New Emma Watson Photos from “Bravo” Magazine


Jun 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

At the request of the publishers, these photos have been removed.

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Avatar Image says: 1st comment????? :-) She looks absolutly BEAUTIFUL!Avatar Image says: I don't know what these kids eat, but it truly makes them so gorgeous... Emma is amazingly beautiful!!! Avatar Image says: WoW..these photos are soooooooooooo cute.. she looks wonderful as ever.Avatar Image says: Wow, I think this might be the best photo shoot I've ever seen of her...she looks really natural and photogenic...she's so pretty!Avatar Image says: She looks quite cute! I love her outfits.Avatar Image says: The link to EmmaWatsonOnline doesnt work. But I love the pictures! I just made 5 blends with them!!! Avatar Image says: she is soooooo gorgeous!!!!Avatar Image says: She looks so gorgeous and grown up! I can't believe that that is the same girl from the first movie. And I love her dresses!Avatar Image says: she looks breathtaking as always. these pictures make me sooo depressed :(Avatar Image says: Wow. Emma Watson looks exceedingly gorgeous. I am just stunned at what a beautiful woman she has become.Avatar Image says: My favorite is the first. Very magical rehlm look. Man, I would love to own those clothes!Avatar Image says: She looks so grown up and sophisthicated!Avatar Image says: Loving this new, sophisticated side of Emma. :]Avatar Image says: OMG SHES SO PRETTY. GR *CALLS HER A BAD WORD*. i think i like her better with lighter hair though... Avatar Image says: The first pic is my fave! She looks amazing!Avatar Image says: i love her with darker hair, it was gettin a bit skanky the lighter she did it lol. shes gorgeous.Avatar Image says: I'm tempted to man-squee, but I'm not sure it would go down too well.Avatar Image says: I can't believe how she's grown so much from the 1st movie. It's crazy to see how they have changed throughout the years. She's sexy! But not legal yet... :^(Avatar Image says: She is AMAZINGLY gorjuzz!!! These picturer seem like proffessional model work... There all so beautiful...and the clothes!!!! AHHH She's stuning!Avatar Image says: Too beautiful to be Hermione! I mean, Hermione is described as really pretty, but Emma definitely looks like she's got some Veela blood in her.Avatar Image says: She looks fantastic! I think these are the best photo shoots of her out there.Avatar Image says: Wow, she looks so grown up in the 4th picture! I agree with Emms; definitely the best photo shoot of Emma :)Avatar Image says: A pure, radiant beauty.Avatar Image says: WOMBAT 3!!!!Avatar Image says: Roonwit where?????? How do you access it? I tried entering my student ID but it just showed me my past score... Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I don't really really like her as a person but I have to admit she's utterly gorgeous in that photoshoot.Avatar Image says: lott- you know she's naturally blonde, right? Hmm. She does look really pretty, but ugh >_< Hermione isn't meant to be pretty, she'd better not look like this in the film!Avatar Image says: Keep trying until the pieces fuse. (There is an order to it, though I found it by trial and error so I am not entirely clear what I did).Avatar Image says: It seems like the pieces only go in a certain order, I'll keep trying - thanks!! do they have to be someplace specific like over the wombat piece of paper? Avatar Image says: Meh mine is still showing the potions to revive the plant! Anyone know how to get it to refresh?Avatar Image says: It's amazing the way she looks like Keira KnightleyAvatar Image says: Done it - but I couldn't get my student ID to work (in fact I've never been able to view my WOMBAT 2 results, but taking the test is fun anyway).Avatar Image says: GaaaaH! My Student ID's at home!! Can't wait to take the test! Btw, how come the info's not up on Leaky or Mugglent yet? :)Avatar Image says: OMG LEAKY! HURRY UP! It was waaaaaaaaaay harder than the others but I loved it!!!Avatar Image says: THE DOOR AT JKR.COM IS OPEN !!! THE WOMBATS ARE BACK !!! i cant believe that i found it before leaky posted the news :D Avatar Image says: Oh gosh that was hard! Totally missed the first two - am so gutted :o( When's Leaky gonna post?!?!?Avatar Image says: She is wonderful! She looks like Frances O'Connor, doesn't she?Avatar Image says: Door is open! Do not Disturb is gone!Avatar Image says: Having trouble finding the key? Can you help?Avatar Image says: I just can't get the feedback system to work :-(! So for everyone who reads this: THE DOORS IS OPEN AGAIN. And it contains WOMBAT 3. To get through this time is quite easy.... * * * * * * Klick the fly, which then transforms into a key, unlock the doors and arange the geometric things on the desktop like the symbol on the UK cover with irst the triangle, then the line and then the circle, then klick the WOMBAT:- hAVE FUN EVERYONE :-)Avatar Image says: I did it! :-) And I really think that this test is a tough one!Avatar Image says: She looks very pretty. However, all the Potter kids are lovely.Avatar Image says: She's so pretty. Seems like a classy girl.Avatar Image says: I am just glad to see all positive comments so far! great pictures!Avatar Image says: I love how she has that classic look. It fits her perfectly.Avatar Image says: Very lovely photos of Emma........Avatar Image says: Better than the Vouge ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I hate the trend to match lovely delicate clothes with huge honker clumsy shoes. They made her feet look like size 12 and cut of the fabulous line of her legs. Avatar Image says: She's so beautiful! Probably her best shoot.Avatar Image says: She is gorgeous as ALWAYS. Absolutely GORGEOUS! One of her best shoots.Avatar Image says: They're lovely pictures, to be sure, but I cannot understand why Emma hides under the pretense of trying to be normal when she wraps herself around these photoshoots. Avatar Image says: i love harry potter soooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchAvatar Image says: Why didn't they paint the baseboard in image#11? It's a good thing that she used her body to cover the unpainted part in image#12.Avatar Image says: I think she looks lovely in the flowery dress no. 4 and 5, very stylish.Avatar Image says: She is so pretty in these photos. OK you "guys" have the right to squeeee if you want. What does that sound like?LOL!Avatar Image says:

whoa all of you people commented @ the same time in the beginning! lol emma looks GORGEOUS & BEAUTIFUL!

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