“Order of the Phoenix” Becomes Second Highest Grossing ‘Potter’ Film


Oct 03, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

After only a brief 83 days in theaters, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” has become the second highest grossing Harry Potter film, surpassing “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” with this past weekend’s box office takings. Domestically, “Order of the Phoenix” has grossed $290,189,393 while the domestic gross for “Goblet of Fire” stands at $290,013,036. However, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” still leads the pack with a total domestic gross of over $317 million.

Internationally, “Order of the Phoenix” has brought in an astonishing $643,700,000 contributing to the total worldwide box office receipts of over $933 million.

The next film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” is currently in production and slated for release on November 21, 2008.

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Avatar Image says:

Of course it did. OotP was a great movie.

HBP may even surpass that. If Yates plays his cards right.

... and by that i mean IF Yates decides to give Tom Felton more screen time. lolz Well in my book anyways. ¬_¬

Avatar Image says:

I knew it would!!!! Congratualtions!!!! I hope HBP surpasses that!!!

Avatar Image says:

I know that HBP has some H/G & R/Lav/H. But i’d prefer it if the movie didn’t turn into a romantic comedy of sorts. Keep the focus on the main bits. which is Snape and Draco and Tom Riddle. Do not add in more H/G or R/H/L than there already is in an attempt to be cute cuz there’s more to the story than “coming of age (romance)” ugh. I read that quote by Yates somewhere and nearly hurled. I guess time will tell which angle Yates is aiming for… ¬_¬

PS. If they don’t include a Sanguini cameo I’ll cry. seriously i’ll bawl.

Avatar Image says:

I agree with Slither. They need to focus on the serious parts too. And that means lots of Harry, Dumbledore and Snape.

Avatar Image says:

Yes lots of Dumbledore. Come on Gambon, show us what your really made of. yehh

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Well, I for one am THRILLED by that! It was very worrisome to me that it was being released against a lot of summer competition – not to mention the DH book release the following weekend, which gutted repeat viewings by the fanbase.

I wish that it was still around more, as GoF was, so I could obsessively watch it about 21 more times! LOL

Avatar Image says:

Keep to the subject some of you…this is post is about OOTP’s millions, not HBP

Avatar Image says:

I agree with slither as well. I heard that Yates is going to focus more on the romantic comedy side of things in the next film and cut out some of the pensieve memories of Voldemort. I actually thought of HBP as being a very serious book as we learn more about Voldemort’s past, so I hope he doesn’t cut out too much of that- otherwise the cave climax may not be as powerful as it was in the book.

Avatar Image says:

Slither: Considering that Snape is barely in the book, I don’t see how he’s the real focus. He’s important at the end and he does turn out to be the HBP, but as far as screentime he honestly has barely any. There’s not much to cut. And the focus of the book is NOT Draco in the least. Outside Harry- it’s Dumbledore, please! And barely anyone mentions him when talking about how the romcom will ruin the HBP film.

Sorry but the romcom is a big focus of the book. It is not the main focus in the least but open up your book and check into how much page count is dedicated to it. It’s quite substantial. Whether it is hurl-worthy or not, a coming of age romance is absolutely a big part of this book.

Avatar Image says:

By Snape I meant the “Half Blood Prince” – you know- the title of the actual book. By Draco I mean he is the underlying theme. I’m not asking for play by play of Draco and his cupboard. just indications of what is really going on (Myrtle, Sectumsempra, RoR). And Dumbledore- of course Dumbledore. but the purpose of Dumbledore in this book is to reveal more about Tom Riddle. I suppose the “romcom” provides the distraction from these main underlying themes. so you don’t suspect anything. Fine. But i don’t want Lav Lav etc to dominate HBP (as Hollywood is wont to do play what is fun and light in the books up to be a cutesy teen high school drama)- so that at the ending its like WHAM. DEAD. woah where did that come from Malfoy?... Snape? What?!-

Avatar Image says:

I doubt Lavlav will dominate the movie because it’s a Ron plot, and when have the movies ever paid him much mind? Although if they’re keeping Lavender, they’d best keep Cormac. It’s just like the movies to have Ron’s not-so-shining moments in there but cut out Hermione’s equally petty retort. Especially with Kloves back on the scene.

