PotterCast 119: Bit-by-Bit


Oct 03, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

October, the month of ‘All Hallows’ Eve,’ is here as is the 119th episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast which is now available for your listening pleasure! To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (->), or use iTunes, or direct download.


- Banning books.
- Chapter 1 sets a spooky tone for the entire book.
- Starts with Snape, who would have thought?
- What banned book are you going to read?
- We still can.. can.. can!

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18 Responses to PotterCast 119: Bit-by-Bit

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Thankyou so much Melissa, John and Sue! I’m so grateful that the three of you take the time to work on and record a new Pottercast episode every single week. You guys are the best!

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Looking forward to listening; will the Laura Mallory be on there? ALSO, CHECK THIS OUT!

RIGHT-CLICK anywhere on the top half of the leaky screen, around the Leaky Cauldron sign. Click Quality, and select ‘Low’. The detail on the upper half of the screen should become more pixelated. Now, right-click again, and click ‘Zoom In’. This will magnify the top screen. Then right-click one last time and click ‘Zoom Out’.

Now something amazing has happened (well not amazing but kinda weird). !!!!

You can move the top part of the screen around and see the old site design behind it, by just clicking and dragging on most of the top part of the screen. Remember the days with Harry in the picture frame and his crazy eyes and pucker-ups… Harry constantly fighting the Dementors but to no avail, in the 2nd picture frame. All this and more, on Pottercast’s first segment in site Easter Eggs (like on JKRowling’s). The prize is a dose of nostalgia.

Incidentally, it’s kind of strange that the old design was simply covered by the new.. is it a case of just sweeping unwanted stuff under the carpet? I’m sure Harry doesn’t want to look at the back of a spinning book for the rest of his days.

Aaaaaaaanyway… that’s all I have to say on the matter.. it’s now 7:29am GMT and I havent been to bed yet and I have an interview in 7 hours, oh deary me. Great job Melissa, Sue and John by the way! I love you guys!!

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Thanks for bringing up the “unrequited” issue Melissa. Um, yes, there is a point where it gets quite bloody REQUITED! Yates had best be listening.

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Right now even the name Laura Mallory get’s my blood boiling! She’s bloode INSANE!

Good show by the way :)

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Melissa how where you able to not hit that woman right there? I’m sitting here and I’m getting very mad at her. People like here are the reason I stay far away from religion. Not that I mind people who are religious. Half my family is catholic. But she just steps way over the line!

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Wow, yey, just downloaded the show.. I’m excited from the comments above, Laura Mallory vs Melissa Anneli … I’m guessing it’s going to be a bit like the Jerry Springer show.

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Can you post the Potter Cast phone number to the website, so we can call in and listen to the podcast?

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Pottercast #119…. You guys rock!!!!! I love the new segment Bit by bit! Can’t wait for the next segment with the Dursley’s.

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YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! THANX!!!! I’m gonna listern right NOW!! bye! :)

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I’m sorry but I can’t carry on listening, Laura Mallory is really insane.

Melissa, I admire you for meeting with her and not slapping her or anything!

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Pureblood peacock!! classic. great show this week. Like the new Bit by Bit segment. Good to hear other peoples views of specific parts of the book. The mallory interview was fascinatingly insane – in fact it was hilarious! I am amazed however, there are no lawyers bold enough to take Mallory’s case. I Would! Why? Because if I win her case, I would be the God of lawyers! I can charge millions for any case, thereafter! Cowards – no bottle with these lawyers eh ;) Cant wait for Mallory’s book about HP fandom. Sounds like she has done some terrific research on all angles of the fandom, interspersed with the obvious love that she has with it. She is great to liisten to on these podcasts, so her book is going to be equally good. Plus it would be the first time I read a non-fiction book! As for the first chapter: that was the darkest, most spine chilling thing I had read and in stark contrast to the deliberately light, “all is well” final chapter which I thought was a clever and beautiful contrast to wrap up the battle of dark and light or good and evil.

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Do you guys know that the information, the stuff summarizing the podcast, isn’t showing from iTunes anymore?

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Davatron, the old Harry icon back there is a placeholder for people who may not have Flash… this way they don’t have a broken-looking page if they don’t have Flash :)

Yay for everything! It was a lot of fun being part of the bit-by-bit, so I wanna say thank you to KimmyBlair who so kindly asked me to be in a teeny part of that segment!! Thanks Kimmy!! mwah I can’t wait to hear more from other people.

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OOOOPS! When I said “I cant wait for Mallory’s book”..I meant Mellisa!! What an error to make…

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Great show guys! As always!

Melissa, I just want to congratulate you on getting that interview with L. Mallory. I know how you feel, to hit the “faith” wall… I’ve had a smililar encounter, with a very catholic person, who had the same beliefs as Madame Mallory. When I saw how strong his beliefs were, I immediately thought of L.M. and thought it would be interesting to “debate” the issue with him. I found myself argueing to no prevail. No matter what I said or which argument I was able to come up with, it was like hitting a brick wall… I very much admire you for keeping your cool and being so professional. It must have been really hard for you to leave your passion for the Potter books at the door to be as objective as possible. Way to go, and looking forward to read your book! Question though… Will it be sold in Canada too?

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Great show you guys!

I always look forward to listening to Pottercast!

On the subject of Laura Mallory…


I wouldn’t waste any part of your book on her. It just gives her more publicity which might translate into someone contributing to her cause.

I consider myself very religious. People like her are entitled to their opinions, but they are in the minority. I usually role my eyes, and ignore them.

I’m looking forward to reading your book Melissa. I hope there’s a midnight release party :-)

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FRAK! I love you even more: “Hufflepuff’s are bold as well, just in a different way.” True dat. Absolutely wonderful epsiode, guys!

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I hate the Scribbulus segment. I wish you guys would get rid of it.

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