Wizards to Wrock the House at Terminus

Oct 01, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


Get ready to wrock and roll, wizard style, as Terminus has announced a very cool musical event to kick off their Harry Potter conference next summer. Wrock Chicago, an all day wizarding rock concert, will feature 25 groups in this special event to be held on August 6, 2008. Taking place the day before the official Terminus conference is set to begin, this wizarding extravaganza will feature headline groups such Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, The Remus Lupins, The Whomping Willows, and The Switchblade Kittens, along with many other popular wizard rock groups such as Catchlove, The Moaning Myrtles, The Mudbloods, The Parselmouths, Ginny and the Heartbreakers and many more.

This event will take place at the Chicago Hilton hotel and will feature several stage areas where the groups will be performing. Tickets to this event are currently available to Terminus attendees at the cost of $20.00 for the entire day and provides access to all the stages. Please note that any remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public next spring, and will perhaps also be available at the door on August 6 should any tickets remain. To purchase tickets and for more information about this event including a full list of all the groups due to play at the event, please click here. Terminus2008 will be held in Chicago, Illinois August 7-11, 2008.

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