The book was very good at interspersing humor with serious moments and so the feel of the book if the romcom isn’t kept as a focus will be lost. I’m sure the Draco plot will be there. I think there will be some condensing (sectumsempra and bathroom angst will probably stay), but most every plot will suffer that. I’m sure the romcom one will suffer cuts as well. and of course Snape will be the HBP and actually I imagine most of his scenes will be kept intact. Spinner’s end, the DADA class we see, the argument with Draco, and his argument with Dumbledore definitely. And of course the end but that’s a given. It has been confirmed that at least some of the pensieve memory scenes will be cut, although that’s too bad because those scenes are GREAT. However, I can see the decision there from a directorial standpoint. I think the audience would get bored with them to be honest. I have issues with the HP movies bigtime but I really can see reasoning behind that decision.

Avatar Image says:

Ill I can say is that they better include most of the flashbacks and important details in HBP. I found that I was clearly dissapointed with the last movie. They left out main parts and the scene in in Ministry,(final battle) was polliticaly incorrect. Voldemort never went inside Harry’s mind! They need to get it right. Although I know Jo is helpin make the movies but common I am just asking for main parts. That are correct by the books.

Avatar Image says:

congratulations – good news! =) i’m thinking… the DH film will be the one to dislodge SS from the top spot. though HBP has the that possibility, too… as Harry Potter mania escalates each day. people are ever hungry (and thirsty) for anything Harry. =)

Avatar Image says:

“The book was very good at interspersing humor with serious moments and so the feel of the book if the romcom isn’t kept as a focus will be lost.”

I totally agree with that. By all means keep that wonderful tone. I just don’t want it overplayed. Yates keeps saying “this film will be about Harry’s unrequited feelings and Ron and Hermione will be so cute and adorable” I’ve been stressed ever since Yates said “OOTP was about politics but HBP is going to be about sexual politics”. And i’m thinking I hope he’s using it as a media grab like the “Harry’s first kiss with Cho” from OotP… _

Avatar Image says:

Good for OotP! I knew it would happen, though I really doubt it’ll make the 27 million it needs to surpass SS.

I think the book coming out helped instead of hindered OotP’s success. Once I finished the book, I felt like going to watch the movie again and neither of the next two films will get that. DH might get a boost with it being so action packed and the end of the series, but HBP has always been an informative in-between book.

If you take the true main plot of this movie (Dumbledore-Tom Riddle-Draco-Snape at the end) you don’t have enough to fill the movie with, so the Romcom (<—I like that word!) will fill in between very nicely. I agree some Pensieve scenes should be cut, since watching them go back and forth flashback style so many times could be confusing and boring for the average viewer.

My take on pensieve scenes getting cut: Merope and the house of Gaunt (The main bits of that could be told in a few lines of dialogue), Voldemort visiting his uncle and probably the Hokey one (because throwaway house elves are expensive). They’ll keep the orphanage one (a very powerful scene they’ll need to hire a talented evil looking child for), the crucial Slughorn one (censored and uncensored versions) and possibly the one of Voldemort visiting Hogwarts (it’s just plain cool and finally explains the DADA jinx).

Avatar Image says:

I agree there should not be too much Lindsey Lohan Disney style Teen Romance, bleah. (And yes when I was a teenager, romance was about all I was interested in, but this movie should be for all the readers, and they are all ages.) Besides, I feel the wonderful plot will just be lost and by the time they get to #7 (coming up fast) the lack of plot detail will ruin the movie.

Also introducing (or re-introducing) Lavender et al, every time they do that, they take screen time from the core characters and lose the focus. Like introducing a totally new character last time, not in the books, just to eat up minutes in the DA scenes. That was POINTLESS. They don’t have time to stray too far from the characters introduced in the first film who have key roles in this. Anyway the R/Hr thing is something they could probably better show in the 7th movie where it really means something—all that stuff in the forest and the locket and all. At this point it’s just fluff.

Avatar Image says:

Slither: Yeah he did hype up the Harry/Cho thing but it was actually extremely condensed. I do think that just because he’s hyping something up doesn’t mean it’s going to be overly focused on. He’s probably just hyping that here because he knows it will get the non book readers (the ones who aren’t guaranteed to see it) interested. I’m more worried about the romcom just not being very funny after being rewritten by Kloves, because I feel like to him JK’s jokes just aren’t funny enough.

I’m really not worried about the romcom taking over the movie.

ElCazo-I agree with you, and I also agree with your choice of memories.

One fluffy bit I truly hope stays that isn’t romance is the joke shop. I’ll be very let down if we don’t get to see WWW.

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