern. I think the tracklist will be as follows: 1. Another Story 2. Dementors in the Underpass 3. Flight of the Order of the Phoenix 4. The Ministry of Magic 5. A Journey to Hogwarts 6. Professor Umbridge 7. Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning 8. Dumbledore's Army 9. The Room of Requirements 10. The Kiss 11. Darkness Takes Over 12. The Sacking of Trelawney 13. Fireworks 14. The Sirius Deception 15. The Hall of Prophecies 16. Death of Sirius 17. Possession 18. Loved Ones and Leaving I believe "Darkness Takes Over" is the scene of the Death Eaters escaping Azkaban. "Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning" would be the part of her walking around the castle hexing students, that we saw in the trailers. Both are very lame titles though.Avatar Image says: They just spoiled the movie for those who don't read the book. *smirks* "16. Death of Sirius".Avatar Image says: I can't wait to hear this! However, I don't know if naming a song "The Death of Sirius" was a good idea. I know several people that only see the movies, so if they pick up the CD, it's going to be quite a spoiler. Then again, I suppose it's their fault for not keeping up with the books. Avatar Image says: They always do this - the GOF album had a track named "Death of Cedric" and I'm quite sure the others have had major spoilers as well. Just way that it goes... Avatar Image says: sweet! all of the music on the website and in the trailers sound really great! im 14 and i think im going to buy this...hahaaAvatar Image says: I agree 'Andrew Sidhom' I think they got everything mixed up, cuz usually soundtracks go with how the events happen in the movie, or more like when the music come out in the movie. It can't be the right order, its too...wrong! Anyway, I'm ganna try to get my mom to let me pre-order it and then I'll pay her back. :DAvatar Image says: Oh, come on people, dont be so stinkin' picky. Mabey the tracks that have been reported are not correctly in order, if not....just press fast forward or rewind. No biggie, just enjoy! I personally cant wait to hear the parts about Sirius. I wont be a spoiler, but you all know what I mean. It should be tremendously emotional!Avatar Image says: I have no sympathies for those who only watch the films. We see so much more when reading the books. For instance, my wife was convinced that she had seen the film when she only had read the book. The film had not made yet, but she was arguing with me that she had seen the film. That says a lot for imagination. Films are deceiving. For instance, in the Order of the Pheonix, one sees a Snape who is kind, friendly to Harry, during the occlumancy lessons. However, one knows that in the book, he is perfectly despicable and horrible to Harry. I hate it when I see such treason of the author. I thought one only had to swallow this new image of Dumbledore. It seems, now, that we will also have to tolerate a new version of Snape. What else will we have to suffer?Avatar Image says: I don't care about people who just watch te films, as long as you guys don't start throwing spoilers about deathly hallows at me, for at least a year. I'm Dutch, and I'm gonna have to wait for the dutch version. It would be weird to start reading te English version now. So, please no spoilers about that one.Avatar Image says: Yeah, this is definitely not the songs in the order of the way the film goes. I think "Another Story" is the first track, just guessing. It could be that they don't want us to know. HPANA, someone else said, has them in the right order. But I seriously love this music; it's about the most chillingly beautiful I think I've ever heard, and I'm saying that as a classical music lover as well. :) Cannot wait to play the piano with this sheet music! Avatar Image says: Yay, I love the soundtrack music! Although I was a little disappointed when John Williams left and the music was taken over by a different composer for the last movie. Hopefully this music will sound a little better, with the songs in order, at least!Avatar Image says: For all you worrying about the order: it's okay. Quite frequently soundtracks are put out of order. They do it as a production ploy. The track "Fireworks" is probably (and hopefully) exciting, and they probably figured it would be a good opener. They did this in the 3rd movie soundtrack as well. Tracks like "The whomping willow and the snowball fight" didn't just go out of order, they put them in the same track. It's just something stupid they do in the music industry.Avatar Image says: yea...where did my post go? anyway i was saying i think 13 and 18 are the most emotionally packed ones and probably the best ones. and i was also saying that the order is probably intentionally altered to preserve the storyline, because the ones that should be right after each other, have ended up all over the place and far apart. like 7 and 15 should be together but arent. etc... i think once the movie has been released they will organize it.Avatar Image says: COS soundtrack is out of order as well. The first track is the rescue with the Ford Anglia. I do wish though that they would be put in order, but that's because it makes it more enjoyable for me as a listener.Avatar Image says: What's the point in naming it 'Death of Sirius'??? Why don't they just call it 'Beyond The Veil' or 'The Veil Room Battle' or something?? FFS. That is REALLY stupid. What are they gonna do for the final movie, call a track 'The Death Of Harry' if he dies?Avatar Image says: I am looking forward to hearing all of this soundtrack (I have the other 4). I too would've liked to have John Williams back. But if the music on the official OotP site is from the upcoming soundtrack (which I believe it is) then I think this will be really good. I checked out the site for the first time in a while and I had the music playing for a while. Seems to be about cuts from 4 or 5 songs. I like it. Avatar Image says: "The titles sound great, but I'll have to wait to hear it... I didn't buy 4 because I was disappointed, but I have all of John Williams' HP soundtracks... I'm crossing my finges for a good one!" If you're referring to John Williams's famous "Hedwig's Theme" being in all five scores, you're right. But if you're referring to the composers, you're wrong. Patrick Doyle composed the score for GOF and Nicholas Hooper composed the score for OOTP (and will most likely compose the score for HBP as well).Avatar Image says: People who don't read the books don't usually visit fansites like The Leaky Cauldron. They could visit movie sites if they want information, trailers, etc about the movie, but none of them would be interested in following all the news that fansites post. So very few of them would look at the soundtrack listing before seeing the movie.Avatar Image says: Yep!Totally out of order...but I will buy it ^^!! (though I think it might last some time until I'm able to hear it again, after I've seen the movie)Avatar Image says: "the kiss"!!! AHHHHH! Avatar Image says: Track 12 ruins the movie for those who haven't read the book. :-/ Reminds me back when Star Wars Episode I came out and the track listing for that soundtrack spoiled the fact Qui-Gon died in the movie.Avatar Image says: can you tell it's out of order from the movie?!Avatar Image says: I posted this list last week in the forum in one of the the OoP soundtrack threads. I quit emailing such news to Leaky because I'm always ignored. :( BTW, the list I got was NOT from Amazon, but songs are in the same order--so I think the order is correct.Avatar Image says: "Room of Requirements" since when has Requirement become plural? Please! I hope that doesn't mean they didn't read the book when they made the movie. I'm re-reading GOF and I've just got to the beginning of the World Cup, they've just arrived in the box. The top box, great tickets, but portrayed in the movie as if it were the nosebleed section, and there's Winky who wasn't in the movie either, was she? I know this will be a pretty good movie, but it's still not going to compare to the book. I'm going to be disappointed, I know it.Avatar Image says: Hope so the songs are as fantastic as the movie

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