Dan Radcliffe Talks “My Boy Jack” and More in New Interview


Oct 05, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The November issue of American men’s style magazine GQ, features a brief, yet detailed question and answer interview with Harry Potter actor Dan Radcliffe. In the interview, which you can read in its entirety here thanks to our Order partner DanRadcliffe.com, Dan discusses his upcoming ITV1 film, “My Boy Jack,” his experiences with Richard Griffiths during the production of “Equus” and much more.

Here are a few snippets from the Q&A:

In your new film, My Boy Jack, you play a WW1 soldier. How were the trenches?

“Exhilarating. Conditions were tough; there were mud, rats and we were soaked by rain machines. It was Glastonbury all over again – but with guns.”

What TV do you enjoy?

“The American version of The Office is fantastic. The one relationship that’s not so strong is [their version of] Gareth and Tim. The guy playing Martin Freeman [Tim] character is good looking and looks like he wouldn’t get as frustrated.”

Do you consider yourself a role model?

“It’s a gray area. I wouldn’t like to put myself on that pedestal. I consider Harry a great role model though – it’s good to see speccy heroes are in.”

Dan’s film, “My Boy Jack,” is slated to air on ITV1 in the UK November 11th.

Many thanks to our Order partner DanRadcliffe.com!

19 Responses to Dan Radcliffe Talks “My Boy Jack” and More in New Interview

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I adore Dan Radcliffe. He is very bright AND very funny. And after all the attention he’s gotten, he’s still very humble!


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I hope they show ‘My boy Jack’ on BBC America .. he has alot of fans in the US and I would like to see more of his work not just Harry Potter.. plus it sounds like a nice but very sad story. A lot of sons, brothers friends and boyfriends are fighting a war and we are losing too many each day.

Avatar Image says:

Oh, Dan, he’s so funny!

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I agree with KB Prez. He’s a great role model for all the young, aspiring actors and actresses, out there! How to do a fantastic job, and still remain “in touch” with the world, around you. Also, being kind, humorous and candid, in a way few too many celebrities are, now days! Go, Dan!

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Good! Someone has their act together.

They are airing it on what those of us in the US call Veteran’s Day. To thhe rest of the world it is Armistice Day, the day World War I ended.

I do hope it is planning and not serendipity. ;)

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interpretation of speccy heroes>

Urban Dictionary.com specky Derisory term for someone who wears spectacles.

That’s our Harry!

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I’m sure the Armistice Day airing was deliberately planned. I just wish they’d show it in the US on the same date.

Lisa: the latest I’ve heard is that PBS will be airing MBJ at some point next winter. :)

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You stink

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My favorite Quote of his is still…

R -“Who would you turn Gay for?” D – “Albert Enstien, Because I think intelligence is sexy”

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Gotta agree with Dan. The Office (both versions) is great!

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Woo! He thinks the American version of the Office is fantastic! He watches my favorite tv show! :-D

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A young man with true intelligent wit and charm. I hope to get to see a lot more of that in the future.Excellent interview,wish it had been longer.

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‘The guy playing Martin Freeman [Tim] character is good looking’

Is it just me or is Dan always talking about gayness lately? Of all things he can say about any character in a show, he choose ‘good looking.’ What is wrong with him? 0o

Avatar Image says:

kaitlyn, there is nothing wrong with him. He is merely making an obvervation about a character and probubly compariing him to those in the British version of The Office.Another series produced by the wonderful team of Ricky Gervis and Steven Merchant who also make EXTRAS.They also see all the obsurdities in life and those around them. And it is the media blowing out of proportion and rehashing his original gay remark which was possed to him by a “reporter” at an interview.Who apparently needed to start a lot of ridiculious referrences -out of context-the get attention for more articules. I am so glad to see Daniel has such a good sense of humor about all the BS and makes fun of it.

Some people really need a sense of the absurd shot into them and to get a sense of humor.

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I’m so glad Dan watches the American version of The Office!! It’s my favorite show on TV, it always puts me in a good mood. :D

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There’s nothing wrong with being gay! Geez. If dan turns out to be gay, then more power to him. If you were a real fan, you would support him, not scoff at him!

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You ask, “what’s wrong with him?”

What’s wrong with you?

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Someonw who is not afraid to talk about gayness is someone who is very secure of his/her sexuality, Dan seems to be someone who is not only secure about him been straight but he’s not afraid to talk about gays…if a guy doesn’t want to talk about gayness then you need to think that maybe he is afraid he is one of them but Dan shows the opposite.

His answers are so mature, it is refreshing to read his interviews.

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Is this on TV? If yes then good. I cant watch DB anymore because it no longer play in US. boxofficemojo.com is saying it’s closed now. I did not expect it to only 3 weeks later, I was waiting for it somewhere near me :(

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