Twentieth Issue of Scribbulus Now Online


Nov 02, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

This month Scribbulus, Leaky’s premier essay project, has five new essays for your reading pleasure. Three address our November essay call “Changing Concepts of Characters.” In the first of these essays, writer Mosaic reflects on Neville Longbottom’s selfless bravery and how it affected the ending of “Deathly Hallows” in “More Than Revenge”. In “Proven Wrong,” RavenPuff tells us how another famous literary character helped her reconcile her negative opinions of Severus Snape. While Emma Zana offers her take on the ethics of a wide range of Harry Potter characters in “Harry Potter and the Distinction Between Good and Evil”. In an additional essay, “Harry Potter ’ Making a Difference,” junior author HPhorsegirl draws parallels between Harry’s fight against Lord Voldemort and our own fight against global warming. Finally, rounding out our five essays this month we have “What ‘Wandering with Werewolves’ Could Reveal: A Literary Expedition” written by Wagga Wagga Werewolf. In it, she shows how the Trio follow the seven steps of good research in their search for Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Our December essay call is on the subject of “Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore” and we have extended the deadline from November 1st to November 10th to allow for responses to the recent news about Dumbledore. All of our essay calls for future months can be seen right here. Do keep in mind, Scribbulus accepts essays on any topic at any time!

You can find complete information on all of our essays, past and present, in our new Scribbulus Section. Also, be sure to participate in discussion of these Scribbulus essays here on the Leaky Lounge.


6 Responses to Twentieth Issue of Scribbulus Now Online

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Essays sound really interesting – will read them after work!

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For as much as I have enjoyed reading so much of scribby. I sit in fear of being “sued” for enjoying writing a “speculation” about the much loved world we have learned about.

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Flittwick, that would never happen, for several reasons. The main one being that criticism and commentary is protected under the law, while repackaging another’s content isn’t.

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...shakes head at flittwick…

you really ought to at least [i]try[/i] and understand something before you spout off. It’s obvious that you dont. It’s obvious that you dont understand the difference between analysis/critique, and plagerism. Try dictionary . com, it’s a wonderful thing.

These essays sound interesting. i’ve been enjoying the Scribby 5 on pottercast. I look forward to reading this stuff.

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Sorry to “wind you up” . I was waiting for “peeves” to show up on Jo’s website. Have fun all ;). Keep up the good work its awesome !

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To Emma: lots of good content, however, refer to DSM IV regarding Sociopathology than proceed to or the like and see the main research that has been conducted regarding sociopaths…hopefully that will help in understanding why Voldemort could never be good.

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